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How To Create Content Fast That Ranks In Google! SEO Content Marketing Hack For Digital Marketers

hey miles here miles better calm and in this video I’m gonna help you understand exactly how to optimize your blog posts or videos so that you can really capture and connect your content to the most relevant keywords that you can possibly find essentially what we’re gonna do in this video is we’re gonna go one step beyond the keyword tool that I’ve taught before if you haven’t seen the keyword research video I did like an hour video on how to do keyword research it’s really important now you can complete this video first if you would like to understand how to use that data but I still highly recommend that video I’ll make sure that a link pops up in the top corner of the video probably up here and we’ll get that so you can watch that video as well we’re gonna go back into that tool we’re gonna begin there as if we just did a comprehensive keyword research kind of session if you will and then we’re gonna move into a notepad where I’m gonna lay out and structure based on some data Google gives us now if you’re on the podcast I’ll know that this will make clearer sense even though I’m on my computer I use keyword finder kW Finder is the keyword tool I’m using and I’ll kind of just talk it out as I go it’s really quite simple once you understand now the goal here is to first and foremost select our main keyword but then we want to let Google give us all of the extra keywords that are most relevant to that so we know exactly what to put deeper into our content we know what other phrases what other sub topics what other subheadings to include in our content so we’re gonna jump onto the computer right now and get started and I’m excited to share this with you so I’ve got right here the keyword tool in place and what I’m gonna do is we’re gonna go down the the vegan dog food rabbit hole here that’s a niche example idea that I’ve I’ve had been used before I think it’s kind of comical but you’ll even see now that there are 3,600 people per month who search for vegan dog food which is kind of a to me that’s a crazy number and I’ve known this was a viable niche for someone who has pets is vegan does vegan dog food for their pets that’s not me I don’t have pets but I do eat a plant-based diet it’s still a good niche example so vegan dog food is my example I’m gonna scroll down a little bit and I can see that vegan dog food brands has a very low difficulty score and then I can also see here it looks like vegan puppy food has a very low difficulty score but also low search volume so again this isn’t designed to be a full keyword research how-to video I’ve covered that in detail I want to show you what to do once we know what our main keywords are so from here the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna open up a notepad and I’m gonna take a note of three key words that I found that have a the main keyword which is vegan dog food and then the sub keywords vegan dog food brand and then vegan was it vegan puppy food vegan puppy food I want to look at a little other score here I just clicked on the search bar next to vegetarian dog treats to see if something in the dog treats realm there’s vegan dog treats 545 or 37 that’s a really good one too so vegan dog treats okay so now I’ve got about four keyword phrases that are all relevant to vegan dog food which is my main keyword phrase and now I’m gonna go open a new incognito window the reason we open an incognito window is because we don’t want our personal data that Google has been collecting on us to skew our results if you’re actually in this niche and if you’re going in this niche you’ve been doing a lot of searching you’ve been going to your own website you’ve been kind of engaged in the blogosphere around this niche so to remove all of that identity to those other websites and to make sure that Google’s not showing you sites you’ve been to before or showing you biases based on your search habits you use an incognito browser so here I am in incognito browser and the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna search for vegan dog food right in Google now you notice that there was some autofill showing up it was automatically populating some other ideas for me so for example up here if I just click in the if I just click on the search that I just completed up top it shows vegan dog food recipes best vegan dog food hallo vegan dog food which I’m guessing as a brand and vegan dog food reviews now as a content creator I’m already realizing I’ve seen the brand’s brand names and the reviews come up several times so there is a large segment of this audience who are looking for reviews on different brands and different types of food so I would probably create an entire silo on my website around that and each of those brand recommendations would be an affiliate link whether it’s through ShareASale Avant link Amazon wherever I could find somewhere to link to those products that’s something you would know doing the research in your niche but now that I’ve run this search for just vegan dog food noticing several ads up top which is really good it means that there is money in this space which kind of proves my ideas now what I’m looking for is what has been bolded by Google in the search results so obviously you’re listening you can’t see this but when you do a search you’ll notice that