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How To Do Keyword Research For SEO & Content Marketing. Learn How To Create Your Master Keyword List

hey miles here miles Becker calm and this is the keyword research 2.0 video where you’re gonna learn exactly how to create a master keyword list you’re gonna follow along as I create a master keyword list here for a niche website I’m pretending I’m starting a new affiliate niche website and this is how I would approach the process of testing that niche are there enough ideas and essentially creating my roadmap for my 90 day challenge and my content marketing so if you already have a website and you want to double down on content marketing or you’re wanting to do a 90 day challenge this is the process to follow first to get a big list of topics that you’re going to ultimately cover now this is a complement to my other keyword research video you’ll want to make sure you go through both because I’m not going to cover the same stuff in this one we’re gonna begin here on the whiteboard with a brainstorming session to show you how I brainstorm the ideas then we’ll shift over onto the computer and we’ll analyze these ideas in a few different tools again not the tools that I taught in the last video some free analysis tools essentially I chose the water-filtration niche flint michigan does not yet have clean water and clean water is the basis for life so I’ve actually replaced a few different filters here in my house so I get enough of an idea about this niche to kind of rough this out with you and ultimately I think the water filtration niche has something cool that people would have to buy refills and cartridges for water filters they generally last three months six months one year so there’s a potential for long term kind of reselling more things to that same customer which kind of takes a big box for me with potential for continuity income so whatever your niche is this is the approach to go from here’s my idea let’s rough it out then we’ll jump on the computer to really analyze the data and you’ll end up with a big spreadsheet full of topic ideas titles even that you’ll be able to move forward with creating the content because ultimately the content is the fuel that runs the engine of your business so you got to get on that that daily content path and this is how you come up with a big list of content so I’m gonna do a mind map here on the whiteboard you can do it on a notepad or whatever but the first thing is take your core goal that your user is moving towards and add that in the center again the goal they’re moving towards so for us it’s clean water so clean water is the goal and I know enough about this to we’re just gonna kind of start throwing ideas out the first idea I have is the difference between a water purifier and a water filter so a purification system will actually remove the pathogens that can get you really really sick like Giardia um so when someone goes down to Mexico for example and they want to be able to take the tap water in Mexico and run it through something and consume it so it won’t make them sick a basic Brita water filter will not do that but you need a special type of filter so off of that we have the travel idea right to third world countries then there’s the camping idea people like camping and backpacking right so those are a couple of the main uses of actual water filtration system or pyrrha fication systems most people in America would be running off of some sort of a filtration system something to clean the water get the scent out of the water essentially and maybe to remove certain items so to go from the filter I want to run a few new little nodes off of the filter side and then we’ll run some sub notes because what you might find in this process is that you’ll get down here to like the camping and backpacking milla – I love that stuff that’s going to be my niche I don’t actually want to be the everything to everyone water guy because there’s a little bit too much there you might find that one of these little nodes sub notes is actually where you want to go build your business so off of the water filter there’s a few ways we can go about it there’s what it removes there’s the price there’s the type and there’s the brand so let’s put those up there so you can already see that we’re starting to broaden out and I’m gonna follow these down a little bit more here because I think we’re gonna have a lot more options in this section than this section and I just want to get all my ideas out on the board here to kind of really see what’s going on so we’re gonna go down to the removes first and I know a few of the things that commonly people want to remove the new waters fluoride chlorine arsenic VOCs which is volatile organic compounds which come out from farming etc etc cool so these are some of the ideas and what essentially you would create from these and we’ll get into it on the computer is like how to remove arsenic from your water right how to remove chlorine from your water what water filters remove VOCs or volatile organic compounds but we want to get some data behind this idea I’m just throwing some ideas on the board right now so for the type let’s talk about a few of the types there’s like a whole house filters there’s under the sink filters there’s pitcher base filters there’s countertop filters so that’s to base it based on the type because some people might be looking for a specific type and some people might be looking for the specific problem solution so we want to round all this idea out then there’s the brands right there’s a lot of common brands and I’m gonna give you a list of what I call buyer intent phrases that we’re able to mix in with all of these and that’s where you can really identify those keyword phrases that can essentially bring cash flow pretty quickly for you as an affiliate once you gain the rankings so let me just throw a couple of brand ideas up on there britta Berkey Alexa appear pro pure these are just some brand names that I found kind of face it researching and there’s obviously a lot more I’m not trying to be super comprehensive here I’m trying to do enough to show you how I go through this process you will want to do everything for your niche and it’s worth it to