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Live Funnel Reviews! #FunnelHacking To Optimize Viewers’ Marketing Funels Live!

all right what’s up miles here miles Becker calm this video we’re gonna do some live funnel reviews I got a big ol list from my subscribers of different URLs and landing pages and opt-in pages that I’m gonna jump in and review the goal here is twofold number one obviously if you submit your landing page or opt-in page or sales page for review I want to give you helpful tips so you can go increase conversions because that’s the fastest way to grow your list faster and to make more money is to increase conversions because you get more results from the same efforts so it’s one of those little hinges that swings a big door in your business the second thing is if you’re just getting started on this path or even if you didn’t submit your funnel you’re gonna learn a lot of hacks essentially you’re gonna learn a lot of little tidbits because we’re analyzing real world examples that’s the power of this here this isn’t like theory right this isn’t me making up some golf niche or vegan dog food like we are really truly working with in and on real live websites and businesses and I’m here to give it my all and I hope you guys are encouraging as well in the chat so if we’re here you’re all excited let me know you’re excited in the chat I’m ready to get started I just want to flip around to a couple of quick screens so I want to make sure you can hear me and just let’s see here looks like everything’s loud and clear so we got can up man we got the whole world on here I’m so excited to have you here let’s jump right in we’re gonna start first with my basic super simple landing page that I’ve kind of had as this style of a landing page is the example that I’ve been sharing so let me get my screen share going here and you guys are seeing my screen at this point so this is my super super simple landing page here and this is actually a new split test now I’ve been working with Dave at my funnel dev comp and my funnel dev let me just load that for you real quick to show you what that is so I’m really busy right I’m so busy with my business I don’t have time to go set up my split test I don’t have time to go lay out certain things but I need the results this new headline here was implemented by Dave and his team at my funnel dev comm so if you’re currently kind of running your business and you’re feeling like you’re feeling like you’ve got a little bit too many plates spinning and you want to hand off the tech from what you’re doing pass that off to a team who can put that in place so you can work on creating the content creating the new landing page offers creating the PDFs the Downloads the courses etc that’s what my final dev is here for so Dave is implementing this for me I highly recommend it it’s a one-time monthly fee and they’ll kind of get through as many different little tweaks to your funnels it’s within reason there’s a certain little scope of it and the scope is ultimately to help you create opt-in pages run split tests on your opt-in pages create pop-ups run split tests on your pop-ups create your sales pages and run split tests on your sales pages so it’s a simple service it’s a one-time monthly fee it’s under $100 for all of the updates you can get in one month and the goal is to take the tech off your plate whether you’re just too busy like I am or whether the tech is just frustrating to you that’s just one way to get the tech off so you can focus on the messaging because what you’re gonna see over and over here is me commenting on the messaging so on that note now we can actually jump over because I did want to share that because Dave and his team at my funnel dev did actually create that landing page split test for me that beat my last split test so let’s go look at it again and here it is my final dev pretty simple right so go here if you want to talk to Dave it’s an application process there’s nothing to buy on my final dev it’s just an application you could talk to Dave see if you were a good fit we’re still in beta with this I’m kind of working with Dave on this and our goal is to get this to where we can roll it out to hundreds and thousands of people but we’re looking for the core dozen two dozen people to really help us refine our systems and we want to really take the work off your shoulders so here’s the new test that I ran and the first thing I want to show you is some would call this an ugly landing page and I’m okay with that this landing page as it sits right here converts 45% of traffic so about one in every two people right so two people visit I get a lead two people visit I get a lead that’s gonna have him more often than not it’s a 45 percent conversion rate the goal here is to help you see it’s simple it’s a headline I think if I went with three bullets here instead of this that would be a good improvement that’s gonna be one of my next tests I tested my headshot versus the book itself the book is winning here click here and get the free course now super simple this is converting almost 50% of visitors so the goal I wanted to show you on this page first was that we need to keep it simple because simple works I’ve tested pretty landing pages I’ve tested fancy landing pages and honestly ugly seems to outperform a whole lot for some strange reason so we’re gonna jump right in I’ve got a lot of these different funnel pages to review so I want to just jump in and get going here so the first one is authors Tech and it looks like AMS playbook landing page learn how to find those profitable AMS keywords so I don’t know what this is but I’m guessing your audience does that’s a key to keep in mind right here I think this is great so I just read through it that’s what I was doing when I was paused there and there’s a couple of things that I want to specifically point out this is a really good example for everyone so first and foremost you have this red color here and then you have this red color here we never want to use the same color as our action color the action color should always be one unique color this color should never be duplicated in a second place on your website so ultimately I think you would I would keep this all blue right here if your people are not super super into the jargon into the lingo this is gonna confuse people and people gonna be like I don’t know AMS keywords are so I’m out the other thing to think about here is AMS keywords why right why are AMS keywords oh that’s I’m talking and thinking the same time this is new I’m trying my new scribble stuff here so why are AMS keywords actually going to be helpful for me right what is what is the thing about an AMS keyword that’s actually again what’s the benefit that I’m going to get is what I’m really wanting so when you find a profitable AMS keyword what is the result so the the one of the big questions you can ask yourself is so what and I don’t mean that like in a rude way by any means but learn how to find the most profitable AMS keywords so what so you can boom the answer to that question is ultimately the goal that your audience wants I would definitely test I think you can leave this read and go here I think red correlates to stop in many cultures so I would try go on with like a yellow or a orange button I think this is great one data run traffic let’s see what you come up with and I really ultimately think that having a button here above the fold is brilliant it’s clean it’s simple it rocks I think it’s fantastic so keep going and check those colors and ultimately try to get more of a what I would call more of a benefit in there versus the thing the thing is the MS keywords the profitable MS keywords but the benefit is obviously you’re gonna make more money as than Amazon seller I believe is ultimately what we’re doing here cool so we are loading this and we’ve got Queen snapbacks it looks already like this is an embroidery thing so this vertical phone situation doesn’t look great to me here I think ultimately I’m not gonna play this video right now and I don’t know if other people will want to play claim a free shipping plus 15% discount code before welcome to Queen’s snapbacks classic style okay cool so one thing I’m noticing right here is you definitely have the button color stands out right it’s opposite from all the other colors that’s great this is what I mean by the action color situation what I would personally do is I would get I would get rid of the name and email address here I would do what’s called a two-step which is a click pop which is just like my specific landing page showed you just like my landing page showed you it’s just a button and the reason is this comes from robert cialdini’s book influence and it’s called a micro commitment so right here the users like oh I just click there and I’ll get it cool I want to click I want it so they click and it theoretically I’ve got my little pen thing barrios and now I ask for the next step right so they’ve taken a micro commitment towards me you’re kind of like showing that that they need to do these things already here and I don’t think you necessarily want to give away that they need to opt-in for this yet so that’s the one thing I would think I would go with a bigger text here I would try to get this text this size I would think almost like an infographic here that shows what you do how can you show what this video shows visually here like I’ve got my book right that shows you you’re going to get this thing like it could be like a visual coupon like a cutout coupon for 15% off plus free shipping and then like an imagery of an embroidered cap classic style vibrant design so again let’s run this so what thing on this right welcome to snap Queen snapbacks yeah that doesn’t mean anything to me I don’t know your brand yet classic style okay like I wear a lot of hats I get that that’s kind of a benefit but not fully fiber design craftsmanship so this is very good right and and ultimately you’re giving me a free shipping and a 15% discount code below on obviously you think I already want the hats is this print on I have a lot of questions is what I’m getting at right is this print on demand do i is there a minimum run do I get one do I get a sample can we do a sample pack so ultimately you’re gonna need to do a lot of testing but I think there needs to be more of an offer here but it depends on where we’re going to be in your funnel right like I’m gonna go to your homepage real quick 5:05 Burroughs apparel that makes sense so okay like this is literally kind of more of what I was talking about right like I think this is actually a really powerful kind of layout because it shows you what it is and maybe put one here that says like custom or your logo here type things so you can see that I think you’re going to give me oh this is your hat no this isn’t custom this is literally your hat so this is showing me the hat for sure can you just give me a price like like it should get one at like nine ninety five and then upsell me multiple on the back end can you sell me one for 1495 like I buy a lot of hats I’m guessing this is about a thirty dollar hat so how can you just make cuz because these are multiple variables that my brain has to think on so it’s a little bit confusing and if you can simplify it where you can get one hat for nine ninety five plus shipping as a hat guy I’m like dude at ninety ninety-five hat that’s like a really good deal I’m in and I’m gonna take that and then you can upsell me a hoodie a t-shirt another hat on the backend and you can upsell other things so like literally I would personally try to get them into the cart because it looks like now that I’ve gone deeper you’re selling this exact hat and so I would just try to like like give them an offer that’s like do you want this really good value on this one thing I click yes I’m in the checkout process I’m checking out after I check out do you want more do you want the Hat you want the hoodie do you want the like whatever that next thing is do you want the other color hats if you want the t-shirt the long sleeve and then you get some upsells on the backend of the funnel I think you’ll find that will actually do better um make me a clearer offer not not discounts and shipping I don’t want that all at your hat right so will help me get your hat from that screen looks good I think it’s great I think your hats look like they’re really high-quality we’re just gonna kind crank through these I got so many all this was it was amazing and pretty inspiring to see how when he came through its hats it doesn’t say hats anywhere cool so let me go here and so this isn’t a landing page so I said specifically it needs to be a landing page and honestly there’s way too much going on I’m gonna skip every single one that’s like this there needs to be nothing else going on we can go here I can go here I can go here this isn’t a funnel this isn’t a landing page it needs to be simpler to this so that is your task that is what you’re learning in this moment that is the goal is to make one of those and everyone who has a home page or something that’s not a dedicated funnel is going to get that exact kind of response because ultimately the page needs to have no other options beyond leaving and taking the forward action right on the other ones if there’s navigation there’s sidebar there’s this or that you’re gonna lose leakage you can’t run ads to this I’ve brought in over 4,000 new ads through my facebook campaigns in the last four days actually I’m about 5,000 ads it’s really really powerful when you have a dedicated page you could run traffic to it so I’m gonna read those real quick so introspective marketing okay attention wellness entrepreneurs gotcha so this is really small and it takes a lot of reading now I’m reading like this is this is like a huge red flag to me I’m like I’m not even gonna read it I’m out so I also would never take for every single excuse me for every single field you have here you’re going to lose conversions so first of all I would want to get rid of all of the fields I would just want the button to have a click pop it looks like you’re going gdpr friendly with this conformation button and this is probably for gdpr do you have a Terms of Service below cool so this looks like a Google friendly landing page so you’ve got all your terms and conditions and stuff at the