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How To Make More Money Online. There Are Only 3 Ways!

hey miles here miles Becker calm in this video you’re going to learn the three ways to make more money as a digital entrepreneur now I don’t care if you’re selling services you’re an affiliate marketer you’re doing dropshipping whatever it is you’re doing has a digital entrepreneur there’s only three ways for you to make more money we’re gonna cover those three ways and then you’re gonna realize there’s one thread that runs through all three of these ways and that’s really what we’re gonna focus on so we’re gonna go from the theory of the three down to the one thing that you need to do over and over to actually make more money online with your digital business so what are the three ways that you are able to earn more money number one is bring in more new customers number two is to sell more to your past customers number three is to increase your average order value so let’s dig into each of those really quick before we get to the one thread that runs through all of them number one is bring in more new customers this is generally going to be the front end of your business this isn’t necessarily where you make all of your money but it’s where you have your customer generation system in place oftentimes this is a marketing funnel you’ll have probably an opt-in page that’s followed by a one-time offer whatever that exact flow is for you the goal is to get more awareness from people who don’t know who you are and then to have a system in place to help these individuals who just encountered your ideas your products your things in order for them to educate themselves to take a step in your direction through maybe an opt-in and then to become a new customer some businesses run lost leaders or they’ll offer their biggest best products at significant discounts on the front end just to help drive up that number of new customers when you lower your prices on the front end in a one-time offer then you are positioning yourself to bring in more new customers number two is selling more to your current customer base right so now you’ve gone in and you’ve created more new customers well are you selling more to these same customers who have already purchased from you so there’s one way to look at this which is you can create more and more services to sell them or another way to look at this is that you can actually sell or offer them affiliate products that are affiliated you get a commission when one sells but ultimately you didn’t create the product you simply made the offer in that situation it doesn’t really matter how you approach it right you could start by selling a physical product then you can offer a service as an upsell and then later in the relationship you can offer an affiliate product the big idea to think about here in selling more to your current customers is how do you increase the number of times a customer comes back to buy from you that’s one of the biggest biggest questions and that’s where most of the money lies for you as a digital entrepreneur is really once a customer has purchased from you their confidence in buying from you goes up massively they’re more willing to buy a second time and it’s often less expensive for a business owner to make a second sale with a past customer than it is to go get a nother new customer so if you’ve got a good kind of system on the front end bringing in new customers ask yourself are you effectively selling more to your past customers if the answer is no figure out what kinds of products services and other affiliated items you can offer them to help them achieve their goals and effectively earn more income then there’s number three which is making more with each average order this is increasing your average order value the most common way that digital marketers do this is by adding a one-click upsell a real-world example is when McDonald’s started doing their upsells of would you like fries with that the simple question when someone ordered a hamburger at McDonalds of would you like fries with that would you like a coke with that added a ton of additional value and revenue to the business by offering them more items to purchase on that one transaction for us as digital entrepreneurs this happens inside of the checkout process when the checkout is open the customer has entered their credit card number and they’re purchasing that first thing from you you have the ability to redirect them to a page where you offer them more products to buy this can be more the same this could be a complementary product it takes testing for you to figure out exactly what the best upsell is to have in place but ultimately you could run a series of upsells and down cells so if they say yes to one and no to the next they can follow a unique path through your different product offerings essentially filling up their cart while the transaction is open thus increasing their average order value I have one friend who sells WordPress plugins to digital marketers he strings six different upsells in a row so you go in and you’re ready to purchase that seventeen dollar front end product of his and then he has another product offering and another product offering literally he chains six sales together and last I heard he was doing about 1.2 1.5 million dollars per year most of his money comes from these upsells and he actually gives affiliates a hundred percent Commission’s on the front end and then splits the Commission with them on the back end to really get a lot of people right he incentivizes step one other people to bring him new customers and he’s mostly focused on selling more to those past customers and ultimately increasing that average order value so those are the three ways that you can earn more money there are no other ways to make more money you bring in new customers you sell more to the customers that you have you increase your average order value that’s it so what’s the one thing that holds true through all of these different approaches it’s making more offers if you really think about it on the first level when you’re bringing in more customers you’re making more offers to more people people who don’t know you yet people who haven’t purchased from you yet this could be retargeting pixels of people who have visited your blog but they haven’t purchased you could be retargeting people who are on your email list and haven’t purchased you could be advertising for people who are interested in your competitors or our searching keyword phrases that are hyper relevant to what you do obviously you can do content marketing like this YouTube video blogging podcasting to reach even more people but the number one way to bring in more new customers your business is to make more offers this means testing lots of different things trying discounts trying low dollar products trying high dollar products at a discount you got to try different products maybe they don’t want a purple widget maybe they want a yellow widget right maybe they don’t your traffic course maybe they want a Facebook Ads course specifically right who knows what that is you need to test lots of different offers so the more offers you make you might not make more money with each offer but you’re learning about what compels this segment of your audience who hasn’t bought from you yet what is the most compelling thing to get them to take action then let’s go to the next level you have