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How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website With A CDN and Caching Plugin: WordPress Pagespeed Part 2

hey miles here miles better calm and in this video I’m gonna show you how to speed up your WordPress site using a CDN and a caching plugin now this is the second video in a series the first video we went into a page speed tool to essentially identify the opportunities to speed up my WordPress website my site was graded as straight DS in that tool I’ll make sure a link for that pops up up here if you haven’t done the tests on your site yet I recommend running those tests following that video so you can see exactly what needs to get fixed but with that said just about every single WordPress website will benefit from the use of a CDN and a caching plugin so that’s what I’m gonna show you how to get set up here in this video but before we jump in I want to help you understand what exactly is a CDN and what exactly is a caching plug-in so you understand how this is going to benefit your website so number one CDN is a content delivery network and an analogy I’ve got is let’s say you’re looking to fill up a swimming pool and you’ve got one hose to fill up the swimming pool it’s gonna take a long time for all of the water to flow through that one hose to fill up the swimming pool the analogy here is that your web server is essentially filling up the users browser with your website’s data and it’s coming from one single source which is straight from your web server if you are able to add on three or four additional hoses to help fill up that swimming pool you’re gonna simply cut down on the amount of time it’s required to get all of the water needed in that swimming pool a CDN or a content delivery network is a series of cloud-based servers that essentially assist your website in loading quickly for the user so what happens is many of your HTML pages and many of your static pieces of content and your images etc are loaded from third-party web servers so your web server isn’t the only one bearing the load it’s able to compile everything on your webserver but it can source the pieces from different places giving it essentially more speed and a quicker page load time the second item is a caching plugin caching is essentially creating a static version of your website components that don’t change so on my website on my homepage for example the top navigation the headshot of me my opening intro phrase the lower text my footer none of that content changes that’s always the same content now in between those pieces I have what’s called my blog role where my website goes and pulls my six most recent blog posts it pulls the thumbnail and the titles and the basic descriptions so that’s dynamic content okay so caching pre builds static versions of your pages so when a user visits your website most of the page is already built and ready all that needs to get added are those dynamic components this increases the page load time as well I hope that makes sense it is techie stuff right there’s there’s no way around this is kind of a technical update to a website but we’re essentially adding leverage from other servers to give us ability to more quickly load the components and we’re pre loading our static content on our web page on our server so it can load more quickly so when a user visits it doesn’t have to build every single component on that page for the user it simply adds in the dynamic content and displays from a series of high performance servers that content okay that’s that’s it for the explanation what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna jump on the laptop I’m gonna show you the exact tools I’m using I’ve already got it configured and installed so I’m just gonna give you a rundown on where to go and what to do to get this configured and installed on your end and then we’ll take a look at the the speed test at the end to see how this did right cuz you saw just literally I think four days five days ago I ran the speed test once I’ve made a few changes and we’ll see what the actual results because that’s why we’re doing this is for greater faster load times and let me go ahead and load this so the the CD and the content delivery network that I’m using for my website and I highly recommend is key CDN I am an affiliate it’s a credit based system I get like one credit when you sign up miles Beckler comm forward slash CDN is how you get here and then the plug-in that I’m using for cash in is called WP rocket you can access this at miles Beckler comm forward slash rocket this is a paid caching plug-in and yes there are some free ones I’ve had nothing but challenges with the free ones I’ve tried the really common free ones many many times and I’m always getting plugging conflicts this is by far the easiest and fastest to set up I think it’s like 40 bucks a year personally it’s in my best interest for number one ease of setup I can get this thing set up and configured and I mean it automatically happens I just upload the plugin and it works so that’s a huge value but to know that there’s a support team if I need help and also people updating this people who are paid to work on this plug-in to work on this to keep it to be the fastest caching plugin on WordPress that’s I’m happy to pay them for that service so once you purchase the plug-in you’ll be