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How To Get 100,000 YouTube Subscribers In 34 Months With Content Marketing

hey miles here miles Becker calm this video we’re gonna look into the data behind my growth to and beyond 100,000 subscribers here on YouTube with the goal of helping you understand what it’s going to take for you to scale your online platform as well now I have been growing in addition to my youtube channel I’ve also been growing my blog and my podcast feed because I’m leveraging what’s called the three pillars strategy so I start with videos because that’s easiest for me to make and then my team turns it into blog posts as well as the podcast episodes and that’s all done after I put out the video there was a time when I was getting started that I did all of this myself so if you’re just bootstrapping and doing everything yourself you’ll feel right at home and again what we’re gonna do here at a moment is jump on my actual computer screen together and you’re gonna look at the data because there’s one there’s a lot of people out there online in the world of internet marketing who are blowing smoke at you and trying to make it seem easier than it is to me there’s always a direct relationship between effort and results right we live in a cause-and-effect kind of a universe here that’s that’s just the truth of reality right so when you look at what I’ve created and what I’ve done the action steps that I’ve taken it’ll make it abundantly clear what I did and this again whole process that I’ve leveraged to grow this is proven off of my wife’s website that is it gets 800,000 visits per month it’s had 30 million plus visitors on it we’ve leveraged the same exact approach that I just used here in these 34 months to grow this channel over a hundred thousand subscribers we did that in the blogging platform so if you prefer to write you can start with blogging as your first M core approach you actually don’t even need to do YouTube so whether you are a podcaster whether you are a blogger whether you are a youtuber the theory applies because it’s the core of what works in content marketing the one skill if there was one skill that I could magically hand you and I’ve got five videos that teach you how to do this up to the expert level it’s keyword research it’s the ability to go identify the specific phrases that people are searching for because that’s that’s been my way of understanding what you need Ryan I asked surveys I respond to comments but ultimately going in and looking at the data behind the keyword phrases is one of the biggest things that’s one of the one of the kind of the biggest benefits for me to understand what I need to make content on that you’re going to light that’s going to get reach if I title my content and make content on phrases and ideas that no one’s searching no one’s gonna find it all right but if I use the language patterning if I use the exact phrases and titles and create videos based on the exact things that you’re searching for there’s a really high likelihood that you’re going to find it so that’s kind of though the one thing in there what we’re gonna do now is I’m gonna jump on here and do a quick screen share because I want to go ahead and show you exactly what we’re talking about on the data and at this point you should be able to see my screen so that’s the podcast we’ll get there next but right now you can see so on my channel I’ve got a hundred and one thousand six hundred and seventy-six subscribers the first time I’ve crossed the hundred thousand mark so silver play button will be on its way soon and then we’re gonna go inside of the dashboard itself so right here in the dashboard you can see I’ve put out five hundred and thirty seven videos now it’s been thirty four months and five hundred and thirty seven videos that’s the first real key right there I believe is how many qín see of publishing right so I’m two months under three years so let’s do a quick bit of math I’m gonna break my calculator out here on so three years three times 365 I want to see how many days that is so a thousand 95 days – two months away so – sixty that’s gonna put us at just over a thousand thousand thirty-five okay so four really really rough math we could say I’ve had about a thousand right that’s a logical number there so a thousand and thirty five days since I made my first video here on YouTube and five hundred thirty-seven videos let’s do that math right here 537 and you will see that my average is actually about 1.9 – wait a minute that doesn’t make any sense so a video every one point nine two days all right bring got a little twisted on that one so I’ve been doing we could just say an average of a video every other day now my frequency changed in the beginning I did a hundred and twenty videos in a hundred and twenty consecutive days that is what I call the the what I call that was the hundred and twenty day challenge I recommend a lot of people start with a ninety day challenge we’re gonna go back to that data in a second but the beginning was ninety videos in ninety days every day for 90 days and those videos sucked I was not a competent video creator I was awkward just figuring out how to do it how to be comfortable how to be loose and you know like just really be myself on camera there is something that happens when you’re staring the lens and rigid muscle so if you’re in that phase where you’re not comfortable on camera you feel free to go watch my early videos to understand we all started there but know that as you do it more you’ll get more comfortable with the process you’ll get better at it right it is a skill so I did 120 days in a 120 videos in 120 days first to get started okay we’re gonna look at the graph of how this works here in a minute then I switched to three videos per week and I’ve been doing that for about 130 weeks now after that so 120 days 120 weeks that’s really that that’s really the power of everything if you can do a 120 120 challenge where you hit 120 videos 120 days and 120 weeks of 3 videos per week you are on