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Email Marketing Made Simple! How To Write Emails That Get Opened & Turn Subscribers Into Customers.

hey miles here miles Becker calm this video is about email marketing like a pro how to write broadcast emails that get clicks get open get engagement and ultimately drive sales for your business you definitely know that I love email marketing I think it’s still the engine in every digital business my wife and I have hundreds of thousands of subscribers on our lists currently and that really is the asset that drives our business and drives our revenue so I’ve taught a lot about how to grow your list up to this point now we’re gonna talk about how to email your list you probably know I’ve been doing an email marketing challenge where I’ve done a single broadcast email a day every day for 90 days straight so I’ve learned a lot and I’ve been email marketing for five or six years but this is the most kind of intense condensed time I’ve done that so I’m gonna teach you what I’ve learned I’ve learned a framework that I’m using over and over my open rates are up my click-through rates are up my replies and engagement are up my revenue is up from all of this activity in the world of email and you’re gonna learn how to apply this as well now we’re doing a theory right I’m gonna talk about the six components you need to keep in mind this is the theory if you’d like me to do a tactical hands-on where you watch over my shoulder on the computer screen like click here go here and actually set up an email that follows this template that you’re gonna learn give me a thumbs up on the video and comment below if I get enough thumbs up and enough comments saying yes put that video out I’ll definitely make that video for you but I don’t want to go build it if you’re not interested so let me know you’re interested if you are ok let’s jump into the six factors that you need to keep in mind when sending your broadcast emails these will become second nature but you’ll enjoy taking notes to have this kind of as a checklist to get going number one is something you’re probably not thinking of very much that is your sender information the name and email address that your emails are coming from you set this up in your autoresponder and for me my email address is my name at my domain comm the sender information is my full name my goal here is to make this look like I’m a friend emailing another friend I want it to look exactly like a friend would receive my email when they do same name same email address exactly the same if you’re running an e-commerce or a brand that’s maybe bigger than one purse right I’ve got a personal brand if you’re trying to run a brand know that you can have a brand character look at the progressive right there’s flow the the character of progressive there’s even the Geico gecko right there’s a lot of ways for you to personify a brand but also think about just being the CEO of said brand and letting you as a CEO be that voice of the brand and Mail as yourself because ultimately people like forming relationships we like buying from people we like and we like buying from people we trust so you’re going to be able to build trust as an individual more easily so your sender name and your sender email address make sure it’s coming from an email address you own know Gmail accounts know yahoo accounts from this it’s got to be an email address you own so that’s the first part number two is your subject line which is ultimately your headline and if you’ve seen my videos before you know that I’m a huge fan of the book how to write a good advertisement by Victor Schwab it was written in the 1940s and he covers 100 of the most successful headlines ever up to that point in the 1940s and then the psychology of why those headlines worked and a lot of them are perfect templates for email subject lines so your subject line is ultimately your headline and that’s one of the most important parts of your email because if they look at that subject line they’re either gonna click or they’re not gonna click write it either goes into the garbage or it gets opened and they’ll consume what’s in there so this is a pivotal pivotal piece of content when I’m writing out my emails every day I put thee I put kind of my working headline in first then I write out my entire email then I double back to the headline and I think can I make this more creative am I actually delivering on what I’m promising in this headline can I make this more curiosity inducing to get the hook so I kind of start with my idea in a headline I give it my best shot when I’m starting but I always circle back and I always give it another couple of minutes like hmm can I make this better because I always want to increase the click-through rate on my subject because that’s how my content gets read and if your contents not getting read in the body of your email your links aren’t getting clicked on and if your links aren’t getting clicked on you’re not making any money so that’s the way I think about it there’s a few kind of basic templates I’ve got a key key key thing to remember is you want one main idea and that main idea should be teased or mentioned in the subject itself so another key idea is that curiosity gets clicks so email subject lines like did you see this so when I email past videos or past blog posts that have been published on my blog I’ll use email subject lines like did you see this or have you seen this yet or did you check this one out these little questions so a question is a great way to run a subject line but also something that’s just that curiosity like did you see it see what I have to know what’s in there and people will click and people will go consume the content because you’ve just planted that open loop that little bit of curiosity number two is how to headlines right if you’ve got a how-to video or a how-to blog post that helps someone solve a very specific problem like the email I will send for this video for example I’m probably gonna use a how-to subject line because a lot of my audience wants to know how to write great emails that get clicks and generate revenue that right there can be the headline because there’s enough people in my audience who that actually is a solution they’re currently looking for so when it’s very clearly stated how to boom that thing that