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Email Marketing Q&A – Live! Get the answers to your biggest email marketing questions!

hey miles here miles Becker calm in this video we’re gonna cover a bunch of different email marketing questions that I’ve received recently so I’ve been asking doing a lot of content on how to effectively build your kind of relationship and grow your business through email marketing and out of this content I’ve received a lot of valuable questions that you’re gonna find really valuable so I’ve got them all in a notepad and I’m gonna rapid-fire my way through these email marketing questions and then I’ll turn to you in the chat and answer any questions that you might have here so I’m just gonna organize my screens over there we’ve got several people going on your real estate whisperer what’s going on Christina how are you doing Andrew so heylia David looks like you’re all here dog Sean what’s up guys I’m gonna get my notes here and if you can hear me just give me a note let me know I believe you can I think everything’s going good we’ve got people trickling in and I want to get straight to these questions so again one of the things you can take from this is I take time to ask you ask my subscribers often what are your biggest questions about blank because I create the content I think is gonna be most helpful for you but sometimes I miss things and sometimes I’m glazing over topics that seem simple to me that maybe don’t seem simple to you so that’s why I use these types of feedback mechanisms I use formidable forms on my WordPress website to set up these super quick and easy one question forms and then I just download it and now that’s what we’re gonna go through so one of the questions the first question I got is do you use single opt-in versus double opt-in list and this is one of those kind of it feels like a heavy question it feels like a big question and the first thing to remember is that you can always change mid kind of mid game right so my wife and I started off doing double opt-in we switched over to single opt-in for a while we’ve switched over back to double opt-in on my personal list I’ve done both as well so know that you’re never locked in one way the difference is when someone enters your information on single opt-in that means they immediately receive the welcome email there’s no more steps the fact that they took time to enter their information in your opt-in field is enough for you to start delivering them email legally that’s enough that’s all you actually need is that one moment of consent double opt-in forces them to go click a confirmation before they start receiving your emails it adds friction to the process and as you could probably guess you’re gonna receive less people actually getting onto your list receiving your broadcasts but here’s the other thing the percentage of real email addresses that you’re actually gonna get on your list is gonna go way way way up so the percentage of your emails that actually hit the inbox are going to go way way way up there is no actual right answer I’ve heard marketers say that if you want to make money online you need to do a single opt-in list only because you need the biggest list you can I’ve heard other marketers talk about how you can get stuck in spam traps and you really can kind of hurt your deliverability big-time by running a single opt-in list because so many people will just put in a random email like Bill Gates at type email address I use that one sometimes to play with people when I’m entering my information in their forums and I’ve seen several times that it bounces back like we’re sorry you’re already subscribed to this list so people do actually do that sort of stuff so what is the best option for you the best option is to start choose one if you want to grow your list more quickly in the beginning run it single opt-in at first if you’re noticing your deliverability is pretty low and your spam complaints are pretty high then switch it to double opt-in and start to run double opt-in from there on my website I run a really kind of tricky automation where it’s technically a single opt-in into an automation and I require them to confirm in an email I created so I run a double opt-in and even though it’s not from my autoresponder and then I follow up three times in a week if they don’t confirm within a week I unsubscribe them I remove them from my list so I kind of have found a way to get the best of both worlds they’re so cool we’ve got a bunch of people in here somebody’s curious how I’m going live on YouTube I’m just using YouTube’s live go live events and they’re there hangouts that’s that’s the only tool but I want to stick to I really do want to stick to the whole email marketing topic since I’ve been doing a lot of these so I got somebody asking what comes first miles do I have to have my own website first before doing Marketing so kind of yeah you need at minimum an opt-in page and an opt-in page maybe your entire website your home page using the DIY sales funnel series might be an opt-in page and that could be your entire your entire business you could have a podcast where you do podcast episodes and you refer people back to your one page your opt-in page website where they can get some valuable piece of information you could be doing YouTube videos like I’m doing and you could then refer people back to your one page website but ultimately you need somewhere to collect their information and that would be on a web page you want to be able to control this you can control the messaging and run split tests so yes you need a website it can be as simple as one page but I recommend you actually filled out a proper website so here’s a question which email marketing platform should I choose and why you should choose Aweber because it’s simple it’ll get you started and it works it is that easy and it is that simple they have all the advanced tagging and automations and all that stuff you can do in the future but ultimately you need something simple to get you started next question how do i adapt story based emails and follow-up sequences to to any kind of scenario for example non personal brand companies or larger companies that don’t have a specific hero so always remember that every company can have a figurehead right whether it’s a made-up character a fictional character whether it’s the CEO whether it’s a customer who’s had a great example sharing customer stories customer testimonials but I’m gonna really preface this one with this is the work right like it takes a lot of work to be creative to come up with ideas for videos for emails for for essentially telling stories how to come up with ideas for stories you can tell you can use obviously analogies you can use similes and metaphors but this is the work you just have to start doing the work you have to figure it out you have to test lots of different things you have to try things that don’t work yohoo that didn’t work so you could try something new then you start to see what works and you just keep moving forward so there’s no one right way to go about it other than start write your emails engage email more often if you’re emailing once a week email three times a week if you’re emailing three times a week try emailing every day you’ll flex the muscle more you’ll find things that work more quickly when you do it more right doing it less out of fear of I don’t know what to do is the wrong approach the right approach is just go forth and start is storytelling the only way to create engaging follow-up sequences does it work only to focus giving valuable content and using the open loops and cliffhangers no storytelling is not the only way I’m sure you can come up with another way but it’s the best way because storytelling plugs into what people’s brains how people are wired so like you could probably find other ways about it but don’t avoid storytelling because it’s difficult everything is difficult when you first start it realize that there’s a learning curve and you’ll get through it eventually study the books the courses and learn how to be a storyteller and then practice the art of telling stories through your emails just get going essentially how do I keep the interest of my readers till the end of the email tell really interesting stories write really interesting stuff and ultimately become a good copywriter become a good writer you have to build the skill of writing content go watch my early videos they were terrible right I was uncomfortable I was awkward I didn’t know what to say I had way more crutch words then that I have now but I’ve done it 400 times in a couple of years so I’ve gotten really good at the process right I wasn’t naturally good at the process I started out being really bad and I went through the learning curve right if you suck at something long enough and you do something poorly enough times in a row you’ll actually get good at it it’s amazing at how that works and that that’s how it works in all of life next question they started out with an idea they don’t have a product yet they know they should start somewhere so they’re starting to build should they start building a list or build the product I think you should start building an email list and before that you want to build an audience so in this channel I started doing a video a day every day for 90 days I wasn’t building an email list at this point in time I was simply putting out helpful content to grow an audience then I began building opt-in offers to allow my subscribers from YouTube to get even more information and more access to me through the opt-in that was somewhere around day 90 I think day 80 or 90 is when I actually built my first opt-in page and started getting that go it might have actually been after day 90 it could have been in month 4 at that point to be honest I don’t remember the exact dates on it but grow your audience first then grow your list and offer valuable content for them so somebody’s saying when they’re first starting to roll out a Minimum Viable funnel should I hold off on building an e-mail sequence until the concept is proven so the easiest way to do it is create a one email autoresponder that delivers the free thing that you’re offering and then move them onto a broadcast list or a broadcast segment and simply broadcast your list every day right so you have one follow-up sequence and then you just broadcast every day but like don’t not email people because you’re testing something else you need to keep building the relationship if you don’t email your list for a couple of weeks straight they’re gonna forget who you are they’re gonna forget why they opted in and you’re gonna lose any sort of momentum that you had most of your sales are going to happen via your email list days months weeks after the opt-in happens very very very few people are gonna buy your OTO very very few people are gonna buy from you immediately it’s something that’s gonna happen you’re gonna get a lot more sales through those emails that go out in the coming weeks months and years so you got to just start sending the emails how to manage an email campaign with an inexpensive product email your list every day it’s pretty easy just keep emailing you’re gonna notice a pattern here and that’s why I wanted to answer a lot of these in rapid-fire because the same answer applies it’s do the work which is kind of my motto for life at this point I feel how to write catchy emails that aren’t insulting to your audience’s intelligence right become a great writer share helpful things don’t insult their intelligence like it’s really really simple that’s like saying how do you communicate with another human being in life without insulting them well you just don’t insult them like you just don’t say anything that could be communicated or you know received as insulting so realize they’re real people who have problems and challenges that they want to solve and help them solve them but really ultimately write more how do you structure a proper right hook email um follow my six steps right the six part I’d made a video on that I would use a great subject line that gets them to open I would get a hook that gets them interested I would write a story that makes them realize character in the story just got a result that I the reader want and then I would call them to action how best to grow your targeted list that depends on you right you need traffic to a landing page so you need to have at least DIY sales final video built and then you need traffic so grow an audience do you want to do YouTube videos great you want to write blog post it’s great you want to do Facebook pay-per-click advertisements great do you have a budget do you not have a budget do you have a lot of time do you like to write you like to do videos there’s no one right answer you will need to find what’s best for you next question how to continuously come up with new material to write about pee be observant in your world read I read a lot write read a lot stay on the leading edge of your industry become a thought leader you just need to write a lot and that ultimately is the trick when I’m out in my daily life I’m always looking around for marketing examples from physical businesses and things and stories that I can share with you that are gonna offer some sort of relevance to you I’m also sharing what I’m doing in the work itself right when I’m working on a new project and I’m increasing my email and I’m really going triple down or double down on my email marketing that’s what I talk about with you because that’s where I’m at that’s where my brains at that’s where my headspace is at so that’s what I share so again it’s the work right when you commit to emailing every day you’re gonna have a period in your day where you’re like ah man I got an email today what am I gonna mail and then you figure it out and then you send an email can I outline a two to three month email marketing strategy for a service-based business yeah step one get them on your list step 2 email them every single day something helpful and valuable every single day if you’re scared to email every day email them every other day something very helpful and useful every other day for two to three months you’ll be amazed at what happens what is the best way to structure an email campaign series example setting up five good email welcomes to get them engaged and after the Welcome series