bottom that’s pretty good there’s a lot of wasted space over here so let me go to how this opens and let me go down to my little fancy thinks I’m trying something new y’all trying to get better at helping you guys so what I would like to see is if this is all gone right that will make this page so much shorter then this part goes up here so the button is actually right here and so it’s like get is here then this part I would have the attention wellness entrepreneurs up above nice and big and I would try to make this even bigger and have it stretch all the way across the top and then hit me with bullet points right give me three bullet points of what all this text is make it super readable digestible benefit driven stuff right so you’re saying that your increase sales using my webinar conversion recipe that gives you a proven checklist you need to complete your webinar phone without getting lost the second-guessing yourself so attention wellness entrepreneurs get the proven checklist that will boost conversions in your funnel in three simple steps bop bop bop each Bop being a bullet what are those three things right it’s um you won’t second-guess yourself you won’t feel lost you’ll know exactly what to do type thing and then there’s just a button here so it’ll load much tighter the whole page can be about this tall so it’ll load really really tight and neat and I’ve destroyed this page with my red ink and I think it’s kind of fun I hope you guys like that if you’re enjoying the the kind of description and the drawing out I think it’s gonna be good but ultimately I want headline up top here and then I want the three main bullets here and then I want the button there and that’s it and I do like that you can kind of scroll down on this page for people who want more you got a testimonials I would honestly get the testimonials up here above that or even consider getting the testimonials up here I think proof is one of the biggest things that you can actually do you’ve got the net full names and the imagery which really makes the social proof strong people don’t really believe if there’s no image it’s just like a first name people doubted a little bit more but those look really really good I think the page colors are great I think the place looks great I would get rid of this top bar – I don’t think it does anything introspect marketing doesn’t mean anything to me so I would just eliminate it it would be pure headline up top just like on mine you don’t even see my logo my brand nothing like it’s just like it’s the simplest thing because the goal is to give a human being a decision opportunity in four seconds or less right you can can you get it in four seconds or less and you’re either gonna do this or you’re gonna leave is kind of the goal there so great work I think a few little tweaks can can improve that and really it’s always improving there’s there’s always room for improvement oh my gosh I gotta figure out how to copy those quickly and there’s always a further right but when you get to a certain point you get up to the 50 60 percent opt-in rate it’s time to move to different parts of your funnel an artful science foundation first strategy training the next big thing get started okay so so in reading down from the top like you’ve got your logo up top your logo doesn’t necessarily mean anything for me yet right so this is I don’t know how big of a brand you are in your space or for people you’re advertising – but ultimately this is potentially wasting space because we have from here all the way down to here and like there’s nothing really going there foundation first strategy training be the new thing that doesn’t mean anything to anyone yet ultimately that’s what you’re doing and maybe you’re gonna brand that through your story maybe a brand that later in the emails but I think this is ultimately what you’re trying to have show up so foundation first is the 7 step free training course so we’ll show you how to plan high converting website sites the guaranteed to turn anonymous user in an eager okay cool so this is your promise right this is the ultimately so the promise the problem is that we’re not getting enough conversions so your promise is that so I want to get you your promise up here because me as a reader I don’t care about you I don’t care about your thing all I care about is my my conversion problem right and this tracking my mouse is a little weird is a little bit distracting so what I would say is something to the tune of get the foundation first seven step training course that will show you how to plan I don’t want to plan them right I want I want I want the high converting website right so they will show you how to create high converting web sites or that will create high converting websites for you that will force your website to give you higher conversions right we don’t want to plan we want the result I want the conversions so say it from that language pattern of your thing is going to get me the conversions because that’s ultimately what I want you’ll learn the the seven step process to turn anonymous users into eager readers every time faster easier blah blah I want all of that to load above the fold so I don’t have to scroll down I don’t think this is helpful down here I think you have an opportunity to lose me I would test the intercom I don’t like intercom it actually I really really actually don’t like intercom now it looks like you’re going into maybe an SOI style landing Bay like a like a sphere of influence which is an Andre chaperon style so for people who need more they can get more but I would definitely have the opportunity for your most ambitious people to take steps right away so you’ve turned this ultimately into a long sales page which is kind of interesting I think it could be a really good option again another thing here is you’ve got your action color matches all kinds of other colors I think your logo is this color this needs to stand out this is hidden at this point right I need you need me to know for sure click this button it’s tiny get started like get started with what right get my free thing you want me to be able to get that free thing so this is probably one of the most important parts of the second half of the page and this needs to stand out massively what happens when I click it all right foundation first artful science gotcha so you’re still kind of getting this going here I mean we need to get a we need to get the opt-in right you need to get there ultimately you need to get their email address because you want to build a relationship with them you want to deliver that free thing so that’s what I got for you at this point I hope that’s helpful get your promise get it bold up here don’t track my mouse that that’s wasting resources and it’s just kind of distracting you want it simple you really want to make sure people are clear on what they’re gonna get why they’re gonna get it from you why you make sense and like what’s the promise what’s the solution right they theoretically have a problem your thing solves the problem the problem that’s the solution so make them a promise and then give them a button to click make it super simple so here the whole thing loads above the page above the fold which is great I can see it’s a longer page so I can read more which is awesome the black button doesn’t make sense to me in this situation because the black matches here here I would try to get it a different color personally I would go for a white background I think it’s awesome stop take a deep breath people tell me I need to breathe on my live streams that just doesn’t happen I’ll breathe later huh I would I would probably go with like a white background something more unified this is a very uncommon I hope your target market is men if you want women to be participating in this these are very masculine colors so it doesn’t really it probably won’t connect with women at all but if that’s what you want to go after that’s fine check out Mike Dillard’s self-made man website if you’re interested he he uses this color scheme or something similar to that and then repeat the offer down here forget the book now right I think it’s a special price on the book so make sure that’s repeated down here at the lower section so if I read all the way to the bottom you restate the benefit the value what I’m gonna get the whole kind of thing here I’m just gonna read through this really quickly with you so if you’re really giving me an extra leg if give me a why give me give me what is the gift and what’s the benefit that gifts gonna give me don’t tell me give me a gift like a trash bag that’s unknown like what is it what benefit am I gonna get from your gift and it should solve the next most logical problem out of whatever you’re helping people with sorry I’m getting a little crazy in my clicks here so one other thing here is this actually sounds like a lot of work right it’s only going to take your full involvement and consistency in understanding six concepts and three qualities that are contained in this ebook like six times three that’s like eighteen full involvement consistency like our world wants easy buttons right we don’t want to consume less food measure how much food we’re eating and then exercise more to lose weight we want to take a fat-burning pill that’s gonna like shed the weight off of us for us without so I’m gonna eat pizza I want to eat ice cream and I won’t lose weight right and I don’t want to exercise so your your your I’m boldly upfront about how much work it takes to build an internet business which is definitely killing my conversions but it’s truly connecting with me with people who want to do the work the other thing is I would move this to the right we you know everyone starts reading up here in this top corner and we start here so I think we need to have more of a call out here so who is this is this guys is this married men is this businessmen is this spiritual seekers or these lightworkers like who are you talking to and it’s like Oh crazy is all of YouTube going to look at your website right now and it actually can’t handle everybody so what I’m getting is a little bit of call-out like attention busy entrepreneurs or attention busy dads you are going to blank here’s the solution Wow I really think we all just crashed his his website the server’s not able to respond with everybody who’s on it so it may be time to go for that next level up in your and your hosting as well but um move the text over to the left here really get a call-out like so for me I could be like attention entrepreneurs tired of struggling to find the right roadmap to build your million-dollar business get my roadmap and that call-out of attention entrepreneurs will help people who are perfect for my stuff no immediately coming up to a mine like alright are we getting in Spanish yes that’s awesome sweet so in this situation man my Spanish is like readings they’re like I can rap but like reading is not very good for me here so I want to see this this is actually a click pop it is so this is straight to a price and you’re doing straight to it ninety seven dollar offer so on a ninety seven dollar offer I normally and that was a I was it jumped to the bottom so I think you need more sales copy before going to a $97 offer obviously this isn’t isn’t working or my ad blockers blocking it is what’s going on there if you’re wondering I generally recommend going for the opt-in first but if this is straight to a sales page and I’m not really able to get into this very well I would get rid of this button up here I would have obviously the huge benefit but then the goal is to get them to read below if it’s a sales letter you want them to read this top part and then you want them go to the next part and read here and then you want to just keep them reading until they get all of the pieces of the problem of the puzzle which is you setup the problem you set up a promise you have a unique solution then give them some proof some testimonials and then tell them why now you’ve got the why now right because it’s it’s on special price for right now so problem promise solution proof and then call them to action and just make sure before we click you go through each one of those because that’s the logical procession their brains gonna need to go through that’s the attention interest desire action right problem promise solution proof that’s really the the key to the process and I think I think it’s a clean looking page I think that ultimately the join Now button is super clear you’ve got the testimonials down there frequently asked questions it’s brilliant you just like on a sales page you need to organize it a little bit more where there’s a little bit more flow to where they’re gonna take it top to bottom and they’re gonna go through the process of understanding she gets me she gets my problem she now has a promise she’s gonna promise to fix my problem this is a unique promise this is something I haven’t heard of before she’s got a system or some sort of a solution it’s a seven step it’s a three week it’s a six week course it’s a private coaching it there’s a specific solution that solves the problem based on the promise then the proof you have the testimonials there and then go for the sale it’s really important to time the the button location and the actual offer in in the right order of things and on that point we’re gonna go to the next here I have to brush up on my Spanish reading skills and I’m stoked on that to be honest so this this is all wasted space up top first and foremost like we’re just wasting this top here guide so this is how I want your page to load right here and I want this to be a button down here I want all this so you can tighten that up a little bit it looks pretty good these hard breaks of colors actually block the eye I’m gonna go ahead and take a screenshot of it so the way the human eye works and this gets into a lot of psychology there’s been a lot of studies done on the reading right so we all start here and we go this way then this way then this way in the reading so we’re gonna pick this up then we’re gonna get to the image and then we’re gonna look over here but the eye has a really difficult time getting beyond these lines these are hard breaks this is this is like the difference between the the ocean that you don’t want to go in because it’s scary in there sharks and the