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From $0 – $10,000 Per Month – What To Expect Climbing The Stairway To Success

Okay, right… Attempt number two! Miles, and this video is going to help you understand exactly what it takes to go from zero to $10,000 per month online. Now, specifically whether you’re at the thousand dollars a month mark, the $3,000 a month mark or you’re at zero, you got to look at the path to generating lifestyle income. We’re talking $10,000 per month. Life changing income as ascending a staircase to the top of a skyscraper is the absolute best analogy. And that’s what we’re going to go through here on this video. Now if you’re watching after and you’re like miles, I didn’t get notified of the live video. You need to hit subscribe on the channel and then you need to click the bell icon and that bell icon is going to allow youtube to give you a notification when I’m going live. You also have to have notifications on, on the Youtube app, on your phone, but that’s how you’re going to be able to kind of get notified when I do these live streams. Um, we’ve got people streaming on from all over the country.

I’m all over the world. I’m excited to have you guys here. And again, the, the idea of this video is to make it really clear as to what kind of steps there are on the staircase of success. And I’m likening the whole path from where you’re at now, whether you’re on the ground floor or the first floor. We’re climbing a skyscraper here. The first piece of perspective that’s required is to understand that the average household income in the United States of America, okay, household, this means more than one income earner. This is on average, two income earners is somewhere in the mid $60,000 per year range. So if you are expecting to grow to $120,000 per year, right? That’s 10 grand a month times 12 months, you need to realize the perspective of that is that you’re going to be doing twice as good as the average. This is not an easy feat. This is not for the faint of heart. This is a monumental challenge and a monumental feat when it is done. But the path is proven, which is the cool part.

It just takes a little more energy and a little more effort than the fake Gurus, um, will tell you unfortunately. So that’s what we’re going to go through here. And what are the perspective I’m trying to give you is what are all the things you will have done by the time you get to that level in the skyscraper that is $10,000 per month, right? There’s a lot of stairs and then there’s a lot of those transitions and those, those little um, in between stares you get those little transitions where you get to turn around and go up the next part of the stair, the little flights of stairs. Okay. That’s what you end up doing in this, and I’ve covered in the last video that it’s audience growth, email list growth and offers. Those are really three of the main flights that you’ll end up going up.

And some of those are 10 story flights, right? So the first thing you will have done is you will have built a blog, you’ll have a wordpress blog. Maybe you chose to go with a landing page building software instead, like lead pages. But you’re going to have a website that you own, that you manage, that you populate content to. You’re going to have your terms of service, right? You’re going to have your, your privacy policies, you’re gonna have to figure out all these little bits and pieces to be in compliance. Whether you’re doing organic traffic or whether you’re doing, um, paid traffic, it doesn’t matter. You need to have these compliance components in. You will have published your first post. If you’re doing youtube videos, you will have published your first video, right? You’re going to have to break through that awkward feeling of, Oh, I’m on camera.

What am I doing? This is really, really weird. Um, and then you’ll have to publish your 10th post and your 10th video and your hundredth probably maybe your 500th by the time you reach the $10,000 per month income mark. Now, not everyone has to blog. You don’t have to do a youtube channel. You can go all in on paid advertising and you can spend thousands upon thousands of dollars testing ads, and if you go that route, you’ll have probably tested five, six, seven different landing pages. You maybe have tested four or five different opt in offers, and you’ve probably run dozens upon dozens upon dozens of tests on the individual ads. Again, I’m giving you perspective. Each one of these little things is just a step. Okay? Your first blog posts, which means you’ve got to go install wordpress, which means you’ve got to go to a two and get your hosting, which means you’ve got to get all of these, you got to install your theme, right? You got to get all these basic things.

Your site map has to get done. You’ve got to get Google analytics installed. If you’re going the Facebook paperclick route, you’re gonna have the pixel installed. These are each steps on that longer path, so you’re my first opt in, did not work. My second optin offer worked kind of. Okay? My third opt in offers, the one that did really well, that’s the one I still have live. It’s that miles back Forward slash free dash course. Um, it’s the seven step process. How I went from side hustle to a multimillion dollar business, and that one converts way better than the first two. But I had to build out that first one. I had to build the actual giveaway, I had to build out the landing page. I had to build the autoresponder sequence because it’s a different autoresponder sequence. And then I ran it and it flopped. It did terrible. So then I built out a second one a few months later when I had a little breathing room and I tested that and it didn’t really work that well.

So I built out yet another one. This one required me to hire graphics people. I hired a copy editor. I’m a proofreader for this one. I really spent a lot of time. I had a developer lay it out on my site and of course format. So this third one was a much bigger investment from me, but it seems to have really worked and now I can consistently funnel traffic over there with my videos on the path to generating $10,000 per month recurring. You’re gonna need to obviously sell things and at some point you’re going to get your first sale. And if you’ve already got your first sale, let me know in the comments that you’ve got your first sale and good on you cause that’s possibly the most difficult sale that you’ll ever get.

But then you’ll have gotten your second sale and your fifth and your 10th and your 50th and odds are on the path to generating $10,000 per month online. You probably have hundreds if not thousands of sales. Okay. Your first sale is just a step on that path. To that point, you might need a try. If you’re doing affiliate offers, you might need a test out dozens of different products. If you’re in the info product world, maybe it’s four or five before you find the offer that converts and and something that you really like. If you’re going the affiliate site route, you may have 50 to a hundred posts that are reviewing five separate products each. You could literally have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of affiliate links on your website to get yourself to that point where you’re generating a consistent $10,000 per month online. Maybe you’re a coach, you offer coaching, maybe you’ve got your own course that you’re offering, and then in this situation, you will have to have written your first sales page, right? So you’re gonna have to study copywriting.

You will written your first big headline, your big promise. You probably would’ve written 30 headlines to really dial this thing up and to test your way to success. You’re gonna write long copy. Maybe you make your first video sales letter. It’s probably not going to do that. Well, I’m going to be honest with you. That’s just the way it is. But then you write your second, your third, your fourth, and now you’ve got some things that are working. You’re starting to really get some things going.

On the copywriting side. You’ll have your first shopping cart set up. You’ll tie into your first stripe account and get your paypal account tied in. You’re then going to have to connect it to some sort of a learning management system. Whether you choose Thinkific like I did that I’m enjoying right now, or whether you use a wordpress system or whether you use something else and you just deliver it via email, it doesn’t really matter. Speaking of email, you have your email list set up at this point. You’ll have gone through multiple different auto responders. You have multiple different lists, multiple different opt-in forms. Are you noticing the number of steps that are between the ground floor and midway up this skyscraper? That’s the $10,000 per month mark, because the cool part is this skyscraper can take you to $100,000 a month, $300,000 a month. Those types of numbers are possible within this business model, and that’s the the, the kind of positive side of all this work is that your, your results compound. Whereas you might have a ceiling at your job of $120,000 a year. Maybe you could earn $300,000 per year, maybe you could earn $500,000 per year, but with this kind of a business, you could earn $3 million a year, upwards of $10 million per year.

So there’s no ceiling there. So all of these steps start to add up for you back to the selling your own products, you’ve got the learning management system. Not only do you have all these pieces for your first course that you’re selling, your first course might not be the one that works, right? And then you also might need a onetime offer and a OneClickUpsell and your free thing. So you’re kind of having to make at least three courses to even test. But if you have to do three of each of those, now you’re looking at the situation where you’re doing nine to 12 different variations of nine to 12 different courses.

This is a lot of work to get this done, but eventually you’ll find a combination of an opt in offer of an upsell offer, a onetime offer that seems to work really, really consistently. And then you just work on the traffic side of things. Whether you’re doing the youtube videos like me, I’ve got 547 videos. This is 548 I believe, video on my channel, right? Driving massive amounts of traffic here I’ve got 200 plus blog posts on my blog that connected me with about 25 to 30,000 people each and every month. Each one of those blog posts is something that took time to put together and keyword research and do all those bits and pieces and then I circle back around and re optimized them as I’ve taught in my advanced SEO courses. Um, this is really the process and I don’t want you to be daunted by this. I’m not doing this to make you feel like, Oh God, I started at like healthy perspective.

