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How To Create A YouTube Playlist & How To Add Playlists To Your Channel Homepage For YouTube SEO

hey miles here miles Becker calm in this video you’re gonna learn step by step on the computer exactly how to create a playlist inside of YouTube and then you’re gonna learn how to embed that playlist into your YouTube channel page essentially your home page on YouTube now I was doing a members-only live review yesterday with my members from the content and conversion comm program and a lot of the kind of 90 day challengers on YouTube were missing this little component this is a great way to optimize your channel to get better view time to get more engagement from your viewers so it’s really important for you as a youtuber to get this dialed in now let’s first and foremost take a look at the example of the problem we’re seeking to solve so this is Shirley Corrine if you don’t know Shirley Currie I call her the granny gamer and she’s a beautiful example of an extremely successful youtuber you can see she has about four hundred and ten thousand subscribers she’s in her 80s and she videotapes herself playing PC games and she just has a lot of fun with it and she’s grown quite the following but you look she literally has four videos on her homepage and that’s it there’s a lot of opportunity for her to essentially create playlists based on the different games the different things she’s doing to offer her visitors more videos to watch more videos they watched the more view time she gets that increases her channel authority and essentially YouTube will bring her more visitors so on contrast we’ve got my page here where you see I’ve got first of all like a fifth of the subscribers she does so good on granny gamer but really you’ll notice I’ve got all of these different kind of playlists embedded here that give a viewer who reaches my page more options of videos to watch trying to meet them at where they’re at if they want to learn how to analyze Facebook Ads to run Facebook Ads to build a funnel essentially email marketing you know there’s all kinds of different ideas the second thing we’re doing is we’re getting more text on our page right so how to make money with affiliate marketing is one of those keyword phrases that my channels optimized for so I not only now have a video with that title but I’ve got that title actually on my channel page along with some extra text about that here so it’s just good for the overall optimization of your channel so for me the first thing I need to do now is to think about okay what playlist makes the most sense and this is what you should be doing as well as think about what is the playlist that makes the most sense you want to go group a bunch of or I don’t know three five seven videos that are of a similar topic right there’s relevance to each other that you want to group them together in a playlist so for me I’ve done some speeches on stage at internet marketing digital marketing conferences Facebook marketing conferences around the world in the last couple of years so that’s what I’m gonna create I’m gonna go group all of my keynote speeches and my conference speeches together in a playlist and add that here so how did I come up with that well first I came up with the idea of that’s what I want to do but then I went into my keyword tool which is Miles Becker calm /kw finder and I’ve got a video my keyword research video it teaches you how to use this exact tool and I started searching around and I did probably about 15 searches and I found that digital marketing speech it’s got a low search volume right it’s only 50 searches per month but it’s got a low keyword difficulty score as well which is why I like this I want to go after a low difficulty phrase and even though it’s only 50 searches per month I’m thinking that these are potentially like marketing conference promoters or marketing kind of event coordinators who are looking for people doing digital marketing speeches to have them at their events which is why I want to rank for this type of a phrase and then I can see over here on the top 10 you can see that YouTube comes in so they’re showing YouTube videos for these the other one I found was marketing keynote presentations I think that’s the other side so you’ll see how I combined those two and then I was curious which phrase is it digital marketing or is it internet marketing what’s the what’s the right phrase to use because they’re about the same idea so I went to Google Trends and I searched and it’s it’s abundantly clear that the phrase digital marketing is indeed where kind of most of the searches go compared to internet marketing so that’s how I came up with my ideas now that was essentially the foundation if you will of all the pieces I need and at this point we’re gonna get in and actually do the work so the first thing we’re gonna do is go into the creator studio which is essentially the – bored in your kind of YouTube management system it brings us to the video manager I’m gonna click on playlists here and that’s actually gonna bring me to where we can create the playlist you can see I have 25 of them created already and then we want to just click the new playlist button up top and it’s asking us for the title and I’m getting my keywords in here is my ultimate goal so I’ve got let me type this out real quick cool so I’ve set it up as digital marketing speeches and marketing keynote presentations and now it brings me to the page where this is actually my playlist itself I’ve got two things I’m gonna do here on the page number one is we’re gonna add two videos and then number two is we want to add a description to this but let’s go ahead and add the videos first now when I click on the edit we’re gonna go to edit here it’s gonna bring me in the editor side and I can add the video right here on the right and you can see the edit button for the add description is this little pen icon here so the first thing I’m gonna do is add the videos and it wants to pull my YouTube videos right here but what happens is it just lists all my YouTube videos and it doesn’t give me the search functionality which is a little bit annoying so I set it up to the URL itself and then I’m gonna go back to YouTube in another window and I’m gonna go to my channel now I’m gonna search my channel to find the video URLs and then I’m just gonna paste them inside of there for me this is the easiest way and I use this lower search bar here on my channel to make sure it’s getting just my searches here and the first one I’m gonna search is for DMS s which is the digital marketing Skillshare that’s the actual image you’re seeing up here on my bar so you can see facebook advertising keynote from DMS s I’m gonna copy this link location and then go over here and I’m gonna paste it in and then it pulls it up and then I just click add videos and then it adds it to the playlist down here takes one quick second now it also pulls whichever the top one is as your main imagery here and I want to add a few more videos I’ve got as I said I’ve got several of them that one was in Bali I did the event in Slovenia the in orbit event so let me type that in search for the in orbit presentation I did and that ones right here the $5 per day Facebook