they want that’s often gonna get a really good click-through rate asking a question is big because the way the human brain works our thought patterns actually work in a questioning format and when you pose a question to me my brain can’t help but answer that question so especially when that question brings a little curiosity up that can be a really powerful way I’m last chance emails if you’re learning launches if you’ve got a deadline funnel if you got automations to where they can get a special deal up to a specific point or if you’re just closing the doors on a product or increasing the price emails that say last chance all they just get such good click-through rates it’s pretty impressive you can’t abuse any one type of subject line too much you got to use a wide variety because if you’re always doing last chance last chance last chance it’s probably one of those is gonna be the last chance for you ever to communicate with them and there unsubscribe because you will begin to annoy them eventually so one of the tricks that my team is doing is I have my virtual assistant go through an audit all of my past emails and all of my wife’s past emails she goes and pulls the subject line the date the open rate and the click-through rate for every email and she keeps that in a spreadsheet for us and once a month she goes pulls all of our past emails for that month and then we can go back and look at past emails that got great open rates that got great click-through rates and we can ask ourselves the best question to ever ask yourself why why did that one work and we’ve learned a lot about what works and what kind of messaging patterns and what ideas really trigger our audience by looking back at the data from our open rates on our past broadcast emails so if you’ve got a VA it’s really easy to get them to go pull that information if you don’t have a VA and you’re doing this stuff yourself I do believe within an hour to two hours per month you go pull all of that information and honestly doing it yourself being hands-on you’re gonna be able to ask those questions for yourself in the midst of the timing of like ooh that one got a thirty eight percent open rate when all my other ones got a twenty six percent open rate why what was it about that headline that got so many opens because your open rate is directly tied to your headline so I believe I’ve stressed the headline enough at this point it is probably the most important part of your email because again if they’re not clicking they’re not opening they’re not reading they’re not seeing your links they’re not seeing the opportunities to purchase from you you’re not making any money so really get good at that and know that your first headlines are gonna be great your second one might be a little bit better your third one’s gonna be a little better that’s why I do 90-day challenges I’ve written 90 headlines and subject subject lines in the last 90 days so it’s really helped me flex that muscle enough to kind of build that skill so number two actually this is number three the third piece is what I call the hook and the payoff so when they click on the subject line that email opens inside of their app or their browser or whatever they’re using right so this point you have the first few paragraphs is your next opportunity to grab their attention and get them to read the rest of the email this is the hook you’re trying to hook them into reading the rest and if you’re using a curiosity in do seeing headline you need me you need to make sure you pay off that headline right so if you say something outlandish outrageous or really odd and off-the-wall that’s like what I don’t get that like did you see this so my first few sentences need to address the fact that I just and I just asked them an open-ended question and I need to answer that question because if I don’t they’re gonna feel disconnect if they open because they think they’re gonna give this kind of curiosity solved they’ve got an itch now that they want scratched and you don’t scratch that proverbial itch right away they’re gonna leave and they’re gonna be done and they’re not gonna enjoy your emails so if I do send an email that says did you see this I’m gonna let them know what I’m talking about very very quickly I want to pay off that question as quick as I can and then I want to hook them in the idea of reading more generally this is by giving them a benefit of not only what that thing is that I was teasing through the subject line but why it’s important that they master that why it’s important that they learn that why it’s important that they consumed the rest of the email this brings us to number four which is really ultimately trans kind of kind of transitioning into a story if at all possible you probably know that I am huge on story powered marketing there’s a course if you haven’t gone through it I highly recommend it they teach the ultimate framework for telling stories for marketers for digital marketers it’s at Myles Bechtler com forward slash story again I’ve watched and re-watched and rewatched this one more than just about any training I’ve ever been through I’ve turned hundreds of people onto it the the feedback I get from other people who go through this is astounding because when you learn the framework to writing a story you have the power to really play into that mental patterning that we all live with because every Hollywood movie we watch every TV show that does a great job of hooking people in even if you go back to past cultures of ancient times storytelling is how history was Trant handed down from generation to generation so our brains are actually wired to receive stories and when you learn how to write stories and create stories that mimic the patterns that Hollywood uses that TV uses that great books use that all these stories myths that have stuck for generations and generations use and you start to use that in your email marketing you’re gonna be amazed at the results that you create so again that’s at miles vector comm force I’ve stories now stories don’t always make sense sometimes you don’t have a story to fill that’s when you go into benefits right so if you’re teaching them how to do something or how to get a goal that they want then you would talk about the benefits of them achieving the goal you would talk about what’s in it for them Zig Ziglar