the path to have about 500 videos around year 3 and it seems to me that there’s a correlation between how many great keyword focused videos that I’ve been able to put out and how many individuals i’ve been connecting with also the goal of my videos is truly to help you the goal of these videos is not to try to sell you something i don’t have a youtube marketing course i don’t have something like that to sell you so I’m not gonna pitch you anything I’m just really truly trying to help you and I think that philosophy has guided me greatly and served me greatly so let’s go back to the data now we’re gonna get into the numbers even more inside of the analytics which is where we go to next so here I need to click on analytics on the left and let this load here it wants to take me to the new one and I’m gonna stay on a classic one the reason I’m staying on the classic analytics is I’ve documented this growth actually every single month since we began so this is the 34th variation of this and I want the interface to look the same now you can see my watch time has a nice kind of growth over the last 28 days right these lows are getting higher and the hires are also getting higher so I’m in a little bit of a growth curve my views look like they’re down a little bit right it’s 11% down on views 17% down there on that month-over-month all in all it’s not that big of a deal but I want to go back and do a lifetime view and the life time goes back to the lifetime of my my Google account but I actually put out my first video in August of 2016 so my first video came out here right this is you see these were all zeros so right about here is where my first video went now on this graph this graph to the right here actually shows about 3 years let me set the date so we can get a cleaner graph one quick moment here if you’re watching in your on chat hop on the chat let me know what you’re thinking I’m going to jump in there in a minute and then also in I’ll jump into the comments and be able to answer a couple questions once we’re done with this let me get this graph going here now I want to go to custom we need to go and this should be the full three-year graph and it’s just gonna be cleaner so here you can see this is the full three-year graph and you can see my first videos were started right back there so in the first hundred and twenty days that’s what it took for me to get into the kind of this operating channel that I’ve been running within right now over here I tested a little bit of paid ads like how much reach do I get I ran two separate little tests on paid does it help and obviously it helps me get more reach but I have not found it to be valuable enough to carry on so I’m not gonna be running paid ads on this to get the distribution out for my my content but what happened is after 120 days I hit this main channel and then for about so if you divide this into three these are three years right so the second year was just very consistent in a channel and a third year you can see this has been arcing up up up slowly but surely and then the average view duration drops every time I run ads is one of the things I’ve noticed which isn’t a great algorithm move total in total I’ve had thirty five million minutes washed I’ve had over five million different views and that’s really been the path is how many videos can I publish 101 100 1000 subscribers on this 37 thousand comments which is crazy I’ve answered most of those myself and 150 thousand likes so this is the path right it takes more time to get up into this kind of maximum operating channel and every brand has some sort of like a ceiling to – how much reach every niche has a ceiling to how much reach there’s potential but it took me 120 to 200 videos to really get there and then it’s taken this marathon runners pace of sticking with it now for about three years total to truly get the growth that I’ve had and an interesting thing you’ll see here notice on my subscribers graph which is a little small you see how big of a spike I have here in my watch time that went up and in my views you notice I don’t really have that big of a spike in my subscribers that’s really the reason why I don’t want to continue to pay for views is because it’s not really translating into great subscriber growth for me therefore I’m just gonna keep going at it organically then as I said I have a team that goes into my content and my team actually repurposes my content by using a tool called Timmy I’m gonna show that to you right now Tem I calm so Timmy is a auto transcription tool cost 10 cents per minute super easy to use that’s what my team uses right here they upload my video or my audio and then all of a sudden they’re able to pull a blog post out of it and they’ve been publishing like crazy so I’m getting about 37,000 visits per month right now from about 25,000 people if you imagine a storefront in your town how much would that owner be willing to pay to have 25,000 people pop their head in and look within that store it’s a real big asset here to have this much traffic coming in I’m gonna show you month-over-month because my SEO team did a big push for about a month and half I may have not been working on the site much in the last month they’re working on my wife’s site right now doing the same thing so my sessions my visits are down and this is normal it could be seasonality right it’s the summertime and a lot of one mantra printers though one to be entrepreneurs out there who say they’re gonna do something but they never actually do anything they’re out camping they’re partying they’re barbecuing in summer which is logically why go down for me whereas the the true diehards like you are actually grinding it out and making it happen but then the more important one is let’s remove the seasonality and how do you do that you do a year-over-year comparison so year-over-year we’re gonna look and see that I’m up 90 percent year-over-year so this is just proof that the process of making videos and syndicating the content out through a wordpress blog absolutely grows your