people who are on your list as customers they’ve already bought from you and you make more offers you offer services now if you’ve been offering products before you offer different products that can solve more problems or the next problem that your market is having you offer essentially affiliate products right other people’s products that will solve their problems you make more offers to that past customer list now it’s important to remember that you need a mix in the value right I’m not trying to give you the instruction or I don’t want you to interpret what I’m saying as I’m telling you just to go send offer after offer after offer you’re always blending in value that should be a given if you’ve watched any of my videos that is a given so jab jab jab right hook value value value then you make your offer what I’m really getting at is make more offers which means send more value and ultimately test different offers that’s the real key there you might be selling a physical product on the front end you might be able to offer a how to build it or how to get the most value out of this physical product you built kind of a digital product right like maybe you offer a video training course that teaches them how to get the most value out of that physical thing that they just purchased and that’s what you sell them there or maybe you just offer an affiliate product that’s that next most logical thing they’re going to need because they bought your product to solve problem a and then they have problem B that follows problem a so offer them something else to solve problem B make more offers to your past customers on the third one it again this is selling more through the average order value right increasing your average order value again it’s making more offers and what you do is you chain these offers together in an upsell or down sell series of offers that is called a funnel so you might have currently a one product sale when they purchase that product make another offer while that transactions open they yes I want to add this to my order button and they have the no thanks I just want to complete my checkout button they choose which ones right for them you can add a series of offers just like my friend who I mentioned with the WordPress plug-in he makes six offers to everyone who pulls out their credit card with him he’s literally making more offers than just about anyone else in the space and he is absolutely crushing it now he tested his way to this point right he started with just one offer and then he created a second product and offered that as an upsell he’s tested some things that totally flopped and he’s removed them from the funnels and he’s really really focused it down to the items he knows people get the most value out of so you really have to work your way up but ultimately making more offers to the customers who are in the middle of the check-out process is another way you can leverage this idea of making more offers to increase the average order value and to ultimately make more money as a digital entrepreneur so that’s it the ultimate goal that I want to leave you with is the idea of make more offers make more offers to your customer list make more offers to the people who are in the checkout process and make more offers to people who are just subscribers and haven’t purchased yet or to people who are going and reading your content from your SEO efforts in your content marketing efforts make sure you’ve got your advertisements inside of your blog posts that are promoting your products right make lots of different offers you don’t know exactly what’s going to be the most compelling thing you need to do testing split testing the offers split testing the sales pages split testing your headlines is key and you can test at every single level of this right you can test more offers for people who haven’t bought you can test more offers for people who have bought and you can test more offers in your funnel as one-click upsells the big goal that I want you to walk away from here and be like okay I get it is you need to make more offers and to do that you need to give more value that’s what I’m doing here in this moment sharing some of my ideas with you in this video I’m giving value to you I make offers to my list from time to time I make offers here on YouTube from time to time not gonna do it in this video because I’m really truly here just to help you understand and what is best for you if you want to make more money with your digital business you need to figure out how to replicate this type of approach for your audience and for your target market the more value you give to your marketplace the more value pieces of content you mail your list you creating a blog you put out on your YouTube channel the more opportunities you have to create and send offers whether it’s an affiliate offer a service a product that you create yourself it doesn’t really matter remember Jab Jab Jab right hook so get as many of those jabs out as you can so you can throw a few more right hooks test new things in different ways with your right hooks right test new offers to people who haven’t bought new offers to people who have bought new offers to people in an upsell one-click upsell who are currently inside of the transaction completion process you will be amazed at what happens when you really really focus in on this and be sure you’re tracking and measuring your results you need to learn what are those items what are those products what are those messaging and what are those upsells that really compel people to take action when you make enough offers over enough time you’ll learn a few things that work very very kind of consistently that’s what goes to the front end of your funnel you keep testing new things in the back end of the funnel soon enough you’ve got three four five six different products whether they’re your products physical products services or affiliate products that you can sell consistently so when a new customer comes into your world and makes that first purchase you know that you’ve got an upsell in place that’s gonna increase the average order value and you know that you have some follow-up emails to your customer lists that are probably going to sell them on more things in the future this is how you win at the game of internet marketing it’s those three things more new customers more repeat customers and a higher average order value and you get all three of those accomplished by making more offers and you can make more offers when you give more value that’s it that’s the key to success with your internet business I hope this has been helpful if you’ve enjoyed this video give me a thumbs up here in YouTube any questions for me about this get at me in the comments feel free to type out a comment I’ll reply when I have time to answer and if you have not subscribed yet click Subscribe I got some more great videos coming down the pipeline for you if you have subscribed click the bell so you get notified when the new videos come up and I will see you on the next video which is coming out in a couple of days so thank you very much for your time and go forth give more value make more offers you will be amazed at what you can create with your online business I know you can make more money with what you’re doing if you work on those three specific focus areas thanks again for time and I’ll connect you feel next video

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