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Answers To Your #1 Biggest Question About Making Full Time Income Online

all right what is up miles here miles Becca calm and I’m doing this video live for you I’m going to be answering a bunch of questions that have been submitted and the question I posed was what is your number one biggest challenge to earning income online what’s the the biggest challenge to getting to full time income now if you did not fill out this survey this video I’m doing now is probably gonna become a regular segment because I love answering your questions when I have time and I do three videos a week anyway so if you have not yet submit your number one biggest challenge or your number one biggest question about how to make a full time living online go to Myles Beckler com forward slash question you can submit your question there I’m gonna leave that form open and I’m going to go back to it on a regular basis and when I go back to this form essentially or the results from the form I’ll be pulling out the newest ones that I haven’t gotten to yet and I’ll just answer them in this kind of a video so you can go back and we have people popping on I got Paul here I got David here Matt Duguay I’ve got here we got Caroline I’m happy to have you guys here also know that if you have questions and you’re watching live in the chat feel free to throw your questions in and we’ll go from there jinkies is on have I ever sold on Amazon yes I have we sell all kinds of stuff on Amazon a lot of my wife’s content our angel cards we have books we have CDs definitely sell things on Amazon but not like plastic pieces of rubbish from China trying to white label blah blah blah that doesn’t intrigue me at all and with that said we got people jumping on Chris Chadwicks here we got Thiago good to see you Thiago I got your message man been super busy just trying to get my feet under me um I will work to get back to you on that message and to try to figure that out here soon jumping into the first question and we’ll be going back and forth we’ll jump in a chat with you guys here again if you have not submit your number one biggest question – what if you think there’s something between you and making a full time income online and it’s a question as a challenge it’s a problem go to Myles Becker comm forward slash question the link is in the description fill out that quick form so I can answer it in the future in one of these videos and right now the first one I got is from Fabri and Fabri asked or he says hey miles my number one question is how can i scale my business from a couple of bucks a month to at least a thousand euros and more right now my wife and I have an online course in the niche of nail gel manicures which i think is brilliant the problem is even though I have a pretty decent list of 5100 leads I cannot scale my revenue in fact we can’t even reach a thousand bucks a month the easiest answer here is copywriting your sales copy is not working right if you have a big list of people you have an audience of people who who took an action in your direction which is opting in for something at some point somewhere and you’re not able to convert them into sales you have a sales problem and in the world of digital business our sales mechanism is a sales page which ultimately is copy its sales copy so the copywriting stinks is what I would say so I would ask you to self-analyze how many copywriting books have you been through in the last year I read on or listened to on average I would say a book a week are you doing a book a week the most successful CEOs in the world do on average about a book a week so you should be doing that if you’re really honestly serious about your business take every moment you can to listen to books and just study copywriting and practice write more sales letters write more variations run more split tests and constantly be studying to improve your copywriting and also writing to improve your copywriting because that’s the one thing you can do over and over is write new sales letters you can try a hundred different sales letters for the same product to find the one that works so to me that’s really it that that is the answer is is go all-in on sales copy and you’ll be able to grow from there it’s amazing at what works Paul just popped on with a little donation I appreciate that my friend Paul and he says thank you for all I do for the community it’s my pleasure trying to raise the bar I’m trying to bring some integrity to a space that’s filled has at some point been bins filled for quite a while with but the opposite of integrity I don’t really know what that is Jason burner says what would I do to make the most money the quickest selling services is always the fastest path to money if you’re going create an audience and create a product and and go through the process of building out an audience and trying to sell affiliate product products that’s a long process but if you walk over to your neighbor’s house with a window washer and a squeegee and you say hey I’ll wash all your windows on your house for 20 bucks right now the odds are you might make twenty dollars right then if they say no and you go to the next neighbor’s house and the next neighbor’s house and the next neighbor’s house eventually you will get to a yes so selling services is absolutely the fastest path what services can you sell becomes a question well like I said if you know you can clean you can watch windows you can go sell power washing services to power wash neighbor’s driveways you could pre sell ten people you could go rent a pressure washer for a day and you can go pressure wash everyone on next Saturday that’s the service you could provide if you have any digital marketing skills obviously you could sell digital marketing services that’s where I was able to go full-time really really quickly we got Chad we got Megan we got Eduardo we got Jason excited to have you guys here people are willing to invest in services and if you think about the mindset right so in your neighborhood in your community even whether it’s the the families in your neighborhood or the businesses business owners in your community everyone is so busy right and most of those people have some sort of a family hourly income right so the family makes whatever that family income is so their time is worth X dollars an hour and then the business owner has a certain level profit so their time is worth X dollars an hour so if you’re able to do things that they need to get done anyways right business owner needs to be marketing on Google a business owner needs to be creating content and publishing content they’re not doing it if that business owner value is their time at 50 dollars an hour and you come in at 25 dollars an hour they’re gonna think hmm I finally get that thing done that I’ve known I needed to get done done and it’s gonna cost me only 25 an hour where my time is over 50 bucks an hour perfect I’m in on the family side if they think they’re worth 40 bucks an hour and you show up to say hey I’ll clean your windows for 20 bucks an hour that’s a that’s a value proposition that can make sense on a very quick scale so I’m going back to the pre submitted questions we got Lou Denon at this point next again if you haven’t submit your questions I’m gonna get as many in the chat as I can but I’m always coming back to the list of I have populated from miles better calm forward-slash question it’s just a little a little questionnaire just just fill out your number one biggest question challenge to making money full-time income and we’ll go from there so lieutenant says how do I get a win now something that lets me know I’m on the right track a sale etc but I’m enough time to create an audience but I know that what everybody’s telling him to do first he feels like it’s a complete waste of time to try to create a product or a membership and launch it cold so is there a chance it’ll work it’s taken so long to get to a hundred subscribers on YouTube it feels like it’s gonna take another ten years by which time something else will change so I totally understand where you’re coming from Lou and the first thing is if you’re looking for a win what do you mean by a win right it’s all perspective and what is your intention here if you feel like a win is selling something that’s then you need to have a specific plan to achieve that if you feel like a win is connecting with more people through youtube videos and getting more likes and more engagements and giving more value if that win is creating 90 more videos for your audience then there’s a specific path to get you there so you need to you need to define that for yourself what is the win for you and from what you’ve said it sounds like you think a sale is a win right so you want to make a sale like selling things so number one selling services it’s the easiest thing consulting services physical services kind of just covered that a minute ago number two selling physical products people are more willing to buy physical products right like this water bottle thing I bought I was willing to buy this physical product and people are more willing to buy physical products and they need more physical products then they do information and memberships right there’s a certain type of person and