brand massively right this is mostly coming from the search engines let’s actually go look at exactly where all of the traffic is coming from so I’m choosing the acquisition all traffic sources medium and you see that my Google traffic is up 173 percent year-over-year which is even higher than the 90 percent and that really is proof positive that we are here we Rock and things are growing this is really able to be done by any one individual on their own if you make your own videos you could run it through the transcription tool Tami calm it’s pretty powerful how how quick that makes it then once you get some cash flow coming in you can outsource it like I’ve been able to do so you can stay focused on more great top-level content then we have the actual this is on my podcast feed right here and you see on the podcast that I reached over 10,000 downloads last month that’s on the heels of almost 12,000 and April so we’re three weeks into a four week month so two thirds of the way there or three quarters the way there that means 2500 more I should cross the ten thousand downloads again but in total a hundred and forty thousand people 144 thousand people have downloaded the same content right this is exactly the same content that’s over here so that’s also the exact same content that’s over here and what you’re starting to see is the power of really this three kind of pillar content marketing strategy in action right so I’m putting on all this YouTube and I’m growing really well on YouTube I’m excited with my youtube growth but what’s really cool about this is that I’m also growing for people who don’t default to YouTube as their main search engine they default to Google as their main search engine they’re also able to find my content I put out one piece of content it hits all of the platforms then there’s also the side of it where I’m getting out to the podcast now a podcast listener is often a different person right somebody was able to sit around watching YouTube videos they have a bit more freedom in their lifestyle whereas a parent who has kids they can’t really go focus in on their device the kids want attention in that moment and or they’re busy all the time they’re they’re busy professionals they’re commuting they’re trying to build their side hustle in the evenings while they’re working their day job so they’re listening to my content while they’re on the train while they’re walking the dog while they’re at the gym etc etc while they’re commuting in their car and that is how I’m actually syndicating my content to reach all of the different component different profiles of people write the text searchers who want to read the video searchers who love YouTube and who choose YouTube is one of their default kind of platforms to search on and then those individuals we were super busy or they got kids they got a reason why audio is the best for them I’m not I’m not cannibalizing my audience by getting my content on multiple platforms I’m actually syndicating my content reaching more people been doing a little bit on social media through my team so if you if you haven’t followed me yet go follow me on instagram com4 slash miles Beckler or you can just search even on Facebook miles better I’m starting to syndicate out social snippets but it’s it’s taken a lot of time and energy and we’re not fully firing on that but it’ll give you a good idea of what my team and I are doing in the social world we’re working on ramping that up it’s always systems right it’s I like to build systems around myself that way I can go do the one thing that I need to do and I have systems and teammates to do all the other processes I build those systems by doing everything myself first before handing those off and at this point I’m gonna jump on to the chat I want to go see if you’re around what you’re thinking on this if you’ve got any questions for me it has been a long journey if you’re currently watching live give it a thumbs up let me know how long you’ve been seeing and finding my content I’m totally curious about how long we’ve been connected for I got some old-school people man who have been around for an extremely long time on my channel and I’m always welcoming the new people too I love having the new folks in here and I’ve got your comments today right there so Paul’s on what’s going on Paul Geary highest healing energy you’re just about to email I’m live that’s cool Jose bara thank you for the congrats I appreciate that alex is on so Paul Jay Lipsky says do you have ads turnoff I do wondering why your ad income is only 20 bucks and that’s a great question Paul so yes it ads are turned off i something called super chat turned on so anyone could click I think there’s a dollar sign button right now in the chat box and can give me a donation and I just decided to turn that on because I know that there’s a segment of people who want to want the opportunity to give back I also have a membership program content and conversion com that’s actually open right now for people who want to who any of my help growing their business but you really need to have a business grow you need to be making some income for that to make any sense so those are really the only two monetization I have I don’t have ads turned on specifically because there are some shady advertisers who leverage YouTube YouTube is notorious for being a little more what’s the right word on that flexible with the messaging that they allow said another way scammers are leveraging YouTube more than they’re leveraging Facebook the Mobe scan the bit connect scam both of those scams were shut down by the government they were that bad both of those were notorious for being advertised on YouTube so I am not willing to give your attention to potential scammers in exchange for 10 cents 20 cents I also know that advertising is a very very poor revenue stream for youtubers my wife has ads turned on because it’s a different relationship there’s not a bunch of fake gurus trying to scam her people and really she gets even more views than I do and it makes a couple hundred