sand where you’re happy to go walk around because you’re on the sand and we all like walking on the beach right so it’s almost like an it makes it difficult to pass I’ve tested some of these kind of layouts and my specifically on my checkout page I used to have it set up this way and indeed it actually converts a lot better with it all being the same color because there’s no block to the eyeball to bring the eyeball down below here you do want them to get down there now I’m gonna go back to this I want to see are these click ‘yes interesting so so this is unique I’ve never actually tested this is why I took a big long pause right there is I’ve never tested this so test it I personally believe three solid bullets right here boom boom boom the three specific solutions or the three promises of how you’re gonna help me guide to understanding homeowners insurance my big question to you is do people actually want to understand homeowners insurance or do people just want like a really really really good deal on good insurance that’s actually gonna be there if they have a problem and with a company who’s actually going to be there if they have a problem right there’s that horror story of oh they sold me so there’s some really cheap insurance but now that something happened I can’t get help there’s also like I know there’s a water clause which is separate because if if a water damage issue happens there’s uses like a $5,000 like they put that really low so if you’re gone your house floods that acting the insurance isn’t going to cover the whole rebuild value of the home so so these are the things so it’s like the bullet would be like the hidden water the hidden water damage secret that can cost homeowners tens of thousands of dollars if they don’t get it right on page 42 right like literally tell me you’re gonna give me the secret to this water damage clause and it’s on page 13 then you say how to make sure you get the best price on the best insurance from a company that will actually stand behind you because like what are those three core fears and the three core desires of your target market I know one of those desires is cheap I know one of those desires is like to actually be there so fine with those three core fears and desires are make sure your ebook has a section on each of them and then two three four at least three three or four bullets of what it’s gonna be right here and then I would just have a button you have a great color button I don’t know if I love red personally I would test yellow yellow is a complementary color to this seeing it like an orangish yellow that would fit that would be like the last thing I test though I wouldn’t test the button color before I test everything above it and I would hide the button so it’s a click pop first because I think ultimately you want to click and then get that micro commitment I’m highly recommend reading robert cialdini’s book influence because he’s just it’s just so brilliant some of they have the little hacks so I don’t I just don’t think this is the the big problem right like like when I say problem it needs to be like a desperate problem like like the homeowners need like I really need to figure out this home ownership homeowners insurance so theoretically they’ve got a contract on a house they’re they’re having to buy insurance on a house they don’t know what the rebuild value is of their house they don’t know how much they should be getting do I need an umbrella policy or not so there’s there’s really specific things and I feel like this is general and I feel like you would do better with with some very specific things and you might identify like one little aspect of all of that is really what triggers people how to get the best insurance at the cheapest price guaranteed type thing like if you if you can say that and I’m a homeowner about to buy insurance I’m like best insurance cheapest prize our time in I want to see what this guy’s talking about so I think it’s great I think it’s clean which is really it just there’s no drop shot on this side I really think the the all-white or whatever this like light gray background is and I would maybe try like a maybe even a smaller book and like a 3d style cover like I just got this done on Fiverr for like 5 bucks get like a 3d style cover if it is an e-book theoretically man run traffic you are you’re 80 90 percent of the way there which is absolutely awesome I’m going to jump back here and say what’s up hi how are you click the thumbs up if you’re diggin this I just want to go check in on the chap make sure everybody’s going here if you run into questions asked what would miles do that’s awesome I like that cool valuable I’m glad you like it I love the Gary Vee comparisons honestly that’s the most humbling thing I’ve ever seen you guys no donation button I got something coming out I’ll be honest okay so let’s tease that right now all and not tease it in a way that’s weird but so I’m working on a product I’m at month 23 of YouTube videos I’ve poured my heart and soul in this YouTube channel for literally 23 months I’ve created almost 400 videos at this point 67 thousand subscribers email list is at 6,000 and I’m realizing my goal has been like I’m gonna give away all the how-to information I’m gonna put it out so everyone who wants to learn how to build a funnel run a Facebook ad do SEO keyword research all of it all of those things the tactics that so many fake gurus charge so much stupid money for and they don’t even they’re not even as good as I am because like go search learn SEO on YouTube and I’m dominating the people who charge thousands of dollars for learn SEO courses right so that’s my frustration but I’m noticing there’s something else needed and it’s this kind of stuff it’s the actual interaction with me so I can help you kind of remove roadblocks there’s this feeling I’ve we’ve all been there you just get stuck right you’re like oh man do I go this way or that way and we’ll spend like three days researching all the options and if you had an ability to ask me a question like model something on this or this which one and I’m like oh that one for sure get for it like save you three days of of thinking and researching and losing sleep and which way to ago I’m blah blah blah and then you spend those three days working on new conversion mechanisms and new blog posts and all the content you know doing the work you’re gonna achieve your goal much more quickly so I’m building a solution for that I’m building like a unity I’m engaged in that I think it’s gonna be ready right around the two-year mark right when I’m done with two years and the other thing is I’ve personally answered over 10,000 YouTube comments the way YouTube comments work I’m able to answer but then all the new comments cover the old comments and I mean I can’t follow up on follow-ups it’s really difficult it’s the word not the worst Facebook’s the worst it’s it’s a very challenging interface so I’m gonna build it in a way that we can kind of have ongoing conversations and other people can share and I want to help you guys connect with each other because sometimes we’re at home and as midnight we’re banging on the keyboard all alone and we feel all alone and to know that like there is a group of soldiers of hashtag badass soldiers like yourself grinding it out right and our family doesn’t get it they’re like oh you should get a job I mean the number of times like our family members were like oh you should get this kind of job oh you’d be great at this kind of job and it’s like we’re crushing it right now they are family members our friends they think they’re doing as a favor saying we want to have you get a job but like we know we’re building businesses that offer financial freedom and lifestyle freedom on levels that like are unprecedented that people who are plugged into the matrix plugged into the commute plugged into the cubicle plugged into the middle management hit the feeder bar rat race they just can’t even see what we can see right like you’ve unlocked from the matrix at some level so I’m building that so I’m glad to hear people are loving this kind of content my goal is to do this on a little bit more of a private scale because I know a lot of people don’t want to keep putting their content out publicly like this so that’s coming I’m hoping within a month we’ll get there you guys all rock I’m glad you’re here fun to share Saturday with you guys all and sweet I’m gonna go back to it let’s let’s get my myface how you like me back set the backdrop it’s a Russian fireplace back there I don’t know what that means but that’s what it is pretty cool let me go and share my screen and random stuff and over to here got so many these to do y’all I got to our cap that’s all I can do i youtube youtube yeah this is YouTube YouTube will not let me go over to ours because it won’t display the whole thing afterwards and I need this to be displayed afterwards so no more fiddle faddle and piecing things I’m gonna get to it all right I like it perfect okay cool so the first thing here is we’re just wasting a ton of space right like there’s no need for this that doesn’t really mean anything get that out of there if you really need your logo you could probably figure out a way to get your logo to the left of your headline you’re reclaiming like a third of the page there so now I’ve mentioned okay first of all I really wanna I really want to kind of share this with everyone so I’m gonna do a little sticky I wish I could do a quick Photoshop that would take way too long though so let’s take the screen sketch so this when I said three bullets this is exactly what I’m talking about the standout bold color get instant access I would I would make this bolder and I would maybe even like get the free report now or get the what did I say on mine like I actually tested it online and whatever I’ve got up there click here and get the free course now right like tell them what to do like literally click here you can’t screw that up I say click there so you click there and get the what the free course now right so they use on a lot of these things they use and when I say these things like the landing page builders and the templates that we all use on a lot of them they actually have default get instant access because they need it to work for everybody but you want to customize the button text I would make that bolder felt so they’re getting the listings themselves so I think honestly cut down this text a little bit more and get that in your button so ultimately your button would be like flat ow right so the buttons here and it’ll have text in it so I love the three bullets and then headline right here so your your sub head is right here and then sub head so that’s how I want to see this so this might have to be a little bit smaller and possibly move down a little bit more to bring a little bit more space here so this area and this is how I want your page to load because I got everything I need right here and this is these three bullets are great so this is a desired outcome how others are doing it so there’s like that that’s social proof that’s great so I would I would go a little deeper than the way like the secret way the trick to right like let’s make it look we love secrets we love the you know find some power words there’s a book called words that sell if you’re doing a lot of copywriting it could be worth buying that book and having it near your desk because it’s literally just words it’s a book of words I’ll every books a book of words but it’s like it’s like persuasion words like design you’re like oh I need to persuade people for this new open to the page on that and it’s like a bunch of words that will help people get that action now here you kind of change the game a little bit saving hundreds of dollars on rent per month even with bad credit like if the goal is to buy a house stick with buying a house right so this almost feels like you’ve changed the game on me and make sure every bullet is for a buy the house buy the house buy the house like no money down super low monthlies and the ability to walk if it all goes away or something right like like like the the no-risk type thing is how I would try to president that so ultimately if I was to do this on Photoshop I would match this up to where this is one line this is up here this is up here this is smaller and your button shows up down here I think you are on it this is it’s clean it’s simple just a couple little tweaks I think you’re gonna be really really impressed with what you create and you can always work these little spaces to really like I do like a tightening up generally and you can pull out probably 50 pixels from here 20 pixels from here and really kind of just keep scrunching everything up make this a little smaller make sure there’s no padding on top of everything because most of the template builders will put like 20 to 40 sometimes a hundred pixels of padding and that that is wasted space essentially right we need to really eliminate the waste of space so we can get that button showing right when it loads great work right there I think that’s a good one to keep an eye on because I think that’s a really good example of clean so free dog treats no vegan dog treats I use vegan dog treats as an example and it’s so funny people like flame me in the comments like you should never feed a carnivore plants blah blah blah you’re terrible I was like dude it’s an example it’s crazy so I mentioned call out earlier this is perfect attention all dog lovers I would get I would I would actually change this so this is a really small change attention dog lover whenever were communicating with other people we are communicating one-on-one I got to present this to you this is huge this comes from my so this comes from my radio television broadcasting I got a so sheĆ­s degree from a community college in California for radio television broadcasting and one of the things about radio is like this moment right here right I’m on the microphone and in theory I’m broadcasting to a hundred and fourteen viewers right now but I’m not I’m broadcasting to one person it’s just you me and you right so you need to think on the radio the way radio broadcasters get it wrong and this is gonna be relevant I promise the way radio broadcasters get it wrong is like hey everyone out there in radioland like you you disassociate yourself