there’s a lot of people who are into self-education who are into personal development who to bettering themselves because ultimately if somebody’s buying an entrepreneurship course that is kind of a part of personal development in one way shape or form they’re they’re bettering their life situation and not everybody’s willing to do that most people are willing to buy a six-pack of beer or a bottle of wine and a netflix subscription and sit on their ass and drink and watch things and numb themselves because they don’t love their job okay that’s what most people do so we are the anomalies here so Lou I’m going back again like what can you sell right what can you sell services products ideas intangibles information those are the things now are you able to sell from literally a Facebook ad to a landing page absolutely specifically when it’s a unique solution so let’s imagine that you’ve played golf for a long time and you come up with this golf training tool and it’s it velcros on your arm and it hooks onto the club and it forces you to swing the right way so you can train your body to know what the right golf’s right let’s say you invent that thing can you sell that thing the golfers of course you can’t because it’s gonna help those golfers get a desired result and they’re always looking and buying more things um I just bought this pen this is a fancy pen this is a fountain pen this is a twenty-something dollar pen but was wanted a fancy pen why do I want a fancy pen when I have plenty of $3 g2s that work really really well I don’t know is this saddest thing I just want to write with a nice pen it makes me feel good when I write my notes and I write my my daily gratitude journal with that pen I feel better I feel more abundant so in someone somewhere pen pen tell pilot sold me an emotion through a pen right so what products can you get the rights to I think you used to work in a steel industry what products and vendors did you use that you can work with like like every business you ever did business with back in the day would love help getting more business right there’s you can get the rights to things to sell you can white-label things to sell you can you can go create a supplement if you wanted to go sell a supplement so you just kinda at some point how to choose like what are you gonna sell and then what’s the easiest path to selling it and I recommend in that thought process focusing I think the golf example is a great one like what are those irrationally passionate groups of people that buy freaking everything golfers fishermen bowlers I mean bowlers will buy all kinds of stuff wrist braces and all kinds of they got 810 bowling balls and is crazy right so what is that group of people what is something you can sell them usually works best if you have an affinity for the world so you understand the world right you know about it I started a brand new affiliate marketing website that I’m gonna be documenting in a case study I have not done the month zero case study against every month one but I haven’t done the first case study at all yet because we’re still maybe I don’t think I’ve had it for ten days so I bought an affiliate site on a business thing something I use in my business and my wife used it so it’s a kind of electronic gadget thing that we use regularly then I bought a site we’re just gonna put up a bunch of reviews and I’m gonna do SEO and content with all these reviews and I’m going to sell other people’s things on Amazon as an affiliate by helping them answer their questions they have about these types of devices which device is best for that which device is best for this I’m answering those kinds of questions with content I’m gonna go all in on this for several months and I’m gonna build a massive amount of traffic I’m gonna build the biggest strongest site in the space if it takes me six months school it takes me six years cool I’m just gonna do it and I’m a document the process to show how to do it again I’m selling things I’m helping people who want something get the thing they want and I’m bridging that gap with information because these people who want something they’re searching they’re searching YouTube and they’re searching Google for what they think are solutions and what they think are answers and I’m gonna help them get to the thing that’s gonna help them get to where they want to be right this person wants to be in a different place they want to be one of these types of people and they need a few things to get there they need a mindset they need actual physical things they need some tech things I’m helping them get to where they want to be through content again which it is a challenging path and and that’s that’s my approach to it so um this is also you mentioned at the end you’re kind of fearful that by the time you get momentum things will change this is why I think that the big three of content video written word and audio so YouTube videos are the only thing I count as video right now I mean even Amazon starting live-streaming soon which is ridiculous it’s gonna work they’re taking out QVC in home shopping York anyways so if you’re doing video on YouTube that’s gonna be around that’s a search engine that’s gonna be used for a long time people I go to I had to change a house filter here and I was like man how do I check I can’t get the filter off it was stock no see I bet you somebody on YouTube knows I couldn’t turn the beep I bought a new dishwasher I got a Bosch dishwasher and it beeps when it’s done like like nine times I’m like I do not need this beeping going on in my reality they look through the manual nothing google it nothing with YouTube how to turn off the beeping on my Bosch do some dude was like you probably are trying to figure out how did like so I went and found content to help me get the result I want right so I looked in the written word and I also looked in videos but then people listened and the podcaster listenership scone way up and that’s it that’s that’s what I got on that one go back over to the live chat comments now we got all kinds of stuff going on in here Chris Chadwick I keep you motivated instead of an overflowing to do this Chris Chavez one trick I’ve really learned is so I write out everything I think I need to do okay I’ve got this notepad I use just like an artist notepad you see a bunch of stuffs crossed out in it and I just keep writing I just write everything out I use I’m trying to show you the actual cover of it I don’t like lines I don’t like being locked into certain of the lines it’s like an artist notebook there maybe five bucks each is an eighth a half I 11 so first thing I do is I write everything out to get it out of my head because if my to-do list is bouncing around in my head right now the act of writing it out with my fancy new pen write the act of writing it out gets it all out of here and gets it down there then once it’s down there I find one thing the one thing that I’m gonna get done next and I look for something that’s important that has a relatively quick time to completion and a relatively large potential value outcome okay so I look for that one thing off of that list and I go all in on that and my mind is now clear because I got all that stuff gentling around out on the paper right it’s out and I did the one thing when that one thing is done I’ll either go back to that list and find the next thing that’s the next potentially the most valuable thing to work on that’s important and then I’ll go do that one thing and it’s always one thing after the next every once in a while I’ll just stop going through those because we have minds full of all these other ideas because when you take four steps now you’re kind of thinking about the world different and at that point I’ll start it over again and I’ll be like sit down cup of coffee right I got my coffee I sit down got a good view might go outside and I just write for five minutes ten minutes get it all out of my head everything is bouncing around even it makes no sense even if it’s chicken scratch and scribbles I just get it out so I can clear mind so I could focus on one thing and then I get that one thing done and go from there Eduardo literally the same question according my experience what’s the best way to make money ASAP Eduardo that services which is what I said Megan asks is the animal niche a bad niche you’re afraid you’ll put in the work and it’s not going to benefit much since a lot of the products are low value man like it is a very good niche like people spend so much money on their pets every niche is a good niche right like like everything is possible the trick is you got to do it and this is what being an entrepreneur is and I think I think a lot of people are confused about what it means to be an entrepreneur if you look at startups in Silicon Valley’s and Silicon Valley people who are you know they’ve got a one in a gazillion chance to become a unicorn and to become a billion-dollar business and then a one in a hundred thousand chance from that to actually exit with a billion dollars versus watching it collapse down to nothing you are willing to put in years of your life to live completely thin on income to risk it all literally to risk it all for an extended period of time with the hope of maybe making it three five seven ten years