bucks a month versus driving people into our funnels driving people into our business from people onto our list that’s where we actually make the real lifestyle income so that’s a great question and it’s really to honor your attention and to make sure that none of the scammers and Lambo boy can’t buy your attention for a few pennies for me I don’t need that money I’ve got a very successful business with my wife I really need you to take the right actions to grow your business online so you can become a fountain of in your community and that does not require you to spend $2,000 on Lambo boys whack course that he just needs to pay for his $4,000 oil change and you end up putting some on credit card that doesn’t actually help you so I got it I got to separate you from them as best I can which means I take a bit of a financial hit on that which I’m fine for because that’s not my goal my goal of this channel is not to make money right my goal is to truly be the most helpful marketer on YouTube and that’s what I’m after here so John huh so say miles do you get more email subscribers from organic Google search or YouTube video so I don’t have hard data on this I have the data on this from my wife’s brand and she also has over a hundred thousand subscribers she gets a lot more opt-ins from the blog and the reason is from on your blog you’re able to just play a pop-up right so the way a blog works and the way search engines work best is somebody’s gonna search for something very specific like for example how to build an affiliate funnel I have a good post I have a good video on that they’re gonna go to Google or were you to whatever they’re gonna go and search how to build an affiliate funnel now if they find my video they’re gonna find my video and they’re gonna get walked through the process and then I have like a link maybe I have like an end screen that has like a card you can click on to get my free thing so it’s very indirect in order to get them over to my landing page which has about a 45 percent conversion so even then less than half people who reach that opt-in whereas my blog post that I believe ranks well for this exact keyword phrase as well when somebody visits that blog post I do a whole screen pop-up and we as users we don’t love pop-ups but they convert really really well and that converts about 5% to 7% of people to my email list and I’m able to get super specific I’m not doing this as well as I should I’ve got it siloed out a little bit but for example my facebook ads content I can show an opt-in is relevant to Facebook Ads in my funnel content I could show an opt-in relevant that to make you more money or scaling business online so ultimately the big reason why I’m doing YouTube videos is to fill my blog right if I was comfortable as a writer I would be all in on the written I would be all in on writing mega posts that are just literally the most valuable and helpful blog posts online because Google is just such behemoth in the world of traffic it is the most trafficked website in the world it will drive more traffic than anywhere else in the world and it’s a pole type of traffic that comes from the search engines it’s people looking for you and those are the people I want right I don’t have to interrupt people and convince them I can do that I just don’t want to do that for this brand so in that sense yeah all of my efforts here are really how do I get all of this knowledge I had so I made started making money online at 2003 I’m I went full time in 2010 and then I really kicked the cash flow to the point where money was no longer a problem or question in about 2014 2015 so out of all of that I’ve learned so many things that don’t work I’ve learned a few things that work but boy I’ve learned thousands of things that don’t work and I’ve learned a few things so it’s like how do I take all of this knowledge I have and get it out for me this experience with you right now is the easiest way right I’m kind of a natural talker I’ve got a little bit of that gift to gab so I’ve run with the videos it took a while to get comfortable on videos to get comfortable the process to really habituate it into my lifestyle but that was my commitment all the while knowing that at some point I’m gonna be building a system around this to get that content written out into great SEO optimized posts for Google because I know that will build my list even better and that will actually be a more valuable asset than these here I probably get five times as many eyeballs five times as many people finding my YouTube videos every month that my blog but I I’m confident that my blog is indeed the place that I’m getting most of my leads from even though I’m data and that data I do have for my wife’s and I know for a fact that it’s true for her as well Paul says since you focus on popular keywords do I ever feel like my videos get repetitive oh for sure like I mean I like the whole process of growing a business online is so simple right put out great content that is helpful to an audience build a relationship and establish trust with that audience through and grow your email list and in part three is like help them get what they already want that’s it like that’s the recipe for success so I am finding new ways to talk about that I talk about a lot of the tactics recently I’ve been talking a lot more about the mindset because I’m realizing after putting out 500 tactical videos that show everything most people still aren’t taking the actions needed to create the success they desire why not it’s this thing it’s the internal conversation it’s the subconscious programming that they’ve had that they got brought up with from when they were three years old four years old five years old the the phrases the catchphrases that the family had on if you heard of this one but money doesn’t grow on trees that was a really popular catchphrase in my house growing up oh we can’t afford that was a very very very popular phrase that was a go-to phrase in growing up right like how do I shift that to it abundance mindset it’s it’s