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A/B Split Testing In WordPress – Step-by-Step How To Setup A Split Test Using Thrive Optimize.

hey miles here miles Becker calm in this video you’re gonna learn how to create and run a split test for your opt-in page or your sales page inside of the WordPress dashboard this is an update to my DIY sales funnel video series the last split test video showed how to do this in Google Analytics using experiments but thrive themes have rolled out a new plugin that makes it ten times easier and you’re gonna follow along on the computer as we actually setup and launch a split test in real time in a matter of minutes now again this is based on the DIY sales funnel video series if you haven’t built your first landing page yet you do need to go back to video 1 because we’re building on what we’ve created in the series I’ll obviously linked to the full series below now we’re using thrive themes for this and you need the whole thrive theme membership so you can go to Myles bechler com forward slash thrive I am an affiliate for this so full disclosure I would receive an affiliate Commission that’s how I get the kind of revenue that keeps me putting out these helpful videos for you but really the only reason I’m promoting this is because this is what I run all of my money websites on all three of our brands that are bringing in multiple six figures per year run on thrive themes so once you come to Myles Beckler com forward slash thrive you want to click on the get all our products button you do need all of their products you can set up the theme to manage the blog pages but really you need multiple of their plugins to run this you’ll click get it now and you need the optimized plugin you also need the architect plug-in and the thrive leads plug-in the best deal is to get them all here in the thrive membership if you pay annually you can save 24% if you prefer to pay quarterly just tick that box over there and you’ll get billed once every three months once you’re inside of the members area after you complete purchase or if you already purchased in you’re already a thrive member you come here to the member dashboard down below you’ll see thrive optimizes right here on top simply click download and upload that as a plug-in in your WordPress dashboard if you need further assistance you can go into the tutorials that they’ve built for this plug-in and then obviously you can discuss things and ask specific questions in the forum if you’d like but let’s jump in and actually do some work now that we’ve got that covered you can see I’ve got thrive optimized installed at this point in my wordpress dashboard you can access this down below you see thrive dashboard on the left that’s kind of where it lives but if you go click on it there’s no way to start your split test from here right so how do you actually start it because this is only to review your running tests so what we do is we go to the actual page that you want to create a split test for for me in this series I run this at my home page but you might be running it at a sub page right like on my main site miles Becker comm it’s at forward slash free – course so you simply navigate when you’re logged in to the page you want to run a split test on and then above on the black WordPress bar you’ve got edit with thrive architect so I’m gonna click that to load it and I’ve already got it loaded in another window to make this as quick as we can you can see this is the architect version of the page we built up here in the corner we have create new a be test but real quick before we jump in you need to have your goal URL noted down what’s the goal URL well it’s the URL a visitor that will go to when they successfully complete the opt-in so for me it’s like a thank-you page where I remind them they got to go confirm their email address if you don’t know what that URL is you can click the box here in the bottom and then scroll down to the actions actions and animation you can see when someone clicks it opens a lightbox because this is a 2-step opt-in form I’m gonna click the edit lightbox button and this is literally gonna bring me inside of the lightbox I created that displays when someone clicks the button once the lightbox loads that we built in step one you click on the button and then it will bring up your form options click Edit where you’ve connected Aweber and then step four post opt-in action you can see I’ve got it set to redirect the user to a custom URL I’m gonna take this this is where you find the custom URL that you’re using this is how we measure how many conversions each page gets you can see I’ve already got it there but I just paste it in to show you and I’ve already written my new headline I’m gonna run as a split test that’s all we’re doing in there I’m just gonna X out of that window and here inside again I’m inside of the architect plug-in on the page that I want to create a split test on I click create a new a be test this is what now shows up this create a new a be test that’s what’s added since adding on the thrive optimized plug-in there’s two ways to create a split test you can add a new variation which is starting from scratch I don’t recommend that that’s a lot of work you can simply click this little duplicate kind of clone window and what this is gonna do is it’s gonna clone my current operating landing page so I have an exact replica of it and you can see it automatically put a split of 50/50 traffic but what I need to do is I need to actually go in