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Content Marketing Challenge Review – Month 26 Analytics From Blog, YouTube & Podcast Revealed!


hey miles here miles Becker calm this video is going to review the results from 26 months of content marketing we’re gonna go inside of the analytics on my youtube channel my podcast as well as my blog to look at what’s been going on right what does the data say the results are from all of my activity now the big major idea that I want to share before we jump in is you know at this point I’m 26 months in and that might sound like a big deal to you but not very long ago and honestly it feels like it was yesterday I just started I didn’t know what I was teaching about I didn’t know exactly what topics I was gonna cover I knew I needed to create and publish content to really grow the audience and then I’ve just kind of stumbled forward I did a hundred and twenty videos in 120 days so that was a video per day published every day for four months and then I shifted over to the three videos per week kind of paste that I’m still on to this day and I still barely know where I’m going right like I might have one or two video ideas but everything is really done in the spur of the moment it took me six months of putting out videos every single day or down to three a week for the last last two months in that period before I even started growing my email list I didn’t even get my opt-in my lead magnet done for six months into the process because it was just so much work and energy for me to just give and do the videos give value through the videos that was all I could do at about year one I got my blog system to where I was getting the videos transcribed and published on my blog and then about year one and a half about 18 months in is when I got the podcast system going so they’re all kind of varying at different levels of how long they’ve been around and been alive and ultimately really that big key is if you start if you haven’t started yet if you start today and you just get going and you stick with it eventually you’ll be able to look back and say wow I’ve been doing this for twenty six months and that’s where I’m at today and it doesn’t feel like I’ve been really doing it for twenty six months even though I have time’s tricky like that time is gonna keep on going whether you’re taking action towards your goals towards growing your business or not so you might as well just start taking action towards your goals and towards growing your business alright I’m off the soapbox at this point and I want to jump in and look at some data so you can see here on my channel that I’ve got seventy one thousand six hundred and eighty-one subscribers at this point at the current growth rate that I’m on I’m assuming about ten months or less I’ll cross the hundred thousand mark unless something changes but about three thousand subscribers per month is where I’m at you can see I’m at four hundred and twenty nine videos in that time frame so I’ve done I think I’ve deleted about four or five videos from my channel over over the years but so I’ve done about four hundred thirty videos in just over two years and twenty six months two years and two months for you if you weren’t on top of that right away now you can see my watch time is down a little bit but it’s only down 1.6% my average view duration is up a little bit but only 0.3% and my views number is down about two percent roughly so relatively even here inside of YouTube nothing major going on I’m gonna scroll back to the last ninety days because I think kind of zooming out a little bit could really be helpful and you can see I’m in a very clear channel right like the the highs don’t get much higher than this right here about fifty four thousand views in a day or minutes in a day watch is about my highest and then that kind of correlates right here with about seventy seven hundred views in a day and my lows seem to be you know between forty five hundred and seventy five hundred seems to be where I’m currently operating in the number of views per day and this is the power of doing consistent content marketing is you get consistent results like I’m putting in a lot less effort today than I was when I first got going and I’m getting significantly more results now when I do the ninety over ninety okay so we’re looking at this time the the last 90 days is blue and in the ninety days before that is the orange color and you can see that I’m up approximately 10% roughly give or take on this so from three point three million minutes view to three point six million minutes view that’s about three hundred thousand increase and then on the views number I went from about four hundred and eighty thousand to five hundred and fifteen thousand that’s approximately a 30 thousand increase so that’s maybe eight percent or so just some some napkin math right there so you could tell that I’m slowly growing but it’s not drastic right and nothing on this channel ever has been and nothing ever probably will be there’s not gonna be a viral video that that just blasts me or most of you off into like the next level right it’s actually the compounding effect of doing the work day in and day out for month in and month in and year in and year out that creates massive results because my 10% increase that I’m getting this year versus that 10% increase last year is much larger because those 10% increases are compounding on each other I have a great video on the power of compounding and that’s what the results here show I’ll have that video pop up above my head it’ll be in the top right corner maybe top left corner click on that if you want to understand and really really help your brain get that compounding is really the ultimate power that you’re after in this now one more thing I’m gonna go ahead and cancel my comparison and then we’re gonna look at the lifetime of the channel just so you can get a view of what it ultimately looks like now I had this gmail account and I had this account up and running for many years before I published my first video I published my first video in August of 2016 which is right about here on the timeline and man it took about six months to nine months to get up into this operating range and you can even see while consistently putting out videos somewhere around here – I hit this really low low and I’m now off of the low it looks like this trend is moving upwards even more which is exciting means I’m in a new positive trend but the goal of showing you this is