The right perspective can be healthy for you, right to know you’re on a long path. And the analogy here is if you’re entering a marathon, um, you better realize that this is a 23.4 mile race. Somebody is going to correct me on that cause that’s probably not it. But if you come out of the gates expecting this to be a 100 yard sprint and it’s a 23 mile thing, you’re going to die at mile 0.7, right? Cause you’re going to be sprinting full speed and you will run out of gas. And that’s what so many people do in this world.

They buy into the idea from the fake gurus and from Lambeau boy who’s making it sound, oh so easy to make $1 million. I got a lambo now and you could do this, do just buy my course and it’ll teach you everything. You’re just one funnel away. I promise. Just keep buying my funnel system that makes me millions and I promise you, you’re just one away. They’re selling you koolaid and the koolaid poisoned and the whole cult is killing themselves, unfortunately. So I want to give you some perspective so you can be aware and observe that there is some truth in that, right? Lambeau boy, what he teaches. There’s probably some good ideas in there, but what he teaches and how he teaches it is 100% designed for him to make Lambeau payments, mansion payments, and pay for his $4,000 oil changes that have to get done regularly.

Onset Lambo. Okay. The person teaching you that the funnels are the way and you’re one funnel away. They’re selling a funnel course. They’re selling a funnel software. They’re selling books on funnel, right? Let’s be honest about this. Now, there’s some truth in what they’re talking about. What I laid out here of having an opt in offer with an opt in page and an email Audra sponsor a onetime offer OneClickUpsell a shopping cart, a delivery system. You could call all of those pieces a funnel, right? I use funnels. I have successfully made millions of dollars running people through funnels structures. Do I buy that funnel system because I’m one funnel away? No. Do I need to have their two comma club? Do I need that plaque on wall behind me? No, I don’t need a plaque. I’ve got the numbers. I, I’ve got the bank statements for it, right? Like that’s all I care about. I’m not doing this for praise, praising to get walked across the stage in front of a weird cult.

I’m doing this to create a better life for my family. I’m doing this to pay off all debt, to put myself in a position to be able to live off of the interest in dividends from my for life. Whether the Internet business changes or not over the next five years. Right? I’m doing this to create a stable financial future here for myself into my seventies my eighties my nineties are we going to live to be 120 and life? I don’t know, but I might as well start saving for that because if it does happen, I would hate to have the potential physically to live to 125 years old. But I only had the mental bandwidth to plan earning enough income to be 70 and at 70 the technology was there. The capability was there to live healthfully to 120 but I was broke because I was dumb in my thirties and instead I drank beer.

I bend [inaudible] on Netflix. I played video games instead of building a business. Right? That’s my thought. That’s where I’m at in this world. That’s my belief and that’s what drives me forward. To continue to go up this staircase and see where this goes. So what I’m going to do is go into the questions from you guys at some point, but again, a little bit of perspective on this path. You will have published your first thing and odds are you’ll published dozens of things. I don’t care if those are ads, if they’re videos, if they’re podcast episodes, I don’t care if they’re wordpress blog posts. You will become a publisher on this process and it starts with publishing and your first thing you’ll get your first subscriber, whether that’s a email subscriber, which is absolutely going to happen on this path, a youtube subscriber, whatever it is, you get your first subscribers, your first podcast subscriber, you’ll get your first sale in there somewhere.

It could be an affiliate sale. It could have brought you $3 and 50 cents. It could be a 50 a hundred dollar affiliate sale. It could be your own course. It could be some of them are seven to $700. It doesn’t really matter the, the act of going through the process fully to where you start a marketing machine, you make offers, you grow list, you build a relationship, you make more offers and you actually make a sale. When you go through that whole cycle, once it all becomes believable. When you get that first check in the mail. I still remember mine back in 2003 I got these checks in the mail and it like it became real and my parents were like, where did that come from? I was living at home. They were like, what? What did you, they got this Internet thing that I’ve got going on. They’re like, wow, this stuff actually works. And it does. And it built a belief that’s fueled me through a lot of challenges because it became real. So you’ve got to make it real for yourself through that first sale.

You’ll send out your first broadcast email, they’ll get your first unsubscribers, you’ll probably get your first negative comments, whether it’s on your blog or a reply to your email, or whether it’s a troll here on youtube. Um, your first ad will probably go up. You’ll get your first refund requests. Those are no fun for creators. We pour our hearts and souls into these people. By you can track that.

They went through every single lesson. They probably downloaded everything. Every video you put up, and then they ask for a refund at the end, but you’re still gonna do it because we’re better than that. We’re above that. And you’re going to have to learn how to, with this, you’re going to have your first customer support issues. They’re not going to be able to download it because they’re on an iPhone. And Steve Jobs doesn’t allow you to download something to your iPhone.

So you as a provider have to make, help them realize how to get the content that they bought onto their iPhone. Okay? There’s all these things, um, your first refund at all of it. So there’s just, it’s just a series of firsts and when you look at it and it’s just what’s that next logical step? Well, where are you? Do you have an audience yet? Are you connecting with thousands and thousands of people per month right now? If not, that’s what you should be all in on is audience growth. If you’ve got a bunch of money laying around, you can use paid ads for this.

If you don’t have any money laying around, you should be doing content marketing, youtube videos, blogging or podcasting, not social media marketing that supports a content marketing strategy. But you need to be doing actual content marketing if you already have thousands and thousands of people. So right? If you have a thousand people a day, that’s 30,000 visits per month a visiting your something that’s 3000 per month, okay? So if you’re in that range between 3000 and 30,000 you need to start seeing your email list growing.

Are you getting 10 subscribers a day, which would be 300 new email list subscribers. If not, and you’re getting an audience growing, that’s the part of the staircase that you’re on. How do I make a more compelling opt-in offer? How do I make, how do I mail more? How do I do this email marketing game? That is absolutely the actual cash flow engine within these digital businesses. If you’ve got all of that going on, you’re getting tens of thousands of new people into your world. Your audience is growing by tens of thousands each and every day. Then you also are growing your email list by hundreds if not thousands of new subscribers each and every month and you’re emailing those people. Then you’re all in on monetization. What do these people want to buy? Because the cool part is every person on your list, everybody on my list buy stuff every day. People buy things. It might be lunch. It might be, this might be something from Amazon, so your audience is already buying things they believe are going to make their lives better.

You can connect them with other things or sell them courses and coaching. That’s going to help them get the results that they already want. They’re going to buy from somebody. It might as well be you if you build the relationship right. How do you do that? It’s the wording. It’s the copywriting. It’s the sales mechanisms. It’s the presentation. It’s the preframing. It’s the marketing. It’s the sales. Yeah, out page. It’s split testing your headlines. It’s optimizing your funnel. It’s the ots.

It’s the one click upsells. It’s all of it. It’s selling more to your past customers. It’s helping more of your leads become customers. It’s testing low dollar offers, big ticket offers. All of that requires testing and that is all on the path to generating $10,000 per month because honestly, you need to be making a lot of sales each and every day generate $10,000 per month. It’s dozens on average, right? If you’ve got somebody who can do the math for me on this, I’m gonna try it off the top of my head.

But if you make $100 per sale, right? You’re going to need a hundred sales a month to make 10 grand a month, okay? A hundred sales a month divided by 30 days, that’s on average three and a half a day, okay? If you 3.3 day or something like that and you’re selling something that’s 50 bucks or brings you a $50 commission and you’re just going to need a double it and you can do six sales per day, well to see six sales per day, you’re probably going to need something like 300 to 600 subscribers coming into your list every day, okay? Do you have that? No. Okay. Well, to get 300 to 600 subscribers on your list everyday, you’re probably going to need to be connecting with 3000 to 15 20,000 people each and every day.

Is your audience growth that large? No. Okay, so this is rough numbers that are going to lead you to that destination you want. Do be at and you just need a self, identify what step on that path you are on and go from there because you ultimately can go with this. Now I’m noticing a huge discrepancy between the number of viewers. I see the comments coming, nonsense stop. And we’ve got 15 thumbs up on here. So that’s an awkward ratio in my personal mind. If you do actually enjoy this kind of content, the thumbs up button is your way to let me know you appreciate this. I see a lot of people wanting questions from me. Um, I would love to jump in and ask some questions, but I would also love to know that you guys are actually appreciating this content because it’s Saturday morning.