what’s next how do you figure out what emails to write in what order so the best way to answer that is to just like I said have one email that delivers the thing that they opt-in for and then put them on a daily list from there and start emailing them every day when you notice that you have some emails they get really big open rates really big click-through rates and a lot of people reply them they’re like wow this was a great email thanks I really needed to hear that go add that to your follow up sequence and then it will become one that everyone who opts in sees but don’t wait there’s no magic recipe there’s one way to do it right there’s no I I have friends so I have one homegirl in New Zealand she has about a hundred emails that goes out over the course of two years she automatically sets up queues this all up in automation for one email a week every week for two years and that’s her email marketing campaign I run people through to emails before I start to ultimately move them to my daily email series so there’s a wide variety of what you can do you need to figure out what works best for you I feel like the handwritten in the moment emails that I create for you the day of that I send for you I really feel like those have the most impact because I can talk about what’s going on in my life I can talk about current events what’s what you’re experiencing what I’m experiencing I can adapt it more readily to make sure it’s more useful whereas if I just tried to go program like 52 weeks worth of emails to be helpful they’re just not gonna be relevant I don’t think how can I come up with good enough good content you’re struggling to consistently send emails um you just got to write more you just like becoming a writer is tough like how does an author come up with their next book idea they think about it they write about it and they just do the work it is challenging work but that is the game of email marketing every email marketer has that time during their day when they’re sitting at their computer like okay I need to email what am I gonna talk about talk about stories share stories from your real life show like realize that that you don’t have to do one thing over and over your emails can be very multi-dimensional you can talk about a lot of different things and give yourself some creativity to start and just just go and see what comes out and know that you will get better at it over time it is a challenging process like it really is just it’s not easy it’s just like doing the YouTube videos right how do I come up with a video every day still after two years or right about two years putting out videos all time like I don’t know I just think about it and I just come up with something and I’m like okay I’ll do this some videos rocket some videos explode thousands of views within the first day other videos don’t and they get you know dozens of views in the first couple hours and I’m like huh okay that one hit that one didn’t I don’t really care I don’t judge it I just keep moving forward so do I recommend using chat BOTS no like if the question goes on beyond that I don’t recommend using chat bots automation ai none of that that’s actually building your brand in a way that’s positive remember those are humans on the other end right no one likes when they call in somewhere on their cell phone and they get that automated like if you want to talk to this department press 2 if you like everyone who gets those automated messages is like oh this is the worst I hate this company now so you don’t want to ever put your people in that position to have that feeling what are the best ways to write subject lines for click-throughs are they similar to writing headlines exactly yeah become a good headline writer become a good copywriter of headlines and study victor Schwab’s how to write a good advertisement if you want help next question if you’re doing a 90 day challenge to post a video on youtube and you don’t have a product to sell what would you talk about in those emails more helpful information you just talk about more helpful information you give more insights the same stuff that you talk about in your videos you can share your videos obviously you can transcribe your videos to blog posts you can share your blog posts you can share articles you found that you found interesting other videos that aren’t yours that you found interesting you just come up with stuff to talk about it’s just how it works how many emails should you have in advance in order to have some kind of buffer I have 0 when I wrote my email today I had zero emails in my queue when I decided to start emailing every single day I had zero emails myq so you don’t need any emails in a buffer by any means you just need to start writing emails um how do you choose a niche and generate continuous engaging content for your audience and how do you handle the technical aspects about the most complex potential question possible so the technical aspects you just learn right you just realize that you have to learn how do you choose a niche look inside of your heart look at what you love to do look at what you’re excited to talk about for the next three years because you’re gonna need to create content and emails and be of service to an audience for years on end so make it something that you’re interested in next question when you pitch someone through email like an affiliate product is it always just one or two emails you’re trying to learn the structure for writing copy product launch campaigns you know for me I just write emails right I just write a daily email what do I want to share today sometimes I have for site like right now I’m building a like a kind of an inner circle group coaching program that’s gonna be launched relatively soon so I’m starting to tease it a little bit and add pieces and talk about it a little bit here and there to circa plant that seed of thought and and to start to plant that seed but ultimately there’s no like there’s no formulaic answer to any emails like they need to be like you’re writing an email to a friend and if you have something to launch maybe tell a story that builds up to that launch follow up with a couple of emails make sure there’s some sort of last chance for a special price or some some reason to actually have some scarcity of having a last chance send your last chance email maybe two in the last day and go back to storytelling and being helpful and really there’s there’s just there’s no formula for it unfortunately and that’s that’s what I wanted to show through this is everyone’s looking for a formula the right way and there is no formula and the only right way is just to start and it’s a skill you have to build right it’s like what’s the best way to pitch a baseball or what’s the best way to kick a football or a soccer ball right what’s the best way to do anything there is no best way there’s professionals in every level of sports who do things way outside of the norm Tim Lincecum was a pitcher for the Giants who had a very awkward and old-school pitching style and it worked gangbusters it was very different than what most people did right like you will find examples in everywhere of people who just come up with their own way of doing things those are the people who have the greatest success so you gotta kind of learn how to find what your but your personal skill set is and leverage that you know what’s your unique advantage in this world and go forth and leverage that how long should should your emails be is it better to stick with a short format or a long one it’s better to not try to force yourself in any one format allow your emails to be as long as they need to be generally I’m sending two to three hundred word emails a lot of them get up to 500 words so moving get up to thousand words I believe one of them was 1700 words or so so there is just you know just right when you’re done telling your story when it’s complete and you’ve made your point and you’ve given them the helpful piece of information then you’re done if that’s 300 words cool if that’s 900 words cool like just do what you need to do spend time to edit out the parts that are repetitive that don’t need to be there for sure right like it is a piece of coffee that you’re ultimately publishing directly to their inbox but really like just let be as long as it needs to be that’s a duplicate how do I make people who opt-in open the first email and download their free gift I’m not getting anyone opening my gifts after they opt-in from Facebook ads you need to write really compelling subject lines and you need to write really compelling copy and you need to make sure that thing you’re giving away is something they’re interested in right so your advertisement on Facebook needs to talk about the thing the solution write the item they’re opting in for and then your follow-up sequence needs to talk about that same thing generally when people aren’t getting good open rates they’re seeing they’re they’re making a big turn so they talked about a problem or solution a or B and then all of a sudden they’re now talking about something totally different in the email and the subscribers who opted in for this don’t want this right so you got to just make sure there’s continuity in the ideas where do I get my leads from the email list do I have a special Facebook ad I don’t run any Facebook Ads for my brand at all its YouTube traffic and ultimately it’s like YouTube and Google traffic is where it goes do I think email marketing will still be relevant in five years I love these kinds of questions of course it will I love reframing these questions of do you think you’re gonna be using email in five years every human being will still be using email in five years therefore email marketing will always be relevant in five years people have been saying email marketing dying or email marketing is dead for for dozens of years and it’s still the engine that runs every digital business I know of and even if you’re doing something like like real estate right it’s all about your network right you can look at your email list as a form of a virtual network that you’re growing and you’re growing a relationship with that network through being helpful with those people but yeah like I mean do I think there’s ever gonna be a time when people are not using email right like like Gmail just disappears because nobody uses Gmail anymore like of course not so as long as human beings use email there’s always going to be email marketing opportunity for us marketers the last one on this list I’m gonna go into the comments here soon I see the chat I’ve got it loaded up here I just see it like going to town I’m gonna get there I had these first ones to get through many gurus talk about segmentation labeling and automation with email marketing but when I started to do this I was sending an email a day I started segmenting and now in my list I feel that I’m arriving at fewer and fewer people and I’m excluding my content to only a small group of people so you’re wondering should you be doing all of this segmenting stuff or should you just send one email so do you send lots of little emails to little sub segments or one email to all your list and this is a great question because so many fake gurus out there are gonna convince you that you need all this dynamic behavioral response marketing and you need a segment and you need automations and for eight years plus we ran and grew and built our business and generated over a million dollars online with zero automation none absolutely none I’m still very hesitant to add on automation to our business right now I’m adding up I’m adding in small things like cart abandonment sequences things that I know are really gonna reintroduce people who have seen my sales messages that didn’t buy back to those sales messages but ultimately my wife and I have built aren’t both all three of our brands four is in the works right now through one email to everyone who’s ready to receive an email so people are either in a follow up sequence or they’re on our broadcast list and I only broadcast my emails every day to my broadcast list if someone’s on a follow up sequence I don’t want them to get two emails but every single person whether you entered my list through my free abundance meditation through my Facebook Ads kind of case study or through my seven-figure business course right my free course that I offer it doesn’t matter which entrance point you came in from you’re getting the exact same email as everyone else and the reason is because I have a very limited amount the amount of bandwidth right I only have a very limited amount of time I can I don’t say I can barely come up I can come up effectively with one email per day but trying to force yourself to come up with an email for segment a and it’s different email for segment B and a different email for segment C every single day is gonna drive you insane it’s gonna waste a lot of time and it’s it’s just energy you don’t need to be putting out and that’s why I really really wanted to recommend and kind of build this whole idea in this video around do the work email every day get people on to a broadcast list and go be helpful to them pay attention to what gets open pay attention to what gets clicked pay attention to emails you get lots and lots of replies to that means you did a good job go analyze why send another email tomorrow do that long enough and you will absolutely catch a groove you will absolutely realize that you’re building strong relationships with people it’s pretty amazing what can happen I’ve created some really really cool and interesting relationships through email just through the act of doing the work and sending the emails most people are bored they want to live vicariously through you they want to solve their problems their inboxes are full of rubbish and you can stand out when you send great helpful valuable content that that uplifts them that gives them a positive kind of experience it gives them an ha moment you really can be somebody they look forward to right it’s almost like your emails are a talk radio show and people tune into the same talk radio every morning every evening the drive time hours they listen to the same person and they want that talk radio person every day they want to hear their Howard Stern or whoever it might be the Tom like is’s or like there’s there’s a bunch of michaelsavage and and right there’s some very