reprogramming the subconscious mind so that’s where I’m at at this point so I am finding new things to talk about right the mindset is kind of a new area Facebook is always changing so I can always go back and make a new updated video on on the Facebook stuff because that world changes extremely quickly but like my keyword research videos are a great example of an SEO like SEO has not changed for 10 years really and people still banter about it all the time and like the core I’m talking like the absolute core of SEO is super super simple and it’s super similar to what it was ten years ago so it is challenging to find the the new ways to talk about but remember your audience is always growing so there’s segments of our your audience who weren’t around when you made that awesome video last time and then there’s other search phrases other entrance points different levels of awareness right so somebody who wants to rank on Google is looking for SEO but they don’t know it so I can find people who are looking to rank how to rank on Google I could do an SEO video for them that’s based on the keyword phrase that they search it’s gonna be a little bit of a twist versus learn SEO which is somebody who knows what SEO is right their awareness of what SEO is they are aware of what it is they’re aware of the problem they have and they’re looking for that solution where as someone who wants a solution but they don’t know what the problem is right they want traffic from Google but they don’t know that SEO is the path there so that’s really one of the ways is make the same video idea under the different levels not all stems from Eugene Schwartz’s book breakthrough advertising so bill my group who can teach me on how you can make your first thousand dollars online you help with that like it’s all here on my channel it’s all free it requires you to put in three years of work so that’s it check it media zone what’s up check it media robert enke you really want to do a 90 day challenge but you’re afraid it’s not possible up late that much optimized content while still running your business do you think one video every two or three days would work too so push record I I did a video and it was kind of like is there a better way is at least but I had in the thumbnail and it’s the idea of doing a 90 week challenge or 120 week challenge so commit to like three week can you do three a week and push yourself you want your you want your growth to be to force you to grow right don’t do the whole I’ll do one a week cool like that’s that’s whack like serious people who like I’ll do one a week boy is that challenging like shut shut up like step up raise all I’m saying so three a week if you can do three week that’s what I do right now and then do it for literally 90 weeks or 120 weeks that’s that’s really where you’ll get some power what you would just expect is it’s gonna take you a little longer to get to the the top of that growth area right it’s gonna take you to other videos to get there but you’ll be there in in 8 months instead of three months and then from there is just you don’t just get more and more growth from there so I think that that’s the way to go check it media says posting every week at least one video will help totally but the do 3 week checkup media notices I’m using WP rocket they’re actually pretty cool you change the logo on the SEO cool [Music] awesome Wow Jodie up gosh drops me except 40 rupiah is that rupiah I think that’s what India is cool I just got to hit my first Indian rupees rupees that’s what Indian rupiah Rubies Indonesian Rupiah in the awesome thank you very much I’m from India you want to know how much I earn per month from from what brand in what way so I don’t do income disclosures and that’s on purpose because I think people who look at how much to earn per month and they they chase the dollar signs they’re looking at the wrong metric so I think that’s a key now I do have a video where I talked about the the actual kind of income metrics and I did at income reports poof but I don’t share it I’m not going to share it and I’m grateful for the tip and I hope you did that out of the goodness of your heart not expecting me to be incentivized by that because I don’t want anybody to flash on thinking XYZ there’s a lot of people out there bloggers who put up income reports I I’ve looked at several of them I destroyed most of the people out there who are putting out income reports which is hilarious to me we have a very successful business it allows it affords me a lifestyle that is beyond anything I ever expected and is really that lifestyle freedom if I could if I could clue you in on something that might incentivize you it’s the fact that I’ve built this business from the beaches all around the Pacific and the Mediterranean I’ve crossed oceans on ships before I’ve taken time to spend two weeks to cross an ocean by boat I’ve I’ve lived in Costa Rica Mexico New Zealand Hawaii I’ve lived in very expensive places I’ve lived in very inexpensive places right I’m not like a Chiang Mai digital nomad by any means I’m like luxury beachfront place i order the extra guac every times I just don’t think about money anymore but it’s the freedom that that really comes from that that truly is what’s amazing and I inspire you to go forth it’s amazing what you can create I think it’s important to say you know I’ve been making money online for 13 years I’ve been playing with this internet marketing game for 20-plus years sort of making bulletin board systems before a o L was the thing with people through basic modems back back back in the 94 93 I think so so it’s a long it’s a long path so John Hall says thanks so much what pop up do I use thrive it’s based it’s the thrive leads out of the thrive themes it’s the same one from my theme I used the monster one it was terrible it was terrible it slowed down my site so much the thrive themes one all my thrive is just really um it’s really lightweight and it’s it’s easy let me go up here so Kyle Milligan has been in since 2016 that is awesome highest danger