down the line that’s what we do here so like if that scares you go get a job like that’s okay our world needs employees all of these startups every company out there in this world was a start-up at one point there’s just some people with an idea who just kind of started moving forward building things creating things and they all need support systems but like that’s what we do as entrepreneurs is we take years of our life and we put it on the line risking not getting any value at the end but knowing if you’re truly committed that every no every failure is actually a learning opportunity and eventually you’ll just persist enough to find something that works but most people are hesitating because they they’re like ooh it sounds risky we’ll say yeah that’s what being an entrepreneur is so embrace that move forward and get a side job get a real job you know it works son of healing says miles I have the world record for hats not even close I’m gonna I’m gonna work on that though I was shopping for hats when I was in Santa Monica and I couldn’t get any of them didn’t like any of my wasn’t I was disappointed um Philip from Slovakia well welcome Philip says hello you’re a big fan of my videos and you have an idea to help me maybe it’s a totally different of what I do you do Chinese medicine that’s awesome how can you help me how can you help me I’m just gonna call this the business right or the question is how can you help me excited I feel like I get this a lot you know you could help me build a successful business that is built upon delivering value and helping tens of thousands of people solve problems right produce content become a Content producer stop consuming produce content help other people solve their problems help other people improve their lives find a way to monetize it build a real business that is based on helping others and then make a video that says Wow Myles Beckler massively helped me I went from here which was zero I was broke I hated my job I didn’t know what to do and then all of a sudden I tried all the stuff I found Myles on YouTube he taught me there and then boom now I’m here make me the testimonial video only after you actually help all of those people publish that video on YouTube on your YouTube channel and then shoot me a link my support team shoots shoot us a link get the link to me somehow put it in a comment do something that’s how you can help me is take what I’m teaching and do it and create a real business that’s based on helping others which is why I don’t like creating buying white labeled plastic from China and selling an Amazon that’s not really actually helping anybody so that’s how you could help me Michelle Williams she has a graduate level qualification in marketing well paying with demanding corporate job cool now you make affiliate Commission’s – that’s awesome you see the potential for starting a premium price position digital marketing agency as a side hustle that sounds like it’d be your third thing that could replace your income perfect how to start building the fulfillment part customers you know how to get but you won’t have time to deliver the services okay cool so how do you hire outsource the talent perfect so when I was going down the process of building on an agency I would hire people for jobs on my stuff so like my wife’s website is kind of our core business right now I’ve got my miles vector comm website I do a lot of testing on my website with service providers so I did some backlinking videos recently before I did those videos I was testing the different services and when I was testing him I was testing him on my website because if I blow up my website I’m okay with that I blow up my wife’s website that’s a really really really bad thing to do because that’s our business right that’s our core so I so what I’m saying when I’m trying to communicate to you is have a testing ground Michelle use it sounds like you’re you’re making affiliate Commission’s online now cool so that means you have an affiliate website great so turn that into your case study so your you have a graduate level qualifications and a well-paying but demanding corporate job okay so that’s your situation so you have lots of money coming in so learn how to manage your money well to where you’re living off of 40% of what you make and you have 60% that you’re investing take a portion of that invest it into your affiliate business as if that affiliate business was your client and then take that traffic and absolutely frickin skyrocket it turn it into a brand turn that thing into a cranking property mainly looking at the search value because that’s what you’ll sell other people right the SEO side of it if you will if that’s what you’re gonna sell to other people so you hire the contractors with your money to build your asset your website and then you sell that service that you kind of build out for yourself based on the case study you created for yourself you sell that to other people and when somebody buys you already have the system in place because you’ve built it to use it for your stuff about a bing bada boom I’ll call that one good and yes it’s all project management quality control oversight that’s what you do in that position Don oswalt says I’m struggling to carve out time to produce content landing pages offers what system or processes did you have in place when you’re starting out your sales job seems to gobble up your time after work and on the weekends so yeah man and sales jobs like I think sales jobs are great but they’re they can be extremely demanding right and if you’re on commission only and you need to answer those calls in the evening then you got to do what you got to do to eat right but if you’re if you’re like a base salary person like just you can probably just turn off your phone at some point like you gotta have some boundaries with that gay job I think and figure that out so with that said WordPress so WordPress opt-in cell that’s it so Sam Court just released the one-page funnel product it’s miles better calm / 1 – pager I’m not the best URL ever that’s numeral 1 – P AE ger so that is its Sam court we’re just shopping car plus it’s his training his copyrighted training and also his one-page funnel training which is like the easiest way to ever sell something because it’s one page there’s no funnels everybody’s trying to tell you you need a funnel but they’re telling you that because they’re trying to sell you the funnel software they’re gonna get commissions on so most of my income and I have a video on this it was called the the three funnels that that made two million dollars online or something something like that most of our income comes from me sending an email to my list or mailing sending an email to our list saying hey here’s this thing it’s gonna help you solve this problem it’s really cool money back guarantee if you want to buy it click here and they buy it and it’s half the times laid out on a blog post it’s not even on sales page it’s not even on thrive market it’s literally laid out on a blog post it’s got a navigation up top I just don’t care our people love us right because we’ve already built the relationship with them so simplify take time to write out all the things you’re doing and then write out all the things you need to do and then innate every single one that you actually don’t need to do because what do you actually need to do you need to grow a relationship with an audience and then you need to make offers to that audience and grow a relationship with the audience by definition means give lots of value to them okay so you have a value mechanism and you have an offer mechanism say don’t don’t go fancy yet go fancy when you can hire somebody like Dave from integrate Pro who runs all my advanced integrations and he’s a badass and if you need somebody help with activecampaign or if you’re at a point where you’re working on Infusionsoft you’re bringing in four or five six grand a month and you want to get to 20 then you want to use fancy dynamic marketing marketing automation Dave at integrate procom in a great product like I can’t recommend that you to highly enough he helps me bring in tens upon tens upon tens of thousands of dollars additional revenue every year but like I didn’t do that until I was already making fifty grand sixty grand a month right like because I just did simple because simple works right like good is simple that works great is simple that works repeated over and over and over and over and most people think like oh I got this little thing working cool let me go add a ton of complexity now and that’s how I skills like no no no do that simple thing over and over and over and over and over and over again that’s actually how one person scales so that’s what I got for you Caleb is starting a proto membership site I wonder if that was supposed to be photo membership site using a private Facebook groups and YouTube you’re selling coaching consulting services before moving to plugins like member press and that stuff one of the best ways to develop and deploy a Minimum Viable Product 80 members paying $50 a month for coaching until we can set up enough dough to move on to more professional options and scale your business to something similar to my inner circle it totally makes sense and then he says Gary Vee