they do add bold to certain words in the descriptions and sometimes it’s not just your main phrase so right here you’ll see vegan dog food is bolded but if I go down enough I’m thinking at some point we’re gonna see something that’s outside of that and I’m just scrolling down right now vegan dog food oh this is kind of hilarious it actually shows a map of restaurants in my area picking up off the food word that’s that’s kind of hilarious but you’ll notice in this result it shows pet food so Google has bolded pet food now what that tells me is that when I search vegan dog food Google thinks pet is a what we call an LSI at something like linguistics semantics big crazy nerdy words that we don’t matter what it essentially means is that Google kind of sees pet food and dog food as the same phrase so now I know that I can use the phrase pet food in my blogpost and essentially get credit or get SEO score or show up as another indicator for relevance towards vegan dog food by using the word pet food this allows me to write a more dynamic piece of content that isn’t just repeating vegan dog food vegan dog food vegan dog food I can use vegan pet food as a replacement Google will know that it’s the exact same thing how do I know because Google has folded it here I’m gonna add that down here to my list now I’m gonna keep scrolling down a little bit more again I’m looking at the bold words that are coming up man there’s so many advertisements for this and then vegetarian dog food came folded up in one of the last advertisements so there I now know that Google pretty much sees vegetarian and vegan as the same thing interesting it’s obviously not the same thing but it’s close enough to get them over the hump and they obviously allow some of their search volume to go back and forth in this idea I personally probably would go back to the keyword tool and do more digging but that’s not the point of this video I would probably go into vegetarian dog food and see if there’s any more again I’m looking for the low key word difficulty score with a high search volume to find the best one for me so I’m not gonna do that now because I want to show you how to lay out quickly weight a structure and lay out your content to be optimized for this kind of phrase because again we want to optimize for our main phrase but all the other supporting phrases and then down here at the bottom you see this searches related to vegan dog food now Google shows this if you’re just listening it’s at the very bottom of the first page of search results on Google this is a grouping of eight different keyword phrases they’re not always hyper relevant but what we want to do is we want to go in and pull out the ones from here that are indeed relevant to what we’re doing I’m actually gonna just copy the whole kind of grouping of them and I’m gonna go paste it over here in my notepad and it’s vegan dog food recipes it’s best vegan dog food hallo vegan dog food vegan dog food review videography ghen puppy food vegan dog food pet smart and natural balance vegan dog food so the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna separate out the ones that talk about brands so V dog I’m gonna remove them because again I would do a separate post on all of those different ones vegan dog food reviews would be a separate post and this is Google telling me that that’s the kind of content Google users want to read and watch effectively I can translate that to that’s what people want to watch on YouTube as well and that’s how you can use this for you know kind of for YouTube also so now I’ve got my keyword phrases up top that I pulled out of the keyword tool which are vegan dog food vegan dog food brand vegan puppy food vegan dog treats and then I’m gonna remove vegan dog food brand from that because as I said before I think that would be a great separate post I think there’s a lot of relevance to that in its own and I would get all the brand names of all the vegan dog foods and I’d do a big review post like the ultimate review post for vegan dog foods again we’re letting Google tell me what to create content on based on the data Google gets from its users searching the phrases around what I’m looking for so for my keyword tool I have vegan dog food vegan puppy food vegan dog treats from looking at the bold content I know that pet food is a replacement for vegan dog food and I also know vegetarian is potentially a replacement for vegan now if I’m hardcore I can’t blend vegetarian food and vegan food into the same post beyond a little idea um because a hardcore vegan is going to scoff at the idea of just doing vegetarian food that has milk and butter and other things that are animal products in it this is knowing your niche right then from the kind of searches related to from the bottom I’ve got vegan dog food recipes best vegan dog food vegan puppy food which is a replacement from above it just reiterates that’s what I want to do and then vegan dog food pet smart so now I’m done in the searching tools right at this point it’s time to create content if I’m creating a video and I want to use an outline base structure on a video this is where I can kind of run with these ideas and turn them into video content if I’m writing if I’m a blogger writing blog post on my wordpress blog I would now take these and I want to organize these in a fashion where I’ve essentially created an outline based structure and each of these keyword phrases that I’m using