spend a day or a weekend doing all of the research get all that research done so your data is done so you have your keyword list that you’re going after and you essentially have your roadmap that can keep you going forward for three months six months a year or more of all the content ideas that you need to go because then it’s just a process of create more content more rapidly than your competitors because if they’re doing one blog post a week but they’ve already got a bank of a hundred and you’re doing five blog posts per week and you’re starting with zero there’s a mathematical way to know at what point you will have more content than they do if you’re creating more valuable content that’s eighty ninety percent of the game right there so let’s go off the price here real quick this is a really easy one to base off of right there’s under 50 bucks there’s under 100 bucks there’s under 250 bucks etc so again these are kind of the the types of ways people are searched my goal here is to get in the mind of my user and like what are they going to be searching for they’re gonna be searching for cheap filters right do they want to know based on price are they searching for specific things they know are in their water because they have their water tested because they have looked at their municipality water reports because every municipality runs report on water are they looking for a specific type and down here there’s also just to throw a few more ideas on I like to spend a fair bit of time in this process to really round out all the ideas I can I you don’t have to do it in a mindmap format maybe lists but whatever it is I just to show you I did do a bit of this before on my notepad here let’s see if I can get it focused in you can see I just did kind of a basic list right I put four main columns with the categories of what it was and I just wrote down the the quick ideas on top and then we have the buyer intent words I don’t see exactly where I can put them on I’ll put them down here real quick now what I mean by buyer intent is sometimes people are looking online for things and they’re just you’re just looking for ideas they’re just looking to read something they’re just looking to get a basic article other times people are searching Google because they’re ready to buy something and when they’re ready to buy something they use specific phrases in how they search one is the pricing right if they have pricing in there or what’s the price of price of reverse osmosis that means they’re they know what they want and they’re just curious how much it is or reverse osmosis system under $100 that’s another way of using price that people when they type that they’re pretty pretty sure they’re gonna be buying and reverse osmosis filter so if you have a great piece of content that compares the best reverse osmosis filters for under $100 and they find your post and I don’t know if that’s a reality by the way but if they find your post on that there’s a high likelihood they’re gonna click through they’re gonna trust your recommendation they click through they purchase that’s when you make money as an affiliate in this kind of a scenario so a few of those are comparison price review best top 10 and cheap so someone who’s comparing a under the sink filter with a reverse osmosis filter when they’re comparing those two things they know mentally that they’re down to those two things it’s one of the two if they know that they are looking for a top ten what are the top ten whole house filters they know they want a whole house filter they just don’t know which one these are the opportunities for you to connect them with content you connect to them with content and then you help them understand what their options are you make a very good argument for which one is potentially best for them in their current situation what they’re searching for the odds are if you help them connect all those dots in a way that makes sense and is logical and feels comfortable to them they’re gonna click through and purchase and that’s how people make money as affiliates without building lists with just pure content and of course you could build a list off of this you could build this into a much bigger business but ultimately the traffic the list none of that works until you get enough content that’s drawing in people so what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna pause the video for a minute I’m gonna take all of this information and these ideas that we just kind of threw together in a mind map we’re gonna pull it together into the computer and then we’re gonna start to work with it in the computer I’m going to show you a few tools that you can use to expand upon these ideas to cross-reference these ideas to get even more ideas for content right because when you start to combine them right the top ten with this here the the comparing two brands there’s actually a big multiplier effect and there’s hundreds if not thousands of ideas potential here from combining your buying intent phrases with the different items that we have around the mind map I’ll show you more about how that works while I do that go ahead and leave me a comment click pause if you want don’t click pause just like right on if you’re digging this if you have any questions at this point hit me in the comments right now and I’ma connect with you in one second here on the computer now that we’re on the computer the goal is to expand the keyword list and then cross-reference it to make sure they have search volume and to get the difficulty score so you can find out which have the best volume and the lowest difficulty and you start there ultimately how you go about expanding your keyword list is up to you you can use any software you want you can use Excel you can use Evernote Microsoft Word I happen to like using notepad txt files cuz they save without any weird characters in them so just apply your approach to working on the computer don’t think you need to do it my way and I might be doing things a little slower than needed with a little brute force because I’m not necessarily an Excel ninja that’s fine if you are good on you apply what you know but let’s jump in so the first step is to literally expand based on our brainstorm right create all of the