has a quote saying everyone is tuned in at wi IFM what’s in it for me so you as the author of the email need to write in a second person which means you use the word you you’re speaking directly to that individual in the email and you are telling them the benefits that they’re going to experience because they’re thinking what’s in it for me and your language pattern is here’s what’s in it for you it connects and your language pattern matches their thinking pattern they’re gonna keep consuming that email oh I get this benefit and then I get that benefit I get this benefit okay I’m really really interested and at this point we transition to the call to action now every single email you write you want to have a call to action in my 90 day challenge I assume at least 80 of my emails had some sort of a call to action and I want to be really clear here for a moment that doesn’t mean you sell something in every single email most of my emails linked people to a video or a blog post something that is helpful right so even linking someone and getting someone to click on a link in email that takes them to one of my free videos is a win that’s me getting an engagement that’s me getting a conversion even though it’s not the exact kind of conversion that turns in to dollars in my personal bank account and here’s why you Altamonte to train your readers to click on your links so when you do promote a product whether it’s your product an affiliate product and you have a link in there that that kind of links them to a sales page and that’s the make money moment you want to make sure that they’ve already been pre-programmed to click on your URLs in your emails if you never send an email that has a URL and then on day 14 you send a URL they’re gonna be like wait a minute I don’t click URLs I don’t click links in this guy’s emails because or gals emails because I’ve never seen one before and it doesn’t compute whereas if every email that you send has a link to a blog post a link to something helpful a link to a video this doesn’t have to be your content this can be other people’s content that’s really actually valuable and helps them solve their problems but you’re training them to click on the links so when you do deliver that hook per say that offer in the email they’re already predisposed to click they’ve clicked on links in your emails before they’ve had good experiences with what they got after the click before so they’re happy and willing and more ready to click in that situation than if you’ve never sent them a link before so remember even getting the click to a YouTube video to a blog post to a medium article to some third party article third party video that you didn’t even create that is a positive conversion that’s a positive engagement and that’s going to get you closer to making a sale I generally recommend three or four value emails in between every offer that’s really playing on gary vaynerchuk’s Jab Jab Jab right hook concept but it’s just give more value than you asked for and think of it as a virtual or a kind of theoretical bank account right you want to make sure you’re depositing more money into your bank account then you’re withdrawing right and every value email is the deposit every offer is a withdraw and you want that bank account to grow and so you got to put more in then you take out some more value then you get out in the end in the call to action tell them what to do I literally say click the link below right literally give them the words that say the action you want them to do don’t assume that they’re gonna know that because you hyperlinked this word that that’s what they’re supposed to do to click on it right make sure you actually say click the link below I also always go in and make sure even when I paste paste a link so I’ll take my youtube link for example and it’s some weird HTTP slash squiggly s b-59 I always paste the link so they could copy it but then I highlight it and make it a clickable link also because some Gmail is really good at taking any URL and making it clickable but Yahoo is terrible and Yahoo does not make pasted URLs clickable so when you hyperlink it and make it clickable from within the editor window it’s also gonna track the data more effectively than expecting the browser on the other end to do that for you or the email client on the other end to do that for you so tell them what to do click the link below click the link above and get the blank now right say the actual words of the action so my emails pretty much always have a click the link or click below or click this because we don’t want anyone to miss the you know we don’t want anything to get lost in subtleties you want to be very very clear about what actions you expect them to take and then last is your PS which is your PostScript this would come below your signature some say that this is the most read part of an email obviously I think your name actually in the the sender and the subject line is the most read part of your email but ultimately when they’re in the body many people do get all the way down to that PostScript and then they’re gonna read the PostScript to see what’s going on in the PS you can use your PS as a call to action you can use your PS as a way to tease what you’re going to email about tomorrow kind of how in the beginning of this video I said hey if you want me to do a video where I show you step-by-step how to actually implement this click the thumbs up and leave me a comment saying yes I want that in the comments below right that’s almost teasing that next video that might come out to get your brain working on it so as you’re looking at my channel in the next couple days you’re kind of looking for that next thing because I planted a seed of thought in your brain you can do the same thing in the PS ‘as andre chaperone is pretty awesome at this with his autoresponder madness course that’s what he teaches is how to open and close loops that’s what a lot of the TV shows that people binge watch like the game of Thrones the Breaking Bad that 24 is the loss they’re really good at opening a loop at the end of the episode to where you really can’t stop thinking about what’s gonna happen next until that next episode plays and you can do this with your emails you open a little bit of loop in the PS and then so you can in an email that’s talking about this exact idea