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How To Use Google Trends, 2019 Update! Market Research To Compare Keywords, Topics & Niches, Fast!

hey miles here miles dr. calm in this video you’re gonna learn how to use Google Trends a free tool that will allow you to do market research in about three different ways that will be very very beneficial to your business now Before we jump into the tool and the reason why I want to share a little idea or a little insight and that is that most people don’t do the research so what this means is you have an opportunity to be a little bit more strategic than your competitors by doing the research now I’ve spent an incredible amount of time in research tools from this tool to the keyword research etc and other research tools because I really get value in further understanding my audience their needs and their desires one of the big keys here is that desire is not something that we marketers create desire is something we tap into and we learn what those desires are of our target market and our audience through research so this is a big deal and even if you think you understand how to use the Google Trends tool you’re gonna learn new tactics and new ways to use this tool in this video so as I mentioned there’s three key ways that you can use this tool number one if you’re just getting started and you’re trying to figure out what your niche is you know that you need to do your kind of build your site in your authority site on something you love but you have several options to choose between this can help you focus in and say aha looks like the data says that this option has a better chance of being kind of trending upwards over time the second way this works is for your content marketing if you’re doing a 90 day challenge or if you’re just doing video marketing YouTube marketing or blogging you can really learn a lot of new topic ideas and other kind of subtopic ideas for your main posts by going to this tool it also can even give you new keyword ideas as well so it can help out with keyword research here as well and then finally if you’re creating a product for your audience you know who your audience is you’ve built an audience and now you want to create a product for them but you’re not sure exactly what to name it or exactly what topic it’s on this will help you identify what topics are trending within the kind of mass consciousness of your audience all right we’re gonna jump into the tool right now and kind of get started so to get here you simply go to forward slash Trends and we want to use the explore topics feature up top but real quick just so you know it has the opportunity for you to choose what country you’re in it picks up that I’m in the United States and then all categories so if you want to really make sure that you’re focusing in on a specific category let’s say you’re in the health and wellness space and you only want these two kind of results to be relevant to your category you can use that drop-down as well personally I like to leave the filters wide open because I’m trying to get as many different ideas and new ideas as I possibly can so I don’t really want to limit the system so the first thing that we’re gonna do is an idea that I’ve run within a niche idea I’ve run with before that is vegan dog food now this is kind of a it started as a little bit of a joke but I’ve actually done some research in other videos keyword research videos and it turns out there actually is potentially a niche here for vegan dog food this is the first time I’ve searched it here and the big kind of the big graph you get right off the bat is the interest over time it defaults to worldwide so even though it knows from the last screen I’m in the United States it defaults to worldwide I am able to change that if I wanted to put it to United States only and then it defaults to the past twelve months and again all categories as based on the web searches so what we can see from this graph just in a moment is that these lows from early last year are much lower than these lows that we have going on right now in our highs as of about six months ago are higher than they were months before that this tells me it’s trending now let’s zoom out to the five-year mark and see what it looks like and over the course of the five year mark it’s gonna pile all the data from the search volume over the last five years and you can see there is actually a very drastic increase in the search volume around vegan dog food kind of interesting but here’s where it gets really fun we’re able to compare that keyword phrase with other keyword phrases and the tool gives us more data which I’ll cover in the future I want you to understand how to compare the different phrases to get going because this is really powerful so I’m gonna put in vegan cat food as a comparison and now you’re gonna see that it’s gonna draw two lines and the red line is vegan cat food the blue line is vegan dog food we can see clearly that the red line over the last five years seems pretty close to flat and it has not increased like vegan dog food has increased and now over the last six months to the last year and let’s set this back to one year just to get a little bit cleaner data a little bit easier to look at you can see clearly that there’s a lot more people searching for vegan dog food than there are vegan cat food and then let’s just put a vegan pet food for fun if you’re gonna see that vegan pet food actually is it higher lower we’re up its the lowest so vegan pet food is now yellow it gives you the color up here on the search next to what you’re working with and you can see that vegan pet food is really the lowest searched so if you were trying to figure out yes the vegan dog food the thing or should I do maybe a broader picture of vegan pet food so I could talk about all of them sure you could do a little bit of each but honestly it the data is kind of pointing to the fact that there is a lot and I would say looking at the bar graph over here there is over double right 27 to 67 is over double the volume searches for vegan dog food then vegan cat food really impressive numbers to be able to get that kind of data when you want to start over you just click in the Google Trends click on the icon there logo up top and what’s gonna happen is it’s going to give you a fresh new start and you just go right in the explore topics this time I’m gonna do a topic that’s kind of new I expect it to be trending