advertising system so I’m going to copy that link and I’m gonna paste it in here I’m gonna go through this just a couple more times I’m gonna put maybe four of them in here I think I’ve got about six or seven total you don’t want to make your playlist ridiculously long I’ve got one that’s like 25 videos I think that’s too long I think it’s good to have it digestible and able for someone to get through one quick more second here the fast-track to Facebook advertising was a speech I did so this was on the Nomad cruise when we cruise from South America to Europe location I did a talk there so I’m gonna go add this video here and you just keep adding them until you get all the ones that you want in there let’s see here do the rest of the optimisation so I’ll show you how to organize them next so copy that link click Add videos and then put the URL in paste my url it’s gonna automatically pull it click Add videos alright so that’s easy right easy enough I go search them in one window and I go add them here now there’s two ways to kind of edit the order because you rarely are gonna get it done in the order that you want so the number one way is on the right where it’s got the more tab you can drop this down and you can move to top or move to bottom that’s one of the ways you can do it but the easier way is to just grab on the left you see how it highlights these three little buttons then it becomes a drag and drop situation and you’re easily able to drag and drop the different kind of order that you want it in get it all set up the way you want I’m gonna actually put that one on top because I really liked that speech I feel like it was a great shot and it was a lot of fun with that group next up we’re going to add the description you always want to add a description because this is just another opportunity for you to get the keywords and the relevance through the written word into the search engines right YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world so it’s an opportunity to get that inside of the page inside of your homepage once we embed that to your homepage here so I’m gonna speed this video up and I’m gonna type up a quick couple of paragraphs for this and then we’ll go add it to the home page together so one quick second here you okay then when you’re done you simply click out of that box and it automatically saves it here that’s it so I’ve kind of added this since mine’s really truly designed to find someone who’s looking for a keynote speaker I tailored my content in that direction but you’ll notice I’ve got digital marketing keynote speaker Facebook advertising keynote speech I’ve got the the keyword phrases inside of there plus some content for that potential reader at this point I’m happy with it and just one more heads up you’ve got the X button if you want to remove any videos here but I’m pretty stoked on how this playlist just worked itself out so now let’s go figure out how to add this to your homepage so I wanted to just go right back to the home page on the channel will kind of start back at zero now I have that extra playlist in what we want to do is we want to use the customize channel button this time and it’s gonna bring us into our channel customization process where we can actually customize that home page so down here I’m gonna go on the bottom of this now you notice yours will be a lot higher but I go to the very very bottom and there’s an add a section item and you can just click that add a section it’ll be a lot higher on yours and then select content now I’ve got my popular uploads and my uploads showed showing up but at this point I want to add a single playlist so I choose single playlist I like the horizontal rows personally choose a playlist it’s already set for my playlist and then I click find playlist and I’m going to type in keynote because that’s what I just made a playlist out it was keynote speeches so you can see it auto populates here I’m gonna click that and it’s gonna give me a little kind of a preview of it here I click done and there it is now it’s live I can use this little up arrow to move it up and I want to move this up up up to the very top I think this is maybe some of the most valuable content I put out I put a lot of time energy into building these cases are these these presentations and then you know I think there’s a lot of added credibility to my YouTube channel so I’m literally gonna move these all the way to the tip top and that’s where they’re at now and that’s it I’m done there’s really nothing else I need to do here in order kind of modify or to save it it automatically saves it when it’s in place and that’s it at this point we’re gonna go back one last time let’s go see what we actually created here and just go back to my channel URL slash miles B and when it loads we’re gonna see that we have right up top digital marketing speeches and marketing keynote presentations and you can see you’ve got my best ones right here up top and I can again I can move this around I put my popular ones up above if I want full organizational control over how we do this but this is the process that I’ve used over and over to add a lot of my content and again really the goal is to give your readers who are your viewers excuse me who find one of your long tail keyword videos they find a video about a specific topic from the search engine results they watch it they like you then they click on your name or your headshot that’s right below the video that point it takes them to your channel page and the question is do they see four videos or do they see a wide variety of the quality helpful videos you’ve created that’s what we’re doing here is adding more quality videos and quality playlists to your homepage you want to group them based on keywords and you want to make sure you get the keywords in the title of the playlist in the description of the playlist and you want those keywords to be kind of used throughout the videos on the playlist itself it helps you get extra relevance in the search engine right in their algorithm it’ll help you get more time watched from the users who find your videos all in all it’s gonna help your channel authority it’ll help you become a better publisher that YouTube loves to send more traffic to that’s the best way to win at the game of youtube has become a the type of content publisher that YouTube falls in love with if you enjoyed this video give me a thumbs up here if you know someone who’s got a channel and they’re not really optimizing the channel and they’re missing this optimization key please grab the URL send them the video go post it in the Facebook group whatever it is do what you do I appreciate any sort of engagement questions about this process you can get at me in the comments below I’m happy to answer your questions when I have time and on that note I’m gonna call it for this video but be sure to subscribe I do three videos a week here I got another video coming out in a couple of days teaching you more digital marketing tactics more on burner shipped tactics I’m happy to help you grow your business online I thank you greatly for your time today and I look forward to connecting with you on the next video until we connect again be well

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