from the conversation and ultimately you and I are having a conversation right now so I speak to you right not you all not all y’all like I speak it’s you and me but what’s happening is 114 people right now and thousands of people over the next few weeks and months we’re gonna have a resemblance of a one-on-one experience the copy on your landing page is the same there’s one reader there’s always only one reader even if two people are sitting over the shoulder right like like hubby and wifey are like both reading the page they’re both feeling like they’re having a unique individual experience in that moment I mention this because now I’ll get back to the screen share here thanks for sharing that moment with me by the way so let’s go back over to it because it’s a great example so a tension dog lover because I’m one I’m not all I’m not lovers like I’m you know I am one person I love dogs so attention dog lover pet nibbles is getting giving away okay so this is about you and what you’re doing right so just change it attention dog lover you can get a free bag of all-natural peanut butter treats today I would say how much the value is on this right like what is that is it a $9.99 value is a $6.99 value is at $14.99 value do I have to pay so pay shipping I love it so you’re doing a free plus shipping offer on dog food this has the potential honestly to crush it people will do things for their pets they won’t even do for their damn cells it’s crazy Americans won’t even go walk themselves right every day because we all need exercise but they’ll walk there every day because the dog needs exercise it’s crazy what people will do I don’t think I would have these at the bottom I feel like that’s a opportunity to lose people no filler tempting that’s awesome so I think you’re selling selling like a special box treat so this this is everything right this is this is the be-all end-all and then you look bring it down there that’s perfect so another way you could go about this just this is kind of a maybe an advanced strategy is order for free now I click the button and pops up it’s like great we’ll get your free order started what’s your name what’s your email address button that says next below I click Next then you take me down here and you pre populate my name and my email address oh and ask the pet’s name that’s freaking brilliant I would totally ask that but what you’re doing is they would actually be opted into the list right here off of this button so it’s like what’s your name what’s your pet’s name what’s your email address I click that I enter those three things I hit the button now you have the ability to follow up with me if I don’t follow up and finish this form then you say great step 2 let’s get your shipping information right get this information so become a 3 step if they click this button super small so attention dog lover get your loving pet a free bag of all-natural peanut butter treats today a 995 value today yours free just pay shipping that’s it I would totally simplify this make sure it’s about them their pet your pet deserves a free treat those kinds of phrasings I think you’re on it I would eventually test this background as a lighter color I see that you got kind of an inlay of the dog back there little tiny tweaks but man you are you are on it I think one other thing you could do potentially is the attention dog lover could go up here in the corner as they call out and then the pet name alike get a free bag of all-natural peanut butter treats today make that the actual big headline right like this is actually more important than this even though based on your your style sheet which like in the CSS you don’t need to know anything about that like based on just the the hierarchy of sizes it this is a more important font size a more important fault weight but this is actually a more important promise so I would have this up here and attention dog lovers attention dog lover up here possibly before it maybe it’s all in two lines great work I think this is uh I guess a great potential I think you could really crush it with that with that offer so I see a home page here and I’m curious are we actually gonna have a funnel on the home page or is this just a home page because I’m not reviewing anything that’s not a funnel run amplify so yeah so see here you’ve got the home the Flyers the digital market this is a home page this isn’t a funnel right I don’t I wouldn’t pay traffic to this page there’s too many different places you can lose people you need an actual funnel this is you need to identify a problem call them on a problem you need to promise them some sort of a solution and then you get them to opt in for something so you can follow up so that is the goal of what you need to do next and here we have another one gaming career online so interestingly there’s a lot of Clickbank products in this world about like how to make money online gaming and so this is potentially a really good niche so this is definitely going after Andre chaperones sphere of influence style which is a great style if you’re not familiar with that go to Myles Beckler comm slash SOI and you can learn more about it and that’s it right there so Myles bechler comm /s o I is where you learn about this style and the idea is here to be so different that people can’t help but go deeper and you’re playing the same persuasion tactics that Robert Sheldon he talked about in his book influence in more of a sales letter so you tell a story you tell the videos the seat you know you can see okay here goes that’s secret did you know that this they pay bucks see people like you and me so you’re revealing some sort of a story go to Myles Becker comm doc miles Becker column for /s o I and read his sales page to see how this is done brilliantly so this is awesome I think really like so this is a straight sales page your goal is to send are you is this your product or is this going to this is a affiliate link huh crusher okay wait a minute nope alright hold on so maybe you’re not there yet I’m really curious if you’re just if this is a pre sales page this would be a brilliant example of a pre sales page if you’re taking people to about I don’t think I haven’t about I think I just get into it yeah I wouldn’t personally I wouldn’t let anybody like literally just make it one page it’s one thing you’re just gonna read it and that’s it so I don’t think this is bold enough yet so our is and here’s why are most of your audience and people who would be willing on that next page offer and it varies based on where you’re sending them right what like ultimately your page I think this is a pre-sale page to whatever this is going to go to it’s not working yet so I can’t see what that is but is it like are you or people really like how can I got a six-figure job or they like how can I make a few bucks on the side playing video games right I play video games all time I should just be a video game tester and make some money so I don’t know if most profitable is actually the problem versus like make anything like because there’s a lot of gamer kids who’d be like dude pay me 10 bucks an hour okay I’m playing games anyways right so that might actually be the the most compelling but obviously you’re going to need to test it yeah and I don’t okay so it’s 39,000 so go find some data right like I think that’s above average right like and then you could even break like how to make $3,000 a month like that’s that’s about 3300 hours a month I kind of make 3300 hours with your games in your part time type thing right I’m just what’s with a little bit more compelling because it’s just it’s just a little bit weak and I want to you just kind of like slap people in the face with like what like I play games all the time like I can make 3 grand a month playing games like you’d like I can move out of mom’s basement that way so that’s what you want to do I love the checkpoints there to give them what they are so yeah if you want like it is that bit I think you’re onto something man I think this could be really really powerful I would I would do some sort of a responsive figure out a responsive short code to get this like I don’t like it left justified I would make sure that that fits this is great like I think I think you’re on it I think I would try to maybe put their brand logos in I think there’s a lot of value in having the actual logos like you’ve seen that as seen on like you don’t do that but boom boom boom like try to get six or nine of them there take up less space because this is just a ton of wasted space here yeah dude on it on it so the trick is is because here’s the thing on this kind of a page if they don’t read this and get super interested they click the back button instantly so like this part the first two this is called the hook right your lead and your hook so if you’re interested in a book that is gangster at that intro cuz like if they don’t read the first two lines you’re done you’ve lost them so you’re not collecting leads here so it’s really really important that you dial in like this section of your page because that’s what loads above the fold if they read that you have a high likelihood of getting them deeper into a story that means there’s a higher likelihood of getting them to click the button you want them to click down below the book is Michael Masterson’s great leads got it on Kindle it’s like 9 bucks it’s brilliant it’s got six leads it’s six ways to start any sales message and when you read it you’ll have some serious aha moments and it’ll go deeper into kind of what I’m alluding to here but on that note we’re gonna just keep chugging I’m I’m gonna do as many as I can here y’all were cranking on it I think what’s cool is we’re seeing a very wide variety of like how you can put this together and that’s the truth and that’s where my you know this is where none of fake gurus can actually sell you one product that’s gonna solve your one problem because everyone’s different every niche is different there’s there’s many paths to get to your successful business online and all those fake gurus are trying to stick you in one box but yet like each person is so unique now first thing I had to scroll down to get to the button I don’t want to be I don’t want to have to scroll down to get to the button this means nothing right dear Father media means nothing you could put it on the book if you really like if you really like your logo and you’re like but I need it on there great put on the book or something right find a new place for that you can then recapture this much your page and doo-doo-doo-doo want as if we go like that perfect now I don’t like the button down here touching the black line I would put more space to where you get the same graphic a background below keep this stuff you need this stuff but um just get some space you could probably even put some padding down underneath the button for that your red here matches your red here not terrible but ultimately I would have this be a different color this I would try to make it bigger I would see I would personally try to uh let me go ahead a hand screens gotcha I really like the screen sketch if you like the screen should sketch thing be sure to let me know I do read through all these comments at the end so I would try to get your are your are you ready so now obviously don’t use this exact size LA and that’s not you blah this is just me trying to show you what I mean so that’s that’s how big I’d like your headline I’d like your book to be smaller to fit in here and if you could get this down to like three bullets that’s more consumable we are so busy we’re so fast we humans we don’t take time to read things we skim at best like you have to assume they’re gonna spend as little time on this page as possible so you have enough time to catch their attention and pop pop pop and then like if you want it grab it right so yes I’m ready to live free is less compelling then click here and get the book now right if this is a free book what we’re giving you but like a check check check and that’s what you’re gonna get type thing you can put a couple of sentences in there you’re really really close I think this is I think this is great and I think what you’re doing would work as is but I think with a few little tweaks to get your page to be about this size I feel like ultimately you’re going to find it works a ton better for you long-term but as always test test test and great work taking action my friend because that’s what actually makes it all work everybody wants the result very few of us are willing to do the work so good on you for doing the work social speak Network first month so I’m torn like I don’t even know if I can call this a landing page like it is it it’s there’s a lot going on here so we’re selling okay so this is a sales page and a weekend workshop two offers okay do you have an opt-in page I’m guessing you do I don’t I can’t jump into the comments and look to find it so here’s my challenge I think well first of all my biggest challenge is this isn’t a landing page because I can go I can go escape nine places one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven if you buy traffic to this page at least forty to fifty percent of your traffic is just gonna disappear you’re like Oh elevate what’s up I don’t know and they’re just they’re gonna get lost and you need to control the flow you need to have an ad that promises something awesome then you need to have a page that promises the awesome thing and facilitates them getting it this builds an email list then you can follow up you deliver on this they’re like wow she actually delivered on that thing I asked for that’s awesome and then you could build a relationship you can get more value and then you can offer your products you’re gonna have a much better possibility of creating a high converting funnel that’s gonna bring in like you know that you can scale with that sort of a layout so you say there’s a free thirty one day guide here and I’m like okay cool like I’m scrolling down I’m just scanning cuz I’m a human being so this is the free guy but I’m like wool but it keeps going so I’m just gonna kind of keep reading my freelance we can come growth okay wow that’s okay big numbers and money and okay new skills I catch it right cool so I get down I go by this well she said was free like what’s that about now I’m gonna go back to Facebook and we’ll