we’re gonna search Bitcoin and there’s a lot of people who have jumped into the the marketing space and the education space around Bitcoin and you can see that man that almost correlates to bitcoins price right there was a very large peak in the December maybe January time frame and it has absolutely tanked so really interesting if you laid over a price kind of graph over top I’m thinking it would look there would be a very high correlation let’s jump this back to the past five years just to see what it has done over five years kind of for fun and you see that an absolute massive spike here recently in December and is back down but even this point that it’s at now is still much higher than the historical average so these are the kinds of perspective items that were able to get from this tool and we’re gonna do a little bit more data with this and I want to show you how to get new relevant topic ideas and keyword ideas so when you go below the graph it gives you the map of the different regions that have interest and you can see South Africa happens to be number one I find that amazing I dunno I believe that the the South African Rand they’ve had some currency problems over the last who I don’t know two three five years so that’s really interesting to see the US didn’t even make the top five but you are able to switch it over to City and now we can see that Vancouver San Francisco Toronto LA and Vienna Austria are all the top cities and I don’t think any of their countries are actually represented here very interesting data and this is the kind of stuff that will help you understand where the people searching for you are and then you can get an understanding of what they’re experiencing or what they’re going through in their life now below when I go to the very bottom you can see interest over time for Bitcoin then there’s the interest by region and then we have the related topics and then we have the related queries so the related topics are broader more general the related queries are like the related search terms that Google finds when people search Bitcoin they also search this other one now you can see down here there’s 25 topics there’s 25 queries it automatically kind of sorts them by rising so if I wanted I could sort it by top and it’s going to literally go to the one that gets the top most searches and then work its way down but this is an opportunity for you to understand what’s rising and what’s potentially trending because as a content creator when you’re creating content videos podcast episodes and blog posts if you can piggyback on a trending topic you have a chance to really really massively grow your audience and your reach in a very short period of time because the number of people being of service to the audience looking for that trending topic is much smaller a really good example was my facebook video that I did over the weekend a couple of days ago where I reviewed and showed the new Facebook ad platform integration since I rolled that out a few days within Facebook launching that new platform in that new ad management system I was one of the first videos out on it which means when someone goes in searches I’m one of the few it lowers the bar for the competition there’s less competition because I was one of the first movers and you can get a first mover advantage in this situation so you’re able to go through here on the related topics you can see iota ripple these are other kind of crypto currencies you can see the future contracts as a topic people are interested in crash is something that people are searching for a lot interesting these are topic ideas is Bitcoin headed towards a crash are we in an economic bubble have the futures contracts affected Bitcoin and then you have the other related queries which are just the other search kind of phrases right so Bitcoin bubble burst did the Bitcoin bubble burst these are the kinds of ideas you can get from here but now I want to run a little search for etherium and etherium is another cryptocurrency that you could see the drastic difference here between the two search volumes right you can see that ethereal did kind of rise for a while but boy it is also much less and still Bitcoin has the main kind of focus in mass consciousness of all of the crypto current of these two crypto currencies not all of them I would if I was in the space I would run so many comparisons of all the top 20 tokens and I would really compare them with each other to try to figure out which ones are rising and which ones are falling and then you want to focus your research and your content creation on the ones that are rising so you can stay in front of that rising tide let’s do another search I’ve got two more ideas maybe three more ideas that we’ll go through together because as you’re looking at these you’re gonna notice there’s different ways to use them so I’ve mentioned products in the beginning of the video of how you can use this to help you with products but maybe you’re doing product reviews maybe you’re in the diet space and you’re wanting to review different like different diets and you’re in the nutrition or fitness space so so we’re gonna start with paleo and Palio’s the search for paleo now obviously it could bring back topics around Paleolithic man etc so the first thing I want to understand is a is this trending upwards and I can see clearly that this is a downward trend there was a spike here but this is clearly on a downward trend and these highs over here are a lot higher than these highs back here so that gives me a lot of interesting data about that paleo trend but I want to see here at the bottom related topics you can see paleo food ketogenic diet veganism vegetarian cuisine so Google does understand that I’m talking about the diet about the food about the kind of nutritional side of paleo so these are the new ideas that it gives me and what I want to do is put in ketogenic and see what that looks like compared to paleo so you see ketogenic looks like it’s going up a little bit but still a massively lower amount of search volume and then let’s do Atkins and I’ll just throw in vegan here for fun just to see what they all the difference in all it looks like so that’s a that’s a pretty pretty clear drastic telling picture right there and that’s what I’m looking for when I use this tool right like not only is veganism lower here in the earlier last year it’s higher up here now that means it’s had a big trend it went