ain’t got nothing on you Caleb I appreciate that comment and and he does like Gary B’s on a level but some he doesn’t actually get in the trenches with you he’s floating in the clouds talking about the dirt which is kind of funny but he’s just got a huge team of people who were all in the dirt for him it’s just it’s a different game he plays a very different game than I do I cherish my lifestyle that’s the number one thing I value I’m not trying to become a billionaire by any means if you if you actually look at the studies of billionaires happiness at the level of billionaires goes down so much like crazy not happy thing there’s so many people I got a bunch of friends who are like oh I’m a billionaire in the making and it’s like oh you might want to look at what happens when people reach billionaire status because relationships fall apart like like life becomes awkward at best at that point in time and I’m cool just living comfortably anyways that was a tangent Caleb but what we do have is the question is what’s the fastest way to bring in 50 people 80 people a month spending $50 a month for coaching so the the fastest way to do it is to get a premium zoom account zoom us 0 om us you need the premium account so you get a group on there I think with their their first level account I don’t know how much it’s like 30 bucks a month or fifty bucks a month you could have up to a hundred people on a call so then you do group coaching on that call and how you do that that’s up to you but that’s what you’re selling and so you have a Facebook group where they can chat in between the calls and then you do two calls a month one call a month one call a week I don’t know make it up literally at some point you pull something out of thin air huh this is what I offer and you just make it up what’s the price point make it up what’s the delivery make it up then you see if the market responds to that so that’s the deliverable would to me be the absolute easiest deliverable Facebook group and an ongoing repeatable group coaching thing that you deliver live via Zoom obviously they can get the recordings you can upload the recordings to a YouTube channel and you can make them private you could you could also upload an inside of the Facebook group and they could just live inside of the Facebook group privately in there for everybody who shows up there and then you sell it right and what’s the simplest way to sell it again Sam cart miles back home for size Sam cart is the easiest way to sell something it’s the simplest way because you do a one page funnel with Sam cart but at that point there’s four hundred and seventy eight thousand options of how to sell things today everyone allows you to sell things if you wanted to add one more layer of Technology on you could add something like think if ik on but I don’t I think that would just be too much or teachable like I just I don’t even think that would make any sense so that’s what I got for you Caleb and at this point I’m gonna go back to a live chat and see what we’ve got going on here because I want to honor you guys for for being here and popping in and man we got Chet James popping in with a tenner at this point thank you very much for your donation Chet James and we chatted on the last one and you’ve been in touch with Claudia and she’s been sending me updates I can traveling all over man I’ve been in like four or five cities and less actually I’ve been in I counted it the other day in the last two months I’ve been in like five states we’ve made seven states and five cities type thing and like drove through some of those states so he says check games miles do you haven’t have any tips on collaborating with larger influencers it’s sending a list of value pack topics offer to put full outline together pending their approval to four so when you’re working with bigger influencers one of the questions you want to ask yourself and you can do this through research is are they making any money right so there’s a lot of influencers that’s super interesting especially on Instagram they have large followings and I do not know how to monetize their followings these are the kinds of influencers that you’re gonna have the most opportunity to collab with because they don’t really know how to make money and you’re like hey I’d love to pay you to do some sort of a collab they’re like you have my attention whereas I get a lot of outreach of hey miles we have a 70% affiliate commission for you hey miles I got a 58 miles you’ll make a lot of money with this I’m like I don’t care I don’t want to promote things to my list often I’m not like I honor our relationship and I don’t need the money so I don’t do those things but if I wasn’t making any money and I had a hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube you damn well better believe that I’d be like a hunk yes I would love to hear about your opportunity so that’s the first thing is assess where are they right cuz then you can meet them where they’re at because they’re having a conversation in their head and people have large followings and audiences which you’d be surprised at how many there are most people with large audiences online are not making lifestyle income and they have jobs when you find that person then the path is really easy right you can do as far as buying a straight-up ad they could publish a post like a guest post right so they can publish a post on their blog if they’re bloggers they could publish a sponsored video on their YouTube channel think upon publish a sponsored post on their Instagram account whatever that is you can negotiate it from there now if they have lots of monetization they run a software company that’s super successful they sell their courses like you can just tell who’s on the game and who’s not like it’s clear to find out who has things to offer go opt-in see what they email you over the next couple of days do the due diligence so if you’re in this kind of a position to where they’re actually they’re making money you need to find what motivates them right so the people who come at me with like you’ll make a bunch of money you’ll make a much money they have not taken the time to realize where I’m at right and and money is not my driving force at this point in time but if they used different language patterns if they used a different approach that was in alignment with where I’m at and I share it freely I’m not gonna sure it now somebody’s gonna watch it and then try to pull this off but like then it would resonate it would click it would fit in with that conversation so I used this line a lot on the channel haven’t said it for a while it’s WI I FM everyone is tuned in to WI IFM that’s the thought process what’s in it for me what’s in it for me when you know what they’re thinking before and you position your pitch that’s in alignment and they think what’s in it for me and it’s an alignment with what their actual goal is everything opens up from there so you kind of said is sending a list of value pack topics offer to put full outline together so I would focus on one if you’re gonna pitch somebody for like a guest post or for some sort of clab something specific get super specific pitch the exact title pitch the outline of it pitch why their audience is going to get a ton of value from it really make it a super focus thing that I can look at I can open that email and in you know 30 seconds I can understand what the title is what the hook is what the big idea is what the kind of outline what you go through is and why that’s gonna be valuable to my people in that point that 30 second okay that’s cool if you just give me a list of things it’s deleted because I don’t have time to think about your list right I need you to do all of the thinking to find the absolute best most value packed thing for my audience that matches that internal conversation I have and then you need to communicate it in a way that gets me to be like ah that makes perfect sense yep ding and at that point you have a win um outreach is a challenging game we have been scaling or outreach since I purchased that backlink course that I promoted and talked about probably three four weeks ago you know you probably had a doing outreach to upwards of a hundred people to get five conversations to get one to possibly even work wouldn’t surprise me if it takes 300 outreach or more emails to find the one that works but what happens is that one might literally change the game for you the DEA the domain authority of page authority that you get the link from or just how big their audience is etc etc final thing is do you have an opportunity to do a podcast where you can interview them because once you’ve interviewed them and you help them get their message out to the world through your podcast platform the relationship is forged right like I do so much more for and with the people I’ve been on their podcasts then random people who just email me so it’s like that step of if you give them access to your audience first the law of reciprocation takes over from there so cheers I appreciate the tip I appreciate the super chat and that’s what I got at this point on this here more life it works as digital services the local businesses rocks it does it floated me I was just speaking at a conference with Troy Dean WP elevation calm and