intense people who have some very intense points of view and they have very loyal subscriber bases and I think your email marketing is most similar to that kind of a radio talk-show approach to where you’re putting out your broadcast every single day just like a radio talk show host does and people can go tune in and listen and not every radio broadcaster is for every listener and viewer that’s great you’ll have people who turn the station and they they unsubscribe and that’s great because what you’re doing ultimately is building your core group your core audience of people who love your content and that’s who you speak to and that’s it and if that’s 350 people and you really speak to them and that is enough to build a business if it’s 2000 people great ten thousand hundred thousand doesn’t matter how many people manners matters that they really want to solve a problem you can help them solve they want to achieve something that you’ve already achieved and you can help them achieve that just like what’s going on here in this channel I’ve created a million dollar plus business online now I’m trying to help others while I still continue to grow my business so I get to talk about what can help you get going I get to talk about what I’m currently doing to take my business to the next levels and it’s a lot of fun for me to kind of circle back and now help other we’ll scale this mountain of success and it’s a good new challenge it helps me understand what I’m doing differently so that’s why it works for me and you need to find that for you it could be remote-control cars it could be gliders or drones or it could be diet and working out and working out at home it could be home yoga it could but there’s so many things it could be in this world from hobbies to to Fitness to success and and skill building and coding and all kinds of things so where is that overlap and then just go share like they’ll be helpful to people it’s pretty cool when we we get to help people and then also earn income from helping people it’s pretty pretty magical so um cool that was the little list I had and now at this point I’m moving the YouTube chat over now remember when I scroll around on this YouTube chat it kind of messes with me a little bit so if I jump around or if it takes me a bit of time to to get this kind of working right I do apologize for that but let me get up here to the top real quick and change it my mouse up so somebody sent me a question on Instagram I’m blown up in social media I just I can’t I don’t even look at my direct messages how to price marketing services for restaurants just start testing prices man you’ll you’ll eventually figure it out you know make sure it’s enough for you to get yours and realize that you’ll you’ll probably make a mistake or two on bidding jobs and you’ll probably end up learning how to fix those mistakes over time and ultimately you just need to start bidding jobs and see if you got it right Tony Swedberg has 3,000 subscribers and made nine hundred dollars this month that is absolutely amazing Tony if you’re still on I would love to hear are you just giving value to your audience like is that is that are you playing the game of like oh people want to a result that I’ve created I’m gonna go talk about how to create that result and share the things they want and surprise it works um it’s amazing what works when you kind of dial this business in properly so cool all kinds of people want dawn on what’s going on Mauricio Deana chels media what’s up clarity on the stream is very clear awesome good how do you craft proper right hook I answered that one so Donna Harris don’t people get tired getting emails every day um some do I’ve gotten that feedback from a few but a lot of people like them every day as well because ultimately I’m connecting with people who are trying to hustle up a side business they know they got to put in the work they they want those friendly reminders they want to see somebody else doing the work they want the leader to follow who’s taking the actions and then they want the how-to information and I’m able to facilitate that so Donna I know that you work in a world where you’re helping caretakers of their elderly family and you and I both know my grandmother passed away about a year ago and my parents were a caretaker for her in those last years and it got really really really taxing on my family and you know that firsthand right like the caregiver takes on so much they don’t have the respite they don’t really have a break they’re watching someone who they’ve loved all their lives go through some of these changes sometimes like dementia and and just the physical kind of atrophy and it’s I mean you want to talk about emotionally draining right like don’t you think that person needs positive helpful reinforcement everyday like like do you think you should go a week without sending them like encouragement and you’ve got this and sharing stories that make them feel like they’re not alone because these people feel alone they feel emotionally drained and if you’re that thing and their email that could like uplift them make them feel like what they’re going through is normal give them a tip to being better teach them how to meditate to regain their and whatever those little things are like I I feel like you have a duty to those people to send them an email every day because they’re struggling like let’s be real right that kind of caretaking of elderly parents and stuff that’s hard right and like are you gonna let someone who’s over there struggling just struggle by themselves because your ego tells you that you shouldn’t be emailing every day so that’s that’s my approach and when I look at it that lens it’s like well of course I got an email every day like these people are going through some straight I gotta help them right I have the ability the tools the knowledge to help them improve their situation like it would be rude for me not to share that just like me creating this success I’ve created online right I’ve built a lifestyle an income level that’s astounding for me to be like no no no I’m only gonna help people who send me two thousand dollars like ass will move that would be right but instead I’m deciding to give as much of myself as I can that heartbeat every day of do the work you’ve got this do the work you’ve got this air every single day I get to inspire those people who are like is this real is this actually gonna work no one’s gonna actually help me except people who I have to pay for and they just want to get money for me and I can be that that different voice I can be someone in this industry who stands strong with integrity in an industry that lacks integrity so to me like I don’t have a choice right I have to do this for my industry for my followers for everyone who wants to try to grow this and doesn’t have you know thousands and thousands of dollars to go waste on fake gurus so so it’s about reframing the question I think is the the biggest way best time to email I don’t know you got to test it it’s different for everyone so so halia Handelsman you’re having a monthly summit what’s the best way to get it out there it’s for small business owners advertising on LinkedIn is probably where I would try to meet small business owners Spencer has a webinar that’s converting well awesome you built a small email list from your niche your traffic from GUI to Facebook what should your promotion emails to this new list look like helpful content remove the word promotion how can I send helpful content to them every once in a while promote something but you need to learn how to send helpful useful stories and content that’s gonna help your audience achieve their goals because everyone who signed up for your webinar desires a result in their life they want to solve a problem in their life go help them if they don’t by still help them keep helping help them with a little bits and pieces right I’m not saying give them the whole light kit and kaboodle like help them with little pieces but but just go be helpful it’s pretty amazing professor Heather and Austin what’s up you’re excited you cut live I’m happy to hear you’re learning a lot here so dray the man what’s the best way to separate your customers your customer based on product service and interests into mailing lists tailored specifically to the products and services you offer so they can receive things not relative see like Dre like literally you lost me and I get this stuff like I can’t I can’t do that to be honest um so what Dre is asking is like if I sell like a B and C and I got people who are interested in each of those and how do i segment things in a way that I could talk to this group without talking to that group and I can offer this thing to these people without talking to these people and I just get confused I totally get lost you can use tagging and automations like like the that technical how-to is out there I’m not smart enough to figure it out that’s why I dumped everyone goes on one list all my customers are on the same list as my subscribers right so whether you opt in or you opted in and bought I’ve tagged you if you bought something so I could go email customers but I never do because I’m just so busy emailing everyone and that for me is the only way that this business model kind of works and that’s really because I need to minimize the number of different ways my brain thinks I get so distracted I’ve got so much going on I’ve got so many people who want and need something from me and I’m trying to build more helpful tools to help you guys get to the next level that like I need to be able to get in do one thing get out and on to the next and that’s how I built my entire email list and that’s why I don’t do that kind of fancy segmentation the technical how-to is tagging and automations but like I literally hire a guy to do that for me because I just mess everything up when I try it and I think that’s why ultimately I really think that’s why ultimately I’ve been able to create the success I’ve created is because I’ve simplified everything down to the absolute like bare minimum simplification so yeah I think my wife in her business she got we got like a hundred and one hundred seven thousand active subscribers we got like 250 thousand actual subscribers but about a hundred thousand people are really active on that list meaning they’ve kind of opened and clicked within the last couple of weeks or 30 days so out of that hundred thousand people like not everybody is interested in everything right we got people who are very interested out this and about that and over the course of a month we’ll talk about each one of those topics enough different times and people just don’t even open the emails they’re not interested in I see maybe one in four one and three one and four people actually open my emails and ultimately like that’s just kind of one of those things they’ll skip the ones that aren’t they’re not interested in they’ll open the ones they are interested in and voila that’s kind of how the game works how do you split test in Aweber I don’t know I would reach I would actually reach out to them and I would ask their support Aweber now has support out 24 hours a day seven days a week I guarantee they have a video for it if they don’t have a video their support will actually create a video for you they did that with me recently when I asked a question they were like oh we don’t video on that but let me show you how to do that and the the dude and support actually cut the video for me right then and there so reach out to their support there’s a little help link up top that you just click on Diana what’s up Dennis what’s going on Danielle how long do you test before you know something works and you commit to it so how long do you test it varies you need like the best statistical significance is like a thousand conversions I like to see two weeks of data because then you have two Saturdays in two Sundays and two Mondays so if if you’re running your test over like a holiday weekend or I had this one test running during the election cycle and here in the US this last election cycle was an emotional roller coaster for people a lot of confusion and doubt and fear and worry and and and just just a total emotional roller coaster so like that Thursday I think it was that was like Election Day like if that was my only Thursday in my data set and I had like Wednesday Thursday Friday and I was looking at data from that the numbers are gonna be all out of whack because everyone in the United States was just like what like either excited or scared like whatever like whatever side of it they were on everyone was just like what like focused on the news not focus on my marketing messaging so I like two-week run time and I like to see a thousand conversions you can get really good data at like 500 conversions you can get good enough data and you can get good data in one week’s time but again it’s it’s all we find our own comfort zone Christina I’m glad you needed to hear this today I think that in in real estate specifically the email list like you know our networks are now virtual our networks live and thrive through our phones so social to email I think using for you I think using email if you do capture email addresses be sure you’re connecting getting people to connect with you on the social media as well so they can kind of just get closer into your inner circle because the more they learn about you and feel like you’re a friend that’s that’s who people like to buy houses from is people who are friends and it’s you know seven-year Plus cycle so just being around Adrienne do I have a five to seven day email follow-up for prospects I don’t I have two number one is here’s the thing you asked for number two is did you get it if they already opened it I skip the did you get it and then there is the big lie of internet marketing and it’s my one follow up email that’s just trying to frame the fake guru world versus what I do right I’m trying to kind of like show that there’s a difference in what I do like there’s there’s their way of doing it which is the fake guru way they’re trying to get money they’re like pickpockets and then there’s there’s my way which is giving value which is what I’m trying to do so I try to position the content that’s gonna follow and that’s it so I got like two emails three if they didn’t open their free thing and that’s it so Jim millions