would end up being in my heading tags so they would probably each be h2s the h1 would be vegan dog food right so the the post and what I’m going to do now is I’m gonna start to add more text to these to turn them into heading tags that would actually go in the post and that I would write more content on so for vegan dog food which is our h1 it’s the most important tag it’s the most important phrase to our post I would say the ultimate guide for vegan dog food in 2018 or the 2018 ultimate guide to vegan dog food now that’s going to be my h1 I can note that as an h1 but I don’t really need to I can do that in the editor as I’m going then what is the most relevant idea between vegan dog food and beyond right so the first thing I want to make sure is clear is what is vegan dog food and how does it differ from vegetarian dog food Here I am able to grab this vegetarian dog food phrase that I pulled straight out of Google so I know Google thinks it’s relevant I’m gonna take that here and I’m gonna put it down and say so I’ve now added a new line what is vegan pet food and how does it differ from vegetarian dog food I could actually kind of say vegetarian pet food just to keep that similar but again I know from inside of Google when it showed me as bold in the search results that using the word pet food was essentially interchangeable and vegetarian was interchangeable so this is my first kind of sub heading I would need to create content on this then I will put another one which will be let me just type this out real quick now quick disclaimer I’m a little in over my head in this subject matter right I don’t have a dog I don’t have any pets so I don’t know it enough to get really really crafty headlines and sub headlines and I’m kind of going off the fly I haven’t done this before you’re with me live as I’m kind of thinking this out so the next one I wanted to get in was vegan puppy food and how vegan puppy food helps nurture your young pup into a strong dog again this is a subheading this is gonna be bolded it’s gonna be larger it includes my main keywords but I wanted to get vegan puppy food in there and then I want to do vegan dog treats is the next one I want to get in vegan dog treats as a healthy snack for your dog oh and I got pet food in there I got vegetarian dog food in there so I could delete these from my list now now at the bottom I’m looking at the last three suggestions so at this point I have four lines written out I have the 2018 ultimate guide to vegan dog food then subhead one is what is vegan pet food and how does it differ from vegetarian pet food then how vegan puppy food helps nurture you young pup into a strong dog vegan dog treats as a healthy snack for your dog oh I put strong Peppers here you know got to use my lingo and obviously like I’m kind of goofing a little bit because that’s what I would bring to this kind of a blog would be a bit of personality you would do this how you do then I want to use these last three the last three phrases I got from the bottom of Google are vegan dog food recipes best vegan dog food vegan dog food pet smart now I’m gonna go to vegan dog food recipes and I’m gonna come up with a subheading for that so the next sub-headline i came up with was three simple vegan dog food recipes that will save you time and money perfect I’ve got vegan dog food recipes in there and let’s do here a couple more the last one I put in there was can you find vegan dog food at Petsmart now I’m gonna leave off best vegan dog food because that again would probably work really well for the kind of review post that I now clearly see would be the post that I focused my energy on tomorrow right the next day would be the next post in this series which that makes the most logical sense and what I now have and what I’ve ended up with here is what five different one-liners these are essentially the pieces of my outline that I need to expand upon now if you’re more comfortable in word do this in Microsoft Word you use the actual outline right these would be your number one then you put a sunder them and you put sub ideas so if we kind of think back I remember when I was in high school and even before that the idea of writing an essay he was an intro three main points three sub points for each main point and then your conclusion and that’s it you wrap it up and you’re out the door so if you look at it here we kind of have a very similar structure so what we need is here we would add and here being just below the 2018 ultimate kind of vegan dog food introduction and this could be who you are what you do how you’ve helped your dog a little bit about your story stories really hook people in so this would be a great opportunity for you to share a zero to hero story if your dog was suffering from really poor health and you helped your dog kind of get fit and back to happy dog Oh poppers running through the forest and all kinds of awesome exciting stuff right that’s zero to hero journey I would include that in the introduction then what is vegan pet food and how does it differ from vegetarian food three main points right so you so what I just put is what is vegan what is vegetarian why vegan is better so we would have a subheading an h2 that says what is vegan pet food and how does it differ from vegetarian pet food then below that you would have a paragraph that explains what is the concept of vegan right no animal products which means no milk no lactose like anything in