like man there’s a whole room full of agency owners and they’re they’re doing well it’s it’s a very very good business model and you can really run it like a business as we’re Tim Conley if you’re not following his YouTube channel absolutely follow the Tim Conley YouTube channel you know because you can you can learn to run an agency like a business it agency should not be you doing everything always it starts that way for sure but then you bring in project managers you bring in specialists and you really eventually can even bring in sales people and that’s how it could become a business that grows on its own without your input but it’s something you could start for cheap just through hustle so that’s why I like a lot so Paul asked how did I grow my YouTube channel from 30k to 100k you’re at 33 K right now but it feels like it’s slowed down a bit so what happens is you’ll get into a range right like every every niche has there’s just a certain amount of people looking for it so once you you get to a certain point of market saturation where you’re just gonna grow at a steady level so the early growth can kind of go exponential but then then it levels off so for me I was at about 30,000 subscribers just after the end of year one right around year one okay so I was 200 plus videos in and now I hit a hundred thousand just before year three so it took me a year and ten months roughly which is a freaking long time so I kept doing what I was doing more keyword research more thumbnail testings like you probably if you go back and look through my videos you can see a a distinct and drastic evolution in my thumbnails I do believe the ones I’m putting out now with a really big text and I try to be a little bit more elusive with what I’m saying I do believe that’s helping and then just learning the SEO optimization I’ve even built a tool to help me optimize my videos of like make sure you get your keyword in the beginning make sure you’re doing keyword research I think that’s a given at this point in time but this is geeking out on the optimization and everyone has a test every video you put up as a test and I just that whole period from 30k to 100k I just stuck with three videos a week I did not miss one week in that entire time period not even one week I never missed every single week for that duration there were three videos a week that came out then to me it’s just that consistency and some weeks are a struggle I mean still to this day like some weeks are like I do not want to make a video like you all don’t get it y’all don’t see that you hear it now and you probably get it if you’re creating content when I turn it on I turn it on right I bring it right I’m never gonna make a video look boom to boardman looking to do they like I’m never bringing that energy but there’s moments when I kind of feel that energy before I record but but I have a bit of a ritual right I’ll take a hot a shower I’ll shave like I just come down turn on the light and go and and when I’m on I’m on I bring it I bring the best of what I’ve got because it is about you and not me and that idea that’s just resistance popping up right so I’m definitely read if you haven’t or listened to the war of art by Steven Pressfield is a great book to help creators bird hater why you hating on birds do like I love birds I got Birds everywhere I’ve been in the airline industry okay I think we’re maybe getting there for nine years what are some sources you would use to find a niche or product to sell keep up the great work I don’t know you’re gonna sell something airline industry like I don’t know anything about the airline industry I don’t like what information do you know that it could save people time that could save people money like that’s one way to go or just learn to do like just do the research right I’ve got I’m seven or eight videos on how to choose a niche on this channel so you can go look through those it just and at some point just pick something go after it build build build you’re gonna pivot you’re gonna adapt it ain’t it for everything you’re not marrying your niche you’re just starting you just want to get going because you need to start creating content cuz you can you learn how to create content you need to learn how to build a business ultimately so you can adapt from there Elaine what’s up Park City Montana in the house I hope you’re getting some beautiful weather we’ve been having up here pretty fantastic and let’s see here Alex gitanos what’s up man good to see Chris Phillips here so SLR 971 so he’s got a one thousand dollar course Facebook traffic to webinar getting about two to three leads about two hundred leads so far no sales would you just scale the best campaign to fifty to a hundred dollars per day so no like if you have if you have two hundred leads so far and not one person has bought that means your conversion rate is going to be below a half a percent so you have a conversion problem and if you’re doing a webinar your webinars should be crushing it so copywriting like something’s wrong with your copy and you know are you is your 1k course actually worth it like is it really really good like is like I’m I don’t saw 1k Coors my wife doesn’t sell 1k course I don’t I don’t know how I bring that much value to the world personally right there’s a lot of gurus out there that tell you you have to sell at 1k course I think those same people are completely out of touch what it means to be a normal person and have rent and bills and food and kids and child support and car payments and insurance payments and they are so out of touch Neil Patel sit out of touch he’s got that one keynote of you have to sell a nine hundred ninety nine dollar product most my products are twenty bucks or less most of my products that I’ve ever produced are $20 or less almost all of them are sub $50 almost over 90% are sub $50 and we’ve made millions online at that point because I deliver value for other people in a way that they can receive it so that’s that’s another thing is price testing right have you tested that thousand dollar price or did you just move there’s my price because that’s where we start and I’m not trying to drag it like that’s what we started we just come over the price but like have you tested the the copy you have at 495 have you tested to 199 like like would it be nice to make some sales so quick story I was at a mastermind with one of clickbank’s top sellers these guys do tens of millions of dollars a year they’re pretty they’re pretty badass some they’re over their team and they put out their first high ticket product it was a five four hundred ninety seven dollar course because everybody says you got to do high ticket so he launched it and they were smart enough to price test it when they launched it so they launched it at 97 149 when they had like six price points between ninety seven dollars and four hundred ninety seven or 495 whatever it was okay and they thought for sure they’re just gonna crush it at 495 they sold enough volume at $97 per it made a whole lot more EPC which is the earnings per click which is actually what you you care about if you’re running paid advertising right cuz you’re paying 30 cents a click you want the highest earnings per click okay so they made like six times as much money pricing that product at 97 dollars than they did pricing it at four hundred ninety five dollars so that’s why they price test and just a lot of times you’ll find that businesses yeah sure you move the prices up you go premium you can sell more there’s a lot of people who will teach you and preach you that but my experience has also shown that the other side of that can can be true and if you look at our world Walmart cracking every Walmart in this country at all times is cracking cuz they got cheap shit on every shelf right Amazon crackin wise Amazon cracking because I don’t find cheap things that’s all my problems right well now when we get my fancy pen so fountain pens I don’t know about fountain pens these things can get thousands of dollars and I’ve always like looked at them I’ve always looked at these thousand dollar pens I’ve been to some really fancy pen shops and they’re usually in with like Rolex watches and stuff from like why do these things attract me like what there is so ridiculous for like literally ten years I’ve been like kind of curious / fascinated by really fancy pens well about a twenty dollar one so now I’m getting a taste and people say it writes like a hundred to two hundred dollar pen so it’s pretty fancy pen but like what I’m getting at is I went to Amazon and I looked at the the type of thing I’ve been interested in and I found in the reviews people were saying like I’ve got some of these really really fancy brands and this pen is kind of a great daily writer they actually use this one more they let clients write with this one they don’t like chronic clients touched a thousand-dollar pen because it might disappear type thing it was like cool right so Amazon helped me find my way into this space with a twenty dollar thing instead of a hundred or a thousand dollar thing amazon’s probably selling a whole lot more of these than some of those other luxury companies that spend a lot of money to sell them they have rent they have storefronts they have employees they have all this stuff