this is the question right here Jim Williams Wallace what is the most important to do every day write email your subscribers creating a YouTube video write a blog yeah all three of them to be honest my man like it’s all three of them so I think I would look at the write a blog or do a YouTube video which one of those is more in your DNA which is gonna be easier for you for me 100% video I had to do a video today I had to do it emails like man what am I going to do I had somebody in the house give me a bid on like kind of helping us update our kitchen so I’m a little out of my groove it’s later than I like to be doing my video and for me the thought of like I’m just gonna go live not that’ll be my video and I’ll email about my live that’s that’s my one thing what does that easy thing I can get in and out and do and make sure it gets done for me it’s a video for some people it’s writing it’s just like boom just go bang out a wordpress post and you know make it happen so know yourself I would say an email every day and a piece of content every day could be a podcast it could be a YouTube video it could be a blog now if you do more than one great that’s just good that’s just gonna accelerate you down the board towards your goals ultimately but you just got to it’s a lot right it is it’s a lot of work and that’s what we need to do do I recommend any books make it oh actually let me go mat G are still using Sam Clark yes and I am using thrive card as well I’m I’m on way too many different systems Sam Carr is what I use on my one-off products and thrive card is what I use for a membership program they run on different domains I had to have separate shopping carts I just wanted to test both I love Sam Clark to be honest with you the split testing of funnels the one-click upsell split testing the split testing of the checkout pages I’ve actually hired a guy who’s helping me he’s a guy used to do work with he’s a conversion rate optimization guy he runs paid ads and he’s helping me come do conversion rate optimization on all those little hinges and Sam Clark by far has more of those little tweakable hinges than anywhere else so that’s why I like that but thrive cart is just simple it works it’s in it’s out Miguel do I recommend any books on getting better at writing and storytelling for sure so I think turning pro by Steven Pressfield is a really good kind of mindset shift in the writing world then there’s the course with Michael Haig it’s at miles Becker com4 is our story it’s the storytelling framework anything you get your hands on from Joseph Campbell but other than that like I’ve never really studied how to write I just started writing I just start writing more and more and more and at this point I feel like my writing is pretty good I’m having a lot of fun with it at this point and it’s just through doing it just flexing the muscle right like like you do you need a book to learn how to do like push-ups and curls and benchpress like maybe but ultimately if you want to like get like chiseled you just got to go do the curls the bench presses and the push ups type thing so you’ll eventually learn good form through doing like could you find somebody who can give you a quick guide to get you maybe a little faster start possibly I don’t know if that was the best analogy but that’s what came to me so Christina do I think adding a video to emails is more powerful than just using the written word you know I have friends who do this actually and when in your situation with big deal things right so like a house is a big deal that’s a big emotional deal I think seeing your face hearing your voice getting a little personalized video from you is potentially what will you stand out above your competition for me in the internet marketing world where my list is grown I’m at like 60 150 subscribers and I’m not like I’m not trying to I don’t have a big ticket anything coming out so there’s there’s really not that much need for me to have that super height touch I’m trying to create all of my content in a broadcast way that feels medium to high touch so in some circumstances I think it makes really good sense I would I would monitor it like what’s the open rights of them versus the other ones do you get click-through rates do people call you and they’re like wow that video you sent that’s what put me over the top you hear that once on one deal and done like that that is now in my workflow it’s got to get to their inbox and make sure it’s not kicking you over the promotions tab and I think Dave one of my friends who he does like high-end Infusionsoft integrations and he works with some some pretty big gurus in the world some of the real real gurus who not many people know about he does those kinds of videos because it is so high touch he likes to stand out above people in that way um how long is the ideal email it just depends man 300 500 words thousand words it varies if you want if you’re getting my emails go back through my last emails copy them pop them into a word counter online and see how many words each one is like I just I just write till it’s done Dennis what’s up glad you’re here oh nice lucario either play piano by my ear in Spanish is here good to see you what software am i using currently to record my videos where do you start with and did I evolve to others so I haven’t really evolved so this is just running on Google Hangouts on YouTube live I use something called screencast-o-matic it’s a Myles deklerk home for size screencast that’s how I record my screen and my face and I can move I could blow things out I could add stuff over it I might do as minimal of that post-production as possible and it’s the same thing I’m using I used to use the webcam that was like built into my laptop I got this one this is a I won’t shove my face in it to get all like what’s that it’s a logitech something 900 or something like that and that’s the only update and I got the the sure mic back up videos that show you all the stuff on this let’s see here models what do you do when your niche is overcrowded like the Facebook ad space you come up with a unique mechanism that makes you that changes the game on everybody so you’re not in a crowded space anymore so I think it’s really like first of all I just don’t think that’s the situation I don’t think that’s a reality I think you’re just you’re realizing it’s challenging and there’s a lot of people in the game which is just normal there’s no niche where it’s like huh I found something that there’s a blue ocean here like now that just don’t thank how it works you will just find a unique angle a unique take on something that people are already doing um I got a really good friend he’s a case study in my new sales letter I’m writing right now for this inner circle thing and he’s just he’s grown like an $8,000 month membership since April so in April he came out to one of my events we worked together on a few things in four months he’s now got $8,000 a month recurring income through this membership in a very very very busy like crowded space right he just he just kind of figured out a way to add up tweak that nobody else is doing that people were looking for people are responding well to boom he popped so it’s he just and it took him years right he’s been doing the work for several years he’s been trying to figure out how to angle this and and take what he knows from doing the work to teach others how to do the work and how to get that aligned in a way that really clicks and he finally found it and and so like I just think it’s he added a unique mechanism everybody’s talking about this and there’s so much competition about this and he’s like well this with that and like now it’s kind of its new thing so another real like a real cuz I’m like I’m not gonna share what he’s doing cuz I got I got so many people on YouTube watching my videos coffee and what I’m talking about is ridiculous y’all so be careful what you say in some situations also on creating a private member’s area so I can keep a little closer tabs and if I see anybody swiping and deploying my stuff I’m just gonna boot them but anyways another example is back in the day right the evolution of diet products right the weight loss space is so busy it’s so crowded but then eventually something like a mented a fat loss pill and they have the idea one day of like a pill that does the work for you and like before that day no one had ever talked about a fat loss pill before ever like it wasn’t even a thing everybody’s talking about this diet and that diet in this diet and not dying Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig and right like the Atkins diet like they were all p-ting in the diet space right so that was that was where it was and that’s what you’re saying you’re you’re here and like everybody’s here and it’s so competitive I can’t stand now and then somebody was like well how about a diet pill a pill with this herb and that herb and the seed of the goji berry and blah blah blah and the pill will burn the fat like no longer do you need a diet to get the fat off you can now take a pill but then what happens everybody’s like oh man we all gotta make fat pills so now everybody got a fat pill and then what comes out shakes oh now there’s a billion companies and there’s the Beachbody that mice Alice and the you know that we’re canif eyes and now it’s shakes right the pill oh that’s that that’s a fake right but the shake that’s the new real thing right and that’s how the game evolves um those ideas what I just ran you through the unique mechanism idea that’s straight out of Victor Schwab’s no excuse me Eugene Schwartz’s breakthrough advertising that’s about a $300 book on Amazon you can only find the used ones on Amazon for about 250 $300 usually it’s really worth it unfortunately it’s one of those books that like it is worth more than any $297 ninja marketing course out there that book really is is the heavy hitter and that that’s what he talks about a lot in that so that that’s kind of what I got there Donna can they be short emails every day absolutely they can be short ones long ones don’t try to figure out what you’re gonna do every day for the rest of your career today right like just writing email tomorrow if it’s short great fine cool then go on do other things go create your helpful content be helpful then write another one the next day if it’s short okay that’s fine right like but like at some point like are you giving the value you can are you pouring your heart out there but but one of these days you’re gonna tell a story about something happening to you and your mom and then the story just goes and goes and then you send it you’re like wow I feel like I really just laid my heart out on my sleeve there and you’re gonna get flooded with replies oh my gosh I need you here this you just saved my dad you wouldn’t even imagine what I’m going through and doesn’t and you’ll just realize that those stories just made you real it made you kind of like they’re right there with you and like boom that that’s when things click um don’t force those right they’ll they will appear if you write an email every day for 30 days you have short ones you have long ones you have stories you won’t have stories you’ll pitch products you won’t pitch products you you you’ll yeah like it’s just it’s all over the place then you just observe what goes on and I think I’m gonna take a note let me grab my pen sorry I’m gonna I’m gonna try to figure out how to help everyone create like categories of emails too right I’m gonna come up with some sort of an exercise for that so I’m writing a note here cuz generally like if we if I can help you guys come up with a few categories to where you’re like okay I’ll do an email like from category if you have six categories and everyday you know every week you won’t put out like an email from each of those categories that would that would probably help help you guys kind of break it down so for me write some examples of how this works for me is like mindset stuff is a big part of being an internet marketer traffic is one of my categories conversions is where my categories email marketing is where my categories WordPress is where my categories split-testing is one of my categories which is like conversion rate optimization so right there there’s like six categories right so I could I can kind of bounce around and write emails about all those little different things and that that’s one way of thinking about it or what are the different categories of topics you can talk about so I’ll work to get an email done and I think that what just happened is an example of why I like doing these live videos is like I’m listening right now I’m trying to figure out like like I’m telling I’m putting all the information on how to be successful online online a lot of people aren’t there yet why what’s that missing thing and I can’t think of it on my own so I need these interaction moments with you guys so thank you very much for being here with me and going through this like it’s yeah I’m trying to be helpful put out great content for my channel and help you guys and kind of you know build my brand in that sense but ultimately I’m like what’s my next video gonna be about because I’m thinking about what’s my next video be about and I guaranteed tomorrow’s email we’ll talk about something that happened on this live broadcast probably linked back to the live broadcast but I’ll probably talk about one of the things that came up over and over on this yeah so Donna thanks for your kind words hey Suze don’t I get a lot of unsubscribes you email daily no I don’t I don’t people love my stuff it’s crazy Melanie neither like you get more unsubscribes if you don’t email for two weeks and then you email then you don’t email for two weeks and then you email you’ll get more son subscribes per email than if you email every day I guarantee it now if you haven’t been emailing every day and you start you’re probably gonna see a bump in unsubscribes in the beginning so you can always send out an email like look I am committed to helping you solve your problems I’m gonna start sending more emails if you don’t want to get these emails there’s gonna be an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every one of those emails and you got an unsubscribe link right here click it and you’ll be out and and we can part as friends but I’m committed to helping you take it to the next level