flame you in your facebook ad because like you said it was free and they’re charging money blah blah blah right so there’s there’s too many messages going on there’s too many options going on I would keep it super simple try to build out a page like that’s like I’ve shown that is like get this thing free so let’s see if this was a landing page let’s start here so this is about you not them about you okay so this is all like this is almost your promise on the page right like and this is the reason I’m doing this today I feel like this is really helpful to a lot of people and theoretically this is to help me launch a profitable freelancing business right like I don’t want watch this I wanna make some money right that that’s ultimately what people want so look at how far down the actual thing is so you mention it here start a freelancing business cool like this there’s tons of wasted space here cool like 31-day guy blow alright cool your first month at men it’s like wool okay close my eyes I don’t want to I don’t want to close my eyes like you just got me on your page to read your coffee and you’re telling me to close my eyes like you don’t want me to close my eyes right now you want me to read your you want me to get into the coffee this is probably a really good follow-up email I think that’s the kind of stuff that I would do in the follow-up email but ultimately I think your main headline ish that needs work is hidden down here they need to page the load with this give me a big offer the problem is it’s too confusing to start your own freelancing business I will show you how to start it in 31 days with this free course it’ll get you your first client within 31 days get my free book here ding get them on your list grow the relationship everyone wins from there do your father media we did that one so am on for school let’s go here and if I sound harsh in any way I do apologize that’s obviously not the goal I’m trying to be quick I’m trying to be efficient and I’m trying to just really lay down what I’ve learned in I mean seriously like 15 years and making money online I’ve been I spent twenty thirty thousand dollars on coaches and copywriters and just in spray closer to $100,000 so I’m just trying to really dump that off quick so we can move to the next everyone who submit a page is already a winner because you’re doing the work you’re taking action so make sure that you know that I acknowledge that right I get that so a mana force this means nothing like I don’t that means nothing to me login you might need that up top it’s pretty well hidden how to get a well-paying job in ite with no experience that’s a great promise right like like clearly so this is a really good example how to very standard very good working template for a headline has worked for decades for centuries get a well-paying job alright cool that’s what I want you might be able to say six-figure job a multiple six-figure job it depends write different different economies different locations software developer in Tulsa is not gonna make as much as a software developer and Milpitas but here you’re solving the problems right cuz cuz like so I’m a human being I want an IT job I love computers I don’t have a degree but I really want a good-paying job in IT aha how to get what I want without what I don’t have perfect so you have the same situation we talked about earlier I don’t like the dark to the light it doesn’t this doesn’t actually flow my eye over it there’s nothing here for me I do run an ad blocker and gostrey but there’s nothing there so starts 3-course I’m a click I get the free course so there’s no need for video like at this point I’m in don’t don’t waste my time don’t get me confused don’t let me disappear and to the I want this button to show up above this is really good I wouldn’t let him link out here I would I would put an asterisk and I would put like source from blah blah blah I would not let them actually click away and leave I would go bullets I think you need three bullets here I think maybe an image of the course itself was something I would test I would get rid of this I would lift all this up clean white background button shows above the fold you can have this below the fold stuff to it totally works I would get testimonials on this page I would get testimonials on this page cranking this is great I think this is really good I think this is probably one of the best examples of a clear headline that follows proven template how to blank without blank write how to get your desired result without that thing you don’t want like I don’t want to go get a degree but I want a good-paying IT job perfect you are answering that question and there’s probably millions of millions of people who have that question I would see this I would personally run LinkedIn traffic for this I would learn the LinkedIn system and I would try running LinkedIn ads to this and see what I could come up with I think that’s really good so good on you definitely at the point now where some little tweaks run get numbers tests see what comes up see what TV can beat your control find out what your personal baseline is and go beat your baseline yes simple I love it alright free training watch my simple video that has okay so this is about you right here we don’t every humans tune into wi i FM what’s in it for me all i care about is me got it so how about this free training learn the secret that has saved 70mm for contractors right like it is this in year who that saved this much money in 2018 in taxes for contractors right like free training learn the secret or like secret revealed how contractors are saving seven dollars in taxes in 2018 or 2017 I would try to do three bullets there this is close enough I literally think this would because contractors like they definitely don’t want they don’t need simple right they don’t need fancy like I think simple is beautiful in this niche I think you would probably see a 30% plus conversion rate as is and I think that ultimately it’s it’s mostly about getting your perfect target market and your audience in but I think just reworking this a little bit you know how to save this much on taxes if you’re a contractor attention contractors how to save that in taxes or and if you saved contractors this much like that would be something worth saying your picture here doesn’t necessarily give value I just tested a headshot versus a book cover and the book cover actually performed better than my headshot did so making it a course free free course reveals free training review like give it an image of given icon for that but some good word ran I think I think run it and it’s cool to see that you’re on clickfunnels with this because this is like a lot of click funnels as landing pages are way over the top there’s too much they don’t like clowny it’s like you just walked into fog in Barnum and Bailey’s like greatest show on earth and it’s like too much simple works so good on you and run it I think just just get three bullets and really refine that headline because that’s all we need right problem promised solution that can all be wrapped up in a headline in three bullets and then add some testimonials below the button alright so Helen Collier so here we have the leakage right this isn’t actually a funnel at this point there’s a lot of wasted space I get that part of your branding is you but we could even potentially pull this up much higher but we need this because most people are looking for like everyone’s we all got problems we all are searching for solutions and searching for how to get our goals practical business roadmap to seven-figure success sign up now so what’s the problem and what’s unique about this problem there’s not there’s nothing unique here yet we need it we need to kind of get your thing these are good right to have the as seen on like how you get that kind of kind of credibility if you will I want to see what the sign up page looks like so this is there you go okay cool so now we have the uniqueness right so we’re getting to the unique so to me this is the landing page if you’re buying traffic this is where you want to sell send people because they’re gonna be more quick to go I don’t like the white kind of colorful buttons I would use probably a like a yellowish button orange button has trained us all to to be comfortable clicking yellow buttons or orange or whatever that that color is this is great so I think this is much closer so I would even say like attention up top because that that call-out right so you’re most of the way there but just attention there’s some wasted space here so build your business blueprint in three simple steps so so do we want to build the do we want to build the business blueprint or do we want to build a business in three simple steps right so um and what what is it that they’re getting right what is the actual promise what’s the actual solution is it a book is it an e-book is it a video course I would try to get that wording in there so people know like really clearly like it becomes a value exchange it’s like okay yes so I resonate with this this is for me I’m all about it she’s gonna teach me how to build my business and three simple steps in a free report in a video training sign up now I would change that to get the book get the PDF get the free report get the video training so it’s really just really clear what you’re offering value exchange right it’s get the free report that will teach you how to blank in three steps maybe three bullets you might not even need the three bullets and then click here to get the free report or free video training reveals how to build your business in three simple steps right click here to get the video now this is really powerful I think how you’ve got it set up I thinking about great imagery here there’s nothing else for me to do on this page I can’t even scroll I love that and I would change the color on this button this is ready for traffic I would run Facebook ad traffic to this I’m curious as to what it what it converts that one question it looks like you’re on Squarespace can you run split tests on Squarespace you need to be able to split test that’s kind of why I use WordPress and why I teach that DIY sales funnel series on WordPress because you have to have a mechanism that allows you to split tests maybe they have it great because you need data when you start running tests on this you need to have data that says which one works and which one doesn’t work so great job that math to me I’m glad I found that second page because that is definitely the top of your funnel right there and you can even move that to your home page if you want but you might have people find your home page off your business card and you might want to have them to have access to everything else so I don’t love all caps that that technically means you’re yelling so I’m here and I’m like why are you yelling at me not everyone’s gonna have that but in some fonts it’s the only way to do it okay I’m reading okay like you kind of go into your bit a little bit right so so the problem is that quality my life sucks and the solution is within me and your book is gonna teach me how to get the solution I seek I’m externally seeking right I’m on your website I’m looking for a solution that is going to improve the quality of my life and I’m looking from you but you’re like yo it’s inside of you read my book and learn how to get it out for yourself I think that’s kind of what we’re doing here so be here okay download energy to find it okay so a 7-day coaching email inquiry so is this like a seven-day coaching autoresponder introduction so we need it okay here’s where Rhett I think we got the headline idea kind of if the offers a seven day thing it’s how to improve the quality your life in seven days through the whole life economy your whole life economy so it’s this is too much right here and then an offer so we need to tighten this up we need this to have a headline up top oh let’s go draw on the page yeah so here’s what we need to do right we need this this can be removed because this doesn’t actually offer value right yet right we don’t know who you are yet if you’re running traffic so this could be removed and that’s going to give us a little bit more space ultimately we want the headline up here then we can have I would put the image of just the book I would go with just the book and then I would have the main solutions that they’re gonna get and then the seven-day boom and boom is you rounding out your offer and then a button down here and all of this to load above the page now that the headline might be like you are seven days away from improving the quality of your life in ways you’ve never imagined learn the whole life economy system that will boom-boom-boom get the free 7-day coaching series now right and then click here to get the free coaching series and just deliver the first chapter of your book in it and this this would be obviously really focusing on turning this into a list building solution and my wife and I we’ve sold tens and tens and tens of thousands of copies of our books the reason is not because of the quality book not to cover nothing to do with the book because we got an email list of a hundred thousand subscribers that’s actually I’ve scrubbed three hundred thousand we’ve brought in three four hundred thousand leads over the course of our business that’s why we’re able to sell so many books is cuz we have the audience which is exactly why I recommend going towards list building so that’s it it’s a seven day free 7 day coaching series we’ll teach you how to improve your quality of life in minutes a day right give me that it’s gonna be quick it’s gonna be easy it’s gonna help me get the result that I want that’s the promise potentially a little bit of solution and then we just want a button down here right we want that on that side that on that side boom button down they’re good to go then you run traffic you measure your results you run a split test test a new headline see if you can beat your results get this thing up to 40 50 % conversion rates you my friend have something amazing going at that point so guided meditation journeys let’s see where this guides us to shall we I like guided meditations I like gurnius so I’m in there speaking of the choir here so one challenge with this is people could say no if you got five minutes of it and I don’t sorry