through this big run-up and it’s holding these new highs and it’s holding these new lows compared to where it was at and it massively outpaces the search volume and the trending compared to the other diet options I find this to be really really interesting data let’s pull this back out to the past five years and see if that holds true over a longer period of time because again you want to build and we want to build businesses that are based on you know that have the potential for longevity and this clearly shows that the Paleo there’s something that happens in the paleo world I bet it’s New Year’s I bet the beginning of the New Year’s January first there it is January 1st January first people say hey I’m going on a diet I’m gonna lose some weight they know that the the trendy diet is paleo so the search volume spikes around January and it dies off through the rest of the year now what does this tell you if you’re in the nutrition space in the fitness space that’s a great time to roll out some new content on maybe diet fads and maybe to roll out some content on that specific diet having it come out around Christmas and the new year’s time because you have the best chance to gain traction with that type of content comparatively you can see that veganism has absolutely been on a pretty consistent rise over time I’m guessing that some of these big spikes are when some of the big documentaries came out like cowspiracy or what the health both are great documentaries I highly recommend them pretty powerful impacting ideas laid out visually now it gives you an interest by region of all of the different colors right all of the different items here combined but then below it has each one broken out so paleo the interest by region and the related queries and then it’s ketogenic the interest by region and then the queries so it breaks it down each one so as you add more you get the same data set kind of broken out we only get the related queries when we have multiple search queries in here you don’t get the related topics that only shows up when you have just one of them on here and you’re obviously able to just click and remove the other ones that you don’t necessarily want in here if I simply clicking on the three dots to the right click the Remove and again you’re gonna need to get comfortable inside of the research tools I’ve probably spent hundred two hundred three hundred hours over the course of my career right 15 plus years making money online in this particular research tool keyword research is another one and then the Facebook tool the audience insights tool is the other one I spent an incredible amount of time in so this is really powerful this is the kind of trend I’m looking for if I’m a niche research from wanting to create a course I want to go into something that has this kind of a trend line over long periods of time and again you get to the bottom and you can see the related topics it bases it based on rising but you can set it right at the top and it’s gonna give you the different top ideas that it’s looking for but looking at what’s rising you weed out a lot of competition people who haven’t published in the last year are not gonna be able to trend on a rising topic so it really opens up the opportunity to focus on what is rising now maybe you’re in the kind of niche research world right now and you’re like okay I like mountain biking snowboarding and stand-up paddleboarding and I want to make a review website where I really you all of the different aspects of bits and pieces and I want to go become an influencer in one of those spaces you love them all equally and you don’t know which one to really pour your heart and soul in a great opportunity for this tool so let’s type in mountain biking first and we’re gonna just run this kind of first query we’re gonna see what mountain biking comes up with and you do want to do more than one query right so you’d want to look at different phrases around mountain biking mountain bikes MTB you obviously should know the niche but we can see it’s got a big trend I’m guessing that summer time and I’m guessing it goes down a bunch in the winter I’m gonna set this out to the five years so we can kind of compare them all at five years because I like the long broad picture and again this tells me it’s highly highly seasonal which makes perfect sense and it’s good to know if you’re going into a niche and into a business that if you have a very seasonal business you might want to find a second kind of complementary business that complements this so you don’t have a drought season in your business model again the graph clearly shows that that would happen if you went all-in on this kind of niche right so then let’s do snowboarding snowboarding should have an alternate kind of approach now the amount of people searching snowboarding is kind of crazy I’m guessing this is due to the Olympics and if we go back four years there’s the other Olympics quite interesting to see but even in the peak of winter there are a lot more people searching right in the peak season for snowboarding there’s more people searching than there are for mountain bikes searching in the peak season of mountain biking that’s a pretty clear aha moment right there and these spikes around the Olympics are absolutely incredible now let’s add paddle boarding which is obviously a newer kind of sport that is totally fun I love paddle boarding personally and you can see clearly paddle boarding is barely even registering right it’s not even on the map there I’m gonna lower this down to 12 months to get a little bit clearer view but those giant spikes from snowboarding skew all the data unfortunately so you can see let’s actually go back and take snowboarding off even though we’ve clearly shown that is one of the better places for the attention here and paddle boarding is red and mountain biking is blue so very similar time frames so this is how you can use the tool if you’re in the niche research phase and you’re like you got to make sure that you don’t have these seasonal droughts in your business model and then also if you can find two that complement each other because when snowboards up at its peak mountain biking’s down at its low and mountain biking’s up at its peak snowboarding is down at its low so that can be the aha moment that you might need to be like aha okay I need to come up with a brand that covers those two season sports so I can have a year-around business and I’ll get