and if you want those helpful emails I’m gonna start sending them out tomorrow peace you know like super simple kind of give them the heads up it’s coming and then just start but you’ll find people look forward to my emails people will hit me up if I have an email like it’s happened a couple times I get to like five or six in the evening like I’ve gotten emails from people like are you gonna email today like or is it coming like literally people want my emails they look forward to it everything in our mind says it’s not a good idea to email up your day but like the reality of the situation the revenue numbers the engagement numbers like everything seems to go up from it so it’s crazy it’s really interesting often sure you start emailing your list every day try to start there see what comes of it it tells which service to use if you’re on a low budget Aweber like my of all my recurring expenses my email list management is the most expensive thing 19 bucks a month you get first month free if you go to miles better calm for a Weber you can’t skimp on it there are no free ones that’ll work you have to inbox you when you’re paying them you’re paying them to manage the relationship with the Yahoo comms with the Gmail coms with the hot mails with all of those right with the outlooks so that’s ultimately what you’re paying for is for them to monitor the usage across their network so your emails get delivered and Aweber has the best white label white listing relationships in the industry and that’s it so the universal marketing master is content content content that’s it general idea length to 300 words 500 words seven hundreds davon self-made Scott so most sales come from emailing your list yep like promoting products from Clickbank yep other programs so Devon like last week my wife was like I don’t know I’m gonna email and she has a group of members like a Facebook group and one of her members was asking about about asking about a topic right she was like well it does anybody know anything about this it was a thread in in the group and my wife we’ve got a relationship with an affiliate product in Clickbank and my wife was like oh have you seen this free thing and it’s a it’s a free offer on the front end from Clickbank and then they upsell some things the back end so my wife gave her access to that in the group was like yo check this out the lady replied it was like this was really cool thank you and then like three or four other people were like send me the link my wife kind of put the link it publicly like seven or eight or nine members went through it and they all had really really positive responses so my wife was like okay I’ve mailed this in a long time let me just go mail that to my list um so she wouldn’t grabbed it sending email to her list and one email it generated four thousand dollars the first day twelve hundred dollars the second day like eight hundred and it’s still so like the the curve it’s just like the day the email went out we made like four grand and then it drops off and it’s like the long tail right on so that that’s me drawing a graph of a long tail and now we’re down to like 250 200 a and it’s been almost a week I think that one email brought in 6 grand seven grand something like that so I mentioned this to share like this this is where our revenue comes from so that my wife will come up with a new product when we we do products throughout the year and she’ll send an email like hey I got this product it’s fifty percent if you buy between now and Friday right and then like we’ll see a bunch of sales happen right away on the first email and then the sales will drop down and that last chance email will see a bunch of a bunch of sales again on that last chance email I would say 80 to 90% plus of our actual revenue in our business of that million dollars I made on lines probably two million now at this point like I would say somewhere around eighty percent was literally directly from an email like it directly came in an email I might be a little off on that because of our OTO sales but our OTO sales aren’t that much right an OT o sale is after they click on an ad and they opt-in to my list um but just if you looked at our if I was able to overlay a graph of our email frequency right the days we email and then our income like not every email has a link so it wouldn’t be exact but the highest spikes throughout the last five years of our business would all be correlated with one to three different emails in time for sure we did I think our biggest launch at this point was like sixty or seventy thousand dollars in a couple of days and that was there were three emails that went out and boom boom boom it opened I did one as an affiliate through the models back the brand that did like twenty six thousand dollars in two or three days email email email I had the video up I have all the stats like the video brought in like sales in the email brought in length that much of the sale oh that was off the charts wasn’t it like most sales so yeah like that really is it so what is broadcasting an email marketing when you send one message that goes out to all of your subscribers you like that those like fancy was like fireworks his Costello Costello there are people that saying you should be making $1 per subscriber per month is that your experience no and that that is an old number comes from Terry Dean every niche is different we 60 70 cents per on average but what about the month when you scrub your list and you go eliminate everybody who has an opening email for 90 days and all of a sudden you take thirty thousand subscribers off your list and you’re in your your income doesn’t change like you don’t lose income because those people weren’t weren’t opening so no it’s it’s maybe a metric to shoot for but but I don’t I don’t trust that number in any way shape or for how do you properly set up a follow-up sequence to sell something after they’ve opted in so I’m always trying to give value and I just promote things so go look I have a email automation video on my channel I show you exactly how to set that up how do you come up with Jab Jab email subjects especially if you don’t have a product yet you just what can you share with your people that’s helpful right like you as an affiliate marketer are committed to helping a group of people achieve a goal or solve a problem that’s it right that’s that’s your job so your job is do a research all the things they’ll need to know and all of the pitfalls and all of the tools and all of the different things they could buy and and you guide them to their goal from there they’re here they want to get here you go grab them by the hand here and you help them get to where they want to be that’s the game so what subject like I don’t know what do you need to talk about what what’s the niche what are the things are interested in what keyword for is they search what videos do they watch what do they care about what kind of current events are relevant to them right and you just start and you just try and you see what’s going on cool hey miles how do you move a client was purchased your product to another list you’re upselling without having them to subscribe again tags tags or sometimes you can use automations sometimes you just move them to a list there’s it depends on what you’re using but generally I would say if you’re on a weber which is what I recommend and show how to use I would say you would tag them as a customer and you would have a customer segment and a non customer segment and you would maybe want to email your non customer segment but ultimately like I said we leave all of our customers and prospects on the same list and sometimes our past customers who bought will get an email for something they already bought it’s pretty rare right like I would rather have that happen than not send out another offer about something too you know I miss people and we’ve had people who have bought something a second time know oh my gosh already bought this and it’s like cool we’ll refund that for you all right Cheers you know like it’s just there’s there’s nothing it’s not a big deal to just keep everybody grouped together and and I don’t know maybe I’m just willing to move forward a little sloppier than some but the thing is I’ve been making a lot of forward progress because I’m not stuck trying to tag and automate move and this and that when you get all these things moving and somebody goes from here to there to there to there and it just gets confusing and like like you just either the work doesn’t get done because the work is right and send helpful emails to people so crystal Davis if you’re new a weber if you’re making 30 grand a month and you’ve been in the game for 10 years and you have a hundred thousand subscribers I would say maybe consider active campaign but hire my friend Dave he’s 500 bucks a month to run it for you because active campaign is ridiculously challenging to figure out so Dre the man not Victor Schwab hero how to write a good advertisement that’d be good for subject lines but it’s Eugene Schwartz breakthrough advertising is the book I was talking about it’s really really good is it better to send entertainment emails or content emails both Andre Chaperone introduced the soap opera sequence yeah I don’t really do well with the soap opera sequins I can’t I just can’t think the way that guy’s brain thinks so that doesn’t work for me is and I don’t really I mean it’s a good product it’s all my recommend resources page because I did get a lot of value from it but I recommend his story product way more than I recommend that product you probably noticed because I think learning how to tell stories is better but do both right like like there’s it’s not a one-time event if you’re emailing every day that means between now and next year you’re gonna send 300 plus emails so like do both try everything any ideas for real estate where their need is incredibly time dependent I’m be helpful like just be helpful what questions do people have well who is your list is it a list of buyers is a list of sellers how far along are they what knowledge do they have what knowledge do they not have what do they need were there concerns what are their fears what are their doubts what are some success stories you could share with them what can you do to help them ease their fear and this time of interest rates going up and prices going down right there’s there’s a million things you can talk about in real estate andrew harm here is should you run facebook cost-per-click or CPM ads for helpful content to quickly build an audience to retarget with your opt-in offers you know I would just personally I would just go straight for the opt-in with a conversion based campaign but cost per click costs per thousand so you’re trying to link them to a blog post it sounds like so like cost per click will probably get you some clicks you can do an engagement you do CPM yeah like just test it like you just got tested and see what’s actually gonna work for you yep do the work that’s it yeah Michele so you would not put your story as a blog post and then email them about the blog post sometimes I do yeah would you rather write a long email sometimes I do and so the other side of that Michele sometimes I write this really long email and I’m like man I was so good like 700 words that’s going on my blog or I’ll publish it on medium or I’ll publish it in other places but yeah like so sometimes I do write it all in an email not send it so that was really hot and then I take it and I’ll go put it on my blog anything it’s the whole idea of getting all you can out everything that you’ve got bold boundless body you’re very welcome I’m happy to be here miles what do you think is better monthly payment or one-time payment I like making money every month like if I have an option of getting a customer to pay me every single month versus like once I’ll take the every month even yeah every time I love continuity income continuity income is lifestyle and come like like you wouldn’t maybe you would believe but to me like like money that shows up every month I do the work once I get paid like 28 times in a row over the course of two months of for two years and four months like yep I’m doing that and I’m building a membership program that’s gonna be a monthly payment rights gonna be a monthly recurring because that’s the only kind of income that excites me I have no desire to be like oh I had a million dollar launch bro like I don’t care like you know the taxes would be on that you know like then you got do it again you have to put so many structures in place one of Andre chaperones so under shepard was really big in the guru world one of his blog posts he put out actually reveals the secret behind the million dollar launches and he’s got kind of a friend in the world who did a million dollar launch dude made sixty grand dude made sixty thousand dollars from a million dollar launch and he’s going around bragging I had a million dollar launch bro and he made 60 grand to his pocket because JV partners 50 cent 50% goes away their launch managers cost the pay-per-click ads like all there’s so much that goes into launches I would much rather build a system of traffic generation my youtube channel of conversion to an inner circle my email list of building a relationship my daily emails and then ultimately of consistent continuity income which is my kind of inner circle product that I’ll be launching here soon to me that’s the best business in the world because with something like that then I’ll have a couple of deliverables every month I can have you know if I’m making let’s say I’m bringing in on average it’s gonna be like I don’t want to tell your price point I don’t I can’t give any of that away so I’ll say this I know for a fact that you need about twenty five hundred subscribe twenty five hundred members at thirty seven bucks a month I think it’s twenty three hundred and thirty three that’s a million dollars a year right and if you have that you’re never gonna lose more than like ten percent in a month so all you got to keep doing is selling about ten percent more a month so twenty two hundred fifty right if you got twenty five hundred subscribers and your churn rates really low you got a three century you leave you 3% of people per month in to make the same amount next month as you did this month like that’s that’s the game-changing versus boom I hit it