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How To Buy Bitcoin & How To Get $10 In Free Bitcoins

hey miles here miles Becker calm and in this video I’m gonna show you how to purchase your first bitcoins and if you’ve already purchased your first bitcoins I’ll show you how to get ten dollars in free Bitcoin when you watch this video now bitcoin is a highly volatile new technology and currency I’ve covered the nuts and bolts of the technology in a previous video and of course I don’t recommend people put important money into this kind of area right I’ve spoken on other videos about paying down debt about filling an emergency fund but if you’re in a position where you want to tuck away a hundred and fifty bucks a week or a hundred fifty bucks a month into this new currency as a speculation that this new currency and this new technology can continue to grow right because you believe in the technology then this video is gonna show you exactly what to do and how to do it so let’s just jump right in and make it easy we’re here if you notice at miles Bechtler calm Ford / Bitcoin and I’ll have that pop up above my head here in the video and when you come here you’ll notice it says miles Becker invited you to try coinbase what happens if you go through this process and purchase a minimum of $100 in Bitcoin you will receive $10 and free Bitcoin now this is an affiliate link and I will also receive ten dollars in free Bitcoin so essentially there’s a 20 dollar bounty for a new customer you get half and I get half when you purchase 100 in free $100 worth of bitcoins so scroll down and you’ll see it’s really simple right name address email and that’s it choose your password when you choose your password make sure you use a password that is extremely secure security is important consider this an online bank so you don’t want to use something simple that could be easily guessed you use a big long string of numbers letters and special characters and capital letters etc once you go through this process it will log you in and this is the coin based dashboard now the coin based dashboard allows you to purchase three different crypto currencies Bitcoin aetherium and litecoin now right now today we’re coming off of a down month in Bitcoin and I do like purchasing when the numbers are down right I like paying less for the same thing because I believe the long-term value is beyond the all-time high which was over 5,000 dollars but with that said if you’re seeing positive numbers here it doesn’t really matter the way to get this game to work for you is what’s called dollar cost averaging and dollar cost averaging is when you habituate the process of making a purchase of an asset or a Bitcoin for example every single whether it’s a week every single month whatever it is you habituate the process some weeks or months when you buy the numbers will be up and it’ll be on an upswing some weeks when you buy the numbers will be down and it will be on a downswing what this allows you to do is you get some random average of all of the buying opportunities that you purchase within a few years and really I look at Bitcoin as something that I’m not really even interested in looking back at to what my portfolio is doing for one three five years so my goal and my approach here is to habituate the process of purchasing these and then in like I said one three five years to look back and at that point I will kind of measure my return if there is return and of course this can go up there’s crazy numbers being thrown around about how valuable a Bitcoin could be many of those crazy numbers get into the five figure mark which is well over ten thousand dollars per Bitcoin there is also the chance that it goes down to zero because this is total speculation with that said I love having a tiny sliver of my asset in here which I’ve discussed in previous videos so let’s jump in before I do actually we will jump in in a second and buy some but before I want you to go be sure and set up two-factor authentication and you go into the settings and then you click on security and when you click on settings and security you’ll notice that down here there’s a two-factor authentication area you want to setup two-factor authentication and this is an extra security measure and the way it works is you essentially get an app on your phone it’s either the Google Authenticator or off the app and then every time you log in it asks you to deliver a little code that it sends to your cell phone and you can see here that the time I believe is just below it and it gives 30 seconds with this six digit string and I have 30 seconds to enter that string of information in order to kind of get access to my account it’s just another security measure to make sure that you’re caught that your coins are secured also if you’re purchasing thousands of dollars in Bitcoin or you have five thousand ten thousand or more in Bitcoin I would not keep them here on coinbase long term I think it’s important to get a cold storage device like a treasure or a ledger nano s it’s kind of like a little USB Drive that lives offline and it’s extra security no one can hack it it’s not online and it just gives you that extra level of security which I recommend but with that said it’s super simple once you’re into coinbase and you have your account you click on the buy and sell and you’ll notice it pulls up you have three options Bitcoin etherium or litecoin in this example we’re gonna purchase some Bitcoin and I’m gonna simply scroll down and I’m gonna type in 150 dollars cuz I may get 150 dollars worth right now it’s important for you to remember that to get your ten dollar credit you need to purchase at least $100 in bitcoins right so if you just put in a hundred you’ll notice the fee actually makes it to where you’re only gonna get 96 dollars in Bitcoin you need the the actual amount in the subtotal here to be over a hundred to get your ten dollars free in Bitcoin and you’ll notice so I’m doing one hundred and fifty my ten dollars free Bitcoin ours is gonna more than cover my fees on this purchase so the other cool thing you can see is you have the ability to repeat this purchase here you can do it daily weekly every two weeks or monthly this is the easiest way to make sure it happens that dollar cost averaging without really thinking about it and again just a reminder like this is not rent money this is not coming off of a credit card this is extra money you have that would be going into savings anyways and you want to take a little sliver of it whether it’s a hundred a week thousand a month whatever it works for you a hundred a month twenty dollars a month whatever works for you and you’re just tucking it aside into a different account you’re kind of hiding it from yourself so it can grow over time but have that emergency fund dialed in be sure your have at least a plan that you’re enacting to pay off all of your debt because that is so important to be to create a financially secure life for yourself and that’s it I’ve already got my payment tied in here you’ll have to get that done obviously you’ll find those kind of steps on how to do it and then we simply click buy Bitcoin instantly and that’s it it wants me to confirm the buy here on the right I click confirm buy and it confirms the transaction and you can see that the purchase has been successful now I come over to my dashboard and we can scroll down here and you’ll see that I now have 0.06 three Bitcoin and you can see this transaction right here I just purchased the hundred and fifty where the Bitcoin and it’s already in my account from here I’m able to send these coins over to a exchange if I want to trade them like Michael and I spoke about in the interview video I did with him last week or you can just let it sit here right just start to accrue consider this a little bit of a savings account for yourself that has the ability to potentially ride the wave of this disruptive technology that is getting kind of mass consciousness right more and more people are learning about Bitcoin I believe less than one or two percent of the US population is even familiar with this process that I just showed you so you’re way ahead of the curve and if this catches adoption 2 or 3% 5% or 10% of the population once in that’s simply gonna drive the price of bitcoins up and you have potentially positioned yourself as an early mover in this way but again the market will absolutely see ups it will absolutely see downs and the trick to the game is small things done consistency over long periods of time and don’t fiddle with it too much right and then after one three five years you can look back and at that point assess how well this is doing for you just like my content marketing efforts right small things a video a day a video a day a video day to an over extended period of time create significant results if I stopped after day eight and said where are my results I would have no results and that same philosophy applies here you have to be willing to delay gratification for this to work I hope you found this to be helpful if you have questions about purchasing Bitcoin through coin base which is a well-established company coin based just did a round of funding from venture capitalists it was valued at over a billion dollars this is the first billion dollar valuated company in the cryptocurrency space so it’s highly secure it’s got some of the smartest people in the industry working for it it’s available to people in 32 different countries and I highly recommend you start taking little bits of action that fit well within your kind of financial game plan right just again this is not investing this is speculation and only put in here what you’re willing to potentially lose but consider it like a really long term slow and steady savings account that you don’t have an ATM card for it makes it a little bit difficult to spend these funds but if you ever did need them you’re able to just transfer it back sell it to dollars and deposit those dollars back in your bank right here through coinbase it’s all really simple I hope you found this to be valuable informative give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed it here and I look forward to connecting with you on the next video

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