I’ve got a lot of other things I could be doing. It’s blue sky. I’m close enough to a lake to be out on the water on my paddleboard faster than I could get to a grocery store. I’ve built my life in this way, on purpose, that 20 acres of trees that need tending and there’s a lot I could do but I want to take time to share what I’ve learned on this path. You know, when I was starting I, when I was starting online, I was always curious, there’s like two types of people, right? There’s people who seemed to teach. They would, they stopped doing what they did to make their money and they teach.

Um, there’s a guy who is just all about passive income, which is a total lie. And he started by selling architecture stuff like information for architecture people. And at some point he stopped doing that. He started being a make money online guru of kind of person. And you see this a lot and I always wondered why these people, if they were so good at what they did, did they have to start teaching it right? That though those who can’t do teach idea why they stopped doing their real business.

Cause my wife and I keep our real business. That’s our number one priority. This is a side thing for me, but I do realize at some point we get to a point in life where we actually want to give back. Right? I donate a lot to charity. Um, I want to do more donations to charity. That’s something I’m researching personally and you just hit a point in life where you do want to give back. And I didn’t believe that was a real thing back then. So that’s kind of what I’m doing right now. And I am going to jump into, um, some of these questions from you guys. I’m using the new, uh, system here in Youtube. So I’m also curious in the comments, has the stream been stable? Has it been glitchy at all? Cause man, some of the youtube streams have not been doing great recently. Um, John Warren, Christie, Lynn, Frederick, uh, Billy Vanilli, I like it. Billy, uh, Jeremy Ferguson, Chad Smith. Hey Wilson, man hunt over a hundred people on live right now.

Not to mention the thousands that are going to take to kind of watch this afterwards. I appreciate that. Now I’m going through to look for the questions. Um, Eddie Jackson wants to know why I always wear a cap. It’s branding. And ultimately in this whole process of what you’re doing, you need to build a brand, right? If you’re just another me too marketer, if you sign up for some system and join our forums and then you go sell our forums just like the person sold you and teach other people or by the funnel tools that go sell the funnel tool. And I’ll even give you the click and swipe funnels so you can use my funnels to sell. If you’re just another me too marketer and you ain’t got nothing different, nothing that makes you stand out visibly, audibly, your angle, your hook, anything about you, you’re just going to be a part of the noise.

Okay? There’s signal and there’s noise. And for in order to stand out from the noise, you need to have a brand. That’s what brands do great, right? The Coca Cola logo, you know it and you’ll see it in any country in the world. You know, it’s the color, it’s the topography, it’s the way it’s written. You just, you know what that brand is and this is a part of my brand and it’s done on purpose. And when I go on stage, I speak at very high end events sometimes, and it’s this same person because I’m bringing the same brand, it creates a level of trustworthiness. More specifically, I want to be kind of normal is what I’m, my goal is right a, I don’t want to dress myself up.

I don’t want to try to look fancier than I am. This is just me. I work in the yard a lot. I usually wear full room. I always got a hat on, man. I’m always trying to protect my nose, my face. Um, Sun radiation, we call them sunburns, but they’re really radiation burns. Let’s be real. Um, so that, that’s what I got 40 man. And it’s interesting, Eddie, with, with all of this information that I’m teaching, that’s the one question you have. It’s so crazy to me that the one question is like, why are you wearing a hat? Not How can I learn how to better my life? Or how can I learn how to make millions of dollars online? It’s, it’s why do you interest such an interesting, interesting question to have my man. But best of luck to you and everything that you get into from there. Um, thank you rag. The nuts off everybody already hit the thumbs up button. I appreciate that. So I’m going through the comments looking for questions. Um, so Anthony t says, because of you, I will be able to move to Germany and marry your future wife if you do this online stuff.

Right? Oh man, that’s the, that’s great to hear. I’m excited for you. Um, just keep, keep going with it. Um, Jersey City’s in the house. Um, Anthony t says you’re super afraid of the Internet. Business will change, but either way you’ll go for it. You don’t care. So change is inevitable in every aspect of life. These human bodies were in change nonstop.

Everything changes. Everything is always in a state of change. The moon cycles, right? Full Moon to new moon waxing and waning. The tides change. The rivers actually change their shape and their route over time. Go to the Grand Canyon. It’s a beautiful example of that. Everything is always in a state of change. So allow that to be what is, I think one key thing to keep in mind is that the internet is still in its absolute infancy. I mean, infancy in 20, 49, right? 30 years from now, people are going to look back and be like, man, I wish I would have started that business back in 2019 online. Boy Was it easy then? That was the easy days. We, I really don’t think the good old days are behind us by any means. I think this is the most exciting time to be alive in the history of the world. This is the most exciting time to be a creator, a publisher, someone who focuses their life energy on giving value and improving the lives of other, uh, others. We have the ability, I was looking for my cell phone.

Um, we have the ability today, uh, to reach billions of people through a few platforms, right? And most people are on one of five apps, uh, which is remarkable. And the potential you have the ability to create really high quality content. I mean, I’m in the boonies up here physically, right? My physical location, like this stream is amazing and I’m, I’m in the middle of nowhere, right? And I’m able to stream live to people all over the world. So it’s, it’s pretty remarkable. Um, I think that’s really cool. Um, I go, that’s why I don’t like the funnels guy. He’s annoying. That’s funny. Um, Michael Kessler says, I’m one of the rare decent marketers you see on the net. Everyone else is trying to buy into the one funnel away hype. And I think the hype is so disserving to you. You see there’s a truth in the world of selling information. 90% of people don’t even take the shrink wrap off a, they don’t even open the course.

Even even on the $2,000 courses and f every course vendor knows this, right? The people selling the thousand dollar funnel hacks courses and the, the super high end, they know for a fact that 90% of people don’t complete what they do. This is why they tried to get sneaky with a refund policy and I’m only gonna refund you if, you know, then they got this list that you go through every module and that you take all these steps and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

It’s because they know most people don’t, which means they’re consciously building their business on the debt of people they know aren’t going to take action. I don’t like that. I can’t live, I can’t sleep at night like that. I have a integrity is the word I would use. And so these people knowingly sell things that don’t work for most people and they make millions doing it. So I’ve to kind of shift that around in a way that works for me is I’m going to go ahead and just give as much away for free as I possibly can to help as many people as I possibly can and hopefully empower a few more people to actually take those steps.

Because if 90% aren’t going to buy anyways, I might as well just earn commissions on the recommendation recommended tools and the affiliate stuff that people actually do use. Um, I encourage you to be one of those 10% who take action. Most people don’t. Um, but it’s, it’s, it’s kind of crazy that that’s, that’s the reality of the world and I just don’t like that, that they know that they’re selling to people who aren’t gonna do it. They know that they’re just charging exorbitant prices. Um, I think it’s kind of narcissistic. Um, but that’s just, you know, to each their own. Um, and a lot of them, never mind, I’m not even gonna go there.

Um, Kyle, good to see you as well. Um, digital marketing preneur um, I’m happy to help, right perspective and when people try to make it sound easy, they’ll make the sales and they know that most people are going to take the action anyway, so they don’t care. They’re able to make their mantra payment in their Lambeau payment. But ultimately I feel when you have honest perspective of what it takes, the, the marathon idea, again, when you know that it’s a 23.4 or 24.2 or whatever that distance is over 20 mile race, we’ll call it. And you set a pace that’s going to get you through to the finish line, then you have a chance of surviving that race and making it through to the other side because that’s really what it takes to get up this staircase.

You’re just going to, you’re going to fall down a lot. You’re going to stumble a lot. Most of what you do isn’t going to work. Right. I would go as far as saying that nothing you do on the first time is ever going to work. Your first blog posts ain’t gonna make you money. Your first blog post isn’t gonna rank on the first page of Google. Your first ad isn’t gonna convert that well. Your first landing page isn’t going to work that well, but it’s a necessary step to getting to the ones that do because the things that convert well, the things that do connect with Google are based on iterating their based on attempt, analyze, adapt, attempt, analyze, adapt.