big ok I go do that again like I want I want this kind of income in my life that just keeps going up and up and up kind of random tangent Michelle Eaton says she she agrees with the chatbots doesn’t even open her messages yet those chats are terrible I’m Carol what’s up I see Carol here hi Carol how are you I hope your servers doing well inside joke any tips for making email marketing more engaging for your subscribers tell stories do you use humor yep pictures sometimes memes I don’t but it means would definitely work the meme and the meme economy is strong so yeah like like depends on your list depends on your your personality your niche your approach right like it’s just be be you and if that’s you that’s authentically you yeah share memes tell stories about it relate it back to the ultimate thing that you’re telling share gifs or gifts or whatever you want call them like relate it back to the topic as long as everything comes back to that core idea of helping them go from here to here you any anything can get them there right like so Kyle sees does a great example he’s a comedian who does personal development seminars right so everybody wants personal development you got the Eckhart Tolle A’s you got Oprah you got Deepak you got like Tony Robbins well here’s a comedian who comes and he’s like I’m gonna help you get to that point you want to be which is you know self I don’t know what actually people in personal development want to be I’m totally one of them and I’m cured like enlightened or something right and he’s like I’m gonna use comedy to get you there and is like a 2-day stand-up comedy routine and it’s awesome ryan is just unique and it’s him and it works because it’s him it’s not like some dude who had this idea of I could do funny no he was actually a comedian he worked the circuit he spent decades like grinding it out in comedy clubs which is like the worst existence in the world to creating something really cool and unique and that’s kind of what I think you know take about it do what works for you and what’s authentically you Nora else wait what’s the best email grabbing tool know grabbing you build build a list right way with thrive Kyle see grades your loan officer doing email marketing awesome should you focus on talking about the home buying process in the email maybe moving to the emails about things in the area and other topics yeah totally how to vet your what do they think what are the other questions they have right like when do you lock how do you know when to lock what are interest rates going to do there’s there’s so many things that they could be interested in and you probably have like three to six month cycle so like every six months everyone who is on your list probably bought or they’re not gonna buy so you can almost loop those same ideas with here’s where interest rates are now here’s where they’re probably going here’s how to know what to do when you want to lock etc etc just go be helpful and figure out what that sales cycle is and you’ll end up repeating your emails Melanie has been able to go back because she’s been doing like the daily emails thing she doesn t make more she’s like four times a week on average I think but she’s been able to go back two or three years ago to our old emails and she’s like ooh this one got a really good open rate pull that out literally go send the exact emails she sent a year or two ago no complaints nobody knows everybody’s happy lots of opens it performed again right like it literally did the same job it did that time again you got to spread it out long enough so if you have that 1% segment that opened both they don’t remember that they opened it because everybody’s bombarded right like I got 17,000 plus emails sitting in my inbox like that I mean it opened like 43,000 emails that I’ve opened this I don’t know I don’t know what’s going on in there so that’s how most people are cool this is definitely gonna be recording for sure cool question about the Facebook conversion event location you’ve Add to Cart doesn’t matter if you have this or view content no I would I would set it as ad cart if it is Add to Cart I would follow because I do think that you do Facebook’s trying to understand what you’re doing so they they’re trying to visualize your funnel for you and with you like that you Facebook as an ad mechanism does want to help you get more of your desired goals so giving them enough data to help them do that better is intelligent I believe cool yeah happy to answer questions um what I think about mail relay I’ve never heard of it and I would ignore it and unsubscribe to their emails immediately Alex what’s up you just subscribe cool grant you like content question about branding have I built a brand around my name for sure I have like when you think miles Beckler what do you think I don’t know that’s up to you what the brand means is up to you but I’m doing my best to try to point in the right direction what if I want to promote different products in different niches I just promoted them right like if I’m helpful I’m never going to jump out of those Lane too far like if I become a professional race car driver am I gonna start like documenting the process of me driving race car like of course that would fit into the brand probably not gonna start promoting tires to you guys right um that said I would be willing to sponsor my videos if America stars out no kidding but like you know that’s why I did a personal brand so it would give me the ability to adapt but like I’m not gonna start promoting like random stuff that you know I’m not changing lanes I’m not changing directions like this ship is going somewhere and I’m taking a whole lot of people to this promised land called success and I’m not gonna get off course so that’s that’s kind of it Krystal’s davis do I think a daily podcast on motivation will work five to seven minutes per day for sure you gotta do it every day for three four years straight and build an audience and go beyond other people’s podcast and it takes a ton of work but I think for sure that could work Alex how many email campaigns am i running right now I’m like I don’t even know like that’s the kind of question I don’t even know how to answer so I don’t know what it means I send one email a day like that’s what I do so our people who are my follow-up sequences they don’t get my one email a day they’re up here with with jazz fingers oh she has hands and then when they’re done with the follow up sequence they go on my broadcast list and I send an email to that list every day that’s it my wife sends an email to her list most days should one list she sends it’s that that’s it so it’s easy kind of arena listen what’s going on what do I recommend to use with think if ik I don’t even know looking for better ways to use bump up cells like I use Sam cart for Sam carts just like them like it’s kind of expensive but we we run enough volume through it that it makes it no brainer for us so Sam cart you can do the bumps you can do one-click upsells you can split test checkout pages one-click upsell funnels and it’s probably the most adaptable and dynamic checkout system I’ve ever known of surge do I still recommend clickfunnels or builder all nope and nope definitely not builder all that does an MLM that is a wolf in sheep’s clothing at best I’m clickfunnels as their support is just their support and the bugs in that system is still just ridiculous for how much money they’re bringing in for them not to be able to actually support their customers is it’s sad is is just the only way to put it so I recommend thrive themes which is on my DIY sales funnel video series and that’s it when is the last straw on my Minimum Viable funnel idea before you switch to the next one assume you email people every day I don’t give up on things too readily right like if I’m not getting conversions and sales that means I’m not doing something right it doesn’t mean the funnels you know like you just iterate on it right so if you’re doing a Minimum Viable funnel here like I’m never really I mean rarely am I gonna say like completely scratch that and go do right like you’ve been doing like weight loss I’m never gonna okay cool like you should try men’s fashion right like no it’s you just need to iterate on that idea like you tried one thing that didn’t work cool try it this way try it that way try this way try it that way like like try a thousand ways of communicating that effectively it’s more about how many iterations then is anything else so she’s got to keep iterating Jay Carlos you just watched the video on follow up emails your question which of the emails we best include to tell you my concern pain perhaps I can help you PS a PS in any one of those emails could work and getting people to reply to give you their their challenges is a good idea just test it see what’s you know just throw in the PS somewhere what advice can I give if people who have English is not their first language go build a business in your native language right go be of service to your native audience that’s that’s the answer that’s the move Kevin Jones glad you like it here Martin Hughes what statistical analysis tools do I use to monitor my abs just yeah like what’s it like I use Facebook’s tools and then I use my shopping cart and I all my facebook ads have affiliate links from my shopping cart so I can track and double-check right what Facebook says his Facebook looks like oh we got your 37 sales yesterday and I go look and I see you know 24 in my cart it’s like a Facebook’s trying to attribute more to their work then my cart seems to think that they’re getting so I I double-check everything through my shopping carts affiliate marketing link that’s it I just kind of look at those two things and that’s it do you need a website before you start email marketing you need a way to be able to collect emails which generally is an opt-in page which is technically a website so yep how do you deal with people being on mobile instead of desktop to eventually on I don’t I don’t I mean people buy things on their mobile devices I just send them stuff I don’t think about where what people are on I just kind of help you know nice what’s up Mike glad you’re enjoying the content cool Alex I’m glad you like that the diet pill idea I’m just reading through the comments here kind of working my way down to them how do I become a person how do you become personable with your email list as an online e-commerce brand with thousands of products you’re finding it difficult not to sound like you’re constantly spamming with product updates yeah so that huge challenge and here’s my honest honest honest answer I don’t do e-commerce and like I don’t I never will like it’s just it’s not I have no interest in it physical products I can’t build those stories as effectively I the margins like I just I don’t actually know so you can check out my friend Trevor on Instagram he’s like at ecommerce paradise but like I just don’t know if email marketing is as big of a thing for e-commerce I know there’s some ecommerce places that are great at it thrive market is something I would look at if I was you I would get the thrive market app I think thrive market is amazing if you’re in this were in the United States and you’re buying groceries anywhere and you’re not using the thrive market app like damn they give you bonuses it’s cheaper the deliver it to you it’s like Amazon meets Whole Foods type thing it’s crazy but they come up with lots of interesting ways to keep emailing my friend Sean who runs runs the ads in the email list for about a two million dollar ecommerce retailer and he he is just sending offer after offer after offer and like he has a huge turn on his email list but like there’s just only so many things he can talk about with his product lines so like there there can sometimes be limitations but you would have to get creative and test and try things I think it’s still important to email your list and it’s still important to build the relationship cool email category ideas Alex likes it I’ll get there how do you get on my email list go to Myles Becker comm forward slash free – course how many email lists do I have so technically there’s three I might end up with four with this new membership I’m doing but that might just live under mine so there’s my list Myles Beckler there’s my wife’s main site list and then there’s the members list we separated the membership out separately because it’s its own kind of thing so that’s really it the bold boundless body you try to provide value in your emails and you have a nice open rates but no clicks whenever you send people to your affiliate link they don’t click through my email still get open what are you doing wrong well how many helpful emails that get clicks do you send in between emails that have affiliate offers that don’t get clicks right like you need to train your readers to click on your emails click on the links within your emails and you do that by sending them to helpful youtube videos so sending them to helpful blog posts and you get them to click on things that don’t ask them to buy so the moment you send them a link that asks them to buy they’ve already clicked on 30 of your links and they’re used to clicking on links in your emails and it’s not a foreign thing if you’ve never got them to click on links before and you’re like sending offer after offer with link link link that’s a problem the second thing is are you trying to sell the thing right are you are you actively in the email like trying to sell it like are you really trying to sell it because you’re trying to sell it it’s never gonna work right you have to pre sell it at best tell stories about it and really ultimately I say the best answer is go through the motion a thousand times right like literally and the price sounds a lot and is but if you go through the motion a thousand times but of course the three years you’re gonna be amazed what you learned about yourself about your audience about what works about copywriting a lot email marketing bots digital art like everything like you literally walk out the other side changed as a person as an entrepreneur so when you when you zoom out enough and you look at it from that that perspective of this is a three year plan you’re right where you should be in the learning curve trying to figure out how to get those clicks but but just make sure they’re clicking on other things too