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Facebook Ads Delivering 70% Cheaper Leads?! My Campaign & Ad Set Strategy + Key Take Aways Revealed!

hey miles here miles Becker comm and my newest Facebook ad campaign is currently delivering 70% cheaper leads in this video I’m gonna explain how I’ve got that set up and what changes I did and didn’t make to create this drastic reduction in cost per lead on Facebook and then we’re gonna look at what this means kind of from a bigger picture in your business so every month to two months I go in and I set up a new campaign and Facebook ads I still run my ads exactly as I teach in the five dollar Facebook Ads series and then I go analyze them it’s all in that series right so I’m following the same model nothing has actually changed from that standpoint so in May was the last time I went in and did a bulk ad of about 30 or 40 ad sets right one campaign 30 or 40 ad sets at $5 each my average cost per lead was over $1 and I only got about 2 weeks of run time out of that campaign so all of the ad sets were driving me leaves at $1 plus each now my key performance indicator which is my KPI the number I monitor in my cost per lead needs to be under 80 cents or so like I’ll let it go up to 80 to 83 cents I prefer it to be at 75 cents per lead because I know the lifetime value of my subscribers are good I’m okay putting that much money on the line I know I’ll get that money back eventually well at $1 plus cost per lead I had to turn everything off it’s not fiscally viable for me to run that campaign that was in May last night night before last I actually set up my most recent Facebook advertising campaign and I’m currently averaging after 48 hours of run time 36 cent leads now that is a drastic reduction of approximately 70% on my cost per lead change so what changed well here’s the kicker nothing really I’m focusing my ads on at least 80 or 90% of the exact same ad sets I was targeting in May I’m using the exact same ads that I’ve run in the past I’m using the exact same landing page that I ran in the past in fact I haven’t done anything different other than the timing and the restructuring and starting a brand new campaign now here’s something I’ve learned in over four years of advertising on Facebook with paid ads and also spending a hundred and fifty thousand or so dollars of my own money in this ad platform is that you can get very different results doing the same things different times you know they say insanity is when someone does the same thing over and over expecting a different result and I don’t know if it’s me who’s going insane here or Facebook’s the insane one but I have noticed a very significant pattern over long periods of time in facebook ads and that is that I really do get different results doing the same thing based on factors and variables that I just flat-out don’t understand so here’s the kind of kicker right I want to ask myself why and here’s where we’re getting to the bigger picture lesson that I mentioned I want to ask myself why I want to figure out why is this change now affecting my ads here what has the change been but I’m never going to be able to fully know that there’s things that happen within the Facebook Ads platform they’re always changing the look of the ad interface which is a signal to us that they’re probably also changing the mechanisms the AI the machine learning the algorithms on the back end that run the auction and the placement and all of those things as well right I see the visible front-end changes it leads me to believe there’s just as many if not more back-end changes and Facebook is always changing things so the first big aha for you is did Facebook just change something and are there website conversion campaigns as I teach in my $5 campaign kind of system the video will have the link pop-up above me here is that working better today than it was last month are you experiencing or are you able to duplicate this experience and get low cost leaves if so go forth if you haven’t been running ads recently on Facebook you’ve had in the past and they kind of went out of KPIs and they were costing too much give it another shot set up a fresh campaign don’t go turn on something old set of a fresh campaign you can go pull your old ads and kind of replicate it on your old ads then the second thing is one of the ideas that Tim Conley left in an interview I did with Tim I’ll make sure that the link down below is in the description to the interview I did with Tim Conley he had this idea of a warchest your business needs a war chest right we personally all need an emergency fund for kind of just basic funds for our fan etc but our business needs this kind of a warchest fund and it’s a fund it’s a account that’s ready to be deployed when opportunity strikes for me this exact moment right now I am looking at my war chest I’m getting excited because now I know that I have tens of thousands of dollars ready in an account that I’ve put aside since talking with Tim in that interview which I highly recommend you watch that interview I’ve got these funds ready to deploy when opportunity knocks well guess what’s happening today right now opportunity is knocking it might be knocking for you it’s definitely knocking for me based on the data that I’m seeing and this is statistically significant data so what I’m doing is I’m ready to deploy as much of my war chest as I can and I’m gonna scale up my ads within reason intelligently based on what I’ve taught in previous videos to really maximize this timing right cuz I don’t know if this is a situation that a lot of other advertisers happen to be on vacation so I’m one of the only advertisers bidding in the auction right now I don’t know if this is some tweak or change to the face book of learning system to their to their website conversion kind of campaign system right the the Machine the code base that runs out I don’t know if they made an update there and if that’s gonna change in the future but I have a window of opportunity and I’m going to seize that opportunity and I’ve been saving money putting it in a war chest so I can be able to act when the timing is right and that is what’s going on right now they say make hay while the sun is shining and my friend the sun is shining here in the forest and I’m about to make me some hay so I recommend if you haven’t yet got your first Facebook Ads running go check out my how to advertise on Facebook I’ve got a long series I got 40 or so videos here on my channel that will teach you everything you know to get started if you have been running ads but they’ve been off for a while and you felt like the price has been creeping up and up and up and up and you get to this point where like ah I don’t feel there’s value anymore test it again third thing I want you to walk away with well go watch