Right? So you do the best you can and then you pay attention how that worked, what to do. I don’t know. Then you make a new hypothesis. Well, I bet if I did it like this, it would have worked a little better. And then you take more action than you observe, right? And then you analyze and you think logic, this whole thinking thing, and then you’d take another action and then you observe and you analyze, and then you take a new hypothesis and then you take that action and it’s this path that ultimately gets you to where you want to be. Um, and I’m kind of hopeful that’s getting clear that I don’t really want this to be, uh, a Downer of like, oh, look at all the work we’ve got to do here. But it’s like freeing in the sense that I need to go make lots of imperfect action in lots of different areas. It’s not gonna work the first time. So when it doesn’t, you’re expectations are in the right place.

You don’t think you’re gonna make 10 grand a month in your first 30 days because you’re not, there’s probably anomalies out there who have, and that’s who’s on the sales pages. But me, it took me from when I made my first money online in oh three, it took me until about, I would say 2015 to make 10 grand a month online consistently. So those 12 years, right? This new brand, the miles back, their brand that you’re watching, it took me about 18 months and I started this brand in 2006, 18 months to get to the 10 grand a month each and every month.

Mark, why did it take me 18 months to s time? Cause we did with my wife’s business too versus the first time. Okay. Um, it’s because I had done it a few times and I knew what the path was and I didn’t stop when I hit that first kind of like, oh man, that didn’t work. Ooh, I better not do that again. That felt really awkward. I was like, no, no, no, no video. Didn’t work. Do another one. Video didn’t really work. Do another one thing. That one worked and it just, it was more of that kind of commitment to fast iteration too. Fast trial trial trial trial observed. Trial trial, trial observed. Um, so that’s kind of what it means. Um, on what Ma, how’s his account? We appreciate. Cool. I’m glad you guys are enjoying this.

How much do I charge for a five hour mentoring session? Um, it’s just not available. Like you can’t buy five hours of my time cause there’s, is, it would be tens of thousands of dollars, right? If somebody wanted to fly me to their office, like you’re going to have to do, I would say it’d be about a $25,000 for a day experience to bring me out. Plus you’re paying business class and, and all for my wife and I both, um, and some really nice places is the only way. I don’t like travel. I don’t really like getting on the phone with people. So, um, I’ve built my, my world around that, so I Derrius the saying it’s super choppy. John Davidian says is choppy. Interesting. Um, Stasia Kennedy, what’s up, met you at the event, high five to you and you always wear a flower in your hair every time.

That’s it. That’s a part of your brand and that’s a great idea to have that. I’m sad to hear that. Okay. So some people have very stable and clear. Some people have a very good, gee, I wonder if the Stream is more about your bandwidth than my bandwidth. I’m so appreciate the content. I’m glad you’ve appreciated the content. Um, best of luck with you, Professor Health Austin. Um, what software are you using for live stream? This is just youtube native.

Um, the new one, they’re forcing us on, I think it’s called camera, um, signals and streaming of perfect. Thank you Kevin. Um, the brand that shows up the most for the longest period of time when Stasia Kennedy, that’s it. 100%. And like if I ever show up like without a hat or imagine me, right? So imagine I get booked for a speaking gig and I go and I’m just like super clean cut, no hat, suit and tie three piece, just looking like I’m balling.

They’d be like, who the fuck is this guy? Like look who got fancy all of a sudden, right? Like miles is no longer a real person. So it’s, and it’s something that you need to kind of think about. And for other people who that is their persona, they’re always wearing the three piece suit. Good for them. Like there’s, there’s a space in the world for all types of brand. Um, I grew up in a poor working class family. My Dad used to have to go to the pawn shop to palm things to get rent money. Um, like it, that’s where I grew up. I’m a blue collar kid, right? I still work on my own cars cause I love it. There’s something about it. Um, I do a lot of, I like, I like tinkering. I, I’m my, I got farm boy roots right? And I kind of want that to come through, uh, because it is my truth and I just want to wear that on my sleeve though a little bit, if you will.

Um, so how much money should you invest per month to become a top 10 marketer, John Warren? Like, why do you want to become a top 10 marketer? Like what does that even mean? Like who are the top nine marketers? Like, I don’t even know what that means. So just get, get really clear about specific goals. I’ve got three or four videos on this channel about goal setting that, that if you don’t get more clear with your goals, you ain’t going to get nowhere. Um, how much money would it take to become a top marketer? Like millions, billions. I don’t know. Like you really want to go up against Jay Abraham and like most of the, you know, funnel boy and, and like Lambeau boy aren’t even on the top 10 lists.

There are some badass marketers that you probably have never even heard of because they’re, they’re on that level. Like they’re there in the realm of what you don’t even know. You don’t even know. They’ve made hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars with what they do. Mark Ford with a Gore financial, they do like a half a billion dollars a year selling information. That dude is a beast. Um, I have no clue what it would take to get to where he’s at. I would think tens of millions of dollars, um, of right people around you to get there. But why would you want to be a top 10 mark? I don’t even know what that means. So, um, so Jerry Ferguson, you’re still having trouble finding your niche. At some point you gotta choose something, man. You gotta just make a choice because all these steps we’re talking about, you’re just standing there at the choose a niche stare and you’re just staring at the rest of the, of the left of the stairwell, right? My first niche, I was in the poker niche.

Uh, poker chip palace, uh, was a side I tried to build for awhile. Um, get rich someday was a site I tried to build back in the day. PLR articles. Dot Com is a site I owned and operated and sold at one point. Uh, I mean, just dozens of things I’m not doing anymore. But each one of those I learned something. So you make the best idea decision. You can go, look, I did that video where I talked about the site that sells the sites. Go look at what they’re putting up those niches. And if you can’t afford a premade done-for-you affiliate website, just look at what they sold, look at the types of niches, and just choose one of those if you need to, right? Just start. You got to get motion. You’re not married to your niche forever. It’s not set in stone with cement. It’s, it’s something that is malleable and that can change and it might be helpful to think of it as a vertical and not a niche. I’m going to do a video on this soon.

Um, you know, like a, the idea of, so electric lawn mowers is a niche, but the vertical could be like green yard care, right? And so what it does is it opens me up a little bit to where if the electric lawnmower, if I can’t rank or it doesn’t work for some reason, I can always go try string trimmers or electric edgers or electric leaf blowers or all of the other green yard technologies. And it gives me the ability to adapt. It also gives me the potential to scale, right? It would allow me to, if I kind of get 430 blog posts about electric lawnmowers, cause I would, I would expect to be about 500 blog posts before I really can’t figure out what to put content out on. Then I could go into the next one in the next one, build a site that has, you know, 2000 posts on it over the next 10 years. And why would I choose lawn care? It’s guy, I got 20 acres and I’m always out in law and I’ve already broke.

I literally broken electric lawnmower a, it’s still on the return policy, but it’s literally like kind of broken and I’m going to return it. Well that’s great content. I’m putting these things through a test. So just looking at your world, what do you, what are you working with? What do you, um, what do you kind of on at this point and what’s around, what’s going to be around your life for the next three years type of situation. Um, Benjamin, good to hear. Things are looking good in Hawaii. I’m curious, what island are you on? I’ve been to a Wahoo, uh, Maui in Hawaii and um, boy they’re all amazing in their own way and I want to go to the big island next. And um, yeah, kind of always thought about getting a little spot in Hawaii is a second home. But, um, how was it starting business with my wife? What’s the biggest challenge and benefit? Can Kevin, Andrea, Andrea? Um, communication is the biggest challenge and being patient enough to communicate with each other and to take the time to communicate and also to kind of have a nonbusiness time, time in the garden, time, paddleboarding, time, camping time away.

Um, we can have like a real life as well, you know, balancing, all of that was challenged. But the other side of it is when we both get kind of like motivated and fired up that mastermind principle that Napoleon hill talks about, um, boy, we can create so much, we can get a synchronicity going. Um, we can create a momentum together that, that, uh, solopreneurs without a partner at that level, um, don’t have that opportunity. So it comes with challenges. It’s not for everyone, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know some other husband and wife business couples that, um, they wouldn’t have it any other way. And then I know people who are like, how do you work with your spouse? We would kill each other. And I’m like, Oh God, that you probably not with the right person if you would kill each other. Um, you made that decision, you made that bed, so you enjoy sleeping in it type situation. Um, by the way, um, your friends, Sakura runs a small nonprofit and Phoenix feeding poor kids.

