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Facebook Ads Targeting Tutorial – Engagement Audiences & Retargeting Video Views

hey miles here miles Becker calm in this Facebook advertising tutorial you’re gonna learn how to set up engagement based audiences these engagement audiences you can leverage for your Facebook advertising campaigns in a minute we’re going to jump on the computer you’re gonna follow along step by step where I show you exactly where to click to set up these two types of audiences and I’m doing two specific types of audiences they’re created in a little bit different ways and they’re used in different ways so it’s gonna give you a broad perspective of the power here real quick and the theory level of why this is important number one video is absolutely massive and trending right now on Facebook whether you’re just uploading videos or you’re doing lives you have the ability to create audiences based on people who watch your videos more specifically you can tailor it to how much of the video that they watched so you could retarget them you can create look-alike audiences based off of them or you could exclude them as needed again I’m going to show you exactly how to do this in a minute then there is the fanpage based approach where you can set up an audience based on people who visited your fanpage people who have engaged whether it’s leaving a comment or a like or whatnot so you can include and exclude those people on that note let’s jump on the computer and get to work roll up our sleeves here so here I am inside of the ads manager and I’m gonna click on the little hamburger menu up top and then I’m gonna click on audiences now this is gonna bring me into the kind of broad audiences areas and depending on which option you’re gonna go with we’re gonna start with a video based ad first you want to just go ahead and click on the create audience here and then click on custom audience we’re gonna do the video one so what I’m using this for right now is retargeting people who have watched large percentages of the videos on my wife’s fan page to our opt-ins and to relevant products based on what they viewed so you simply click on video after that and then you do you choose the engagement type so when you click it gives you this drop-down now one of the challenges with Facebook video is that most viewers since it auto plays watch less than three to ten seconds so we want to skip those in my personal opinion I want people who actually take time to really go into the content I don’t want to just get everybody who got reach for that I could reach those individuals with the different type ad set I’m looking to find those engaged video viewers who clearly liked what they see or saw because they watched 25 or 50 percent of your video I recommend you do at least 25 percent of your video views you can do 50 percent to take it to that next level if you want to start with a 50 percent audience set it all up see how large that audience is then if it’s too small you can go set up a 25 percent audience from there it allows you to choose how long back do you want to have it set I’m gonna leave that to the last 365 days but if you’re running specific promotions that are based on a time of year back-to-school sales Black Friday sales etc you can change obviously that duration based on your specific needs now what we’re gonna do is we got to click this little link below that says choose videos and it actually opens up and you choose the page that you want to advertise or that you want to choose the videos from so I’ve chosen my fan page here and what it does is it automatically brings up all of my past videos and you see it’s got multiple pages of videos I can go back through and all I do is simply tech tick the boxes next to the videos I want to include in this audience so you can set up one audience for people who have viewed your facebook lives and you can set up a different audience for people who viewed your longer form content or your watch parties if you so choose right there’s each audience you can run against each other to see which one’s perform best but if you’re short on time you can just group them all together and voila you’ve got your audience so I’m gonna click confirm I’ve added about five or six videos here now I need to set up a name so I’m gonna say video 50 so what I’ve done here is I’ve added video so I know this is a video based audience when I’m in my ads manager then 50 so I can see what percent of the watch and watch so I know it’s 50 percent of watch that’s just a little mental note for me in this naming convention and I’m gonna click create audience so at this point it’s done now it’s gonna take up to 30 minutes for it to build out this audience but when you click Next you can actually expand your audience so this button right here allows you to create a look-alike audience based on the audience that it builds for you now look-alike audience I have a separate video that goes deep into this and we’re gonna set it up because it’s so easy right here all I do is I’m gonna go ahead and type in USA or United States click on that and then I go below I want the 1% and I’m gonna click create audience here’s what’s happening Facebook with all of their interesting and partially creepy data on each and every one of us and every person inside of this audience is now gonna go look at the United States of America and it’s gonna find the 1% of people 2.2 million people who are most similar to those people who watch my video this is a great audience for me to split test for me to run ads to to see how does that audience perform against my other audiences this is how I play the five dollar Facebook ad game if you haven’t seen my video where I show you how to set up the five dollar Facebook Ads strategy and actually launch your campaigns that will pop up in the corner top corner of this video now and obviously the links to my other YouTube video tutorials are gonna be down in the description below at that point you can see we’ve got the video watch 50 and it’s populating and then we’ve got the video watch 50 look-alike that’s also populating I’m done at this point I need to give it time what’s gonna happen is it’s going to let me know it will stop saying pending populating down here when they’re ready to go about 30 minutes and those will be ready to run so those are the video audiences and I think this is some of the best areas to retarget people because if you’re publishing video natively to Facebook you’re gonna get lots of reach right if you’re doing lives on Facebook you’re gonna get lots of reach then those people who engage by watching large percentages or even 25% more or more of that video they’re great people to offer your opt-in offer your course to offer something else to help them move down the next step in your funnel the second type of audiences so again we’re gonna go to create audience we’re gonna click custom audience these are fan page based audiences now one of these I use as an exclusion audience in all of my advertisements what I do is anyone who engages on a post on my fan page I automatically exclude them from my ad sets the reason is if they’ve commented on the ad they’ve seen it I want to keep my frequency number low if they thumbs up the ad if they heart the ad if they put an angry face if they say why are you showing me this ad in the comments it will instantly remove that advertisement from ever showing back up in the feed by excluding this audience so how do we create the audience we go in here and we choose Facebook page now there’s a lot of options here on the Facebook page I recommend that you go in and test more of these again I’m showing you the ones that I use on a very regular basis so it defaults to everyone who engaged with your page in the last 365 days I specifically want people who engaged with any post or ad in that so that I’m gonna put here MB because that’s the fanpage that it’s on and I just named MB ad or post engagement and I’m going to create this audience now what it’s gonna do is it’s gonna give me the opportunity again to go create my look-alike audience so I would simply click find people similar to this audience and I would go through the path that way to set up a look-alike audience if you’re not able to set up a look-alike audience there you can always tick the box next to it here and then we’ve got I believe it’s on the three dot downs we can do create look-alike and that’ll bring us into the look-alike audience field as well super easy to set up there so this is the ad or post engagement so I exclude this and let’s go one more time into these custom audiences because I want you to see how many other ones there are on the fan page so you can go everyone who engaged with your fan page or you can even target people who visited your fan page this means everyone who took a look at a post on your fan page who’s not actually a fan of yours you do have the ability to retarget them we’re getting extremely similar to the ability to retarget people who visit our blog but yet now your retargeting people who visit the fan page as well again I’m gonna at the end screen I’m gonna have my video that shows you how I set up my exact campaign and what I do is I test each one of these different audiences against each other I’m monitoring which ones give me the high the actually the low excuse me cost per lead and the low cost per new customer so I pin all of these audiences against each other in one campaign each one is set up as an ad set the video that shows you exactly how to do that step by step will pop up on the end screen that’s the game I hope you’ve enjoyed this video give me a thumbs up if you did subscribe I’ll catch you on the next video Cheers

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