highest healing energy is here now that’s cool how can I promote clipping products Siham you build an audience of people you get them to trust you and then you help them get what they want that’s the path right so that that really is it analysis has been around for a year or more Justin found out about Tim from me – Tim did alive today I think I do appreciate those tech tips check it media i man I’m the cobbler I got holes in my shoes I got so much going on I don’t make these little optimization things maybe someone on my team will see that at some point but I do appreciate it I just when we get the big stuff right none of the little stuff really matters is kind of the philosophy on that Orlando neuro therapy has grown subscribers with each video that’s really cool to hear so Orlando neuro therapy at what point should you start thinking about selling via your channel right now if you want at first the purpose was to market in business but now you’re thinking you want to grow your YouTube channel into a business so like the audience is the asset right so if you think of a business the profit and loss statement like actual business what assets does your business own that’s the key like like that’s it if you have a product that sells that that’s a product that’s not a business right what assets it you own so the assets that I pay attention to are ultimately the audience the size and reach of my audience and the kind of depth of connection with you that’s the key that’s what I’m after right I don’t I don’t have no desire to race to some vanity metric of subscribers I have the desire to truly be to hold the space in your mind as the most helpful marketer on YouTube right and then for people who find me on Google that’s where I want to be for them and on the podcast I want to be known as the most helpful person on the podcast world for them so that’s it that’s the asset so you can mention products at any time I put out my first affiliate based videos a couple of weeks in on my channel they didn’t do anything they didn’t work because I hadn’t built the trust I hadn’t built the the enough content and a body of work for them proved so start sprinkling them in but build your list make sure you got a free offer in there that’s really growing your list because that’s really really the key and let’s see here if you do two videos a day for 90 days can you expect a faster return on organic growth as opposed to one a day for 90 days I don’t think Salinas I really don’t I think that one a day is maybe a morning and an evening video but I can’t really think of the user behavior of someone who’s gonna be excited to come back to your channel twice a day most TV shows on most network television show maximum one day right maybe news is the one thing they could have multiple per day so I guess there’s there some situations where that could be advantageous but I would definitely question are you going to be sacrificing your production quality if you’re not a master of production – a day is gonna be crazy and like you you’re gonna have to make your money from somewhere so for doing – a day like like where are you earning your income from right that’s a kind of a key thing to think of is you know if you got a day job doing one video a day while holding down your day job is a huge huge amount of work all right sorry I gotta get somebody out there and then Joe Schmo appreciates not showing fake income statements no driving freak Ferraris man I’m in a biodiesel like I’m looking to get a diesel truck that I can run on 100% recycled waste like I’ve had two other vehicles that I’ve run fully 100% on biodiesel done thousands and thousands of miles driving 100% biodiesel that’s what I want to run I want to run a solution our world got some problems there’s a lot of waste fry oil waste fryer oil in every community and like those compiler vehicles like that’s what I need to invest in yeah often you’re correct Chad on the one that did and Sue mom I don’t think facebook ads in Google ads are good for Clickbank offers unless you have a system that already works right that’s that’s fuel for a fire if you don’t have a fire going you’re just wasting money on those auction JK I appreciate your comment there if my channel is of course it would cost five figures that’s that’s the the emotion I want to evoke what’s crazy is most people still don’t take action and they still buy those courses because those courses have inflated promises they have the the doctored up screenshots of how much money you could make statistics are very easy to manipulate you know I could show some some pretty impressive statistics but there’s always a story around right affiliate they do our EPCs we got $5 EPCs on this well you sent it to your buyers list right there’s there’s always a way to manipulate statistics and everyone using statistics to make you think it’s easier than it is is absolutely manipulating them and I’d rather just be honest and this is a one to three year plan no one else is gonna tell you that and I want to show you through my actions almost three years in right now exactly what to do and I want to teach you the things you need to do so you don’t need to go buy an expensive course and then of course I’ve got my membership at content and conversion comm for people who want to who are growing they’re making $1,000 a month $5,000 a month and they want to scale they want to find those optimization points within their businesses because I can help man somebody making 5 grand a month 10 grand a month who wants to go to double triple to 10x what they’re doing that’s actually really easy it sounds kind of crazy but to go from 10 grand a month to 50 grand a month is pretty easy because there’s tweaks in there right you have momentum it’s really difficult for me to help others get momentum and those are the people who join my membership program who it isn’t right for our people who don’t have momentum going yet but for those people who have momentum I can go in and find a couple of tweaks and usually boom we can we can light things up pretty