You prepares bags of healthy food for them, so they’re not hungry on the weekend. It’s called caring coalition. I’m gonna write that down. I appreciate that. Um, CEO a. L. I. T. I. O. M. You know, one thing we’ve started doing, um, the homelessness in America is getting very noticeable. Uh, I would say like, I went to Venice beach in Venice beach was a tent city. Um, and I’ve been blessed, right? There’s a combination of hard work, of skill, of luck. Um, I’ve been blessed in this life and I always wonder about giving cash directly. I’ve had some interesting and odd experiences, uh, with money and, and homeless kids. Actually some of the young kids in Ashland, Oregon. That was a, it was a terrible experience. And then I’m also observant of like, you know, sometimes I see like $100 sunglasses, like von Zipper sunglasses.

I see $150 Merrill shoes and the sign saying that I’m broke, I ain’t got nothing for my kids. And I’m like, that doesn’t match. Right. But then every once in a while you see somebody who’s got like literally holes in their shoes and you can just tell like, so there’s this, this weird scales. What I’ve started doing is carrying um, food, like little snack bars, organic low sugar, healthy snack bars, and we give two snack bars away. I want to start doing ’em like gallon Ziploc bags and put like a pair of socks. A razor is like, like a bunch of travel stuff. Cause in some of the towns I live in, um, up in kind of northern Arizona, there’s a transient population. And to be able to give out these bags of bottled water. Um, yeah, like I think it would be kind of cool hand sanitizer and some, some basic stuff I think so. I don’t know. But thanks for the tip on that. I’m gonna look into that some more.

Um, how have you overcome a business that has plateau? Just kept going, man. Like the, the, the world is huge, uh, at this point in time. So new traffic sources, new offerings, new funnels, um, what side of the equation do you want to work on so you can scale the audience growth, you can scale the list growth and the list kind of connection through more emails. You can scale the pool products that you’re offering through making more offers. I mean, we’ve scaled into Pinterest massively. We reach millions of people a month with our pins on Pinterest. Millions of them at one point, organic on Facebook was really hot. Um, for the email list.

We started mailing every day, right? Went from mailing a couple of times a week to every single day that things up massively. The offers now were we’re testing new front end offers, we’re testing new back end offers, we’re testing high ticket offers, surveying people, what do you want to buy? Asking them what they want. We’re promoting more um, affiliate stuff from Amazon started for money. Like jewelry is something because that’s what her audience wants. It’s like everyone on your list and your audience buys stuff every day. What are they buying? What do they already want? You know, and that that’s the thought of like a vertical versus a niche is. So someone who gets in to your ecosystem based on the electric lawn mower review you did well, what else are they going to buy? Like obviously like if they’re buying an electric lawnmower, there’s, I mean everything from Wieden seed to edgers to garden sheers.

I mean like the, the world of that person who bought a lawn mowers probably significantly broader than a mower. Right? They aren’t done there. There’s lots of other things to sell them and might as well, since you have the trust, the relationship might as well sell them more of what they want. Um, so what’s my favorite marketing stack online from Abel? So right now on the higher end of selling our own products, I’m using lead pages on the front end, Sam Cart in the middle and then Thinkific on the back end. And it is a dream system to work with. Um, so that’s, that’s I’m all about it right now. Somebody who’s just starting out, you go straight to teachable miles. for us, I should teachable is my affiliate link. Um, you can set up your first course for free. You can start selling your first course for free.

They don’t even take a percent, um, when you want the ability to like email their people, your, your people broadcasts you need to add on, but you could link them over to your, um, email system from there. So I think, I mean like, I’m just, I’m, I love wordpress. I love how much traffic we drive from wordpress. But using wordpress as a, um, funnel and as a shopping cart system and as a learning management system with a multimillion dollar a year business, like three year, 3 million, $10 million a year business, it’s, it just hits its breaking point at that point. And you want to build a $500,000 a year business on wordpress. It works really well, but there is a point where it gets a, it kind of dies down from there.

Um, finally got over, got one tribe counseling, finally got over your internal block of speaking to the camera and you started recording videos. Good on you. Just run with it. You’ll be amazed at what you create. Um, 104 people. I welcome you to the stream. If you’re just jumping in, I’m going through question and answer. Um, if you want to get notified when these streams come on in the future, which I do live streams randomly, I was just like, I’m going live and showered, shaved and did it. Um, hit the subscribe button if you haven’t and when you have hit the bell and what that’ll do it, it’ll allow your phone or your youtube app to send you a notification when I go live. Uh, you might need to turn the app notifications on obviously.

Uh, but that’s, that’s how you get notified when these come on. Cause all my lives start with a teaching or a training, which you’ll be able to watch after the fact. And then I usually go into the Q and a. So John Warren, I’ve been trying to earn money online since oh seven. You haven’t made a penny yet. You feel burned out. Do you have any advice for you to get a return on your investment? Fastest way to get return on investment. I don’t know what you’ve done, right? Like clearly there’s something missing if you’ve been 12 years and you haven’t made a penny. Um, there’s some gigantic piece of the puzzle.

So you’re either going from thing to thing to thing to thing. I would ask you to self audit. How many webinars have you watched in the last month? I would recommend you unsubscribed from everyone who is trying to sell you something because your inbox is your to do list from other people, right? They all want to get money from you and you need to guard your attention like a frigging Samurai and you need to set up a plan and execute the plan relentlessly because I guarantee you haven’t been doing one thing since oh seven had you, whatever that first thing you did was think back. I don’t care what it was, I don’t care if it was bath bombs or power cables for laptops. I literally don’t care what it was. I’m looking at my power cables, how I came up with that. Brilliant idea. Um, if you were still doing and putting out content, several pieces of content a week, emailing your list multiple times a week, testing new offers on whatever that first thing was that you first did, you would absolutely be making $10,000 per month right now, undoubtedly 12 years.

One thing. I guarantee you would have stumbled through the law of large numbers on something that worked and had you the wherewithal to just keep doing what worked. You would be crushing it right now. So that’s what I think is the challenges you’ve jumped around. Now, if you know how to rank a site on Google, if you know how to publish content on wordpress, which you should, you should have html skills. At this point, you should know how to customize wordpress themes. If you’ve been doing this seriously for 12 years, you’ve been inside of this and you, you will have these skills, okay? You should know how to write great emails that convert people like these are the skills that you’re building or 12 years goal.

Apply them to local businesses. Find a local business who wants more customers and leads from the Internet and sell your services to them. That’ll be the absolute fastest way for you to recoup that investment because you probably know more about the marketing world than most people. Then choose a niche. Start building the site and don’t stop till you get where you want to be and ignore all the noise, right? Just commit to a plan and stick with it and you will eventually get there. I’m Kyle Austin. Andrew says, when starting out as an affiliate marketer, how do you record youtube videos without a script? A, when you use a script, you sound pitchy and you can’t talk fluidly.

Yeah, just go. So don’t try to sell things. Okay. Educate people. People are on Youtube. Youtube is the how to search engine. How to blank, how to, how to make a quilt, how to crochet, how to change a faucet, how to lay vinyl plank, laminate flooring, how to stretch carpet, all the little household things that I’ve gotten going on here. How to change a GFC outlet. Uh, right. That’s I, I go to youtube for each and every one. Those, I don’t want to read a blog post on how to do hardwood floors or vinyl plank floors in a bathroom. I just want to watch somebody do it cause I want to see it in action. So understanding why users use youtube as key. And then you have to put out educational helpful content, right? If you’re, if you’re putting out content to get is never going to work, you gotta put out content to give.

Have you heard a pitch in this video? Now we’re 45 minutes in and guess what? There ain’t a pitch coming cause I don’t need to get anything from you. I’ve got a multimillion dollar business I’m here to give to you. Why do you think my channel scaled to 100,000 subscribers in under three years? Any ideas? Maybe a little clue. It’s because I do nothing but give. Okay? So you have to take that approach and that’s why you’re trying to force yourself to sell. So just educate them and just start turn on the camera. The faster you get to a hundred videos, the faster you get to be uncomfortable on camera because by the time you’ve done it a hundred times over, it’s difficult to be uncomfortable in that process.