going on and I wonder if Amazon some more of these $20 pens to make more volume because of the approach so I think it’s really really important to test those things so Jaguar says bro I like your tutorials awesome how are you I’m great man you’re from Sri Lanka that’s awesome I hope things are going wonderful in Sri Lanka I’ve always wanted to visit always wanted to visit Sri Lanka it’s very high on my list and I will make it out there at some point do you ever feel drained out and what do I do about it I eat nothing but plants so that’s one thing it’s like what you consume controls the energy that you have nothing plants I don’t eat alcohol I don’t smoke marijuana I don’t do drugs I don’t do ayahuasca has none of that shit I’m really really clean on the fuel that I put inside of this body I do have coffee that’s like my one drug for sure like I will admit it and I like tea from time to time I spend a lot of time in nature I’m very active I hike when I’m in when I’m in my kind of winter home I hike for the six miles a day weather permitting up here at the summer place I paddleboard a lot we got a lake here I’ve got acreage so I’m always working on the land like shredder and cutting down trees and just like I do a lot of work on painting and so I’m just very active and physical and I meditate every single day I just put in meditation up on the channel was the last video before this I made a take absolutely every single day every day every day that’s how I keep my head straight and those are what I do to recharge myself and I unwind I have a process for unwinding to sleep to get great sleep.i valium I sleep I sleep really really well I invest heavily in my sleep experience and my way you know I’m like all of it so that’s what I do about it so ultimate entertainment I’m still a newbie in writing articles but your English language is not good you know SEO techniques very well but you’re afraid from failure to put all your effort into writing on interesting articles cool because you don’t know if your writing skills are good enough especially it might take five hours write a good thousand word article so what I what do I recommend to you um can you help local businesses in your native language rank well on Google if so do that like like for me as someone who I buy lots of writing I spend tens and tens of thousands of dollars on content each and every year I will not let a non-english writer touch my content period some people are cool with it I won’t so okay like go be a star in your backyard go help people around you from there best way to get first clients start a and this is some thump thump we toss them quit to us what’s the best way to get first co clients cold calling cold mailing going to networking events run a local meetup group that you own be the person on stage at your meetup group teach digital marketing people will line up to work with you when you do that that’s the easiest way if you sell a product through affiliate marketing should you have to know more information about the product to tell that the customers and recommend the product yeah you should have your hands on it you should you can buy it you should experience it you should bang on it and if you can’t buy it go to a store that sells it and get hands-on with it find a way to be resourceful but yeah like you know I can tell you everyone can tell when when somebody’s just regurgitating someone else’s top ten hydro flasks list right everyone can tell but when somebody writes and does a video and they’ve got hands-on with pictures on it that’s much more believable and that’s what it takes so elite accidental my job and utilities requires you to be on call which really disrupts your process I could see that now you feel like you’re in the sticks but you’re in the stick but you’re looking for no job one that doesn’t have unlimited access to yeah that makes sense man boundaries all the time for sure I mean us at what point do you know you have enough of the basics knowledge in software processes plan to formulate your ideas and prayers present yourself with the usable level of expertise so number one have you created a result for yourself number two have you helped one other person create a specific result number three have you helped a small group of people at the time five people seven people ten people create a specific result that’s it like just start create the result for yourself did it work cool now go find one person to help get that result did could they duplicate what you did then go find a small group and from there from there sound survival tactics continues to help you keep going creating content it’s a lot of work that you learn more if you hadn’t taken the action right on man lena says follow up your questions stems from hearing my statement of star stop consuming and start producing yeah that’s it i don’t so to just start likeliness just start teaching like if that’s what you’re like when do you start creating content like yesterday you should have put out a piece of content and then today they should put one out tomorrow and you put it on out the day we be on that and the next day and if you have to read a book at night to get all the ideas you need to write great content then do that do what it takes to put out as much content as you possibly I can’t but um go ahead and start so Arnold how do you know when to quit an idea I don’t even know how to quit an idea to be perfectly honest with you I just I persevere is is my approach to things I have quit on many ideas in the past but like every single one of those ideas I quit on I could have turned into a success had I not quit on them right that’s what quitting is quitting is failure right like stumbling over something that doesn’t work is just a step on the path and most people hoops alright keep the camera there most people quit too early is is one of the things that I’ve seen for sure alright so I’m gonna jump over and do at least one more from the list of people who have submit if you’re watching right now I’ve been pulling most of these questions I’ve been answering directly from the miles Becker com4 slash question survey if you haven’t submit your question there be sure to go submit your question there because when I do the next one that’s where I start is I pull the questions from that and any of the questions in there that are really really good I’m gonna make a separate individual standalone blog post and or video for it because I think it’s really important and this is my hack for coming up with new ideas to keep creating more great content for you five hundred thirty videos in and I still feel like there’s an infinite number of ideas sometimes we gotta ask to get help on those ideas that’s easier when we have an audience which is what I’m doing here and now so Chris Phillips how can I improve my landing page and develop more traffic he give me his URL I’m not gonna load that right now you’re doing organic marketing through ebook you’re starting develop blog content you’re also looking at developing additional higher cost products turning the book into a course okay so my questions are how can I improve my sales page and how can I get the most traffic for my time involved um copywriting like how many copy writings of you book how many copywriting books have you read in the last month it should be more than one hint hint in the last month you should have read at least two copywriting books how many sales letters have you hand written out in the last month hint hint it should be more than ten okay if you’re not doing that you’re not actually taking copywriting seriously and the act the art of converting a cold visitor into a subscriber and a subscriber into a customer or the cold visitor into a customer which is a hardest damn thing to do in the world so don’t start there please that art of persuading someone to take an action that involves pulling out their credit card or their their hard-earned $100 bills whatever it is right getting people to take those actions that’s the most difficult thing in the world to do and most people like up built the thing I put up a page I use click funnels like I just filled in words on a page and why is that thing not selling Oh I started a Shopify store and I put a thing up huh it’s not selling huh must be shuffle it must be the niche must know it’s that you’re not writing great copy that compels them emotionally to take the action so that’s it study copywriting study copywriting study copywriting and I’ll say it one more time I’m study copywriting Mardy how do you choose the right niche and market for you you’ve tied tried five different types of models for making money online and no one have worked okay I got to stop you right here Marty you’ve quit five things and the reason none of them have worked is because you quit all five of them that’s it literally like I could go create a million dollar business and drop shipping if I wanted I don’t want to because someone else controls the product and it’s terrible margins I could go create a million dollar business in FBA I don’t want to because I be buying random crap from China be supporting the China economy more than are locally good not like that I’m done with that right like I don’t put things and I want stuff that it just all ends up in landfills anyways was rubbish