that sense what is vegetarian you’d explain that as a plant-based diet that has you know you can use kind of animal products but just not animal flesh and then why vegan is better bring it back to their dog bring it back to the the health of their dog how long their dogs gonna live etc etc how vegan puppy food helps nurture your young pup into a strong puppers this would obviously be where you talk about the benefits of you know a young dogs kind of kind of a digestive tract or whatever it is right you’re growing a young dog so you want to make sure it’s got healthy bones healthy this and you would look at the benefits of vegan dog food in growing a young dog to a strong dog that’s gonna have a healthy foundation for a long life then we have our next one vegan dog treats as healthy snacks for your dog oh can you teach me how to create like three healthy dog snacks that I bake on my own that I use in a dehydrator right how can you help me create that or do you have recommendations for dog snacks from my local dog food store that are vegan and don’t have processed foods also probably really good to include why and it’s all about at this point talking about the scary weird nasty stuff the the mashed up bone meal the horse hooves whatever they’re putting in the bad dog treats right paint up that picture of how bad the bad is lead me to whiney the vegan ones then how to make it on my own to save money right so then three simple dog vegan dog food recipes it’ll save you time and money so I don’t know anything about this I’m gonna say potatoes corn and broccoli I have no idea I’m literally pulling that out of my head I would do more keyword research I would make sure I know what I’m talking about moving into this niche can you find vegan dog food at Petsmart your local stores so then I put under that can you find vegan dog food at Petsmart your local stores and their partners– brands you can trust and teaser for the full vegan food review write the full vegan pet food review and once you do create that vegan pet food review ultimate guide to the ten top brands for vegan pet food you would come back to this post and you would link that section over to your new post that you just created creating more of a web inside I’m just adding a couple here real quick to the third section so at this point I’ve got at least three subtopics that are focused on the heading above them for each of my main keyword based headings that I created straight from the data that Google gave me at this point I just need to go fill out more information on each one of these points if I go through if I go through and create two or three sentences on each of these sub points by the time I’m done creating literally two three if it’s four or five that’s great I would probably make sure it’s more than one for each of them I wouldn’t turn these into sentences I would turn them into at least paragraphs but if I go create one to two to three different sentences on each of these I’m gonna end up with about a fifteen hundred two thousand word post that’s gonna be really focused on many of the different topics and phrases that people are searching on Google it’s gonna show a lot of relevance to Google especially when I’ve got these main pieces in my heading tags and I’m showing Google than I understand not only one specific keyword that I’m going after but I understand all these other sub phrases that Google has shown me are highly relevant and that’s it I would get this thing up I would get it out I would add some images I would do the alt tags go through my SEO video I’ll have that pop up in the corner where I covered it on the board how to lay this out but I wanted to give you a framework I wanted to give you a specific how-to tutorial on how to quickly go from like idea of the main keyword that you want to focus on bring that back to where you’re now able to expand upon that and create an outline so all you really got to do is go fill in a few main phrases a few main sentences a few main paragraphs based on each of these little individual points I mean at this point without even knowing anything about vegan dog food I’m confident I could go bang this out in an hour and a half two hours and have one of the best for sure posts on this topic on Google how would I do it I’d go google each of these things I go do my research I might buy a book I might have a book or two on a shelf if I’m in the niche I’d have seven or eight books on the shelf right I would already know this stuff and I would be able to give my unique perspective on all of it and that’s what people ultimately want but even as an outsider from a niche going this specific this specific this step-by-step letting Google tell me what content it wants it’s easy at this point the game becomes easy yes there’s more work to do right it’s it’s it’s simple but it’s not necessarily easy because it takes time you got to put in the time to do the work once you’re done you lay this out on your blog post you click publish you’re good for the day get started on your next post which tomorrow obviously the keywords pointed to doing a full review on the different foods then as you’re pulling your keywords for the next post to the next post you’re always looking out for those patterns of okay Google’s kind of pointing me over here I could do another post on this and then they link together in series you will quickly create one of the most authoritative posts on a specific topic if you