Okay? You might still not stumble over your words so you can go to, toastmasters is a local public speaking thing. You could probably enroll at a local college, at a local community college into public speaking classes. Um, get into a local community colleges debate club or something, debate classes. Uh, there’s, I mean, have you read the books on how to speak public speaking? Have you gone to public speaking course? There’s like just, just do the work, right? Like you just got to kind of get through to the point where you get through it.

But, but I think ultimately focusing on helping people is really one of the biggest keys. Um, Michael, I’m glad. I’m glad that’s our connection point, man. That’s pretty fantastic. So hold on. Uh, comments. I gotta like my scroller bars all weird. Okay, there we go. So, Hey, one of my favorite, oh no. Uh, what do I think is best side hustle to do online? If you currently have a mobile phone and no computer, is it even possible? For sure. Youtube start youtube videos, start teaching people stuff to do through youtube on a mobile phone. Um, Ebay, you could sell stuff. The ebay app is amazing, right? So I’ve got a tape measure here cause I’m working, I’m just painted this whole floor and we’re working on things. So I’m always hanging. Uh, so like I could on Ebay, the Ebay app, I could figure out how much this is going for and I could list this thing on the Ebay app, take pictures on the Ebay app, do 100% of it on the Ebay app.

And this thing is money, right? And then I can look at how much my selenites worth and I could do the same thing. And I get my crystal, my court’s point right here, right? What’s this thing work? I don’t know, 150, 200 bucks, something like that. Like I could sell this thing on Ebay straight from my phone. I’m so just hustling, right? Like you can just start hustling things. Uh, you could get things from Facebook. Uh, so generally you can go into the craigslist free.

You can find all the free stuff that has value. Go pick it up, bring it home and listed on Facebook marketplace and or Ebay. If it’s easy to ship listed on Ebay. If it’s difficult to ship, you can listen on Facebook marketplace. I’m like, there’s a side hustle, right? They’re 100% done from your phone. Hustle up enough to get a laptop, right. Um, also go to the Burke and library. You have a library near you. You can get to a library. So go to library and you have access to a computer. Jay Barnum, who’s probably not on here, who does the seven figure moving academy. His story is such that he had no money, had no job, moved back of those parents, didn’t have a computer and went to the library, wrote a craigslist ad, had a truck or he had access to a truck.

I don’t even know his truck. Probably wasn’t even his truck. He was down on his luck. Um, I will move your stuff. Call me phone number. It was probably a little bit better than that. And he publishes it from the Frickin Library computer that he had 15 minutes on. And guess what? Somebody hired him and then guess what happened? Somebody else hired then guess what happened? Somebody else hired him. Now what’s going on? He runs a business that’s made millions of dollars moving people in the greater Detroit area and he’s got a channel now that he’s teaching how to do it also. Right. Um, so just, just, it’s time to turn off youtube in that situation and go, Huh? I get the hustle on.

Um, when starting out as an affiliate marketer. Oh yeah, yeah. We already covered that one. Right? Can I use, oh, I can use it. The down Arrow. Gosh. 550 videos in and I’m still learning the stupid little stuff. How you guys like that? Um, [inaudible] John, I’m, I’m happy this is helpful for you. Uh, Benjamin Garcia. Do you focus on building your, Ooh, that just jumped, um, join up. Gosh. Thank you very much. 40 rubia tip. Um, love you from India. That’s awesome. I’ve got nothing but love for India. Um, love your cuisine. Love your cuisine. So easy for a vegetarian to just get down at an Indian food restaurant. I grew up in Silicon Valley and um, a town called Fremont in the East San Francisco Bay area.

Um, it’s been called little Pakistan and it has a, um, like there’s a very high, uh, population of Indian and Pakistani engineered ears for all of the Silicon Valley. So all the local restaurants in my neighborhood, if you go on Netflix and what’s popular near me, it’s all Bollywood movies. So I grew up just eating Indian food. Oh my gosh. Like, like real actual like Auntie and grandma style Ohio.

I frigging a random tangent. I love it. Um, so Adrian, great question man. So Adrian saying thoughts on Patrion as a primary monetization method on youtube. You’re thinking once you hit around 10 k subs, you will start one. You feel better about that then courses only run a thousands of those up. So, uh, Andre Chaperon just released a course recently where he kind of recommended that path as the early path. He makes it Kinda seem like a stepping stone. So I’ve actually looked at what I’ve got going on in the CNC membership and I was like, man, I could have probably done a patriot move with that.

So right now I’ve got like a $97 a month thing and that’s it. But I’m, I’m realizing more now than I did back then that most of my audiences knew. And if I had a patriot on right now that was like a $5 level, buy me a cup of coffee and then I had a $20 level that was a bonus video every month of two bonus videos every month for $20 level. I think I would probably be able to scale more people into that. Um, then the whole sales process. So I do believe that there is potential there, but it’s, it’s about the offer, right? You still got to craft a great offer that is going to give people more of what they want. So try to survey your audience in and like randomly, like I’m great way to do a survey if you’ve got a thousand subscribers is like, you know, do a video where you’re like, Yo, I’m here to help you guys.

Like what do you want? What do you want? Like you, you do these biohacking experiences type things and like, like what do you want to learn about like Wim Hoff, this, that like, like ask them and try and get them in the comments. Try to do a live or some sort of an event where you kind of get that banter going to understand what people want more of. So my last two videos on this channel one was how to make your first thousand dollars online.

A my most popular video ever growing video I think I’ve ever had. Um, out of three years, 550 videos in and I finally have one and it’s still like 5,000 views in a week. My wife gets like 20,000 views in two days on her videos on average. So it’s still tiny, right? Cause a, the make money online internet marketing space is actually a really small space. But would it told me definitively through data, because when you ask people, it’s one thing if you asked somebody, pull out a credit card, that is some seriously good data. But it really proves to me that more of my people are beginners than advance. I know there’s some advanced people in here, but more of my people are beginners. Uh, and then I did that next video, which was another 10 kv and this one, the zero to 10 [inaudible] and I’m just analyzing through the data of like, okay, this is what people want.

So what I would do in this situation, knowing this kind of data, like doing this consciously on purpose to see what feedback was from the algorithm, I would make sure my patrion is somehow tied to what I just learned about this. Okay. So look back through your best performing videos and like how do you create a community and a culture around some of those ideas that are hottest for you. Um, and obviously you got to give extra content somewhere. I think it’s a good idea. It’s um, interesting. Um, top 10% marketers still know that miles name on the top 10 marketer list. Gerald, I appreciate the flattery that I taught him. Marketer. I’m just a helpful dude online. Um, how often should you be sending messages to your email as date and w I would try every day, right? Like, see what that does. And then if you need to back off, do six days a week, you back off from there, do five days a week. I wouldn’t go much below that. I didn’t even get my list today.

I was going to email them about this live, but I didn’t. Um, give me a thumbs up if you’re enjoying this by the way. So Stasia says I have a problem focusing too, should I focus on quality content versus quantity, right? So there’s that blend in there that is absolutely key. And Adrian, who are just talking to a minute ago has kind of made that connection to he a relatively slow frequency. I don’t even like saying that because it sounds almost dry. Does not, it’s, he is going to prioritize. That’s the right verbiage. He’s going priority quality, which means his productions are gonna take longer preproduction during production and postproduction. Therefore he is not going to publish as many videos.

And he’s okay with that because the quality is going to be great on each one. And that’s what he likes to do. And that’s what response. And there’s absolutely an argument for that. So kind of test it, right. I would make sure you have a committed deadline and frequency because deadlines are sometimes the only thing that get us to turn on the camera. It would have been easy for me to do anything other than this video today had I not had my three videos a week commitment that I’m still sticking to through the end of the third year type thing.

So, um, yeah, yeah, test both. How do you improve quality and still keep your frequency going? That’s, that’s one of the questions I would be asking myself. Um, and see, I have a niche but very little technology. You’re starting this late in life. You want to be able to work from anywhere in the world. Cool. So learn one new publishing skill, podcasting, youtube being or blogging, one of them all in, you’ll figure it out.