different variations and I mean all of them I’m not gonna do all of them because that would be a long time I’m gonna keep this video short but you will need to do all of them so the first thing I’m gonna do is I simply take these are the main nodes and the sub nodes so how to remove chlorine fluoride all those things from our list from water I’m going to copy these over and then I’m gonna paste it in a notepad file and clean it up all right so that’s the first variation that we’ve created now there’s another variation based on these which is filters that remove right so I’m just gonna delete this out again if you know how to do the merge and all that fancy stuff get to it that’s totally cool here I’ll speed this up and just kind of show you real quickly how I do this now these first ones don’t work with the intent phrase right that doesn’t make sense to filters that remove vo see top-10 so maybe there’s top 10 but probably there’s really only one or two filters that actually do the job but if you look at the types of filters down here the whole house to understand Traverse those do make sense with these so I’ll show you how I kind of merge those together so the first thing I’m going to do is add water filter to the end of each of them and that way we’ll have just a clean starting point so now I’ve got kind of the combination of all of those main types of filters set up and I’m gonna copy this and I’m going to just paste it right below and now I’m going to add one of the identifiers so let’s do best for example and you will want to do this for every single one so we’ll copy that again paste it here and we’ll do review at the end this time and I’ll go top ten as well now I’m gonna stop here manually building this out but again there’s the brands of filters that’s the pricing there’s the water purifiers for like you need to expand this out manually and you need to get every variation you can come up with I would even think of more phrases like filters that remove I’m gonna show you how to find more of these but this is kind of the first manual approach right now I’ve got this list and I don’t know if people actually searched all of these so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna remove all the spaces and I’m gonna show you how you can run it through a free google tool in order to see which ones actually get search volume so we copy the whole list and then we go over to the Google Adwords Keyword planner I get here by searching for keyword planner if you’re in your adwords account you can click on the little wrench and it’s the keyword planner and essentially you want to use this second kind of area here where it says see search volume and forecasts for your keywords now the data we’re gonna get back from here is not really usable data for organic search engine marketing and SEO it’s tailored terms paid advertisers but what it will show us is which actual phrases get clicks and that’s what we’re looking for so I just sorted that list by clicks and you can see that really quickly most of these actually don’t get clicks so there’s a couple of ways you can go depending on how many here you can tick all these boxes to the left you can kind of remove those and export it or you can simply look at if there’s not that many you can look at which ones are and you can create a new keyword list by copying these and pasting these over to a new list however you want to go about it this is one way to kind of work with that data because again we want to take all of our ideas and we want to condense it down to the ones that actually get searched next up I want to show you kind of another item that will allow us to expand our search phrases without having to cost any money for any sort of expansion tools I’m going to show you the manual way and then kind of a faster way so I’m gonna start by searching for reverse osmosis so now you notice it automatically populates these different phrases right now these are the different things that ultimately people are searching for and Google thinks these are the most relevant sub phrases longtail keyword phrases to our main phrase you can type these in you want to actually go capture all of these especially the ones that are relevant you can also put space a space B and go through word letter by letter and it will give you all of the different items but that’s really inefficient right but this is where keyword tool dot our keyword IO excuse me it comes in so you can come here and type in reverse osmosis and click search and it essentially does that for you where it adds the a it adds the B it adds the C and it does it before and after to give you a list of keyword phrases so it pulls up this list now they’re gonna try to get you to sign up they’re gonna try to eat you to pay I don’t like this as a pro tool I’ve never really used this I don’t think they’re pro tool is worth it but you can see it did create a list of six hundred and thirteen keywords and it says that if I want to if you want to be able to download it without sign you can get it from signing in so you have to get a free account and you can download them what I do is I just scroll through here and I really try to focus on okay which ones are actually the highest relevance so now you can see best reverse osmosis best home reverse osmosis water filter what you can do is you can just copy these and paste them right you can just make a new notepad sheet essentially get a new one here and you could just paste them right on and you can essentially keep growing your list you can see that people search for reverse osmosis shower filters that I didn’t even know was a thing but obviously people do that these keyword phrases you notice I’m hovering around the best area because this is one of the main phrases that identify intent right best was here there’s also let’s see if cheap can so here’s another good one with the can right can babies drink reverse osmosis water can dogs drink rum all of these are literally phrases you can I mean these are exact articles that you can create on your site so it’s a manual process of collecting the opportunities that you want to go after and of course you can click all of these select the ones you want you sign up if I try to export it’s going to get me to sign up to