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Facebook vs. Instagram 2018 Marketing Test Results! Which Social Media Gets The Most Engagement?

hey miles here miles Becca calm and this video is all about which platform is best for organic reach and engagement in mid 2018 is it Facebook or is it Instagram now I’m recording this video at the end of March in 2018 because I noticed a very very interesting pattern in two separate places on both my wife’s platform and my personal platform so I ran some semi scientific tests to really kind of reinforce this idea and see if what I’m that pattern I’m saying replicates over and over and indeed it does and as of today I’m seeing a very clear winner in engagement for organic social media marketing reach and engagement mainly clearly there’s a very very clear winner here so the first thing I’m going to look at we’re gonna look at both platforms we’re gonna look at the numbers we did three separate posts on each platform and both platforms are a little different so I’m going to explain them to you and at the end you’re really gonna understand what the data points to here because it’s very very clear now my wife first my wife’s Facebook fan page has over 900,000 fans we built that organically we never bought likes we never bought fans in any way shape or form we grew that over the years when when the fan page kind of boom was booming we were in that process and we were amidst that game her Instagram following has 41,000 followers so no the first number you’re noticing here is that she has over 20 times more Facebook fans than Instagram followers right 900,000 on Facebook 41,000 on Instagram so the first post on Facebook she got 322 likes on Instagram she got 500 likes second post 204 likes on Facebook 472 likes on Instagram third post 467 likes on Facebook 537 likes on Instagram 100% of these newer posts that go on her Instagram and her fan page the Instagram account is getting more likes than Facebook which is a huge contrast especially when you can during that there’s over 20 times more people on Facebook connected to her through her fanpage than on Instagram now the actual comments is a little different so on Facebook the comments were 20 to 15 and 37 on Instagram the comments were 17 21 and 20 so in two of the three posts on Facebook she did get more comments but only by about 10% right only a very very small amount and considering that platform is 20 times larger to me that’s not a significant number now my wife again she’s posting to a fan page that has 900,000 fans and her instagram has 41,000 then we looked at my data because I’ve been kind of I’ve really been trying to muster up as engaging of content I can on my Instagram account and on Facebook bordering on the lines of you know being kind of clickbait II kind of kind of baiting people into a little controversy and I did that on purpose because I really wanted to see like can I get as much engagement now for both of these it’s the exact same post it’s the same picture it’s the same text on both platforms published quickly to them one did not have a long life on one platform before it was published to the other they went up about the exact same time with a within a minute or two of a difference between them so that’s kind of what I mean semi-scientific it wasn’t perfectly matched all the time but it’s close enough for me for my data now for me on Facebook I have two thousand eight hundred and ninety four followers on my personal account and I have over eight hundred friends on Instagram I have two thousand three hundred and thirty six followers so the quick note there is I have about five hundred more followers on Facebook and if you count the followers and the fan and my friends together I’ve got about thirteen hundred more on Facebook so I have a larger presence I am connected to more people on Facebook for me the numbers were on the first post fifty-three likes on Facebook 120 likes on Instagram ten comments on Facebook forty-one comments on Instagram so I got over twice as many likes and literally four times as many comments on Instagram with a smaller audience the second post had 27 likes and on Facebook with 16 comments on Instagram it was 98 likes with 39 comments again more than double that’s almost 3x on the likes and that is more than double on the actual comments and engagements and then on the final one I had 70 likes on Facebook with 9 comments 136 likes on Instagram with 37 comments and that’s about double on the likes and it’s about 4x or so on the engagement so for me on the miles better brand where I have a personal Facebook page right I’ve just have a personal profile that is followed by 2,800 people and that’s 800 friends that is not getting anywhere near as much reach or engagement now I should say engagement cuz we don’t get the actual reach numbers in Instagram like you do see that in from a Facebook fan page so that’s the one data point I wasn’t able to get really clear data but in both situations for myself personal personal account with a personal Instagram and for my wife with a fanpage and a personal Instagram Instagram is absolutely dominating the engagement for organic traffic and organic reach in social media in 2018 so what does this mean for you well I don’t think this means ignore Facebook completely I don’t think this is full-on hashtag delete Facebook I think it just really warrants where your attention is most deserving one other note my wife’s demographic is much much older than my demographic my demographic it is much younger demographic YouTube says that I have a heavily male dominated from 18 to 34 year old kind of demographic my wife on the other hand is much older she’s in the 40s 50s and 60s women generally in their forties to 60s so I found it interesting that in both situations with both demographics the older ladies and the younger guys Instagram was a clear winner now I’m gonna continue to use Instagram as my main kind of initiation point for my content and I will continue to share some posts over to Facebook but the trend of how much reach we’re seeing how much engagement we’re seeing for the effort put in on Facebook is terrible it is not worth it in and of itself in my personal opinion in 2018 to be pouring resources time energy and literally creating content solely for Facebook because you will continue to see declining reach on your efforts and it’s all about getting that reach and engagement if you’re doing effort and you’re not getting engagement and reach that effort is not worth it and there’s higher uses of your time now with that said I do want to clarify I think it makes sense to still focus on Instagram as your number one initiation point for your social media content and then sharing it over to Facebook because there is clearly still some aspect or some kind of segment of our audience on Facebook who’s getting our content it’s just more of a byproduct right I would not recommend creating native content only for Facebook if you’re able to create it for Pinterest and Instagram and also get it onto Facebook that’s just a little site benefit and that’s all Facebook is today whereas a couple of years ago it was the behemoth in the room for organic social media traffic right now I’m getting more social media traffic from Pinterest than I am from from either Instagram or Facebook actually from both combined which is a hugely interesting note that trend has been strong for over a year and a half at this point and I really wanted to share these numbers with you so if you enjoyed learning about which platform is getting better organic engagement with organic content in 2018 give this video a thumbs up I do appreciate that leave me a comment if you have any questions share this video with anybody who’s engaged in social media marketing a social media manager just grab that URL up above good paste it in any groups or you can even embed this into a relevant post you have on your site whatever feel free to share this anyway you care to it does help me get the reach out which is my only goal here and that’s it I really thank you for your time be sure to subscribe if you have not already and I look forward to connecting with you on the next video because I got another great video coming out for you in a couple of days until then be well and I look forward to connecting with you on the next video

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