follow this process over and over and over again if you’re doing videos like I am you come up with a main top at first you come over that main headline you speak it out the first thing in the video and then you go through and you make sure you hit all of those sub points on your video in your description you make sure you write out all of those sub points that you covered you make sure your title has your main keyword the first three lines of your description talks about these main points they’re gonna learn so you get those key words in the title and the first three lines of the description obviously put it all in the tags on the video and the most important part is to actually deliver the goods on the video you got to talk about these things you got to share what you know about these things something this size in video format in my personal opinion could probably be broken up into three or four different videos but in the blogosphere I would want this to be one big massive comprehensive post that has more relevant keywords more phrases more words more value because that’s really what ranks it on on Google so that’s a little bit of a difference in in approach between YouTube and Google I hope this has been helpful for you this is a very simple process that anyone can follow this is kind of that that step between when you get all the keywords from the keyword tool and then you’re ready to lay out the post on your blog in the way we talked about before this is how you create all the content takes a lot of work but it’s not even being I don’t even feel like this is beyond me as someone who’s totally new to this niche which means when you’re focused and going in the direction of a niche that you have expertise in that’s something that you love you’ll enjoy spending time to research these ideas if you don’t already know it if you haven’t already read the books right that’s the trick to becoming a successful content marketer that’s when it really works well is when you’re doing something you love that helps others that kind of pulls on some expertise that you have or that you’re willing to gain and effectively you’re becoming a researcher you’re willing to put in the time and energy to research everything about vegan dog food so when people who don’t know as much as you do are searching you’ve already spent the time you’ve put in the hours it took to build that great blog post so when they’re the super busy person who commutes every day to them from the office they get home they’re like me and my dogs not doing well like I gotta get on a vegan diet they go google it they find your content they trust you they trust your recommendations they click on your links they buy the products you recommend they opt-in for your course to learn how to make the recipes themselves and you my friend have a growing content marketing strategy you have a growing blog a growing list and a growing business online that’s how it works I hope this has been helpful if you have any questions about how this works hit me in the comments below I’m happy to answer your questions as best I can when I have time if you have not yet subscribed click the subscribe button if you have already subscribed the subscribe buttons gonna be grayed out but next to it there’s a little bell if you click the bell you’ll get a notification in YouTube when I have new videos up easy way to stay in tune with what I’m dropping next because I’m trying to drop more knowledge bombs like this throughout 2018 and beyond anything else you want to engage engage how you wanna engage if you think this would be helpful for a Content Marketing Group you’re in on Facebook grab the URL share it out there if you know somebody who does content marketing you want to share this video with them send them the link do what you do engage how you want to engage the most important thing is to go through this process like dozens or hundreds of times like literally you’ll get good at it you’ll get fast at it when you get to where you can lay out these kinds of outlines based on the keywords that you’re getting straight from Google and the keyword tool and then boom you just go hammer out the content around it Wow you become a content gene do it 90 times in 90 days and you my friend have a very very very successful start to what can be a lifestyle altering business that’s it I think this explains the process I had fun jumping into this random niche that I’ve talked about before that I don’t know what darn thing about sand I want pets and I just don’t do this but some of the other does and and if you’re in the niche and you’re able to just kind of like dominate with this that we laid out and outrank all the other people I’d love to hear about it could think that would be pretty funny because I think I just blew up the spot on someone’s niche who’s been undercover but now you guys know about it but that’s it thanks again for your time let me know any questions you have hit me in the comments and I look forward to connecting with you on the next video until then be well keep pushing out content keep doing the work because that’s what really makes it happen you got to turn off YouTube sometimes and actually get to clicking them keys and spitting out the the the honesty on YouTube become a content creator it’s it is the trick it is the path that’s how it all works so I’ll catch you on the next video until then be well

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