supported by one of each of the brands moving forward these are the kinds of thought process processes that can come out of these types of researches the last one I’m gonna do just for fun is YouTube marketing versus Facebook marketing let’s just see or maybe maybe they’ll do YouTube marketing and video marketing since those are more closely correlated so we’ll do YouTube marketing and in my opinion video marketing YouTube marketing are about the same thing but if I’m in that space and I’m wanting to create content on the topic I want to see what the search volume looks like and it is very clear that’s pretty similar right there but I can see that the red line which is video marketing actually gets greater search volume than the blue line so quickly in an instant from two entering to terms and clicking enter I’m able to see if I was gonna create a blog post or a like a skyscraper post or an ultimate guide to I wouldn’t do ultimate grind guide to youtube marketing I would name it the ultimate guide to video marketing why because the data shows that’s what more people are searching for now this line is a little bit flat it’s not actually a great-looking line so I wouldn’t necessarily want to go all in on this long term because that trend looks like it’s going down a bit when I look at a longer scale the blue lines going down a bit the red lines going up a bit so it seems like maybe back in 2015 December of 2015 something shifted and people stopped searching YouTube marketing and started searching video marketing very very interesting to see that kind of a ship the numbers and then let’s just look at Facebook thro Facebook marketing onto here see where that is boom looks like that’s gonna massively larger way larger but also trending down big-time trending down right so the the big peak was actually April of 2013 was the highest so I’ve said a few times that Facebook’s kind of slowly dying the train racking in the train wreck in slow motion is happening before our eyes the data proves that very clearly these lows are getting lower and what happens after the lows right so after this low it went up above the 75 line here it didn’t even get back up above the 75 line so we’re getting lower lows and lower highs on Facebook which is really interesting what sort of interest just for fun just because I am actually curious because we’ve been getting more traffic from Pinterest organically than Facebook and sure enough nobody’s even searching pinterest marketing so really interesting to see how these lay out over each other you are watching a youtube video you know that I’m very Pro kind of video marketing so I’m in this middle channel I don’t like love or do much YouTube Facebook marketing other than the ads for my wife’s main business and we do a lot of Pinterest and we get more traffic from this little tiny green line so probably a big reason why we get such good traffic from Pinterest marketing is because there’s so many few so such fewer numbers of people searching it learning about it and actually implementing on it so we’re able to stand out on Pinterest because there’s just not that much interest amongst marketers so that’s really it I feel like we’ve covered this I maybe covered it two or three too many times but I wanted to be thorough here and I wanted to show you not just what comes out of the tool I wanted to kind of help you understand how I what I think about the data and how I allow the data to tell a story and that’s really what we’re looking for when we’re doing research is we’re trying to get the data to tell a story again the idea is that we as internet marketers we don’t actually go out and create the desire within our target market or within our audience the desire is already there our job as marketers is to identify what that desire is and then to help them obtain that desire right the desire could be to avoid challenges or it could be to achieve a specific goal and your job is to help them achieve that goal and you find out all the bits and pieces that lead up to what that goal is through these types of research and I do believe those who do more research than their competitors are able to be more strategic than their competitors with every little action and if you take the time to do the research before every post before you make these big decisions your future self will absolutely thank you because the results that you’ll get will be far superior than the results that your competitors are getting just one of those ways for you to get that little bit of a slight edge over your competitors because most people today just blow through the research they skip the research phase and this type of research has served my wife and I so greatly over the years right here on the end screen over here on the whiteboard I’m gonna have a video pops up that will be a kind of how do I use this data right now that I know the topics and the keyword phrases it’ll be a free SEO class that I taught um it might pop up in a minute it might be up right now get you know there’s a certain time frame I can open that but what I want to reference that video for next is once you have this data the the trend ideas the search ideas the queries and the keyword phrases how do you actually get that onto your WordPress website effectively in the way that you’re gonna get the most leverage from the research right so let’s do the left let’s do the research and then let’s leverage the research in our execution to get the most out of it in that next video that pops up there will help you with that if you have questions for me get at me in the comments below I’m happy to chat in the comments when I have free time if you liked the video give it a thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t clicked the bell if you already have subscribed if you know anybody who would get a lot of value from this video or a group on Facebook that would get value from the video grab the URL share it out to them I’m happy for you to share this embed this or get this out to the world that that helps me and it just kind of helps everybody because these tools doing the research is the key so let’s let’s help others kind of on their path if we can and that’s it I’m gonna see you in a couple of days with another new video until then be well do the research put in the work your future self will absolutely thank you again I’ll see you on the next video and until then be well

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