use it I don’t I just kind of go through it manually like I’m okay taking the time because it gives me time to think about this right I don’t want to just create a big list that I don’t really put much thought of the intent I’m always thinking like okay carbon water filter versus reverse osmosis is this somebody I’m interested in that’s interested in my stuff and you can see this is a really big list of phrases so here are your ideas pull the ones that are closest to the buyer intent right these are people who really want to buy is when they’re searching for how much house a how to install versus like best top ten and prices so that’s another way here on the Google the keyword IO you also saw how to use that and do that kind of work in Google but there’s one more place we can go on Google and I’m gonna search reverse osmosis by itself you can see obviously it pulls up the shop but I want to scroll to the bottom here and you’re gonna see at the bottom it’s got these searches related to and this is another area you got another eight suggestions here and I’m gonna do best reverse osmosis and see what it does down there best reverse osmosis and I go to the bottom here and you can see best reverse osmosis system for well water perfect that’s the kind of thing that you’re looking for because the opportunity here is going to be pretty big considering most the big boys in the reverse osmosis world aren’t gonna have all of these unique little pieces of content that you as a content creator can and will create over time under sink reverse osmosis home master best whole house reverse osmosis best countertop so you can see even here we’ve got the whole house the countertop the under sink paired with reverse osmosis and paired with the best that’s what I’ve been trying to get at here is we have this is intent a we have the where as intent be mixed with the type of filter right so it’s the location of the filter under sink the type of the filter reverse osmosis and best can all get mixed together and you want to do that top 10 under sink reverse osmosis water filters top 10 reverse osmosis for well water and when you start to multiply these things out you’ll notice there is an insane number of very very small kind of focused content P is available for you to write on on similar topics one more I want to do a different type of filters here so let’s do let’s do how to remove fluoride so you can see right here how to remove fluoride from the drinking water from the shower water from water for plants how to remove fluoride from water naturally how to use fluoride from bath water from tap water at home how to remove fluoride from water cheaply these are all phrases that Google is saying people search this they search it enough that they’re suggesting it you could have a piece of content on each and every one of them and this is how you grow a mega authority site is by creating hundreds of 100s eventually thousands of very specific very targeted very focused well researched high quality pieces of content that answer all of these different kinds of questions I’m gonna search that and see what comes up at the bottom just to see if there’s anything else at the bottom and you’ve got more of them right how to remove fluoride for free from well water for water for plants some overlap for sure and some of them don’t but this is this is the game again I’m building I’d be building a massive list I’d be building one ultimate list that’s not this this would get deleted right my big list here would ultimately get deleted and I would have it filled with the ones that I feel have the real highest likelihood of actually working but let’s go on to one other tool here because I want to show you this answer the public now this dude creeps me out to be perfectly honest I don’t like his impatience I’m not sure why they have that and here he is getting a little uh bold with me right on dude anyways what you do here is you enter in a keyword phrase and it gives you some really interesting random ways of looking at that keyword phrase and other searches around that keyword phrase so let’s do reverse osmosis osmosis now again you’d want to do this for every single phrase like it is a lot of work this is the kind of research that most people don’t do this is how you outwork your competition if you’ve ever heard Gary Vee say you’re gonna out-hustle everybody outwork everyone well this is how you do it strategically so you’re focusing all of your out working effort on creating content that is focused on what people search focused on things people are looking for help with and here is essentially the output from this tool so we’ve got reverse osmosis at the beginning and then you see there’s all these questions that start with will will reverse osmosis remove lead will reverse osmosis remove fluoride will reverse osmosis remove coliform bacteria these are all topic ideas for you again I would cross-reference them with the next tool which we’ll get to in a second but you want to pull these kinds of things out why why what is reverse osmosis desalination what is reverse osmosis system in the house who does reverse osmosis work okay so some of these just flat-out don’t make sense but you’re looking for the ones that do make sense right is reverse osmosis water alkaline is reverses almost as water deionized so there’s alkalinity upgrades that can be sold that bolt on to I have one on my reverse osmosis filter so if somebody’s searching for is reverse osmosis systems alkaline you have the ability to potentially help them understand that there’s isn’t and they could buy this add-on and that is where your affiliate money would come from is linking them to the item that they want it’s a great way to come up with a whole lot of search ideas then there is the prepositions which it runs off of here’s even more ideas and I think they have it in a data list or actually you can switch over to data here so now you click the data and it actually gives you a list that’s much more copy/paste able right so these are all the comparisons right 73 comparisons reverse osmosis and a Moses reverse osmosis and water purification this is the comparison I was talking about for buyer intent someone who is searching for essentially do I do reverse osmosis or