You can still learn new things like I know people in their sixties and seventies. So Colonel Sanders, the guy who invented KFC and took that, I mean there’s a multibillion dollar company. Um, he was in his sixties when he started it. He shopped it around to dozens, if not hundreds of investors who all said no. And sure enough k’s KFC is a thin white persistence, persistence and just know it’s going to take hard work and it’s worth it because you’re going to get to give value to other people and it can be really fun, which is cool. Um, can I get that there? I’m asking you is a tattoo lots of time and effort team to be anywhere. Um, so if I did a video on finding good partner and went into that topic, you’d be interested. So I don’t know.

I’m like, I found my wife at real estate school, right? Like I don’t know if I would ever, I tried partnerships with other people. People talk a lot of game, but when it comes down for them to try to keep pace with me and try to keep up and I’m doing 70 hour weeks and they think somehow like 30 hours a week at part time is acceptable as an entrepreneur.

And I’m doing 70 hours a week that that does not work. Um, people want the result. People want the successful business. Very few people are willing to do what it takes to get there. So I wouldn’t look for a partnership. I wouldn’t try to go out down that path unless there was some incredibly advantageous reason why. If you do, make sure you find somebody who has the opposite, um, brain style as you, if you’re a creative, a visionary, a fast start, you need someone who is a organized, see things to the end, kind of a person. A the Colby exam is when you can take to kind of learn that about yourself.

Um, I’ll go a when will there be news on the new CNC event is tomorrow. It’s all up in the, it’s all up in the forums. My man, uh, Judy hand, do I offer a course? I do not. Um, wow. Jadah Palmer, you are done. That’s awesome. Um, and you’re done from the channel. So cool. Interesting that people just like to throw out randoms. So Mike [inaudible] Sperry, I not long ago started a podcast where I plug the name here.

We’d love to be the gas you had Neil Patel on recently. Cool. Yeah, no, I’m Michael get in touch. And Tiago, I saw your message. Let’s, let’s do that. I’m, I’m at a point now, so, um, will get you into my a actually no. So I’m Michael, I go to Myles, Dr Com, click podcasts up top on the navigation and then on that page there’s a process for getting in touch with my assistant who will kind of get you in touch with us here. Um, Orlando, you crossed the one k mark on subscribers. That is awesome. I’m excited to hear that. Um, now do you separate out your online and Youtube business for your brick and mortar practice? Like I don’t make sweeping broad, intense decisions like that. Just keep evolving.

Let’s just see where it goes. Keep doing what got you there. Look for new ways to optimize it. Allow the youtube to build your local practice, but make sure you’re building your youtube in a way that it could somehow stand alone if you ever want to let go of the practice. But ultimately you just keep giving them value. Like just, just see where it goes. Don’t try to declare the direction from where you’re at. Try to just keep going, keep giving value and observe what’s working the best and do more of that. And again, it’s action, analyze, kind of hypothesize, action, analyze, hypothesize, action, analyze, hypothesize. Right? So you’re, you’re, you’re not a thousand subscribers. Keep taking actions, look through your data.

What are the best performing videos that you have? What were the fastest growth videos that you have? Do more of that. Um, and then, yeah, fine. I love finding ways to marry online and offline. I think that’s really, really powerful. Um, can you post the same videos on two different channels? You know, I, I wouldn’t, um, personally I would do a separate, uh, video on that personally for the second channel. But, um, you could try, I’ve never done that. Any advice for a non native English speaker who wants to make videos, make videos in your native language? Like literally, like, don’t think that there’s some magic here in the English market. It is a big market. Um, but ultimately there’s way more competition in this market then the other languages of the world. I don’t know exactly how many other languages to compare it to.

But if I was a native Spanish speaking individual, I would be teaching everything I’ve learned through that language to people in my, you know, the goal is to help people. Right. So, um, yeah, be a, be a star in your backyard is the way I like to say. Um, oh Michael High Five. Thank you for uh, the, the tip and the, the kind of heads up and the, the kind words. I do appreciate that. What I recommend a monthly membership over launching, uh, and promoting a course. So Dita like a membership is harder to sell a membership. It’s harder to people keep people on of course is generally a little easier to sell, but yet you’re not going to have that recurring income. So do both eventually. Right? Start with one test one, get both going. Find a way to get both.

It’s good to have both types of income in your business. Um, so Seton luck says great blog post right up on setting up WP and thrive. Yup. That’s on the blog. It’s now on the navigation. I put it on the navigation, how to start a blog. It’s, I’ve been looking around at what ranks for how to start a blog.

And like, man, I, nobody, nobody, nobody gives you the details. Everybody’s talking in abstraction and like, oh, you need to think about blah blah blah. And it’s like, no, like click here, go there. And it’s just, so I put up this new how to sort of blog post that. Like literally if you go to miles it’s on the navigation. Um, it’s like, just go here, buy this, go, you know, you gotta get hosting. I show how to get hosting and then it’s like arrows and screenshots all the way through step by step, by step by step. Because we just set up a blog and I was like, I had my team who did that. It was like, follow the process, take screenshots of every step. We’re teaching how to do this. And um, that’s kind of what we did. Uh, untapped healing. Um, what’s my recommendation for the Best Bang for your buck? Step-By-Step Amazon FBA course. And can you sell the same product outside FBA with commerce? I don’t know nothing about FBA. I won’t do it.

I don’t touch it. I got a lot of friends who have done it and they all want to sell their stores. They’re all scared that Amazon’s going to white label them or, or knock them out or they’re going to lose the, the buy button on page or any, they just have stress everywhere. I knew this one kid who was from, from New Zealand, um, he, he was making like 16 grand a month supposedly, but as money was always tied up on a ship between, uh, his fulfillment center in the U S and China and his, it was like a 30 day a delivery for his products.

And then they got there, they got them fulfillment, they got listed and at that point he had just sold out. So all the profit he had, he had to put back in in China to get more manufacturing made. And like his money was like always tied up. So he was making money but he was just reinvesting it, dumping it in. He sold that. He sold that for um, a few hundred thousand dollars and he was so happy to get out from that bit. So don’t, I don’t know. I don’t, I’m not a fan of FBA business. I don’t know anything about FBA business. I would avoid the 17, 10,000 in the $4,000 courses. I’m sure there’s somebody out there who is teaching a how to do it for free. Just, just start. Just, just go, like, just start. It’s amazing what you’ve learned by doing.

Um, let me get my little cursor here. [inaudible] if I don’t answer your question because you can’t [inaudible] just call me Mary. Hi Mary. I don’t see your question now. Um, wow. Just jumped ship huge too. I sell more in depth course. I don’t, I don’t, I don’t want to sell courses. I promote a couple of courses. You can find them on my main site, but I’m like, yeah, I don’t, I don’t want to create courses.

I don’t want to deal with shopping cards. I don’t wanna write a sales page. I don’t want to deal with customer support inquiries. I don’t want people to bootleg my course, which would be inevitable. I don’t want, I just, I don’t want any of it, so I’ll just give it away for free. And what’s funny is a lot of people don’t value the free information as much as information they pay for. That’s the, the idea. But 90% of people don’t value what they pay for because they don’t open it. Right. So that’s a, that’s just something people who like taking advantage of others tell themselves and sell themselves on. Um, so I just give it away for free and you can just take action and piece it together a if you want or so.

So Jay Carlos was asking, um, is thrive themes to my goto or a Sam Cart? So thrive themes and Sam Carter totally different. They don’t do the same things, right? Thrive themes does not have a shopping cart. Sam Cart is a shopping cart and it doesn’t have a blog feature. So they, they serve different purposes. Um, if you’re asking about thrive cart and Sam Cart. Um, so I still use thrivecart for my membership program, but Sam Cart for just my, my wife’s main business, just mainly to consolidate things. Um, they both work. Sam Part’s great. Uh, and his feature rich and his functionality and all it can do, but it’s expensive. It’s very expensive. Um, the east or plugin on on a wordpress is super simple, super cheap.

We sold our first 300, 200, $300,000 worth of stuff on a $50 plugin, a one time fee plugin. Um, Orlando neurotherapy I’m, I’m glad that’s been helpful. Um, cool checking. Yeah. Which as you know, Eben Pagan talks about finding people who match traits. Yeah. And you don’t always want people to match your traits. Kramer, you want, you want the opposite. So like, I’m a visionary and I got this guy, he’s got a partner, he’s a teammate of mine. I pay him. He’s on retainer.