able to get access to your account and it’s really simple you can purchase it for one site if you’ve got one site and you come in and you simply download the zip file because you’re gonna upload that as a plug-in to your website in the CDN itself once you get signed up you get one free credit when you sign up for my affiliate link that’ll give you I think up to two weeks and one free credit so you’ll be able to give this configured and tested for free when you do want to kind of stay on you need to go under billing here and purchase credits you need to purchase something like forty nine dollar minimum worth of credits and then I set mine up to auto rebill when I am out of credits and the reason for this is I want to build this I want to configure it I want to set it and I want to forget it and it’s gonna automatically populate for me month after month or if it takes three months to use my credits whatever that is it’s based on how much essentially traffic you are delivering so you can see right here 1.2 2 terabytes of data is what I have purchased with my 49 dollars worth of credits so this is essentially just a graph of how much I’ve used you see I got it configured the other day and I’m just now starting to use point oh four credits I’ve used in the first day this has been running so how do you get this set up the first thing you’re gonna do here is inside of the CDN network you want to go under the zones and you want to create a zone and you’re creating a pull zone now mine is already created you can see I’ve told it where my URL is there’s one kind of variation on how you go about this if you’re running HTTPS if your WordPress is secure there’s like two extra steps for you to make sure that they’re delivering your items securely if you’re not running HTTPS it’s literally like three clicks and you’re set up and you’re done and you’re up and running so the first thing you want to do is create your zone you simply name it what you want you tell it what your URL it comes from is I’ll show you what that looks like in this screen here so this is what it looks like when you create a new one it’s just manage I just use my name because that’s my domain name active the pull type and then here in the origin URL if yours is HTTP and you’re not HTTP make sure that says HTTP if yours is HTTP if your website is running on HTTPS make sure it’s in there and then you would go under the advanced features and then down here you’ll see that there you need to actually enable a shared SSL and that’s actually going to be pretty much what you need to do to configure it I think I had to enable it to force SSL for my SSL also and again that’s only if you’re running an SSL so it takes a few minutes for this to get set up once you create your zone what you’re saying is you go in through your CDN account and you’re telling it my websites over here the CDN is gonna connect to your website and go download and essentially host on its servers all of the different components of static item HTML files images CSS files etc those all get hosted here on your CDN so it takes five minutes or 10 minutes for that configuration to get set up you’ll notice the status here will turn to active once it’s ready the SSL if you’ve got it disabled this will be a great button but since I’ve got it enabled it’s a green button that shows me we’re good to go once your zone is active then we go in and we install the WP rocket so you just simply go in through the plugins you add new you install it it’s installs like every other plugin and then you’ll see you now have under settings there’s the WP rocket and then here up top you have the WP rocket and we’ll go inside of settings what we need to do is go here under the CDN tab yours will probably come up in the basic tab I haven’t changed anything else other than taking the to mobile caching boxes but you’ll click on this CDN box you need to enable the content delivery network and then you put in your CDN name this CDN name is what you got from let me go back here I’m gonna edit zone I need to go to the zone itself right here so the zone URL this miles Beckler dot blah blah blah yours gonna be different right it’ll be just kind of garbling goop that doesn’t actually matter cuz this is their URL it only matters that you get it right and you get it into place here once that’s set up into place you save it and now your WordPress website through the caching plug-in is configured to look at your content delivery network for the static items that it can draw from to save resources on your web server that’s really it that’s all we need to do now I want to show you there’s a lot of other kind of configurations you can do there’s this lazy load tool which means it waits until the user Scrolls down to the bottom of the page to load I already have a lazy load plug-in installed so I’m not gonna configure that yet I might configure that and remove the other plug-in just to keep my plugins thin like I did set both checkboxes for mobile caching and I’ve enabled the ssl caching if you are working with ssl and it’s your site’s loading in it doesn’t look good when it loads it’s clearly missing some pieces you can tick this box right here to disable the CDN on your https while you go in to the support documents to figure out what little hiccup was missed there I’ll show you where to find that stuff right now once you have it set up and