I’m out alright so and hopefully but like why not like like what’s the result I’m gonna get that I really want in five minutes right so like like here’s this huge solution here’s this huge promise and it’s only gonna take five minutes and so it’s down here right where’s your button so so nobody really wants to invest in themselves people want results right so the button needs to be kind of more results based I think I would just go simple white this is all wasted space so I would do a lot of reorganizing this isn’t actually a headline this is the the biggest text on the page so according to the hierarchy of your content this is the most important thing but people aren’t actually looking for that people are looking for results in their life people are looking for solutions to their problems so how do you reposition the headline in such a way that really speaks to the challenges the problems so it becomes a problem solution type situation I wouldn’t say haven’t got five minutes I would say like get the biggest desired result you want in just five minutes and then you will feel reduce anxiety you will get improved focus you will increase the connectedness click here to get your free five minute meditation now right so just really simplify this down but we’re missing a hook we’re missing the problem and solution right that I promise that’s gonna take me from where I max I’m I’m here in challenge and I’m on your website because I think you can help me get to where I want to be but your copy is not grabbing me by the hand where I’m at here in this challenge and showing me that your thing is going to get me to the promised land and your copy needs to do that and right now you’re just talking about the meditation and you got time to invest yourself and it’s like no one has extra time so really just focus in on like this will do the work of helping you get to where you want to be for you and it just takes five minutes and that kind of a framing is gonna be really powerful for a long time so let’s go to your squeeze page we can look at one not sure how this works we got instructions of this one that I’m gonna ignore because I’ve been putting together furniture in a new place and I’m just ignoring the instructions and it’s kind of working okay so this isn’t a this isn’t exactly an opt-in page I feel like I need to race your thing like it just makes me want to race it with how that’s all fading and I’m like I can beat it I can be oh god what happened okay cool so you got a big story here all right all right so my challenge here is all of this this potential loss right like I like write a review you don’t want me to do that you actually don’t want me to leave your site like hire you like well if you want me to hire you why are we doing this so join us for September hamper business I’m guessing that’s profile two-minutes mastermind sales training link is that what we’re told is that what you were saying confused there’s so much going on and you might be thinking like well miles yeah you got a lot of people on YouTube and you’re trying to get through things quickly and like everyone is like we scant we’re like okay what what what is it amp up my business okay so build build a business that will attract raving clients and a happy bank account okay price anchoring up top so like I really feel like we need to get down to the UH like a free thing that and you may get prettier right and obviously use your colors um my wife hates the fact that the ugly sales pages and opt-in pages win but the data it just drives our decisions in many senses so let’s go back here so what’s your bit right like like how do we take what you know what you do and and condense it down into a seven step thing that becomes a video and it’s a free video reveals the the seven step secret to the like how do we make a little system around what you do get me the ability to obtain your system for free in exchange for the email address then build the relationship with email help me get more results help me implement what you teach right away for free and see positive results in my business at that moment I’m ready to I’m ready to hire you as a coach so I feel like we we need to really simplify everything down to where it’s like a free thing will get you XYZ because that’s your biggest problem right what’s the biggest problem they have make up unique promise that will help them solve that problem it’s best if it can be kind of a new mechanism something that’s new in the market lies we love new and then offer me a free solution a seven step a three step a five part a seven day and just set it up to automate in an autoresponder to grow a list I need new bullets right I need to take a little bit of my own medicine here and have bullets but people are able to get goes so many different places on this that I just don’t feel like they’re going to go into your funnel and my goal is to help you take what you know put a basic system around it get people started but ultimately grow your list because your list is the engine that runs your business and those these pages this was a revolution in my business with my wife and I not this one for our other business but you know right now I’m sending traffic to a landing page like on Facebook I’m getting thirty five cent leads I’m buying over a thousand leads a day sure some unsubscribe some of them are buying my oto right now my effective cost per lead is about nine cents per lead eight and a half cents per lead right now because I’ve got a one time after it so I’m probably gonna grow my list by 30,000 subscribers this month if everything holds as is at least 20 25,000 subscribers this month because it’s simple they click they look it’s like I get it like okay cool this for that that for this is that worth my email address do I trust them enough to give them my email address I’m in or I’m not right and then that’s where testing comes because from here I can test this through my funnel dev comm we tested a new headline this is the new headline we tested an old headline that actually didn’t perform as well as this one did so and that that’s you need a page you can start testing little variables and to really find that messaging that gets people to take a step cuz that’s all you want right now you just want to take a step in your direction then you can go be helpful then you can figure out more of what they need you can ask some questions you can run surveys bla bla bla and all kinds of magic can happen from there kind of what I’m doing here in many senses so I think this is an irritable bowel syndrome I think these kinds of solutions are great to be honest because people who have these kinds of challenges they don’t want to talk to their friends they don’t want to talk to their parents they don’t necessarily want to go into the the gigantic crazy healthcare system especially here in the US if you’re in Australia or another country you don’t understand what the health care system like is here y’all got the little green card in your pocket so this is perfect well not perfect is it damn good I don’t like this line break here right like like line break means stop so let’s get rid of that so it literally is free video reveals the secret to effective treatment of IBS symptoms and chronic digestive problems now here’s the thing I really hope you didn’t use this green for your buttons but we’ll see in a second the simple problems are time time again even those were perfect that’s that’s great and you put in the quote so it sounds like somebody saying it shorter these need to be shorter yeah like this is great yeah so you need a different color here because that we want that to stand out differently obviously test a white background versus the the imagery background this is this is really really quite good I think you might be able to fit more in okay gonna play no alright I like that I like that so now you’re teasing me on the video itself I would definitely test that image here and I would make that image do the same thing as this so if you have that video right so it’s got this little play button and we’re like I like Oh YouTube video I just wanna watch the video I’m not gonna push this button I’ll just watch the video but when they click this button have it actually pop the thing up is brilliant it’s kind of an old-school thing I don’t know if I would take the the first name personally I don’t I don’t take first names because the more things we ask for the the worse it responds is it also a green button obviously so when you change this button color you need to change that button color get it all unified maybe an orangish get the free video now so get the free video now or get relief now like right like like can we tie the video to the relief that they actually want so free video reveals the secret to effective treat like this is a little weak like effective treatment natural treatment so I guess effective treatment means that they’ve tried lots of different things that haven’t worked and your solution is now the one that works but why what is the unique mechanism what is the thing that yours has or does is it because it’s got goji berry seed extract from the foothills of the Himalayas in China and what is the thing that makes it actually work I’m getting really nitpicky because you’re you’re 85 90% of the way there I’d be curious as to what this converts that because I think this would convert pretty well right now for the right audience and then how do you knees up right get the one change your routine that will jumpstart your recovery a simple step-by-step problem that will fix your gut and health food don’t don’t like I don’t wanna have to overhaul something right like I don’t know that sounds difficult if you’ve ever overhauled an engine in a car which I’ve done I’ve pulled out engines and rebuilt engines it’s horrible right overhauling anything is a total pain in the ass so that that word is not a word that sells that’s a word that stops in many senses so follow the simple step by step system to fix your gut health for good that’s it right watch the video you’re just minutes away from starting a new happy healthy life one easy change that will jumpstart your driving that digestive recovery instantly like I got on wait two weeks like how do I do it like instantly because in theory it’s it’s going to start now it’s gonna take two weeks to get the end result but it’s going to it’s going to initiate it’s going to jump start today right like if you jumpstart a car with a dead battery you can jump-start a car it’ll start if you turn it off it won’t start again but it will charge his own battery up over time but the jumpstart is all we actually wants so I think it’s a good analogy there you’re rocking run traffic it’s clean this up a little bit tighten this up I think your full width on this and get the button above the fold by going with a white background but all in all this is a brilliant example of cranking it so you should be definitely running traffic and you should be measuring and you should be running split tests at that point because I think your your rocking and rolling there that is beautiful I think it’s great and I wonder what would work better the the background or just a plain white background but good on you for rocket in we are rolling uh-oh our first down sheriff abuzz ID Sheriff Sharif sorry didn’t work doc call me up tried it let’s try this one wow that is a crazy URL name so obviously the first thing I would recommend you to do is mask your URL actually get it all set up I think you have to use cloud flower which is horrible so your way to narrow this shouldn’t be on one page new runs for so long okay so why a box of jewelry and starter kit has everything wait so as a starter kit or is this new arrivals starter kit everything mock okay so I’m just flat-out confused like get rid of this for sure so I’m curious I’m gonna jump over to the comments real quick I want to say what’s up to y’all like do you get what’s going on there like as as far as that page like do you see what’s going on there cuz one of the biggest things is we have so much going in our mind as content creators and like communicating in two or three sentences like this is what you’re gonna get here’s what it is it’s problem promise solution right if you want to add proof with testimonials great here’s the problem here’s the promise here’s the solution my solution is a free ebook or mine is a seven step course the problem is you haven’t had a guide to follow and I’m gonna show you my 7 step guide from you know side hustles 2 million or business that’s the three pieces that you really need you want to add a fourth piece then add the proof on it there I’m gonna go over here and let’s see here cool I’m glad everybody’s digging this stuff so on the question with the IBS funnel so putting the the UPS in it so if you put it out there doesn’t that give people a chance to bail out lower the curiosity level you don’t have to say exactly what the what the magic solution is just let them know that you have a thing that is something because somebody who’s searching for solutions has tried many things before and they want to know it’s something new in something hip okay cool so I’m gonna go back we’re gonna just keep going because there’s a lot of people interested in getting theirs done and there’s possibly not enough time to get through everything so be the first to know about new arrivals special offers exclusive discounts and more starter kit has everything get yours all through so check this out right be the first to know that’s kind of compelling people like to be the first to know about okay so new arrivals specials products and more we don’t know what products they are we don’t know what you’re actually offering it looks like maybe jewelry but I’m thinking maybe beading is this like a like a DIY jewelry situation do I do I go create my own things and then the starter kit has everything so and then you’re just asking for an email address so there’s three separate messages going on and you need to get really clear what are you offering what does the promise what’s the solution that you’re offering and then just offer that so I I’m just flat out confused and it needs to it needs to kind of good start right so offer me a course offer me a training offer me a video series offer me a coupon code offer me a special deal right now give me give me a if it’s 43 