this these are the kinds of phrases they will search and you can see I can actually tick that box to switch it over to data on every one of these and you can see what is reverse osmosis water what is reverse what does reverse osmosis remove I think it removes some of the little prepositions here but these are search phrases that you’re able to literally search for I’m gonna copy a few of those and paste it into my phrase here and i’ma grab let’s see here just gonna grab a few of these because what I’m trying to show you now is at this point you should have a list that has been sorted a bit right so again we start with all these raw ideas we merge them all together right merging the the nodes we came up with in our mind map with the intent phrases with the kind of relevant phrases around it we cross-reference that to make sure they have search volume we now have a list of ones that search volume this is done right so then we had this gigantic list here of all these individuals that we eventually sort through and make sure they actually have search volume plug it into the AdWords tool to find the ones that do and eventually you’ll get them onto a smaller list so we first expand the list as much as we can we go and answer the public we’ve got a keyword IO we go through our brain and our actual research we did on the board we expand that list as much as we can and then we dump it all into the AdWords tool to make sure it gets some sort of search volume but we don’t know what that means for organic traffic and we don’t know what the organic difficulty is all we’re trying to do is remove the ones that get zero search traffic then you ultimately will end up with a short list of phrases you know are relevant generally they’ll have fire intent associated with them you know they have some sort of search phrase and you know that you’ve expanded this list through multiple tools keyword IO through your brain through manual physical work of just combining variations and the answer the public tool and using Google itself what it gives you in the suggested tool and what Google gives you in the lower area it takes hours and hours and hours to get this but now you have your list and this list now needs to be tied in and again we use keyword finder this is at miles bechler com4 /kw finder and you can use it a couple of different ways obviously there’s the way we can use it for just searching one phrase which I’ll do really quickly to kind of show you what it looks like for one phrase and we’ll search the find keywords here and this is if you want to go one by one there’s a way to import which we’ll look at next you can see right here I found off the top best home reverse osmosis system has a 31 keyword difficulty that is a great keyword difficulty if you’re getting started this is a buying phrase people want to know what the best is they’re ready to buy they know reverse osmosis is for them they want the best one and if you show them what the best one is the odds of them clicking through and buying whether that’s through Amazon or a Walmart affiliate account or some other affiliate account you got through an affiliate Network that is how you ultimately make money by answering their problem with great content getting that content ranking through doing this over hundreds and hundreds of times you build the authority of your site in that process and that rising tide of building the authority floats all boats so you can see this is a great keyword phrase for me the the keyword difficulty is fantastic but I want to show you how you can do this in bulk you can click the import and allow you to add them in bulk now again I just pieced this together you understand that this list for you you’ve already verified that they actually do have search volume you’ve already verified that they actually are indeed searched I click import Kirra finder and it runs the data for me now I only get the keyword difficulty showing on this screen if someone has ever searched it before in this tool but you can see that it’s got best reverse osmosis water filter this is another great one these are great keyword difficulty scores up to even 40 is actually really low to be honest with you 32 whole-house want to review and you can see I’ve got the search volume here in the middle I’ve got the average cost-per-click which doesn’t really matter for us but this is how I create my list of what are the lowest difficulty highest search phrases and if you want you could search by it you can sort by the search numbers right here this one has the highest number of searches I’m gonna click on the little icon under the keyword difficulty and it’s gonna go rank that for me and I work my way down now you might be thinking miles 880 searches a month that’s it like if I get the top spot I might only get 3 or 400 searches like that’s not much but if you think about the process and about how essentially you will dominate with organic search marketing through content marketing you’re creating one post focus on one keyword per day if that one poster one keyword can get you a hundred even a hundred potential clicks per day what that were per month excuse me what that means is it would get 200 plus searches per month and you can get about half of those roughly if you take the number one spot if you do this hundreds of times over the compounding effect of every one of those keyword phrases that will bring you three a day here 10 a day there 5 a day there 20 a day from this one 30 day from this one eventually you’ll get some big ones but it starts with a lot of little ones and all those little ones are too small for the big guys and that’s where you have an opportunity to outwork them and this is the game I’m just looking for what is the lowest difficulty highest search volume and this is ultimately how you build out your main keyword list it’s a very kind of long lengthy process I do a lot of manual configurations I don’t trust any one tool to come up with all of the different variations because I’m always trying to focus on what’s inside of that users head what are they thinking what’s their search intent and I really try to come up with phrases in a way using essentially tools like my brain and the whiteboard that no one else uses and then I spend time to