and make sure you’re not selling like I’m only selling like we don’t lot nobody loves to be sold to but every loves to buy you gotta align your content in a way that makes them feel like they’re buying into something without being sold to that’s very abstract but it’s it’s the best way I can explain it David Warlow is trying to drum up orders for building personal branding websites on LinkedIn no orders from a post setting up ad thoughts on layout yeah LinkedIn it’s tough there’s a lot of people so to me if you want to hustle up websites I think the best thing you can do is start a local meetup group in your in your actual city town whatever and start to just do weekly here’s how to do it and teach people the different aspects of digital marketing build relationships with people in your local market because that’s something that the spammers in India the spammers in the Philippines and the spammers all across the US can’t do and let’s not forget the spammers in Eastern Europe got a solid they’re doing some good things in the world for sure right so so what can you do that no one else can do not many people can host a meet-up in your backyard and actually like go give value and shake hands and meet business owners and sit down with coffee and build relationships because man is still it’s a relationship world like it really is that’s why I’m taking time today to spend a couple hours with y’all like this relationship building is really what it’s all about Maurice BAE oh I just lost my place okay you’re silly I’m helpful dude awesome I like that if I was a network marketer would I promote multiple products still I have a couple network marketing businesses I work with or would I take the traditional role of just sticking to one thing so in a nutshell and I probably should do a video on those I recorded two I recorded twice network marketing videos the right way and the wrong way to do it and they always got off and network marketing is something that people love and people hate right there’s it’s it’s like it’s like politics for hyatt like I wouldn’t I can just can’t talk about that at all I just don’t even care network marketing has that same like it’s the greatest thing in the world and it’s a total pyramid scam right so I feel like I do need to be of service because I have a lot of people who are in MLM I think with that said you need a brand new you that’s the biggest part of that game is you branding you and you are the leader you’re the person thing Apollo you’re the one that can be helpful and if your business lends itself to affiliate products also which I think you will see a lot of the best so one of the things you’ll see is the best network marketers in the world have big big lists right like somebody who comes in and might become a top earner and the new company they showed up with a list probably a list of network marketers who knew them liked them and trusted them probably a list of prospects as well so the the Brass tactics grow your email list create your own unique giveaway that’s gonna brand you as the expert you as the helpful person to get them growing the businesses you’ll also notice a lot of network marketers try to teach internet marketing for network marketers to other network marketers with the expectation that their subscribers will eventually think wow you’re really successful you taught me how to do Instagram ads what business are you in maybe I should just jump ship over to your business right and that’s kind of the theory behind it like mlsp is one of those kind of scam es systems that everybody does the same thing the problem with mlsp and and network marketing using your home offices landing pages is you’re just you’re just a face in a crowd right like you are not unique in any way shape or form and that’s the big trick to it you have to become where you are the unique thing you are like you become that that that leader that people are attracted to so yeah I think you could sell multiple products I think as a effective network marketing leader in today’s age you need to help people understand how to market effectively on Facebook on Instagram on YouTube how to grow email list and there’s all kinds of affiliate relationships you could have that would generate additional income for you in teaching that stuff to network marketers right and helping a network marketer somebody who already believes in the business model join your program your company is probably easier than trying to convince somebody who’s interested in Instagram marketing and thinks MLM is a pyramid scheme you’re never gonna convince that person to get in on what you’re doing so that’s why a lot of people focus on branding themselves as internet marketing for network marketing expert and then on the back end they sell their their actual thing so Chells media you love thrive themes awesome I’m glad to hear you bought up to my affiliate link I do appreciate that I really love thrive themes like I really am for client work like it is the best and wait till they come out they’re coming out with a new theme builder and it’s essentially gonna make building an entire theme so every blog post every page is all built the same way the architect builder works so you’ll be able to build 100% custom themes for clients every time GameChanger like I am so aligned with that company and I think they’re they’re doing great things they’re they’re working on the most important parts of the business click funnels is working on becoming an MLM and helping people think they can make tons of money promoting click funnels whereas thrive themes is working on adding functional tools for digital marketers that helped us get more conversions that’s what we need right like click funnels products still doesn’t work their affiliate program is cranking they’re paying up millions and millions of dollars affiliates for spammers to promote a rubbish software that is one way to grow a big business but the other way is what I think thrive themes is doing which is quietly building the absolute best tool for the job and then letting people like me who use it and crush it I mean my wife’s pop-ups displayed something like 14 million times on thrive themes alone 14 million displays it’s crazy so it’s and all that’s integrated into one code base it works it really is a cool one Trey the man you’re very welcome click funnel sucks is my opinion Alexis that’s just an opinion you take you know like grain of salt to have a video on adding an upsell to thrive themes so an upsell would need to happen in your shopping cart so the upsell would be in Sam cart or thrive cart and I don’t have a video on that but you can find them pretty easily yeah so I’m seeing J Carlos is some questions about like conversion and email marketing like yeah you got to do the work like there’s no quick money and I know I know the fake gurus make it sound like it is but it ain’t there’s no such thing I’m sorry yes I answered that one already what I think about publishing a mobile app so I’ve got like three apps running apps are dead to me like I don’t know that that whole like there’s an app for it and like everybody needs to have an app like yeah that didn’t really work I wonder if Alexis skills are going the same direction to be perfectly honest with you I’m sure Helms I inspired you to a 98 blog challenge awesome you’re on day 5 yes you’re getting email subscribers but you don’t have any freebies or created a phone yet how important is that at the early stage kind of sort of very but not really so personally I did 90 plus videos I really I gotta go find out well I’m gonna go find out what date I started my email list what did I got my first subscriber so I can know this because I believe it was four months in to doing a video every day before I actually started an email list so I was so convinced that I wasn’t a content creator and I was a behind-the-scenes guy that all my energy it took it took 100% my energy every day to do a video day every day I had no bandwidth I had no mental power I had no energy left to build the opt-in if I could have done it earlier I would have received benefit from doing it earlier like undoubtedly right like if you start growing your list day one versus day 100 would that be beneficial yes but if it comes at the cost of not doing your blog post every day it’s not worth it because I you I need you the goal is really to get you to flex that that 90 day muscle to write a blog post every day for 90 days and really to do it over and over and over because when you do that over and over it builds it in your muscle memory in such a way that it’s easy for you moving forward and that’s where I need you to get to it’s not really about the traffic you drive it’s about doing it 90 times in a row to where you’re like I’ve got this like I can do it I write I’m in I’m out I get the WordPress editor boom boom boom I’m done because at that point you’re a Content marketer then you can add on all kinds of things from there right and I think that’s the place I want you to get you to as quickly as possible but so ya started as soon as you can okay it took me I didn’t even do mine so probably after my 90 day challenge finished so if that’s where you end up that’s fine as long as you do your your email a day every day watch my video I have that says the trick to creating online courses is the title that’ll give you a framework maybe maybe like push yourself to do that framework one evening and just just lay out the framework for your free thing and just like just like plant the seed in your brain and who knows maybe one Sunday you wake up and you like write your blog post by like 9:00 a.m.

And the kids are gone like everybody’s out of the house and maybe you’re just like I’m doing it today cool right if you got that framework done and you have that inspired moment go for it do it when it feels good but don’t sacrifice doing your 90 day challenge for it Natalie how many products or services do I feel is required to have a solid offer one you’re in the spiritual niche what was it for your wifey to really see a different as far as revenues okay so I answered one but here’s the trick we put out a new product we’re constantly putting out something new right we create mp3s and we’re constantly creating new ones because people like new people the energies are changing in the world the astrology is changing the world the socio-economic political environment of our world is constantly changing so people always want something new so we just committed to a launch cycle and every two weeks were putting out something new so with that said we’ve got a few past products that sell over and over and over but you only need one what this has helped us do so we’ve we’ve sold or micro laun launched and they’re generally 11 to $17 is the products we sell some go upwards of 3 to $500 so we’ve sold like a hundred and eighty of them at this point right so literally a hundred and eighty different products sold over the course of eight years nine years we’ve written 180 sales pages we’ve sent 180 plus probably more like 500 emails promoting the sales page we’ve created it in the 180 check out pages right so like all those little things in the process we’ve done over and over and over we found a lot of things that don’t work we found a few things that do work and now we’ve really found a lot more things that work more often and we’re compiling those together and we’re ignoring the things that don’t work more often so we’re getting better success rates now because we did so many things that didn’t work for so long so ultimately you need one but you might have to try lots of different things to get there and it’s different for everyone and that really we look back is making more offers is something that helped us in in a very major way some businesses try to focus on one product this is my one thing like marie forleo she got a b-school that’s it right that’s what she spells once a year she sells it there’s a lot of risk and going all in on one thing right if it doesn’t work then man like so I like that whole I’m going to try something new imma try something new and then consider a membership program right if you have one product as a membership and you’re doing you’re adding something new to that every week every couple of weeks that’s what I’m doing so I’m gonna have one product it’s gonna be my memberships my inner circle thing and then there’s gonna be a few deliverables within that for me so I’ll have to do a few things but ultimately I’m only ever gonna have to fiddle with or optimize the sales messaging around one thing which is part of my whole keep it simple and make it easy on myself philosophy and like for the revenue stuff like some things we think are gonna crush it flop some things we don’t think are gonna cry think are gonna flop crush it like and we still don’t fully get it it’s kind of crazy no free tools Rafi there’s no free tools on no free tools for internet marketing everything’s paid like you have to be willing to invest these are businesses we’re creating to have a mentor partnership I’m kind of creating something like this right now can I take you through the revenue streams I generate from my affiliate and non affiliate based emails no I can’t because there’s people who watch this stuff and swipe everything I’m doing word-for-word and now they’re swiping everything my wife’s doing word-for-word and they’re literally plagiarizing us to try to bite off of what we’re doing I can tell you that we receive income from dozens of sources more than you would ever imagine it’s all over the place and that’s because there’s a lot of different things that people need to help them achieve their goal right so I find people who are here and want to go here and then I help them get there and I promote the things that will get them there and that’s how I create my income online that’s that’s about how I’m willing to put it there thrive themes is like if you pay for a year it breaks down like 1995 a month you can pay quarterly I think out of pocket I believe you’re somewhere like ninety to a hundred ollars out of pocket for just getting started with write themes but it’s pretty much everything that you need Tigers a beta tester for the new theme builder and thrive themes cool Wow you’re using here you’re a beta tester you just got started that’s awesome I think it is is it Tiger did I get is that how you pronounce your name I hope so mr.