running and you think you’ve got it dialed in right you want to go to a new incognito window and then you’re gonna load your website someone load miles back or calm and we’re gonna let the page load and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna right click on Windows machine I’m a view page source if you’re not on Windows I don’t know how to do that for you you should know that if you use a computer other than Windows and what I’m looking for here is you notice all these links down here my dashboard icons my formidable forms you notice it’s all coming from my CDN right so that means that my web server is instead of going to the hard drive repeatedly and slowly picking up all the pieces my web server is assembling all of these pieces from the CDN URL if you still see your actual URL here right and you don’t see the CDN name inside of here something is not configured correctly but this is how you know for sure once it’s up and running you look at the page source and you’ll see that CDN information is all throughout here you can see all the CDN stuff some things are still loading from my server like this item here this item here but most of the components are loading from the CDN now at this point in time one more thing I want to show you there’s there’s two places for support with this kind of with these items number one is in the CDN tab under the WP rocket you can click here it takes you to the docs for saw or Doc’s dot WP – rocket dot me and you can see they actually have a key CDN file here that shows you how to install and configure this with key CDN it takes you over the key CDN if you’re inside of key CDN here they’ve got this getting started guide you can click on it essentially walks you through the same content one other place you can find the how to’s is under general CDN how to’s this takes you into the knowledge base and for example if you’re having problems with the ssl you type in ssl you search and it’ll tell you how to set up a shared ssl there’s the one little thing on ssl there’s a shared ssl and there’s a custom ssl i’m using a shared ssl which means i’m running it off of their servers if you use a custom ssl you can kind of mask it with your subdomains so you could have CDN dot your name dot or instead of the what I called gar blue goop right it’s xcz miles Beckler dot their domain comm I’m ok running on their SSL server because all I care about is having that s on top of my website the HTTPS so what I mean here is if I wanted to go on a custom domain this URL here instead of it being ver calm it could be CDN miles better calm I might configure that in the future but ultimately I don’t really care as long as this HTTP works and I get to a little lock up in the corner and my page loads correctly if anything is not loading correctly and there’s something miss configure the easiest way for you to go and kind of take a step back is to go inside of plugins and simply take the WP rocket plug-in which will show up down here and deactivate it once you deactivate it it disconnects everything it unties everything and give yourself some breathing room so there’s no need to get stressed out if you try to set this up and get this running and it doesn’t work correctly the first time I tried to get this running I had a challenge with I was trying to use the customs CDN instead of the shared the custom SSL setup instead of the shared so I was messing everything up and I just turned the plug-in off then I found I could just do this shared one it’s even easier turn it on and it works the final thing I want to do now is I want to go in through a I want to use this I’m gonna go check to Page speeds and I want to use a incognito browser the reason is when you’re logged in you can see I’m logged in here if I just go to my website when I’m logged in I’m actually gonna see a little bit different version of my website then when I’m using it in an incognito browser so we’re gonna go back to GT metrics dot-com and we’re gonna type in miles Beckler comm except I’m gonna go copy it let me see here I’m just gonna take the HTTPS miles Becca calm cuz that’s how my page loads got a colon in front of it so before I was I don’t want to say embarrassingly slow but it wasn’t a positive experience I was getting I got a D and a D and I think my load times are about three point four seconds for my homepage you can see they’re a bit backed up right now so what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna kind of hold off here and wait for this to load and I’ll show you the results in a second okay so now we have loaded the page my home page through the kind of PageSpeed tool of GT metrics you can see I’ve now got a high B for my PageSpeed score my wife’s low scores still a little bit slow my load times are down by I believe over a second I haven’t looked exactly I think it was either three point four or three point six seconds for my home page to load the total page size is under a Meg I like that seventy six requests could get lower but all in all this is much better than it was you could see I’m now getting better grades on some of these ideas on the PageSpeed under yslow there’s still kind of room for growth right and it says it still thinks that I’m only doing okay on my content delivery network I’m not sure exactly why that is but these are things I can go look into and it doesn’t actually specify my CD ends