here and edit the variation I’m gonna give this one a new name first just so I can keep them separate to make it easy on myself and then we click Edit variation I’m gonna go into my other window and I’m gonna copy my headline that I’ve already written out and I’m gonna make sure this looks really good once it’s setup in here and all I need to do is copy the headline that I want to replace click paste or ctrl V and there it is so I’m gonna want to work with this a little tiny bit I’m gonna speed up the video just because I want this to either be clean on two lines or I want it to be a little bit more I just don’t like this one word hanging here so let me make some quick changes for this perfect I’m happy with it now secret revealed how to save 3236 per year when you replace clickfunnels with your own DIY sales funnel I’m gonna lead leave everything else the same it’s important on split tests to only test one thing and then I come down here to the bottom I click Save if you want to make sure that looked good on the mobile you can use this kind of responsive view here you click you can take a look how it looks on tablet and mobile just to make sure it all looks good but for me in here I’m good at this point so once I’m done setting up this page right I now have my new variation I’m gonna click on new headline up in the corner and this is gonna bring me back into the actual dashboard for my a be split test so now you can see right here you can even see it secret revealed how to free video reveals how to so that’s my my test right there is a different headline all I need to do is click setup and start a be test what it once is a name description I’m gonna leave blank you have the ability to turn on the automatic winner session settings 100 conversions 14 days 95% chance I’m gonna leave that off just to monitor it you can run that if you’d like you can make it more difficult like a 98% score that’s totally personal up to you then we click Next and we got to setup the goal this is where we got that goal URL visit goal page and it once that URL there so I’m gonna go back and I am going to copy my goal URL paste it in here it gives a little spinning wheel and then you need to click on it when it shows up and that now it is actually set up you can see edit page and preview that’s how you know it’s set up I’m gonna click start a be test and at that point we have actually set up a split test inside of the Thrive kind of architect and optimize system right you got to use those two things together and although it brings us here to the page I want to go back to the optimized dashboard and I’m just gonna refresh this or if you want you can simply go down to thrive dashboard click on thrive optimized same-same and now you can see that we’ve got our one test running here so I can view the test details it’s going to give me day on the statistics once it’s running but this is where I monitor the success or failure of my test either way is great I’m learning what actions and what words and phrases get my audience to take action and this my friend is the easiest and fastest way I’ve found to successfully run split tests and split tests are how you really identify it’s not just about getting conversions on this page right it’s identifying those emotional those kind of triggers for your audience the needs you can test everything from offers to headlines to layouts there’s a lot you can do but ultimately you’re looking for what are those phrasings what are those words what are those headlines and what are those offers that actually get my audience to click and take that next action it’s all really simple here if you’re running multiple funnels you can set up multiple split tests at a time you can do this for your opt-in pages or for your sales pages there’s really no limit to what you can do and it’s all now natively integrated into WordPress which is fantastic if you want some of my friends my buddy Dave Wooding who runs all of my integrations and his team of WordPress developers if you want them to actually run the tech of your funnels and you just send the new headline and get them to install it and put it in place and do all the tech work go check out my funnel dev comm and you can take a look at how his team will run it for 99 bucks a month they’ll actually do all of the tech work for you if you feel like you’re getting stuck in some of this tech stuff but if you’re a do-it-yourselfer and you’re okay with the process this is exactly how I run my split tests for my wife and my main business this is the path to really finding those offers those items that get your audience to take action that’s the real trick mix this in with a bit of traffic and you have yourself a complete recipe for success online I hope this video has been helpful if you have any questions hit me in the comments I will answer them as I have free time available if you enjoyed this video give me a thumbs up in YouTube feel free to share this video with a group or anybody you’d like just grab the URL send it out as a share and ultimately I thank you for your time I hope this has helped you know what needs to get done and how to do it but ultimately it’s up to you to take the action to build the pages to create the content to grow your audience and grow your relationship with your audience split testing your opt-in pages is one of the cores to that so I hope this has been helpful and I look forward to connecting with you on the next video till then be well

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