Harrington as I’ll call you team Akeem is very difficult to find affiliate programs that pay good money for languages other than English you built a list of 4,000 subscribers over the past two months can’t find any build them the product go be the product creator what you just told me is you’ve built a list of people who want something there’s no one in the world creating things you can sell to offer that audience the thing go be that person be the one who creates it learn take it to the next level be the savior you’re looking for a savior outside of yourself and I’m telling you just go stand in from the mirror and be like that person right there is the Savior because that’s the truth of it right there cool okay no free tools you get that you’re scared to start a YouTube channel because you have zero subs to start that’s where I started I started with zero and it looks bad who cares no it doesn’t like whatever it just means you just started anybody advice how to overcome this publish your first video and then publish your second video and then publish your third video and I bet you’ll get a subscriber and go tell your mom if she’s around go tell your friends you’ll get a subscriber like whatever everyone starts with zero right I think in 30 days I had like 40 subscribers at the end of 90 days I did a hundred you know a hundred and twenty videos in 120 days every day for four months I published a video every single day the end of it I didn’t even have 500 subscribers I average four subscribers per day today I’ve got sixty-three thousand subscribers big numbers start with small numbers and that’s it you just gotta start just just go do the work you’ll be amazed at what you create it is amazing and just just turn that that ego that that self-talk ignore it it ain’t helping you just just if you need to and you get the voice well what about what would miles do well what would miles say miles would say I can answer this for you so you can have this go do the work and the work is publishing and being helpful for your for your audience cool value approach perfect how many hats do I have not enough is the actual answer to that Jose trying to get another one from a friend I’m trying to get like more interesting hats so Rafi which membership site builder am i using for plan member area for my website it’s gonna be on a form of zem for a forum thrive university is amazing it really is where are you going this year for your abundant circle aha Dave Warlow asking the important questions so I’m kind of tweaking the model on that one and I don’t think I’m gonna do the super high I don’t know if actually even say in this um so I’m tweaking the model on it and I want to bring it I want to make a more entry level variant of that and my virtual assistant just did a bunch of research I’m looking at Mexico Costa Rica Panama and the Caribbean as aspect so something a little closer to North America my audience is massively North American and so the last abundant circle is in Bali and the one before that was in Thailand and it’s like 30 to 40 hours of travel to get there to get from from the US like if you’re in the middle of the US you gotta fly from where you’re at you’re in a small town you go fly from like a small town to Denver Denver to SFO SFO to Taiwan Taiwan maybe to Bangkok Oh or you can possibly catch a Taiwan to dem pasar so you’re talking like four or five flights in a row then you’re on the like so yeah so I’m I’m trying to bring it more vertically in the ladder longitude longitude of of North America so I’m thinking somewhere south and I love Costa Rica I love Mexico I love you know I’ve never actually explored Panama so that’s pretty high up put them and then the Caribbean islands like I just don’t like the warm and the fun so that’s it cool Tina I’m glad you’re stoked what info resources about about membership sites growing audience find out what they need and start offering it to them it could be everything from a thrive themes based site to a forum to a Facebook group I’m not doing mine on Facebook because I Facebook is the greatest distraction mechanism ever invented and I can’t help you become more productive of what’s important in an environment that’s super distracting so I’m literally building from the ground up a complete community environment for us all to connect on somewhere that I can like I’m gonna have my I don’t know if it’s actually gonna work but I want to have like a rotating banner or like a pop-up if you’ve been on the site for like 10 minutes it’s gonna pop up be like is it time to go and do the work like it’s it’s weird like I want to create community but I want to create it in a way that that really pushes you to ask yourself over and over is this the kind of work that’s gonna get me to my goal is is replying to this thread or starting like is this actually what it takes to get to my goal because what takes to get your goal is write more emails publish more content that’s hit publish more content grow your list more conversion points like that that’s really the the trick so Michelle Eaton started using Elementor needed something customized and it was gonna have to be 198 if you want customization on thrive like go into their forums like they can help you they really are super helpful so mr.

Vigil Itza I have a dedicated server I run my dedicated server runs about $400 per month and I have a really high-end team managing my dedicated server that’s big my wife and my sites combined receive eight million visits per year roughly so so I can’t run on a shared solution so I have a really really high end a team that has like a server admin for me what was the best broadcast to use just just broadcast just go for it David Warlow your entry level but getting a client to bring you into Dubai for December awesome last time just to James last time you turn in I was testing my new camera what do you think about all the bells and whistles were worth it have I gone back to the same webcam yeah I’m on the same webcam this is this is the logitech c910 i travel its to get it was to be better than my cell phone my cell phone started dying and I’ve replaced my cell phone now but my wife uses it all the time it gets really good shots I’ve got a little outdoor set here at the the kind of new property that I’m building up I just it’s just so easy for me to click boom go I’m all my computer right now I just yeah like I don’t know I’m not form follows function kind of guy and like the functionality of my webcam super super easy awesome great glad you like it Rick don’t know best place to promote your blog is I don’t know if Facebook groups Pinterest Twitter yep all of them Cora is a good one crushing the answer websites really it’s about writing search engine optimized blog posts they get picked up by Google because then Google becomes your partner and Google gives billions of searches a day and then Google thinks your site is the number one site for 350 different keyword phrases Google will drive you lots and lots of traffic Charles Francis you read both the war bar and going pro eye opening stuff thanks to recommendations totally right like punch to the face like that book turning pro and I love war Bart I listen to war Bart actually read turning pro like those books did so much for me this is a shure sm7b and how do you know when your people are plagiarizing you and your email list can you um yeah like you can use like copyscape are people are people how people plagiarize me i’ve thought about getting my legal team to write a little disclaimer that if you swipe and and republish my content that will come a fee but like i don’t like going that direction i know a lot of email guys do it’s kind of sad that that i’m trying to help the world like people help people better themselves and trying to help people think for themselves and actually build the skills and like there’s a lot of people just swiping it but that’s kind of the the world of it I guess um today uh some marketers say that if you don’t promote a product within the first couple days you just become the guy that gives away free stuff and they’ll never buy thoughts it’s not true um you like if you promote if you give away too much like if you give away three months of free stuff and then you make your first offer you’re gonna get a lot of emails of people being like how dare you promote something to me but whatever you just ignore them and move on unsubscribe everybody when people reply to me I get all these weird replies people reply them for all kinds of weird things some people don’t like what Mellie I promote for our main business and like anybody who replies to me with something that’s like snippy or like you shouldn’t email this much or you should email me wants to unsubscribe you’re gone like I just boot people like I had people asking dumb questions here in the chat like I just they’re gone for my channel forever like I give people like like this if you slip up that much you’re gone cuz I don’t have time for it I’m working with massive amounts of people I’m mailing six thousand people a day every reply takes a little bit of my energy because I wanna make sure that I’m not messing up right like that a link wasn’t broken or that people don’t actually need something from me and so when people get snippy I remove them but no you don’t need to promote something like day three or else like you can build the relationship like it’s alright and and I think it’s really important to not blatantly trust anything anyone says including me go do the work test look look at the data let the day to drive it for you let your understanding what’s going on from your personal experiences like base your actions on what people who are who have created the result you want are telling you to do but ultimately go do the work see what comes out of it and adapt and grow and B be a thinker right like pay attention have your eyes open like be aware of what what’s happening as you take the actions and see what you like what you don’t like what works what doesn’t work and adapt the processes for yourself adapt the path to yourself because you’re creating a unique path to success your path will not match my path even if you’re in the same niche even if you do not like trying to do videos like your path is going to be different from my path for many reasons so allow that to unfold and it unfolds when you do the work that’s that’s really really the trick there J Carlos loves the the emails you like the impromptu hangout I’m cool man you gotta run be well yeah before the hanging out Donna I’m a kind of this point we’re good Josh I’m glad you like it my 90 day challenge for both emails blog posts or just blogs so I have a video search 90 day challenge for miles on my channel you’ll you’ll find the I think if you look for in YouTube for 90 day content marketing challenge I’m the number one video so I did I did 120 day challenge on my video two years ago and then three months ago I started a 90 day email marketing challenge so is a year and a half between those write like a 90 day challenge is not something to do once I do that to build a skill quickly I wanted to go from not feeling good at emails to like damn I got this email marketing thing like boom I got it well how do I get there do I go study a bunch of courses and buy a bunch of fake guru products hell no I do the work I just email every day an email an email in the email and now all the sudden it’s easy it’s good I like I’m having fun with it and it gets me thinking different in it your brain will rewire itself so before I did my 90 day challenge on videos my brain was wired as such that I’m a behind the scenes guy I’m not a content creator you know my wife’s the front of the business I’m on the back end kind of like hidden behind the curtain pulling all strings and stuff well I did 90 videos in 90 days my brain would rewired itself and I couldn’t tell myself that lie anymore so then with email was that the next thing is like man I’m growing my list now like I don’t feel like I’m I don’t feel like I’ve got it like I’d like this email it’s a struggle to write my email every day like ah like I’m like I don’t want our email every other day like every maybe emailing once a week like what do I say I don’t know so what do I do when I feel that I do a 90 day challenge I go do it 90 times in a row and also know like okay it’s just like if you go to the gym and you’re like I’m gonna learn to benchpress and the first day you go benchpress you’re like oh god that hurt like damn that was rough well go back and keep doing it over and over and over and over and all the sudden it gets easy gets fun and you you really start to like the results it’s the same sort of thing cool yeah awesome I’m glad you guys are here so all right two more here Rafi when should you switch to dedicated hosting when your shared housing can’t support it anymore so in my business I was why when did I start paying $400 when my shared hosting couldn’t support when I was in an email to my list saying go check out this thing to buy and you know three four hundred people at the same time went to that page of my site crashed so when my server could not handle the volume of traffic is when I upgraded that did I ever use the SMTP email service oh god no like same grid or mail jet hell no definitely not better than a weber we get response you’re kind of on your own on that that’s one of the reasons the the clickfunnels is just terrible is leaving you on your own with that deliverability stuff is a very bad idea for you so you got a yeah just just just go with Aweber and get responses terrible – I tried them in one of those those terrible cool all right Joe well thank you very much for time today I’m going to record this this will be processed and put up and if you’re not on my list yet go to Myles Becker com forward slash free – course thumbs up engage share like it do what you do subscribe I’ll catch you on the next video that won’t come out in two days I’ll work on the categories for emails trying to keep this email game going to that next level because this is really the where the rubber meets the road as in the email marketing so on that note thank you I’m gonna go kick a to the lake duel paddleboarding and then get back to work over here on my end so have a great afternoon today and be productive and remember do the work that’s the trick it’s we were wondering mom what should I do here just think what would miles say and the answer is do the work and then go do the work and you’ll be amazed what you create in a couple years all right Cheers we’ll be in touch again thanks

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