but I could write I am starting a whole nother affiliate site from zero to show the process from zero again because I think like my wife and I have now repeated this process multiple times it’s perseverance that that’s it it’s literally commitment to an audience and everybody sing in like me I didn’t get my money fast enough for this didn’t work for me if I said well how much value you given to other people right like I only have a hundred thousand subscribers like I’m just getting started like a hundred thousand feet I grew up in a town with more than two and a half times that amount of people like I’m not I’m not even reaching I’m nine region of states worth of people yeah like I gotta keep going I gotta keep hustling and most people quit because they don’t see a thousand subscribers is it like if you’re a quitter you’re just gonna quit and quitting is quitting like that’s just that’s the that’s the only way to fail is to quit so that wasn’t me what I would say is just stop quitting commit to something and go all-in sales were low your copywriting sucked like I hate to be brutal about it but that’s just the truth so I went with something the the question went on to like like when you’ve tried a bunch of sayings how do you know I went with something that was in my heart something I love I love this I’ve been doing digital marketing since 2003 I brought started making money no three I started fiddling around with building websites and doing like the the different things in digital media and digital marketing in like 99 2000 so about 20 years in experience in this so I really do love it I’ve been full-time doing this since 2010 and when I say full-time I mean like real full time not like a fake full time entrepreneur who takes pictures of themselves on Instagram says CEO like I’ve been doing 14 16 18 hour days seven days a week pretty much non-stop for ten years right like I take little breaks here and there I travel for speaking gigs and stuff but even then I’m still working I’m still still grinding it out so like that’s the trick right like have you put in 20 years on it yet no okay well my first eight years were really thin it took from when I made my first dollar to when I went full-time that was six years to when I started making like thirty forty thousand fifty thousand dollars a month like like really lifestyle changing money that was 13 years yesh have you been making money online for 13 years right not like I thought about it 13 years ago I read an e-book on it 30 no no no I did that shit five years earlier than that I bought my first make money scam when I was like 12 with my allowance money and it pissed my dad off so bad it was out of the newspaper it was a classified ad I literally bought like a $50 scam at the age of 12 and my dad was pissed so like I could say that my entrepreneurial endeavors started when I was like 12 okay I’m 37 it’s 25 years like how long you’ve been doing it for so I think that’s just some perspective every selling how fast it is how fast the whole you know like because they have to sell you like a shortcut a magic bullet in order to make money because that’s the only way they know how to make money is by scamming you out of your money and then they teach you how to scam other people out of money that was a scam about when I was 12 right at some point you need to just like you know have some integrity and and turn those people off refund it get out from underneath their little scam circles that incestuous scam circles and go create value in the lives of others and focus all of your life energy on creating value in the life of others and when you do that long enough everything starts to work so okay I got another one um I do not have a list or product or some brand I’m not gonna say the brand name yet please send you what you need to prepare in advance to spend 12 emails to make at least $2,000 in 30 days oh we got somebody who’s really focused no name on this one of course this products guarantee was will watch your emails to help you out if you send 12 emails and don’t make $2,000 or more you’ll get your money back and you’ve done an email program with this person before you’re involved in a scam like you’re not gonna make $2,000 in 30 days if you don’t have a gigantic list most people I say 99% of internet marketers never make $2,000 in 30 days ever so if somebody’s promising that you bought a scam and that’s just unfortunate but that’s what I’m saying like like scammer kids learn how to sell scams to pay for Lambos and then they do videos in front of their Lambos to promote their scams people get emotionally charged by seeing the Lambo and they think a lottery ticket ooh bitcoins gonna bubble I get and greed takes over so they sell to that greed emotion which is exactly what Bitcoin just have a huge bubble the same things happening in the cannabis stocke sector for anybody follows that and then it all comes down and the bag holders are everyday people who put the 2000 or the 3000 our course or whatever it was on credit card and you’re just deeper in debt and your whole gets dug deeper whereas Lambo boy who sold you the scam made enough to pay for his Lambo oil change which could be a $4,000 oil change by the way and then he’ll go create another scam and he’ll sell another scam and Lambo boy one sells Porsche boys scam and Porsche boy sells Ferrari boy scam and it’s just this little incestuous cycle just just literally selling scam after scam after scam two people playing on the emotion of greed and it’s not until you just block all of that out and you literally draw a proverbial line in the sand you put barriers up and boundaries up and say I’m not gonna pay attention to these people anymore I’m not going to watch their videos I’m gonna unsubscribe I’m even gonna block them I’m not gonna log in to Instagram anymore I’m gonna unsubscribe to their lists I’m gonna go internal I’m gonna figure out what’s in here in my heart that I’m here on earth to do you came here to do something there are people on this earth who you and only you can help and you’re gonna go internal and you’re gonna say you know what I’m gonna find out what this is and I’m gonna share it with the world and you start putting up a bunch of random shit and it’s random and it’s awkward and it doesn’t feel good and it takes years not months it takes years probably more like decades to be perfectly honest with you and you put it all out and you start to see a few things work you do a hundred videos and out of a hundred videos that takes an immense amount of work you see – that actually could have a little blip on the radar maybe it’s one maybe it’s zero maybe you have to do 300 videos before you see that one that blips up that people like the algorithms like they engage with it helps them and you go do more and you go do more and you stay 100% focused on giving value to others you stay 100% focused on helping other people achieve their goals look at the title of this video look think about what I’ve done here okay I’m I could sell my day rate at 10 grand a day easy right I could easily build thousand-dollar in our coaching sessions but instead I decided yesterday to build that form in that page that’s at miles becker column for such question to ask you for your biggest question i actually asked my email list so I spent time I wrote my email to them not to mention all the work I’ve done to build that email list up to 10,000 subscribers then I’ve been reading through these responses all day today this morning like okay cool these are good I think I’m gonna go through and kind of rapid-fire some of these is what I decided I would do started this live we’ve now been live for I think an hour and a half I don’t actually see I’m just kind of rough timing it might be for an hour at this point us but on probably closer to an hour anyways so now I’m spending another hour of just giving more value okay so I did foundational work to try to figure out what your biggest question like everything that I’ve done and what I’m trying to the point of try make here is this whole process is for you I want to pitch you anything I’m not trying to sell you anything I want a scam for you to buy I’m trying to help you understand that’s what everybody else does like I’m literally spending my time that is incredibly valuable placed other directions to help you and I’m happy to do this like I’m not trying to say this from a weird standpoint money means I’m trying to give you perspective is the ultimate goal of what I’m getting at here I’m trying to impress upon you the idea that because I’ve committed my time three times a week to make you videos emails almost every single day blog posts go up I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars in making sure my video content is in audio format so people who don’t have time to watch can listen it’s in blog content so people who search on Google and aren’t looking on YouTube can find the actual helpful information all that time and energy is designed to help you so who are you doing that for because most people who don’t have this working for them yet are trying to figure out how to get from people who can I sell a scam to who can I sell a dropship thing that nobody cares about it’s a it’s a subpar thing right what product can I white label in China that’s