percent off give me a hundred-dollar thing for $67 or some right like or $57 like give me something that’s super clear you do this I do this you want this I’ll give you that you go enter something here to get that thing it’s a little too confusing almost for me to even give too much advice but keep with it keep with it good on you take an action keep going keep going clarity clarity so seven step cheat sheet for shift workers all right I don’t know what that is I hope your people know what that is Marsha’s first jam-packed healthy zone okay so hold on so is this for like people who work night shift is that so get rid of this clickfunnels thing down there you don’t want to lose people to them like we just don’t promote him promote your thing um let’s see here okay so start afresh so I that doesn’t mean anything yet I like blue better than the whole white with a bubble around it so I think what you’re offering is the solution is helping people who work night shifts get the energy they need to and the right food so they can stay awake all night for their shift and then when they get off of work they can go to sleep so they’re not relying on caffeine and whatnot so they don’t come off of a night shift all fired up on caffeine because they drank seven Red Bulls during their shift I think that’s what it is and if so we need to be way more clear um I don’t know if shift weren’t like everyone who has a job or it’s a shift right like whether it’s daytime nighttime or whatever so get really specific like and and this is a problem solution yet right so like how to stay awake and energize for an entire night shift without caffeine or harmful supplements right like that’s the kind of that that to me is someone who I’m struggling staying awake I’m taking caffeine pills I’m drinking coffee all night like that would be a solution I’d be like okay cool then three bullet points and an opt-in I would have just a button down here I don’t think I would go with the full video I don’t want to click it and get going on that right now it’ll create a weird loop and I just don’t know how many people would write like I think honestly what if it’s a cheat sheet great that’s what I’m like show me the cheat sheet the three bullets and give me the button but the promise this is I don’t even need to look below there you actually look like you got pretty good bullets there but honestly it’s it’s this part that’s like what so why what is the problem that we’re solving and what is your unique solution right what’s in that cheat sheet I think I think it’s actually down here so does it get control your health is it to to survive a night shift like there’s just we just got to really get that messaging clear concise and in a problem-solution so like how much caffeine is too much right like that’s what most people who are like do I go get coffee number four at 4:00 in the morning like it’s the only way I’m gonna make it till 8:00 and when my shifts over right so like I think you’re onto something but you just gotta you really got to dial this in I would get rid of the video at first that’s gonna I’ve tested video opt-in pages personally they’ve never outperformed image-based for me I’m sure some people have tested for yourself I’m you’ve got a good start I really think that that your bullets hold the key to everything and ultimately like just get this promise to it to where it’s like it’s speaking to the right people what shift is it night shift people great like what’s the problem that night shift people have it’s staying awake right so like and it’s destroying their body through chemicals to stay awake so so so get all of that up here get an image of your cheat sheet on the side and then the three main bullet points and then a button that should convert really well for you I do believe go here the Caesar life let’s do it here just saying I see a free sleep guide down below this sleep is one of those problems maybe that’s are about a problem solution people who can’t sleep will do just about anything to be able to sleep it’s it’s pretty bad so really this isn’t a landing page so I think you’re thinking this is a landing page but it’s not because you got all this stuff going on up here so we need a no nav page so I this is actually your headline down in here right there so I think what you so here’s an interesting and I want to use this because I think this is a good analogy for everybody about the whole problem promise solution thing so the problem is people are exercising a lot but they’re not getting like ripped right they don’t feel like they’re getting that athletic body even though they’re exercising a lot the promise is that if you stop exercising and you start training then you will get that fit ass ripped chiseled bob that you’ve always wanted that’s how we set this up so we need to revamp this get rid of everything on top and speak to that person right it’s not clear but it’s for people who have been exort and I could be wrong but I’m using this as an example this is what I have to go on it’s for people who like are you tired of exercising all the time and not looking like you’re ripped learn the training solution that will create the kind of body exercise will not ever be able to create in less time than you currently exercise boom problem is identified the promise is there the solution sounds easier than what I’m doing already and the result is I am ripped perfect that’s what I want I’m gonna download you got read here you got read here you got read here I wouldn’t match that and again this isn’t actually a funnel but I wanted to give you a little bit of help on that because I think it was a good example to show people how oftentimes it’s just reorganizing things to where it’s like problem promised solution if you feel like you’ve heard me say that a lot that’s because I have because that’s the way these things work when they work so the new parent we don’t need this up top so we’re kind of wasting space click the button below to discover the through I think I don’t want to do this yeah because the first words are super super super important I like how simple this is so so I gotta remember to say nice things because I don’t want you to think I’m like a mean person here whoa what happened ah wait a minute let me try that again oh I want to use this here screen sketch there we go okay cool so if we can move this all the way up we’re gonna save that much more space we don’t need to start with this point this is the call to action this comes at the end right we call the action after we’ve built their desire and we’ve identified the problem so here’s the problem right here so this is the problem and this is the solution right so if we were to reorganize this so so free guide let’s I don’t know freak out free guide free report so we could start with like attention so I’m guessing you’re going for moms and I know they’re new so like attention like new mom right so then discover straight from there to discover the three key things your baby needs to sleep what a full night right cuz isn’t that what ultimately they want and I mean that’s that’s a big promise right to be like you know i’ma help you get your baby to sleep a full night just don’t give them powdered stuff and give them breast milk or whatever it is I don’t know what it is right like but we want to get this promise like big and the big promise is that the baby will sleep a full night cuz a lot of babies don’t so attention new mom discover the three key things that your baby needs to sleep a full night that current sleep training methods always fail to recognize that no one’s telling you right like like that that the the baby companies don’t want you to know like like make it feel like I’m trying to figure out how to make it feel like a regarded secret like like like Gerber and and Huggies and these these big corporations are hiding it from you so you have to buy more of their stuff like you don’t have to go that way but that kind of stuff is really powerful touch a new mom discover the three key things your baby needs to sleep so discover the sleep all night secret like let’s let’s package this how do you brand this like the sleep all night secret so discover attention new mom discover the sleep all night secret three key thing I don’t like things so three things your baby needs to sleep all night that no one’s ever told you that you know the three things that your baby needs to sleep all night get the free guide now like that literally could be simple enough attention new mom get discover the sleep all night secret learn the three things your baby needs to sleep all night that you’ve never heard before that that no one ever knows the the rare secret to the the secret things that your baby needs I’m kind of rambling because I don’t fully get it I don’t have kids I would go with a little bit bolder color on your button I think the pastels it’s just we really want that to be clear and attention calling wow we made this pretty didn’t we maybe I should choose a different color than red red feels like a teacher saying like this is where it’s all wrong like okay sorry random let us go to the next one I think that makes sense and I hope that makes sense to you as well like call out to the mom the problem is they’re not sleeping all night so you’ve made this system it’s your unique system that makes you the expert that’s the solution promise to give it to them in a video a PDF etc and then get the free guide now I think that would work really really well and you are definitely going after a solution that people search for because if you think about it or if I think about it if I had a kid who woke me up at the hours of 3:30 to cry when I had to like rock them I would have my phone in the other hand and I would be searching like what’s wrong my baby how I got a baby to sleep like how how do I get my baby to sleep a full night and if you show up when I’m in that moment with that offer I’m gonna click I’m gonna enter I will do anything at 3:30 4:00 in the morning if I have to work at 7:00 to I’ll buy anything right so you’re close make it sound like you have a system alright I kind of like this this feels a little old-school which is totally cool and it’s on an a Weber offset page so bounce a little typo dude like first of all I want to congratulate you for taking action on an a Weber form right this is this is simple you can mask this with a URL you can run traffic to this all day long as long as you have a privacy yeah man that actually might might work you might need Terms of Service and a privacy policy down there for Facebook ads but you’re so close to build run traffic so if you want to lose weight fast get your free so I would start here free book reveals how to flush away 41 pounds of fat and get specific is it in three weeks like and if you can you actually deliver that promise right so like if not what can you deliver in three weeks so flush away free ebook reveals how to flush away 41 pounds of fat in three weeks so you can lose weight fast right that’s to me that would be rearranging it I would I would prefer personally to have this down below the imagery and this image is kind of grainy so although I’m like yeah good on you you’re just taking action brute force action with what you have I really think you need to build a wordpress funnel using thrive and if you go search YouTube for my DIY sales funnel video series I show you how to set it all up you can’t split test this I don’t think there’s there’s a few things that you actually need I’d love a click pop button down here versus the fields displayed all in all give it a whirl right if you want to buy traffic and send it to here if you can get a 40% opt-in rate from this here you might not need the other things and then you just do email follow-up but ultimately I think you’d want to write blog posts in the future email your list to your blog posts so there is value in having your own funnel that you own but yeah I think I mean this is actually kind of not needed free ebook reveals the secret to flush away 41 pounds of fat in three weeks I hope you have a testimonial of someone who did that right basis on reality don’t make up things that sound over high P just to promise and get the click you actually ethically write the ethical like you need to be able to do that and that is a hell of a promise so be sure you’re promising something that’s realistic that you have proven from someone else you need to have proof of this and that’s what I would put down below there because that is a big bold claim good thing is bold claims get noticed but ultimately you need to make sure that that you can actually fulfill that I think the phrases don’t write a check yo ass can’t cash as my father would have said right free masterclass how to accomplish your resolutions and be confident in your abilities without being overcome by doubt or a fear of failure it’s good it’s a little long discover how to how to find the constricting and false beliefs or sabotaging life perfect how to change your mindset from fear perfect how to create okay this is great this is great so I think organization like this could be bigger I think it could be maybe a little shorter I wouldn’t have these big yellow bars I would definitely put just a click pop button so this is up here so it could actually fit here notice you’re matching your color here and here I would use a separate color for those I would just use checkboxes I don’t think you need like right the battery like how does make any sense just green checkmarks have tested over time really really well and just just tighten it up a little bit it’s really wide if someone’s on a 27-inch monitor they’re like literally I got a show we’re gonna do this real quick like if someone’s on a 27-inch monitor and they’re reading that they would be like this right because it’s so wide you need to narrow it up so it’s really good on phones and so somebody can kind of glance and it’s almost like going down the page so if you if you notice we’ll go back to mine real quick and and obviously I’m using mine as a solid example because it’s the best I’ve come up with at this point see how narrow this is I think this is 600 pixels wide is what this column is yours goes out to here so you’re I just kind of goes boom boom boom boom boom right my head doesn’t move my I can get through everything and on yours here it’s like Boop it’s like the