that you are going to have highs and you’re going to have lows nobody goes straight up in the right direction that’s why extreme patience is absolutely required and let’s jump into the analytics on that note because you’re gonna get a kind of a another vantage point of why patience is required so in the last 30 days from September 24th through today October 23rd maybe those yesterday at this point 19,000 sessions right so about 20,000 visits from 12,000 300 so about 12,000 individuals for a total of forty thousand page views 2.0 pages per session my average session duration is 2 minutes and 32 seconds now I really like my average session duration I think a year ago or so it was down in under a minute so I’ve been working really hard to get better longer quality content on my site and indeed that’s exactly what we’re doing and now that I’m doing a 30 day over 30 day comparison you’re gonna see that I’m actually down 10 percent in traffic in the last 30 days I’m down about 8 percent in the number of visitors and I’m actually down on pageviews the pages per session is up my average session duration is pretty close my bounce rate is pretty much even at that point so what I’m showing you here is that even in this this path I’ve got my blog team publishing more frequently than ever I’ve got a new system in place with the WP publish procom kind of team publishing my blog posts for me they can publish your blog posts for you if you would like as well it’s kind of like an outsourcing team so in the last month I’ve actually published more blog posts in the last 30 days than I have in in most months up to this but you see I’m actually down on sessions and this is kind of funny and ultimately it generally takes time for the search engine spiders to really analyze what’s going on to index all the content properly they test me in different parts in different places inside of the search engine results and there’s always a you know there’s a given intake there’s an ebb and a flow to it there’s a process of from when you publish it through that point when you actually land on the first page and stick your claim on that first page of the search results so I’m in that little bit of a period and I fully expect these numbers to go up significantly but here’s where I want to really look at because I want to do the previous year instead of the previous period so now we’re gonna look at the same month last year versus this year and you can see I’m actually down from last year at this point so 13 percent down from right about 20,000 22,000 visits down to about 19,000 visits right now my page views is also down my average page duration is up my pages per session is up and someone might be able to look at this and be like oh my goodness like you like the traffic’s down what’s going on I have been in the game long enough that I literally ignore this personally if it wasn’t to show you these results and show you what’s going on I would probably rarely if ever maybe once every three months or six months log into analytics because my view point at where I’m at in the game and what I’m focusing on is my job right now is to put out as much helpful content as I possibly can there’s bloggers who have been blogging for a decade longer than I have and I got a lot of catching up to do so now for me personally is not the time to look at these results and make decisions based on the results and and ultimately care about what is going on with the results could it potentially be an identifier for for optimization needs here and there sure there is kind of an argument to be made on that but every one of my posts is optimized based on my learn SEO video that’s doing really well so I’m doing the work and I need to really make sure that I’m able to spend the next two to three years of really just doing the work doing the work doing the work not second-guessing the process not second-guessing anything I got some big-time people who have been publishing lots of content for years and years and years that I have to catch up to so that’s why I’m able to look at this and just be like oh okay that’s interesting it’s not terribly scary to me now I want to run one more year comparison and I’m gonna drop it back yet another year here so now we’re looking at this versus the year before and this is where you’re gonna see so this is the last 30 days versus the 30 days from when I first started in the 2016 right so I did my first video in August of 2016 so this is showing you the difference on my blog from the September of 2016 through today so this is two years growth and you can see I’ve got like an eleven thousand percent growth on the sessions fourteen thousand percent users I was getting traffic but literally it was under three people a day on average is what I was getting back two years ago and this is really the big kind of aha moment and this is again showing the power of compounding if we zoom in too much the month-over-month the little changes that happen in our business we sometimes can can kind of lose the four you know we lose a tree from the forest or forest from the trees there’s some fancy saying around that but if we look at the wrong metrics we can maybe get ourselves thinking or doubting our approach or reconsidering other approaches or thinking about shifting into another niche and those are all the most dangerous for an internet entrepreneur the big goal ultimately is to create a plan stick with that plan and work that plan for three to five years not even three years in not I’m not even like – I’m ten months away from three years in at this point and then boy I’m not even you know I’m two and a half years away from being five years in I’m actually more than two and a half not even halfway to the five-year mark which to me that’s where all of this is really going to get interesting and that’s kind of the level of patience I have is I’m just gonna go do the work do the work do the work for five years straight and ultimately I know for a fact I’m gonna have some drastic results I’m already seeing these results here which is where I started two years ago to where I am today and now I know that if I just keep with it over time those little ups and downs I’m seeing right now are going to vanish because ultimately I will at some point in the process of publishing at the pace I’m publishing now over the course of five years I will outwork everyone and I will have more higher quality better more valuable content on my blog than other people who currently hold that title right