so it’s something that it just what it’s finding is there’s additional items I could deliver via CDN and I can see that here because it’s it’s showing me the the Pinterest plug-in it’s showing me my some of my tracking and some of the certain items those may actually get loaded from the CDN over time I may need to go configure them or they’re just possibly things I need I can ignore looking into my report you’ll notice this is really where you get that visual representation of the work that we’ve done just all of these items that are loading are loading significantly faster right all of these images I mean these things were taking like ten times as long to load and you can see there’s a lot of them so my CDN has helped out massively one thing I’m noticing is there’s new items that are taking a long time to load I can look at this item I know that the five steps to build a successful online business this is my newest blog post that’s now showing up on my blog role I just published this last night so it has not cashed in the front end of my home page and that’s okay this line I fully expect once that’s cashed and my plugin rebuilds my cache every 10 hours unless I go manually run that this 573 millisecond line will probably become 53 or 12 milliseconds like these other ones do and this is the game so I can still go in farther I can figure out what is this more tracking code that’s taking a while to load I can still go deeper into some of these items if I want but for me I have made enough positive gains here in my page speed that I’m good with it and I’m just gonna let this run as is for a while whenever you’re working with a caching plug-in and a CDN it’s incredibly important for you to keep an eye on the workings of your website once you feel like you’ve got it configured you think everything’s working I would definitely take time to load your homepage on a mobile device I would load multiple pages and posts on mobile devices make sure everything looks good go through your often sequence test your funnels because caching and these CDNs can sometimes goof things up when you see things aren’t working great it’s better for you to identify this yourself than to have people trying to go through and one helpful individual finally emailing you and saying hey your stuffs broken which is great what people do that so thank you if you’ve ever helped me in that way I do appreciate that so be proactive and again if things aren’t working right you can always deactivate the kind of WP rocket plug-in and what that will do is put you in a position to kind of roll back any changes you made it’ll bring your site back up both WP rocket and key CDN which you can get at miles becker com4 / CDN both of them have support teams so you can reach out via email if things if you can’t get things configured and figured out that’s why you’re paying for these services is not only for the services themselves but to have support getting it all dialed in correctly I hope this has been helpful I do believe that a good caching solution and a good CDN is something that every content marketer needs on their website because we as users on our smart phones we demand things to load almost instantaneously now and if they don’t load quickly enough we’re clicking that back button we’re on to the next so keep this all in mind I hope this has been helpful for you I recommend if you go down this path spend a couple of days a weekend get in do a big push and then get out and there’s no need to revisit this stuff on an ongoing basis once it’s configured the only way I’m gonna go back in here is number one if I’m noticing something on my websites loading really slowly from just kind of putting up new blog posts and go looking and doing Quality Assurance on my blog post if I noticed things are loading slowly I’ll come in and take a look around or if I notice something’s not working correctly I’ll come in and take a look around to figure out what’s going on but other than that I’m gonna ignore PageSpeed for the next year plus and get back to what really moves the needle in my business which is content marketing list growth etc etc if you’ve enjoyed this video if you found it to be helpful give me a thumbs up here in youtube if you have not yet subscribed click the subscribe button so you can get access to my newest videos when I’m teaching you all about content marketing internet marketing and making money online if you have subscribed there’s a little gray Bell next to the subscribe button if you click that bell you’ll get notified when my newest videos come out and any questions any comments any ideas hit me in the comments below that’s why they’re there I enjoy reading them even if I can’t get to answer every single one I generally read pretty much every single one and I do reply and respond as best I can but one real quick again if you’re having challenges getting this integrated into your website use the support resources available from both of these companies that’s why they’re there that’s why we pay for these tools is so we can have support to help us out with it they’re there to help you integrate this and get this running on your website and your site will run faster once you get this all figured out thanks again for your time and I look forward to connecting with you on the next video until then be well

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