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Lifestyle Design – Are Your Choices Helping You Create The Life Of Your Dreams?

hey miles here miles Becker calm this video is about lifestyle design specifically I want to ask you are you currently making the choices and taking the actions that are creating the life of your dreams for you in the future so another way of thinking about this is is your future self going to be thanking you for everything that you’re doing right here and now or are you going to create more of the same in the future right so about 15 years ago I got really hooked on this idea of lifestyle design of being able to consciously create the life that I wanted to live but at that point in time I was I was completely broke I have not met my current wife at this point of time I had come out of a series of terrible relationships and that idea of creating my perfect life of lifestyle design was almost more like a glimmer of hope but today as I’m sitting here in an all-inclusive resort in the tropics I was tired of being cold in North America it’s February so I decided to hop a flight and come down and now I’ve got 16 plus days I’m going to multiple all-inclusive resorts and the best part is my business is funding this because I’m now looking to run an event here at one of these resorts in the tropics this is the concept of lifestyle designer right I’ve now created a business system that delivers value to the lines of the other that that builders value for the lives of others that affords me a freedom of choice and a freedom of location and afraid of time and a freedom of financial independence enough to be able to think you know what I’m gonna go put on an event to help other people experience true abundance and experience the potential of lifestyle design so now in winter seems like the perfect time to hop on a plane and just disappear from the cold it was snowing when I left it’s actually supposed to snow again tonight and tomorrow where I’m going to place and Here I am wearing board shorts been in and out of a pool walking on the beach for hours now I don’t mention this to brag I mention this because I want you to understand how far that this idea of lifestyle design can take you when I first latched on to this idea of every kind every conscious decision and unconscious decision that I’m making every choice that I’m making in this world is either taking me one step closer to my desired lifestyle or it’s actually getting me farther and farther from where I want to be so on this path I’ve tested lots of different things I tested doing real estate investing with other people’s money with no money down working with a team of investor and flipped multiple houses we made 3040 thousand dollars on a couple of the houses and we lost $60,000 on another house I mention this because in my big idea of well I could flip houses there’s lots of money in that that might be able to fund my dream lifestyle within that idea I hit all kinds of challenges and that left me really kind of in a low place feeling quite down but what did I do well I analyzed the feedback that I got from the decisions that I made didn’t blame anyone I didn’t dwell on making the decisions I have made even though I lost literally $60,000 on the last deal what I did is I looked at their like okay what did I learn here right well I don’t really like working with extremely expensive products that have very few qualified buyers I didn’t like that whole extreme high-ticket of 150 to $250,000 of things I didn’t like that it was really difficult to do a transaction to do both sides of a transaction to buy a house and then to rehab it and to sell a house you’re talking a minimum of 90 days 180 days often is what it took it costs a lot of money I didn’t like having to put lots and lots of money into the system in order to get money out the other side it was a highly leveraged system although you can use mortgages and whatnot there’s there’s usually some money required to fix things up and to pay for fees and all of the bits and pieces of the game so out of that analysis of what I had been doing at that time I realized that well I could do some low price products that are really easy to deliver and they have an extremely short sales cycle and that is what kind of started leading my wife and I back into the world internet marketing where we create lots of content that connects with millions and millions of people per month it costs us next to nothing to create this content right like for me to make this content for you right now I had to get my ass up from the pool where I was lounging on my phone working with my inner circle members on content in conversion comm on my phone I was like you know what I need to do a video so sure it takes a little bit of time and energy but now I can reach millions potentially through this video and my channel through YouTube and the products that my wife and I sell most of our income comes from products that are below twenty seven dollars now that’s incredible in the world of internet marketing a lot of people tell you oh hi ticket you got to do the high ticket game our highest ticket product that we sell is five hundred dollars when I run an event it’s probably gonna be a little bit more than five on em actually I’m hopeful five hundred two thousand dollar price for that event right even that is a very low ticket price for what could be kind of what is delivered in that situation I’ve personally been to events that cost four or five six thousand dollars I’ve been on coaching programs that cost over five thousand dollars per month my inner circle membership it’s under a hundred dollars per month and I launched it twenty nine dollars per month so there’s a way to create the types of business models the types of products the product offerings that are in alignment with your beliefs and the way you want to grow your business and it’s all up to you and your conscience choices so out of my challenge in the world of real estate so I thought I was on this path of making my millions right this is my lifestyle design here’s how I’m gonna do it that comes falling apart well let’s move over to the internet and work with digital products that are easy to move around that are really really inexpensive we sell products for as low as seven dollars each most of our products that we sell are under twenty seven dollars each and then we’ve got a couple of membership programs that will create consistent income or recurring income and all of these ideas have stemmed from consciously coming back to the thought of are the decisions I’m making today going to be decisions that my future self looks back on and says that was a good one miles and I do believe that at some point in maybe February of 2020 when I’m running in the event at an amazing all-inclusive resort when it’s snowing and freezing cold in North America and I’m here on stage working with dozens maybe hundreds of entrepreneurs like you in the tropics we’re having dinner together we’re having little after-hours parties together we’re all working together to help each other improve our businesses that’s one of those decisions that I’m gonna look back on this date and think yeah I think that was a great decision it feels right I love giving value I love meeting you other subscribers other individuals love meeting my members in person and this is another one of those moments and another one of those decisions that’s leading me towards the lifestyle of my personal dreams now the big caveat here is that my dream lifestyle is very different than your dream lifestyle so the first thing the most important thing for you to do is actually to get focused on what your actual dream lifestyle is now