kind of a it’s not as cool as this pen right like like people are white labeling subpar front like it’s all rubbish it’s it’s selling rubbish to other people like that’s not giving value to anyone’s life right like so how do you create a business or how do you just create value in the lives of others and a business will emerge out of fat everyone’s looking around to solve their problems that’s what our phones that’s what these device is our for literally we go around all day asking questions on Google on Facebook on YouTube we’re asking ourselves questions and we’re searching and podcast apps trying to you know most of the time it’s like better our situation I’m here I want to be here right for some people that’s a love thing right I don’t have love I want love for other people it’s a weight thing I’m obese I want to be fit other people it’s like I’m skinny fat and I want to be ripped cool right some people it’s I don’t have any dates I don’t know how to talk to girls I would love to have a relationship and a wife cool for other people if I don’t have any money how do I make money right so there’s all of these everyone is trying to get somewhere in their life beyond where they’re at now everyone is dissatisfied with their current situation that’s called being a human at all times in this experience we’re dissatisfied with or rad we’re always trying to improve it’s like the human existential existence that’s what we’re doing so when you commit yourself to being the person that helps them get to where they want to be from here to here dude and there’s a bunch of steps those are all your content pieces then you build an audience once you have the attention the trust of an audience you can the list and once you have that you have all of the pieces you need to make a full lifestyle income online all of the pieces then it’s like well what do they already want to buy because someone who’s here and wants to get there they’re gonna have to buy things 100 percent guaranteed they’re actually looking for things to buy I mean who doesn’t go to Amazon once a week once every two weeks and buy something right like we’re always buying we’ve all been trained to be consumers so when you have their attention and you have the ability to email them you can be the one who says hey if you really want to get to here there’s this thing right you got to figure out like if you really want to get dates like you got to get this shampoo because this shampoo is what will get you here and you can sell them an affiliate link for the shampoo and I’m being kind of goofy with that example because that’s clearly not the trick but that’s how it works right it’s it’s it’s gaining the trust and the captive attention of an audience who are all trying to go to a similar goal helping them get there sharing what products tools trips services courses will help them get there if there aren’t any you can even create them your cell that is the key to the game I’m gonna call it on this video I thank you very much for your time if you have not submit your question or if you put it in the chat if you’re here live and you put in the chat and I didn’t get to it go to Myles Becker calm for Asajj question not gonna sell you anything I don’t retarget you I got nothing to sell you I just want to help you but I need to know what you think your biggest questions are so I can answer them in the future and I’m gonna do more of these I think this was fun I want to kind of look around to see how you’re doing bills Frenzel thank you very much for the donation my man I do appreciate that I’ve got a few people popping in on that donation world sharing Killian says I love that you’re sharing more content about the inner world and purpose seems like you’re speaking your deeper truth more more which is so rare in the marketing world Killian this is a great way to end it I really thank you for that my man so I spent three years publishing my heart out for you guys like and and I’ve had people come in I’ve had people swipe me I’ve had people join my live streams and I go look they’ve literally copied word-for-word my titles my descriptions they’ve copied my thumbnails like people are ripping me off left and right and I still show up right i still bring it I don’t let that shit get me down but it’s gonna happen and I’m pouring it out and even those people who are copying and pasting me are not following through so few people are actually doing what it is required to create a real business and like I’ve taught all the tactics like literally I have taught everything I have not held anything back from you like on this channel 535 videos or something like like it’s there and I’ve been thinking a lot lately Killian what you’re – what you’re talking about is like why are they not why is this not working why have more people not created the success they seem to want they find me they’re looking for it let’s start and stop dead of that you know what it is it’s fucking mindset it’s it’s the head issues it’s the it’s part the programming from the fake gurus making it sound easy I think but it’s it’s a lot of even deeper than that of like the the conditioning and programming we received as very young children when we’re one two three four five six years old a lot of our subconscious programming actually is like walked into place and like me I grew up working-class poor my family my dad you just have to go to pawn shop every month not every month but many months he had to go to pawn shop to pawn things to pay rent my mom remembers a time when she had two pairs of socks I couldn’t even afford a third pair of socks so like every day she hand washed a pair of socks but we always had food right but but there were aspects of that we can’t afford it and and like a frustration towards the rich that actually happened that is was deep in my subconscious and I had to untie that and I had to rewire that and I had to recreate this to understand what does wealth mean is it okay there are wealthy people bad people just did every wealthy people scam someone to make their money and I’ve had to build this new way of looking at the world a new mental model if you will in order to start moving forward and and that’s where I’ve got this kind of value driven approach to growing a business it kind of emerged out of that personal development and now that I’ve taught all like here’s how to run Facebook Ads here’s how to sort of funnel here’s how to niche research here’s how to do everything it’s the mindset is what’s really holding people back so I do feel like at this point in my channel there is going there is happening a shift towards that and I see competitors of mine and they just their channels are growing faster than mine and they’re doing the how to make $400 day on Pinterest I make $1000 a day doing this how to make 500 ollars today doing that and it’s reinforcing those negative subconscious patterns that aren’t helping people so I’m I’m kind of consciously going in the direction of really helping the people who are committed to figuring it out really get into the part of the game that actually holds the key which is 100% the mindset so that’s where I’m at at this point because if it was just the tactics if it was really just about the funnel and the the Facebook ad like there’d be a lot more people making ten grand fifty grand a hundred grand a month right now it’s way more difficult than that and it’s our blocks we put in front of ourselves it’s our patterns it’s our subconscious programming playing out in our daily lives that is either supporting us or hindering us as well a lot of people hit a certain point they pull his certain point you know something happens in their life their job their car that this or that the bank account they did we have these limiters on ourselves and we reset to scarcity we reset to these old deep dark patterns that are deep in our subconscious mind if we don’t rework those and change that conversation so when I can help somebody realize that a successful business is helping tens of thousands of people improve their life and they go all-in on helping tens of thousands of people improve their life they start to take actions in like a new paradigm and they can attract different things and and they’ll get different results versus maybe this scam will work maybe FBA scam will work maybe dropshipping scam will work right it’s just jumping from one thing to the next to the next Elaine says she enjoyed it Darius enjoyed it I Darius I believe was enjoyed it I appreciate you everyone here I appreciate you very much I’m gonna do this more often I really like these kinds of conversations I hope I keep it up beat I feels like sometimes I’m like bah-bah-bah but like you can do it I know you can and I’m here to help and I’m gonna keep putting out these videos to help you get there and maybe someday I’ll learn how to do this efficiently and in under an hour or more of my lives but who cares maybe now maybe this is just what I’m supposed to do on this earth and I should just keep doing what I’m supposed to do so regardless of that and how it lines up I appreciate you I’m gonna go for a walk and go work outside in the yard with my beautiful wife in the sunshine and it’s Friday and cheers thanks again for time be well

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