Tim’s interview my interview with Tim description below pop up above then the last thing I want really to leave you with is that you always need to be testing your assumptions there’s people out there right now who I don’t think are practitioners they’re they’re kind of headline doubters they’re their critics and they’re saying that Facebook advertise is dead a lot of people going around and I don’t trust the Facebook advertising model but that’s not gonna stop me from running tests at least once per month unless I have a campaign that’s a long running campaign for two or three months I’m setting up a new ad campaign at least once a month if an ad campaign is running lasts over a month I’ll start a new one right when it’s done right you get what I’m saying so I’m constantly testing like okay last time I got a doll or something ad dollars something cost per lead with my ad set on Facebook in May that was just a month and a half ago now I could have thrown my hands up in the air mail I got that’s it it’s done it’s over right the Facebook Ads game is over it’s dead right it hit its point but instead I’ve continued to test my assumptions I go back and retest the identical things that were working for me back in 2014 2015 2016 very very successfully somehow stopped working for me as well recently but I tested it again and all of a sudden it’s working again and I don’t have to care why I don’t have to know why I get to tell my ego-mind it doesn’t matter why the data is telling me that I’m getting leads within 50% 50% below my KPI of what I expect and need leads to be in for me as a business owner as a direct response marketer to be excited to buy all of the traffic I can that is the number that I’m looking at right now so what am i doing I’m going into my war chest that I’ve built up I’m taking out as much money as I can to now allocate that towards Facebook Ads to buy as many leads as I possibly can my short term goal is to get 10,000 new leads into my autoresponder series within two weeks I may be able to get 20,000 leads within a month or two I’ve never hit that mark before my previous run is somewhere around the 15,000 leads in 30 day mark so I’m in this window of opportunity to maybe really have a nice level up in my business if you looked at my lead flow the chart of leads there would be a little leg up right now and this is all a result of several different things that I’m trying to help you understand there’s no one thing going on here number one I’ve been a practitioner on the platform for years and years and years number two I continue to test my assumptions and I continue to test Facebook are you still at that level are you giving me a different level now I’m continuing test number three I’ve had funds set us for this exact moment I didn’t know when this moment was gonna hit that’s my war chest right that is a deployable account ready to go move into an asset or move into an area of my business or a marketing channel like this right now when the timing is right all of that is set up for me and now I rely on my skills on how to kind of scale my campaigns which we scale our campaigns slowly I’m going up incremental II I’m excited I want to go just run everything up to $1,000 per day but if I do that my numbers are gonna go to absolute rubbish so I need to go incrementally so every day once every 24 hour period I go in and the ad sets that are performing best they get even more money added to them the ad says that aren’t performing great and honestly I have one ad set out of KPI right now out of 35 different ad sets I’ve never seen this before I don’t know if this is anomaly I don’t know if this is the new normal I don’t really care I’m getting in I’m making hay while the sun is shining and I recommend that you definitely if you’re a facebook advertiser test it right now run some website conversion campaigns see if you’re able to replicate this kind of positive and exciting numbers in your business if you’ve never run ads before it could be a great time to start running your first ads running a retargeting ad is a great way to start if you’ve been collecting an audience based on the pixel on your website and if you’re not doing anything with facebook ads and you think this is just really interesting how doing the same thing can create different results over time know and move forward remembering that you really have to test a lot of things and you have to sometimes tests your tests right you need to go back test the same assumption don’t let one or two results on your path to creating a successful business kind of don’t solidify things in cement everything is always changing in the game of the internet in the game of Facebook ads it is always changing so always be testing always be paying attention to what’s going on retest things that worked in the past test new things have a war chest they’re to deploy when everything aligns and you’re like aha that actually worked I’m well within my KPI I’m ready to throw 10 20 30 grand at this the next month or so if that holds right in my KPIs hold I’m gonna put as absolutely as much money as I can and that is separate money that’s not money coming out of what I pay my employees that’s not money coming out of what I pay for my software that’s not money coming out of any of aspect of my business it’s 100% designed for this exact moment in its the war chest I hope you’ve enjoyed this video if you have give me a thumbs up here in YouTube leave me a comment with a question if you have any questions below I highly recommend you get out and test this for yourself see if you can replicate my results if you do positively definitely let me know in the comments if you’re able to get the same sort of result because I’m trying to figure out is this a broader Facebook thing am I just kind of on to something in a small world here seasonally or is summer time a good time to run ads when lots and lots of people are out on vacation I don’t know I have one data point and that’s my experience so I’m kind of asking you for your data points if you have any experiences in this world as well subscribe if you haven’t I got more great videos coming out for you I thank you for your time I look forward to connecting with you in the comments thumb up engage copy share paste send this over the internet if you want if you want to see a screenshot of my actual results after 48 hours that show the 600 and something leads that have come in at like 34 cents each which I consider be statistically significant personally you can see there’s a medium link down below I wrote up a medium article and I got the screenshots inside of medium there you can go check that out on medium and I thank you again for your time and I look forward to connecting with you on the next video until then be well

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