quick and I love doing that so that’s kind of why I offer that but I want all my information freely available for the new people who don’t want make it a thousand bucks a month I don’t think that should be gated I think that should be out freely available for everyone but who knows maybe maybe if people had to pay for this information they’d take more action I just want to deal with the customer support in the tech so I don’t do it at all Kevin Rundle happy to see you on here man he says I’m guilty of building my freelancing and not your business because you lose sight of the create actions and trade for the next contract I mean that’s that’s the dilemma that’s everyone’s dilemma in there is how do we take actions today to not only pay for today but to cue us up for a better month next month to cue us up for a better year next year right and we need to make sure we’re working in our business and on our business the cool thing Kevin is if you like schedule it in man like like give yourself 30 minutes a 30 minute window every day where you go work on your business and you do something it could be a round of answering questions on github it could be like whatever just same name that’s on you just just get your name go on Quora answer quite like 30 minutes go into Facebook groups answer questions go onto LinkedIn answer people’s questions about monic right like they’re out there just spend 30 minutes a day being helpful and when you find those those questions that are like oh I could show that in a real quick video do the video make it just quit boom boom made you a quick video I want to show you put on your channel put the right keyword in move on but like how do you just 30 minutes a day do something for moving your business forward long term in addition to the the rest of the day doing all of the things needed to pay for the bills right now because that is how you you have to pay yourself first it’s the same thing as richest man in Babylon right saving money investing making money becoming wealthy you have to pay yourself first right so when when the money comes in your mom through your week or whatever that cheque is or that contract gotta take a sliver of that off and put it away in savings for your old self right we gotta pay our self a lot of people are living their life right now that the money comes in and all of it goes back out and they hit 68 years old and they don’t have enough in retirement to retire they the way they want to live so I’m big on that as well but my actions on both the digital marketing world and on the investing world it’s the same philosophy of always trying to set my future self up with a better reality that my current self has while not neglecting what I need to do now because there is stuff that needs to be done the whole time I grew this channel I was growing my wife’s business where I still do still work on that business a ton I’ve got 15 20 team mates right ma’am I’m just constantly in connection and working and putting on new plans and new funnels and new products and new offerings and new split-test constantly then I take my time to do my videos and that’s the power for me of deadlines Monday Wednesday and then Friday at Saturday I think it’s gonna be a Saturday video I think I like doing Saturday videos which also like I think it’s Monday Wednesday Saturday is kind of my new thing but I’ve not missed three videos I’ve been sick I’ve travelled across the world multiple times I’ve literally when I’ve been sick I have been laid out sick five days I had to do two videos while I was literally had the flu and I I still did it I still delivered and you can find him and you could hear it my voice I’m like oh it was terrible but I’m committed right it’s that commitment that really does it needs et me do I have any specific advice for someone who wants to run a narrative web series I’m tempted by the 90-day challenge well I mean like start right just just start like start pivot go pivot go pivot so you you put something out you you analyze what happened and you adapt your approach and then you put something out and you look at what happened you analyze your done it put something out and like it’s just that iteration process just engage with that start put out if you if these narrative videos take a long time to put out can you three week no can you two week like what can you do but just make sure you’re gonna do it for years that’s that’s the whole trick is to figure out how to do it for years Chad B says whatever we’re going we don’t need roads that’s the Jeep’s motor right there for sure [Music] East Africa is listing it’s five feet of snow there East Africa five feet of snow in East Africa Ryan is that serious sounds a little odd to me I was on some islands off the coast of West Africa East Africa got Egypt maybe self Kenya I don’t know crazy freedom hustler do I have a link let me send that over here so content and conversion comm is is where I’m at Kevin I’m glad that you’re still getting good help from the advice and I mean you’re gonna make it man like stay committed keep that reason why go back through that GST process right like really remind yourself why I needed I need to put that I need email for people to do that GST process again the captain says hi miles would hurt my SEO to have my blog on WordPress and your shop on Shopify no not at all the Shopify blog templates are bad yes they are I mean Shopify shop templates are bad right you still need to modify that you still need to put sales copy on there they try to chop if that makes it easy to sell stuff no no Shopify makes it really easy to list things for sale the act of getting someone to pull out their credit card is copywriting and it doesn’t matter if you’re on WooCommerce or Shopify or what you’re on you can use a straight HTML page if your copy stinks you’re not gonna sell anything if the copy is good you have a chance at selling things so what I would do is I would have the homepage as a wordpress blog probably some people do Shopify on the front end and then WordPress blog at forward