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How To Do Affiliate Marketing With Paid Facebook Advertising, The Right Way! Mess This Up & You Fail


Hey Miles here Miles Decker.

In this video we’re going to talk about how to do affiliate marketing with paid facebook advertising. I’m getting a lot of questions on my Facebook advertising video series. People saying hey I’m sending traffic over to Clickbank products or I’m sending traffic over from Facebook ads to affiliate products. But I’m not making any sales. What’s wrong with my ads?

So this video is going to be a resource for people in this situation. But if you’re simply wanting to learn how to do affiliate marketing on through Facebook Ads the right way this video is also for you. Now the biggest thing and I’m going to get into I’m gonna tell you what to do here. But I want you to understand why because that bigger picture helps you be able to take confidently steps forward knowing you’re going into a path that’s going to give you long-term return results on your ad spend and your energies,

So first of all direct linking someone through an affiliate product is actually against Facebook’s Terms of Service and even worse than that. It simply does not work Facebook monitors the links that we use in our Facebook ads and if you’re using like a bitly redirect link or if you’re using an actual clickbank affiliate link the odds are they’re not even letting your ad get approved. Because they’re monitoring their system for those links. Right they look for bitly links because people spam out different platforms with bitly links. They look for Clickbank affiliate links they can see the hop clickbank.com.

So you probably have learned along the way that affiliate marketing is a great business model and it is I’ve made six figures per year plus through affiliate marketing for several years. And it’s a beautiful like business model because you don’t have to create the product. You simply recommend a product when users click through your link and purchase you receive a commission. Now if you think about your regular life have you ever been to a restaurant and ate at a restaurant. It was the best meal you ever had, you had tacos down on Main Street, you’re like oh my gosh these tacos are amazing. The next time you get together with your friends you’re like, Have you tried to tacos on Main Street?  You gotta try those tacos right and your friends do what they’re like oh cool and they probably go there within the next couple of days. Now you don’t earn a commission for that but in affiliate marketing you would. You does that work is it because you’re so excited about the tacos or that because you’ve built a relationship with that person who you just introduced the idea of this new taco shop. It’s because of the relationship is why they actually listen to you.

Same goes for movies a lot of movies when someone goes and watches a movie like oh my gosh did you see the New Avengers movie or whatever it is right and you’re like no I haven’t like. It was killer you have to go see this movie boom it triggers inside of you and it’s because of the relationship and the trust that you have with that individual. Why you’ll be willing to actually go watch that movie based on their recommendations. So you need to apply this kind of an idea or philosophy to your campaigns for affiliate marketing as well. And this is why when you’re just direct linking someone from Facebook over to the affiliate product it’s not going to work.

Because there’s no relationship there, there’s no trust there. it’s imagine if you went to a mall, your local shopping mall and you’re at the mall and you’re simply yelling at the top of your lungs go watch the ANU Avengers movie or go try this new taco shop right there’s. People who don’t know you, they’ve never met you, they’re not interested in anything about you. Yet at this point and you’re literally yelling at this group of people to go try these tacos or to go watch this movie most of those people are going to ignore you completely and kind of like yoga this guy is crazy right. And walk right past you as fast as they possibly can.

So herein lies the idea and the reason why it works you have to build a relationship with these individuals first. That is the biggest key and how do you go about doing that you offer them something for free. That is going to help them go down the path of solving the problem that the affiliate product ultimately solves in exchange for this free piece of information. They subscribe to your email list now on the page that they go to after they subscribe you can give them the opportunity. You can call it a bridge page and you can give them the opportunity to click through and actually go to check out that affiliate product. At that point if you don’t want to immediately send them over to the affiliate product you can just say hey thanks I’m excited to share with you this information that you just opted in for.  And I’ve got a few other tips I’m going to send you over the next few days via email.

Then you begin email follow-up sequence and it’s this follow up via email you want to send them through an automated follow-up sequence. That will have three to seven different emails maybe more depends on your niche.  That will automatically introduce the ideas, the concepts that they need to know. It’ll give value to them in advance before you ever ask them to take action on one of your affiliate links. Then in email three four or five depending on when the timings right in the story and how you’re presenting it then you recommend the affiliate product after you’ve delivered results in advance to them.

This puts the likelihood of them taking action on that affiliate link and clicking through and watching the video, sales letter and honestly even considering signing up for that product which would get you the Commission. And the reason why it’s not working for so many people out there in affiliate marketing is they’re simply trying to run an ad on Facebook and link someone to a product without ever warming them up, without ever building relationship, without ever building trust, without ever pre selling the idea or the solution that individual might be looking for,

So if you’re moving forward with affiliate marketing and facebook advertising together know you have to build a list and there’s a really big side benefit. The side benefit is when you have an email list this means you have multiple attempts to get them to potentially look at multiple different affiliate offers right once they subscribe to your list. You have the legal right to email them until they unsubscribe.