PS in tomorrow’s email I’ll show you exactly how to set this up but for today be sure you click the link above and watch the video so you can get the theory that will put into practice tomorrow got it see how I did that right there I kind of took what I’m talking about here i reinforced clicking today to learn what you’re gonna learn today because that builds on what you’re gonna learn tomorrow and that kind of subconsciously gets the reader pre-programmed to want to open my email tomorrow and to expect another email tomorrow you can also use the PS as your call to action so you could tell a story in the actual body of the email then you close and at the bottom PS if you want help getting the same result that our hero in the story above got click this link and you can learn about the membership program the coaching the vista that that will get you the solution that you desire the third way to use the PS it’s a second way to do it as a call to action is if your body copy of your email links someone to a video a free video or a free blog post then you close and in the PS you can do a second call to action that offers them your membership your personal coaching or your paid product that takes them farther PS if you really like that above then when you’re done be sure to check out the membership where I work with people one-on-one to get that result and I’ll actually work on your content for you type situation my wife uses this a lot with her membership program because we do plug our membership program quite a bit and the body of the email might talk about a free thing that she created here’s a free thing PS if you want these kinds of messages in your inbox every day go ahead and check out our membership here and there’s a link to the membership it’s a very soft call to action generally speaking you want one action for someone to take in the email usually I know what that action that I desire the user to take before I start writing my email and I paint the story I paint the hook I paint the kind of opening and the the headline to ultimately pre frame them to want to click on that thing so I’ve got an idea of the action I want them to take before I start and I back everything up from there to what’s the subject line that’s gonna get them to open what’s the hook that’s gonna get them interested what’s the story that’s gonna get them to the point where they’re ready to click what’s a call to action to get him to go do I have a PS or not I’m in I’m out when I first started writing my emails it took maybe 35 to 45 minutes to actually write and edit and test the email myself now I’ve got it down to about 15 minutes but really in the early days it sometimes took me an hour or two to think of the idea of the email now I often spend my evenings after I emailed right so I’ll email for the day today in the morning then I spend my afternoon my evenings thinking about what I can email the next day and I take notes in my phone and that’s how I kind of keep it really really quick but I’ve got this whole process down some days 10-15 minutes I’m in I’m out I’ve even them a whole list and that is ultimately probably one of the biggest business activities for me in my business same with my wife for her in her business it’s pretty magical when you could send out an email or two you make four eight ten twenty thousand dollars from a few emails it’s happened time and time again from us but ultimately it’s not those emails we send to create those kinds of results it’s all of the dozens and hundreds of emails and all the free videos and blog posts so all that work we did before to build trust that’s the key to email marketing so it’s a process it’s something you want to get going you want to stick with for long periods of time and that’s it that’s really the the whole idea I’m gonna run through just the main points again so it’s your your sender information is first then it’s your subject and your headline this is such a key read Victor Schwab’s book how to write a good advertisement you’re gonna love it part three is the hook or the payoff this is the first part of the email you want to answer the question from the subject line itself and then you really want to hook them in and get them excited to read the story or the benefits that’s the fourth part then you go into the story you tell them a quick story then you have your call to action you always want them to take some sort of action you close with your name and then you can have a PS if you want that’s obviously optional that is ultimately the framework the theory behind writing emails that get engagement to get clicks they get opens they will make you revenue over time it is a skill that you’ll need to build I highly recommend you start emailing more if you’re emailing once a week try emailing five times a week really learn how to be a storyteller miles Beckler comm for its life story that that course helped me out so much I mean becoming a better storyteller and I use that in every aspect of my business at this point the number of ways that course is valuable is pretty crazy there’ll be a link to that in the description you have any questions for me definitely hit me in the comments if you want me to do a hands-on over-the-shoulder click here click there to show you physically how to implement something like this with an a real-world email that will will even send and test in in real time go ahead and leave me a comment that you want to see that give me a thumbs up if you want to see that if I get enough thumbs up in comments I’ll definitely do that and that’s it for this video so thank you very much for your time getting comments or questions if you want to share this feel free to share this and I do appreciate you and I really just want to encourage you to break through that barrier email more your audience is bored they’re probably living commuter lifestyles they want to live vicariously they want to improve their lives and if you can help them do that do it it is your duty to get that kind of content out and become a better writer they’ll actually enjoy your emails it’s amazing when it works and I can’t encourage you enough to go forth and really step into yourself as an email marketer and on that note I’m going to call it for this video and I’ll catch you on the next one till then be well

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