He does all my integrations. And he is, he’s an engineer by trade. He’s in his fifties. He’s an ex electrical engineer. He does a lot of advanced marketing integrations. He’s a coder, a software coder, PHP, just all code. He gets it all. So he has his analytical way and I’ve got these ideas of like, why can the system not do this? Or I need a software that’s gonna help people take this and then get that and then do this.

So they end up with this result and he can code it. Right. Cause I don’t think in terms of code, I think in terms of results, I have a vision for where I wanted to go and he’s like, oh well if we pulled all the data from there and put it into a database and then we can take the tables and then I could analyze the tables and we could print out blah, blah, blah, and then we can color code and do to do.

And that’s working really well because we have very different ways of looking at the same thing. Um, where he’s very strong. I’m very weak where I’m very strong. He’s kind of weak. Um, you know, I usually do the user interfaces cause he creates tools that are bare bones. Um, and I’m like, well, if we, you know, like maybe you put this headline here, I do screenshots and mock ups and it works. Um, so Rosemary’s says you’re 70 and you’re learning all the way. That’s awesome. Um, long live. Wow. Chinese me more freedom. Oh, that’s a crazy comment. I’m rocking the free world. Perfect. Once my main revenue stream at the moment. Affiliate marketing. Now it’s probably so it’s, I mean it’s, it’s in thirds. Um, and this is very purposeful. So we’ve got membership income, uh, from two sites, so a membership, a membership, B, uh, product sales of our own products and then affiliate stuff.

So actually there’s like four main streams of income and that’s consciously a, in case something happens to any one or two of them, we still have two or more left. Um, which is just how I want to build my business and my lifestyle. Um, Thomas is, my SEO core is still relevant today to generate massive resorts for clients. Absolutely. What keyword tool you’d recommend a keyword refiner for sure. The go find my video where I teach keyword, like how to find a low difficulty keywords fast and those, the image is a, these keywords make money is the image on that. Um, cool. So I’m gonna, I’m gonna wrap it up y’all. I got a few other things to do here. If CPC is a dollar, would $1,000 be enough for testing? Oh, for yeah, that’d be a thousand clicks. Um, dollar CBCS. Where would, what are you getting into? Jay Ran. That’s expensive. Um, I’m not sure. Um, yeah, I’m not sure about that. So Jay, Carlos, do what you do best.

Hire the rest. That’s awesome. Um, match wasn’t the complimentary, that’s what you get. Totally cool. We’re on one of the states there. I’m just hanging out at key refiners is a game changer. It really is. You love free information and cool idea is appreciate you. All right. On that note we’re going to call it. So give it a thumbs up if you made it to the end. More people on at the end than we had in the beginning. So high five to you. The staircase is long. And I want to recap this real quick again, if you’re going from zero to $100,000, you may become on the stream late.

You missed the beginning, definitely watch it again, but you’re going to publish your first video. You’re gonna publish your first blog post, or you’re gonna send out your first email to build your first opt in page. You’re going to build your first autoresponder sequence, and all of those aren’t going to work. And then you’re going to do it again. You can put up your second blog post and your third and your 10th and your hundredth, your new, your fifth video and your seventh and your 10th and your hundredth right. You’re going to, I had to test three separate opt-ins to find one that works well for my audience. I had to build out three separate giveaways. I had to build out three separate landing pages. I had to build out three separate autoresponders. And remember, I’ve been doing this. I’ve, I’ve, I had already made $1 million online when I started that, right? So I had all the knowledge in the world and I still had to do three tries to get something that works.

That’s just a part of the path. Okay. You’re going to have your first subscriber, your first visitor, your first troll, your first comment, your first dislike, your first like all that’s going to happen, you’re going to have to send out your first broadcast email, your second broadcast email. You’re gonna have to get your first shopping cart in place. You’re gonna have to build your first product. You’re going to have to do all of these things. And again, the first one ain’t going to work, so you’re gonna have to do it again and again. And that’s okay. These are steps on a path. It’s like a stair set, right? And most people just think, okay, I’m here and I’m going to get to 10 grand a month. Well, just realize that there’s a lot of different steps in between and it’s broken up. I did a video three days ago that was the path to get you your first thousand dollars online. So definitely watch that if you haven’t yet.

Essentially there’s phase one which is grow an audience. So what I did here on Youtube six months before I tried anything else, phase two is grow email lists. That’s the best way you’re going to stay in touch with people. That’s where most of our income comes from is emails, right? We or our affiliate partners email our stuff and spike in income, massive spike in income, right? Tens of thousands of dollars in a day can come in from an email blast, okay? Then there’s the monetization. What are you offering these people? So ask yourself before we go, do you have an audience right now? Do you have thousands of people every month? I would prefer it to be 10,000 people a month finding you on Google, on youtube, finding your podcast.

If not, you need to be all in on creating that. If you have disposable income to the tune of thousands of dollars, you could be running ads. So then are your ads reaching thousands of people per month if you have that or once you have that. The next question, how many subscribers a day are you getting? Are you getting 30 to a hundred subscribers a day? If not, and you have thousands of people finding your messages on search engines each every month. That’s where you need to focus, build your optin test, new optin offers, test new often pages, test new headlines, et cetera. Get that email machine going on. Then do you have thousands of emails, hundreds of emails subscribers a month? I would say if you’re growing by 10 to 30 email subscribers a day, which is 300 and 900 a month, you’re in a great position.

You’re probably gonna have a list of 10,000 subscribers by the end of the year by within 365 days. You’re in a great position. So is your audience growing by 10,000 or more people per month? Yes or no? If yes, move on to the next section. If not, that’s where you’re at then. Is your email list growing by 300 to a thousand people per month? If yes, move on to the next section. If no, that’s where your focus needs to be, and if yes, are you monetize your monetization? Are you selling products effectively? Do you have an offer that converts 1% of people who sees it? If not, that’s where you’re at. And you’re all in on writing sales letters, testing headlines, testing offers, your, your split testing, checkout pages on your shopping cart, your, your, you’re doing product delivery, you’re doing customer retention stuff, you’re doing followup sequences for customers. You’re doing all of those bits and pieces, right? You’re managing, you’re doing customer support. All of that is the next step in the path.

So where are you? Cause those are the kind of consecutive flights of stairs that will get you up the ladder or up the stairway to the $10,000 per month mark. Um, make sense to go on order. Can you condense them all down? And we were really tight frame and run an ad to an opt in that has an offer after it for sure. It took me, you know, 15 years to dial that in because it’s really fricking difficult. One of the most difficult things in the world is to get another human being to pull out their credit card on a webpage and enter in their credit card digits for their hard earned money. The only time they will ever do that is when they value what you are willing to offer them.

The thing, the result, the service, etc. More than they value their hard earned money. That’s it. So your communication of what they’re going to get when they buy your thing is obviously a part of it. Their perception of the thing they’re looking for is obviously a part of it and that’s it. Right. And then you just need a lot of people to run through it. Cause most people look at sales pages don’t buy. Most people who look at checkout pages don’t actually buy. The numbers are astoundingly low, which is why you need tens of thousands of people a month growing your audience. Hundreds if not thousands of people on your list. And then you need to test multiple offers to find the ones that work. You can do this. Give me a thumbs up if you appreciate this. Um, I, I appreciate you, I’m just going to hide one more user on this channel cause they’re just kind of getting a little little crazy.

So thank you very much. I do appreciate your time. I appreciate you for being here, man on you trolls. You make it easy for me to just shoot you off my channel forever on livestream. So I appreciate the trolls. But more importantly, I appreciate you, the hustlers. If you, we were committed, the people who are ready to make change in their life by offering more value to other people, unsubscribed from all the fake gurus, stop watching their webinars. A webinar is code word for sales. Bitch, you don’t need a sales pitch. You need to do the work, you need to publish content, you need to publish ads and you grow an email list and you need to make offers and you need to help connect people with things they want and things they value more than the money they have in their account. So it takes a lot of work, takes a lot of trial and error, but you can do it. I appreciate you and I look forward connecting with you on the next video. Be sure to subscribe and then hit the little bell.

If you want to get notified when these lives pop up the thumbs up and a, any questions getting the comments? Have a great weekend. I’ll see you on Monday. Cheers..

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