slash blog other people do it the other way around whatever is best for your business but no it won’t it won’t how the problem leanness Holland says when I state credit repair is oversaturated now you’re looking to utilize your information to get money but I’m not looking utilize my information to get money but to establish trust with an audience eventually provide software as a service business credit course get to it build that audience like like the the number of people who know what country you’re in but like go look at the statistics on how many people are upside down and deep in debt and the highest debted cities in the country like there’s it’s crazy like we still live in a debt fueled society and that’s not a great idea so yeah there’s there’s always room for more there’s always room at the top for sure have I read breakthrough advertising by Eugene Schwartz for sure oh you just got your copy in the mail awesome Justin of the first got the first section the first chapter man like I literally have read and reread and reread that I have that book I don’t know still kind of moving in to the summer spot for right now when I document the affiliate site earnings what affiliate site will I post the earnings that is the plan for the affiliate site for that it’s going to be a siloed thing my goal is to get that thing up over three grand a month in the course of one year with the willingness to spend to invest upwards of 50 grand into it I think I might really get done for 24 grand anyone who doesn’t have money to invest in it can just do the work themselves I don’t have any freaking time so I’m hiring people to do all the work so essentially I’m just buying hours from others to get that done but yeah I do plan to put those out Alex that is it and that’s it i’ma call you guys I appreciate you I pre appreciate each and every one of you I know you can do it really just those those core numbers that I showed at the beginning right it’s been about a thousand and thirty days or something and I put out five hundred thirty something videos on average I’ve done a video every other day sit for about three years I said from day one this is a one to three year plan like you guys are you think things are good and people are like oh man you’re growing so fast like month nine I’m like am wait just wait just wait like you all don’t even see like it’s that vision of a long term vision for the future of um imma be here and in 2025 guess what I’m gonna be doing this teaching marketing helping people there you’re a new way is to teach people to create more impact figuring out new ways to creat like that that’s what it’s in it’s in me I just gotta let that out so you if I’m what’s in you that you gotta let out and then you gotta turn it on then you get out the way right and just let it flow like you’d be amazed at what comes out it’s awkward at first it’s challenging at first life is busy crazy stuff happens in life and and as long as you’re focused on a bigger why making 10 grand a month make it 50 grand a month make 100 grand a month and I’m even big enough why I’ll tell you honestly straight up that is not going to perpetually fuel you through the challenges that you will face as an entrepreneur these be bigger than that needs to be family related news lifestyle related used to evoke feelings in you that are like that’s worth it right retiring both my parents making sure they’re good making sure my wife’s family is good like I don’t know where this world’s going so I’m putting it right here estos payasos right on these shoulders putting the weight of it right here to make sure my family’s good cuz I don’t know if they’re making sure they’re good so I guess that’s up to me so I got I got to do some double triple x my family took good care of me growing up I got paid them back and you feel this like I literally feel the emotion inside of me saying like that’s the power it’s not the Facebook ads nothing that you’ve got to find that in yourself when you do don’t matter like I’ll hit wall after wall after wall after wall I get right back up get right back to it start again eventually I’m headed or bust through like oh okay cool then what wall after wall after wall after wall everybody our plan to you punch in the face Mike Tyson quote right like plant and whatever you planning just go and then we adapt and we go you figure it out and make sure you got that why that’s so strong so powerful that it will fuel you through all the challenges you can hit a lot of walls I’m about to be an entrepreneur anybody tells you you won’t and it’s easy is lying to you to try to get you pull out your credit card to sell you a scam you don’t need their scam you just need to do the work for one two three years shown it here I’m gonna start it over again this is the third time right it’s it’s literally repeatable that you have to start you have to commit you have to publish like crazy and then you got to pay attention and adapt on the path and stick with it for about three years you’d be amazed at what you create most people maybe get going for mother doing that is tough let me go try dropshipping and maybe get going from now this is tough oh oh this is it right it’s chatbots and some other scam some MLM oh oh it’s cryptocurrency there it is ah yeah like right it’s just one thing to the next nope it’s not so you dig in on one thing with a greater good a greater cause and really stick through that’s that’s really really the the trick to it all cool so I appreciate you we’ll catch up on the next video thanks for being here thanks for spending part of your Saturday with me go create something cool for other people I just created the coolest thing I can think of for you someone go play out in the yard and play on my garden a little bit here for the afternoon but I appreciate you I’ll catch you on the next video so Cheers subscribe thumbs up and share do what you do follow on social I’m Molly miles back around to search you can find me if you want I appreciate you connect again soon

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