Now I recommend you go about this in an integrity filled way and I recommend that you email more value more free giving value than you do kind of recommendations for affiliate products and it’s instead of one chance they’re either going to click on your link of Facebook and buy or not. And you’re never going to see them again instead it gives you the opportunity to followup with them over time and it might take three days, it might take two weeks, it might take two months for them to become an actual customer of that product where you get the affiliate Commission.

But whatever length of time it takes it doesn’t really matter as long as you ultimately recoup your advertising investment right. That way you’re only on the hook for that advertising investment for a period of time it’s not a yes-or-no it’s kind of a win type question. Now I personally started my internet marketing kind of experience right in about 2003 direct linking people from MySpace over to an affiliate program and it worked for a little while. I made some money. I got my first taste of the internet lifestyle and making money online. But it all came crashing down myspace changed their Terms of Service. My income went to zero pretty much overnight literally like I went from making thousands and thousands of dollars per month to making absolutely nothing in the period of a couple of days.

And I wasn’t building lists in that day and age so I learned it the hard way and I had to start over at Ground Zero had I been building a list that whole time I would have been able to continue to grow the relationship and offer other products that were relevant to that audience. I had grown on a list but since I hadn’t I literally was left with zero so building an email list and keeping your affiliate marketing business and your affiliate marketing campaigns focused on building a list is so important. Because that list and more importantly the relationship with that list is the ultimate asset that you own in an affiliate marketing business.

Even in our membership program and our information product business my wife and I run really truly that email list is still that is the most powerful asset that we have. That asset will power our business for years and decades to come and we constantly focus and think how can I give more to my list and if you want to see how I go about this I’m going to go ahead and at the end of this video. You’ll see a little thumbs up pop-up click on that you can go to where you can opt-in to my list it’s milesBecller.com/FBads. FB ads it’s a case study of where I show how I generated about 14,000 leads through Facebook ads in the course of 30 days for about eight hundred and eighty eight dollars.

And you’ll see my follow up sequence that I put in after that and then you’ll get my broadcast emails. You’ll notice I do offer resources that are affiliate links but I also mix in a lot of value and I really just I hope this makes sense because as we’ve said it’s not the list. The list is a piece of the asset but it’s not the list that’s the asset. It’s not just the relationship with the list that’s the asset. Because what’s that relationship built on its built on giving so the real asset and the real value in your business is you giving of yourself freely to the list and if it takes you three or four give before offering an affiliate product great male four or five times per week and every week you’re able to make an offer to an affiliate product mixed in with several valuable emails.

That get this audience of people on your list to know like and trust you they begin to look for your emails they get excited by your emails and then when you send out an offer they click and may open it and that is how affiliate marketing works on Facebook. So no more direct linking from Facebook over to your affiliate programs whether it’s Clickbank or Commission Junction or Oven link whatever it is no direct linking you always link to yourself, to your own website, to your own little funnel where you have an opt-in item that you give away for free.

Give them something of value that is relevant to the products, the affiliate products you want to promote once they’re on your list you build a relationship with them and after a few emails you go ahead and begin the process of delivering offers. But you always mix in multiple valuable emails before every single offer that you send out.

I hope this has been valuable, I hope this has been helpful give me a thumbs up here. If you’ve enjoyed the video here on YouTube it helps me get to reach out and really getting the reach out on these ideas to help people get it right is my biggest thing. Because I know there’s a lot of people wasting a lot of money trying to do affiliate marketing with Facebook Ads the wrong way. So if we can get these messages out to them it’ll help them do it the right way and they’ll build a real business that they can count on the income for for literally years and years if not decades.

And beyond and if you’re interested in learning how to build that kind of a funnel right the actual kind of nuts and bolts how to install WordPress get the theme and build your opt-in pages click up here. I’m going to have it pop up in the little pop-up area and I’ll give you my tutorial how to set it up with WordPress. I’ve laid out every step it’s all the information the tutorial information is free and I’ll have that pop up on the end screen as well and obviously all the links are in the description below. I thank you very much for your time I look forward to connecting with you on the next video and if you have any questions about how to do affiliate marketing with Facebook ads or Clickbank with Facebook how to kind of merge all that together just hit me in the comments. And I’m happy to answer them there I look forward to connecting with you on the next video and helping you build your funnel thanks again.

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