thinking of it as a grandiose thing as a dream lifestyle that can sometimes be challenging often is easier to focus on one day what would a perfect day for you look like now I have another video and I’m gonna link to that the links gonna pop up above my head and it kind of goes through the perfect day exercise and I talked about how to use this exercise to get clear about what it is in want then once you’re clear about what you want and again for my wife and I it was a business that had time freedom location freedom right the ability to go anywhere I didn’t have to be near that actual house that I was working on didn’t have to show up to a house to tear down walls and and redo bathrooms myself when I’m not a skilled carpenter but I didn’t have money to invest so I just broke my back and did to work right so I’ve created this business that gives me financial freedom time freedom location independence based on the decisions I made back then because I wanted to be able to escape winter I wanted to be in a position to think you know what I earn enough income I can just go at a condo for a couple of weeks or a couple of months in the tropics and be really warm right now while it snows up north and then I can go to my property up in the northwest in the pine trees where I’ve got 20 acres when it’s absolutely perfect up there when is freezing cold up there I’ll just hang out down here right these are the things that I want but maybe you have kids and that’s not an option for you and you don’t want to go off for three months at a time travel Europe travel Asia for months and months on end and I totally get that but you need to know what kind of lifestyle that you want because once you have that down and I think you must write this down I’m talking pen and paper journaling again go through that video I’ll have it pop up on the end screen about the creating your perfect day kind of exercise then once you have that written down on paper start to analyze every decision that you’re making and I think it’s best when you analyze down to the micro decisions what did you have for lunch today what did you have for breakfast today did you have drinks last night did you have beer on a Wednesday night Thursday night whatever it is what decisions are you making in every moment and are those supportive of you having the life energy required to deliver the value to the lives of others you need to create the income and the lifestyle that you deserve so it goes really really small onto all these little decisions that you’re making day in and day out but then also big time big picture stuff right are you working on a business model that actually can get you to that life of your dreams are you actually building content and growing an audience or are you just watching YouTube videos and are you just watching webinars and thinking there’s some secret out there that you might find some magic secret bullet that’s going to be the system that actually creates the wealth for you versus putting in the work spending a few years of your life remember we started this story 10 15 years ago when everything was falling apart right saved me 10 to 15 years of hard hard work 60 70 80 hour weeks to dial this all in right are you treating it like a job where you’re actually doing the work but you’re not creating value and you’re not focused on how much value are you bringing into the lives of others all of these little decisions matter and when you find yourself aligned with an audience of people who you can help in a niche or a world that you have some sort of unfair advantage in or at least a an inkling of curiosity that’s going to get you to do even more work because you’re so excited and curious nitch that you want to share what you found and you want to keep researching more when you have you found that yet if not that’s where you need me focus is finding that that little niche of the world that makes your heart sing that you want to go create lots and lots of great content then are you doing the work are you putting in the content are you creating improvements are you creating transformations in the lives of your audience if not that’s what you need to figure out how to do luckily for most people we all have access to the Internet we have access to libraries you can go get the books you can go consume the information to educate yourself to become an individual who can help add value to the lives of others you see the most successful internet marketers in this world teach others how to do things that they themselves learned how to do that’s how I’m approaching this situation here I spent 15 years of my life learning the world of digital marketing how to do Facebook Ads how to build funnels how to grow all aspects of a digital business from zero with $100 investment all the way to building a multi-million dollar business now right so that’s what I’m teaching I took 10 15 years to learn all the don’ts and some of the do’s and non-teaching that to you every extremely successful internet entrepreneur is teaching others something that they have learned if you don’t know anything that you can go teach others you can go to a library and you can study for six months to eight months and you can become one of the most educated individuals in just about any niche in that time of period then you need to learn the competency of how to deliver that kind of message and in your ultimate vision here’s the key and the final idea for this video in your ultimate lifestyle design vision what is the aspect of you creating value in the lives of others day in and day out because even while I’m here I’m taking time to create my videos every single morning while I’m here I’m still emailing my email list each and every morning because that is my job that is what I do my blog is still growing almost every single day with new content I’m still in touch with my team I’m still moving big projects forward my opt-in pages are still getting advertised with my facebook ads with my Pinterest ads my Pinterest pins are still growing my business machine is still working now I’m not doing all of the work because in my lifestyle design I have a team of people who support me but I am here to make sure that that work gets done each and every day so even in my grand vision of this lifestyle here of hop on a plane get down to the tropics enjoy the pool in the beach and the wonderful foods of this beautiful land I’m in well I’m researching the event space to bring you out here for an experience even while I’m doing all of that I’m creating the most helpful content I can in the moment and I’m getting it out as many different ways as I possibly can and I’m keeping my team running forward as well so there’s no vision in this lifestyle design where you stop working and you swing on a hammock a drink my ties that’s not a reality that any truly successful entrepreneurs live you need to know that so incorporate that into your perfect day again I’m gonna put up on the end screen here the video that has that perfect day exercise I highly recommend you watch it know that you can create the lifestyle of your dreams it does need to be supported by giving value to the lives of millions of people potentially or at least millions of dollars of value to the lives of others could be a smaller audience with bigger value problems but that’s neither here nor there if you have questions for me get at me in the comments they do appreciate it give me the thumbs up give me the likes do what you do I appreciate you I look forward to connecting with you on the next video so be sure to subscribe so we can connect again when the next one comes out in a couple of days and until then be well

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