put together every single potential combination of those in every combination that makes any sort of logical sense for a human to be searching and then I run it through to see if it gets any search volume it’s this approach that helps me out strategically work all of my competition and your competition sometimes is big business right there are these big corporations they don’t do long tail keyword search engine optimization based marketing right they don’t do it at all then your other competition are the other affiliate marketers and the other people watching my videos and their other people who get this world and they’re probably all using one of three tools which is why I showed you a variety of tools and again the best tool to use is your brain and your time and your energy to piece it all together you can stitch together keyword phrase ideas in ways that these tools never will and when you find a little honeypot that no one is ranking for and you can go in and dominate that segment it’s really gonna help you kind of rank better for your whole site because Google’s gonna see you get a high click through rate Google’s gonna see people get in and on your site they’re gonna have a high time on site etc etc because you’re creating great content the result of all of this is one massive list of keywords and you can export from that last tool the miles vector Kampf or Asajj kW finer you can export all of the content from that one tool if you want that is ultimately your master list that you run with and then the game is all about creating content every day put out a piece of content do a blog post a day on your WordPress site do a YouTube video a day if you have access to being able to do YouTube videos in a way that makes sense for me I don’t have all these filters in hand so I wouldn’t necessarily be able to do videos for all these I would go in a written word approach I would focus on creating one or two really really focused blog posts a day every day if I could put out 60 posts a day that means within about 5 months I’d have hundreds of posts available that would literally begin to drive traffic in ways that would absolutely amaze most people and that my friend is the path to using keyword research search engine optimization search engine marketing and content marketing to outwork all of your competitors this is how you focus on working smarter beginner we’re smarter and harder that’s the key to success I hope this has been helpful it’s it’s a little bit all over the place because there is no one way to do this there is no one tool that this is the only tool you ever need to use you need to use lateral thinking you need to figure out ways to go beyond what your competitors are doing both the big businesses and the other affiliate marketers you need to take time to really create new combinations and think very very kind of logically and really getting the mindset of your user what are they searching for right they want clean water but why do they want clean water what are they trying to remove from the water what types of water systems what brand names of water systems you will eventually find a list of literally hundreds upon hundreds of keyword phrases that you can go dominate because they’ll have low volume they’ll have low difficulty score because no one’s targeting them or the people who are just kind of put up some rubbish content and you can create better more valuable content and essentially take over that number one spot you can push your competitors off the first page of Google you can collect that traffic then you could add pop-ups you could grow an email list you could build a subscription service there’s all kinds of things you can do once you grow that traffic but ultimately you need to put in the work through content marketing to grow that traffic I hope this video has been helpful if you made it to the end Wow good on you hashtag bad ass on you that’s awesome that you made it to the end put this into this kind of work is so powerful it’s something you can do in an afternoon you could put a long day’s work in and you will have enough keyword phrases to rely on for months if not years in the future and then it’s just grind it out or outsource it work it be project manager get great content written remember it’s got to be great content these are real human beings who are searching phrases like does reverse osmosis remove fluoride from my water this is a person possibly a mom who’s concerned about what sheets consuming in her water she’s concerned about her health and well-being honor that create great content actually help her understand where fluoride comes from how to remove fluoride if that doesn’t remove the fluoride what does lead her on a journey to solve her problem and you will find that the click-throughs to the actual products you recommend when you educate her better than anyone else has and you make that make it understandable to where she’s like ah I get it now cool I need that boom I’m clicking I’m buying from Amazon cuz today Prime everyone’s Prime member anyway to be here in two days and you my friend will make a commission in that moment when she clicks through and buys um that’s it that’s the game and I just really I just really wanted to reinforce like honor that these are real people put out great content that help something the more you actually help them the better your numbers will be the Google will see the click throughs go up the timeline site go up Google will drive more traffic because Google can see through data through the analytics data on your site that you are a trustworthy website that’ll raise the value of your site that’ll raise the authority of your site everyone your keyword phrases can lift up as you continue to raise the authority how do you do that lots and lots and lots of great content is ultimately one of the keys to that path thank you again for your time I look forward to connecting with you another video here in a couple of days and any questions hit me in the comments subscribe if you haven’t already got some new stuff coming out thumbs-up liked it engage share do what you do I appreciate you and I look forward to connecting with you on the next video until then be well

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