they’ve got the belt in their hands and I’m sitting doing my training doing my work to get ready to go challenge them for set belt and Google will begin to give me more and more and more traffic over time so that’s really I think it’s good for me to show you the Downs in with the ups I’ve had a lot of up months on these videos but there’s a down one for you and that’s my perspective of it like I really don’t care I probably wouldn’t even have noticed if I didn’t have that monthly like oh yeah I do this video for you every month at this time and ultimately I’m just excited about where I’m at on the two-year phase looking back over two years and thinking about where I’m gonna be in five years three years from now that’s the really exciting point for me that’s where extreme patience is required lastly this is the last pillar I got going on the three pillars or content marketing strategy is the podcast itself and you can see on the podcast the last few months I’ve been well into the solid 6000 range we’ve got about a week left in this heat in this month and I think over the next week looking at the math 3/4 of the way through so if I add 25% I’d say I’m gonna be right about 6,600 downloads this month which is really cool I’ve got these really high highs popping up which is exciting hitting the high 500 marks my lows are down into 87 you know what is that 46 so so 50 to 80 up to 550 or more is my operating range here on the podcast really ultimately the podcast is just the audio format of my videos that don’t share the screen so it’s simply a process that my virtual assistant does to get my content on to yet another platform if you haven’t found my podcast feed yet go search in your podcast app for Myles Beckler and I’ll pop up be sure you subscribe leave me a comment if you wouldn’t mind if you’re on Android and you don’t have an app stitchers a good app so is pod bean and you can find me in either of those apps if you’re on iTunes just search in the podcast app and that’s how a large segment of my audience write upwards of 500 people a day or more are able to go consume my content while they’re doing other things they’re commuting they’re driving to work they’re on the train they’re walking the dog they’re in the gym and they’re building their mindset right they’re expanding their mindset they’re learning they’re really working on forging that entrepreneurial mindset for success because it’s a long path and you really need to be sure you’re filling your mind with positive ideas and not everyone has the time required to sit down and watch YouTube videos so they like to go to my podcast and this is the third pillar in the three pillar content marketing strategy I produce these videos first this is my goal is to get these videos out I have a team that turns my videos into blog posts for me I have an assistant who turns my video audio feed into podcast episodes I stay focused on what is most important for me which is creating more great content for you in the kind of medium that’s easiest for me right these YouTube videos happen to be easy for me if I could wave a magic wand and declare myself a writer and just write a great blog post every day I would do that but it takes way too much time and energy and I have too much doubt around my writing so I really just focus on making these videos three times a week and now I have teams and systems in place to make sure that video gets as much reach through syndication as possible I’ve even got videos that teach how to how to syndicate those if you want to search my channel and that’s it so I hope you found this video to be helpful I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing that I’ve got a down month in there as well it happens to us all nothing goes up in a straight line ever everything has ups and downs as you are going to see in your business and one of the keys to your long-term success is to stay focused on the long term and the big picture and to really stay focused on your mission because when your mission is to create and give more value than anyone else in your space which is what I’m after here in this space then ultimately I’m more focused on how many videos that I put out this week how many blog posts did I put up this week how many podcast episodes have I put out this week and it’s that constant focus on giving value giving value giving value that is continuing to grow my audience at a massive pace even if the month-over-month looks small if we zoom out far enough to the couple of years it is a drastic fourteen thousand percent increase from ninety visitors a month to fourteen thousand visitors a month that’s pretty ridiculous if you ask me and my email list is now well over seven thousand subscribers on its way to eight thousand subscribers the business is bringing in more cash flow than ever before it’s a very very healthy business and ultimately I’ve been able to create yet another two assets the miles vector brand and the content and conversion membership program both of those are based off of these efforts here and it has revolutionized my little internet publishing business that I have with my wife you can do this too you need to stay focused on giving value and being of service to an audience that is the ultimate key you need to be able to kind of emotionally kind of disconnect from the ups and the downs sure celebrate your victories but remember that the big victory is following through for five years straight that’s where you can make all those gains that will create that lifestyle business that you ultimately desire it’s in that three to five year plan that ultimately creates the success that you desire we underestimate what we can do in five years we overestimate what we can do in one year so get that mindset right get patients on your side and blaze forward giving value to your audience you’ll be amazed at what you create if you’ve enjoyed this video give me a thumbs up here I do appreciate it be sure to subscribe if you haven’t yet I got three videos a week coming out Monday Wednesday Friday I got another video coming out in a couple of days for you and ultimately if you have any questions feel free to get at me in the comments below I’m happy to chat in the comments when I have time and I thank you for any engagement for sharing for whatever you do just thank you for being you I appreciate you I look forward to creating some more great for you and I’ll catch you on the next video until then be well


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