the cartoon where Donald Duck’s eating like the cob of corn or something there’s something like that for a while as a kid it’s pretty cool so free masterclass reveals how to accomplish your resolutions and feel confident in your abilities without being overcome by fear or failure so I would even test like free masterclass reveals how to eliminate doubt and a fear of failure so you can accomplish your resolutions fast right and I would I would probably choose one of these if you want to know which one to choose like go google trends resolutions comping your abilities I feel like there’s something more compelling I think there’s a way to wrap all this up and and really just call it one thing and then you know if you can make it your system like we were talking about with the sleep on that that’s really brilliant green checkmarks in the class you will discover right like like just a little bit more than discover like in the free class you will discover and then the button here would be like click to get the free class now I think that’s worthy of traffic right there give it a world see what comes of it and definitely room for improvement but there is always room for improvement how close are we getting I had almost 50 of these oh well I don’t think we’re gonna get through all of them because the deadline is approaching but we will go to the end so coaches coach coach Sofia fitness free back pain resources perfect people who have back pain are always knowing it right so they are not only always knowing it they’re actively searching for solutions and there’s a lot of solutions on that market zero-gravity chairs the the hang up things where they hang upside down I don’t know why that didn’t load enjoying a little my bubbly water this mid-morning at the black cherry today I’m pretty excited alright that’s that’s not working sorry um but let’s let’s go here fishing at work whoa that was wrong button cut and if you get where free fishing at work what’s that how you can fish at work no year no worries just fishing since I started working jobs that’s awesome like okay cool so a lot of white space up here that can be removed it’s so it’s so new right decide like what you’re presenting is something I was like while I fishing it worked like I work in a cubicle so so you’re like you’re teaching people how to escape work or how to build their work life around fishing to where they could spend more time fishing so like learn the secret to less time in the office and more time fishing at the lake you’re close like you just got a package that idea up into like it’s a solution that you’re offering right and it’s fish at work I feel like is your solution but I almost feel like that’s almost confusing like you’re not talking about a video game you’re talking about real fishing no fear no worry like huh are they feet like so their fear of their boss no worries just fish so this might these might be your bullet points so this is about you this is about you so learn how you can fish it work is so funny I’m digging this I think it’s kind of cool it’s fishermen are crazy they’re there in that crazy good right there in that irrationally passionate group with horse owners and and golfers so it’s a good niche it’s a good audience especially if you love it learn how you can fish at work free ebook reveals the secret to getting mid day fishing sessions while everyone else is stuck in the cubicle get the free report now like your clothes you just gotta play with it like there’s it’s just it’s like this is almost I feel like that’s like what you’re trying to get your system as but it’s almost too unique and too different than it doesn’t really make sense this doesn’t need to be a part of a headline this could go somewhere else and really it’s like learn how you can fish at work we need to expand on this a little bit in the three bullets how to design your routine how to get your boss to give you like what is it like how to donate a fish at work free ebook reveals the secret to organizing your work life so you can spend more time fishing while everyone else is stuck in a cubicle right man I feel like that’s almost the kind of process I would try to get a 3d rendering of that just got a fiber 3d book cover rendering and dude run some traffic see what comes with it free fishing work your name alone I don’t think you need this I would get rid of that personally yeah like semi-pro I would I would match what you said before I think it’s a PDF right send me the PDF cool give it a whirl like see where that goes you’re really really close I think just describing giving a little bit more is a little bit more of why what and how is really powerful Donna the crazy caregiver I hope you give crazy good care and you’re not like a crazy person giving care there is the potential of that being misinterpreted you have a ton of colors we need to tone that down there’s no need for that many colors if this is actually a direct landing page which it is I would get rid of this because ultimately we want one action on we want to do one thing and if this is different than this then we’re confusing them if this is the same as this then we’re confusing them and we want to just go down here so I would not use this purple color I wouldn’t use this font either I would keep it two fonts and two weights I think you can I think you could start with just a white page and I want to read this real quick okay so okay cool so really this is the core so the problem is I’m guessing the family didn’t have a will and the house someone the parent died and now that a state is going into probate and I think in probate like anyone can go and say I should be the executor of the state and then it goes in court and it becomes a horrendous long process I might be wrong a little bit but that’s what I’m basing my assumption off of so the fear is that someone else might gain control of their parents estate because their parent died without a will and you’re gonna teach me how to go make sure I can become the executor of my parents estate so I can make sure that our family’s heirlooms are treated with the the honor and respect that they deserve that kind of thing this is great by the way to do this Donna Harris by the way I think it is hi Donna if this is you great work taking action based on your story from saving from the state recovery poof you’re going straight for the sale good on you go I’m reading so this is I mean this is a full-on sales letter so this is really good here and free good I want to click that to see what’s going on because because if I’m actually here reading this you don’t want to lose me that’s a big problem right and that’s that’s what we’re losing here so you’ve lost me so so use the ribbon sparingly um there’s a way to go in and and tell it which URLs not to display on if this is built with thrive which I think it is and really let’s let’s simplify your theme right so now we have this peach background color we don’t have the peach background color let’s try to follow the internet norms that everyone’s used to white backgrounds simple looking websites white backgrounds white backgrounds is this the free ebook cool I just found your other offer I would not have an ad on this page that’s that’s a way to lose people and you don’t want to lose them and how’s my ad block or not blocking that um got it so and the reason I’m reading the other page is I’m trying to figure out like are these people who know you and I think they are I think you’re sending people to this page that actually know you and and you’re able to help them so I want to I want to try to put this together here so so you know I think one one way is we’d like let’s start with the problem right so your parents estate is at risk if they didn’t blank then blank right so your parents estate may be at risk if they didn’t file a thing you should know this obviously this is your niche so your parents estate may be at risk if they didn’t file a will local investors may be able to buy their estate for pennies on the dollar leaving you with nothing like learn the secret escape a state recovery program that the the big bad investors don’t use big bad but that’s what I’m trying to get at we’re trying to position the investors as the bad guy and they’re not bad guys I’ve actually done some real estate investing that worked in the probate world there are really good people who actually help in that but I think you need to position it in such a way that like there’s this big scary risk their entire estate could go disappear for pennies on the dollar from a local investor unless you do this now by the book and learn the secret to getting that fixed a lot of testimonials are gonna be needed you had some testimonials kind of flashed here I would literally go get these to where I can read them I want these big I want to be able to read each and every one of these you can embed Facebook posts there’s a button up above a Facebook post or you can screenshot them and just make it to where I can actually read because if I’m like I’m like this is real I need to make sure you’ve got the goods and testimonials is how I do that so that’s what I’m trying to trying to get out here right problem promised solution the problem is that your parents estate is at risk and it could disappear for pennies on the dollar and leave you with nothing the promise is that your ebook is the solution that will teach them the estate recovery program so you can recover the estate and you can manage it as your family would see fit I think there’s a huge emotional play there potential in addition to the financial thing right like yes you obviously want to get the value out of the estate that you deserve but like you want to make sure your family’s heirlooms are treated with the respect that they deserve that could be enough to throw someone over the edge because humans are emotional first before logic like emotions run us and has for for hundreds of thousands of years logic is something we’ve kind of developed recently and that’s the solution write your solution is the estate recovery program so you explain what that is which I think you do well here and then the benefits of it great and then the proof like we need to be able to read this proof we need to be able to like really feel other people’s stories of how you helped them and then why now why like the last bit is why is it important to buy it now what are the three bonuses maybe you said I’m up here this is great I think you’re doing good I think you needed to just simplify it tone down the bolding a little bit like let it read like a normal page like this this kind of green is not really necessary you’re ready to run you’re ready to run traffic on this so but I think you’re sending traffic to this from your email list from people who know you unless you’re running paid traffic test it clean this up so it reads super quick super easy you want me to get into the content super fast so I can start to consume the content and get the big idea fast and the the more you the more you keep one font like two weights right so one font with a bold and non bold and that’s it don’t use too much underline it’s just easier for me to read it’s difficult for the eye to go back and forth from all the different things and ultimately I would really try to focus if you’re running paid traffic I would really work on this page for paid traffic to grow your email list because when you get them on your email list you have the ability to sell them this product other products be helpful give value and really the email list is the asset in the business not the product right this is a product page the product can help you generate cash flow but that email list is the asset so I would try to get a click pop here and right here this is actually this is actually what you want your headline to be right so this is and a lot of times I think in coffee when you’re writing your own copy for everyone listening this is super valuable I do this a lot to my headline will be hidden down in my bullets my best headline is usually I’ve written it it’s just in paragraph three or four so on this page it would be learn the secrets to making a memorable journey while caring for your aging parents the goal I think is to help people realize it can be fun and easy and a great experience whereas most people are presented with caring for their parents they think it’s gonna be challenging and scary so that’s the solution right the problem is caring for the parents living a normal life and a day job and your kids the promises you can make it fun and easy and the solution is your free ebook so I would really work on that as well boy we got five minutes left this is crazy we are man I’m just like amazed at how fast this goes and this is pretty much one thing about putting together a little membership so I can do this regularly for people who are running traffic and they’re committed and they’re taking steps forward I’m gonna have a group of people on the inside who I can bring 404 file not found let’s try one more often CF nope didn’t work sorry not sure why that one didn’t work one more and then we let’s see if we can get this one in here all right Lane biotic so first of all I can’t read this at all there’s even text under here I can’t read it give me a white background let’s simplify this free trial learn Chinese before it so I wouldn’t even say free trial I would just be like like your promise here is learn Chinese in four days for free right so learn Chinese in four days for free okay so now you have a is this the button okay so I’m not not a fan of the button color it kind of blends in it’s it doesn’t feel like a button how long is your video I’m just gonna pause it right when it starts like what are we expecting it the people here um it’s taking too long I want now let’s bit alright so I can’t see how long it is okay cool so oh man I feel like I know you are you are you my homie from as a Singh this this is right like we were hanging out in Bali why don’t we dude I think so I’ve helped you with this so here’s one of the things I’m like okay so like like promise an offer I almost want like a button here right like a big button I would try to keep it I think you’re modeling what we had on one of our tests on my fall dev and the white background I think converted better than the colored background so free trial learned Chinese him like learn Chinese in just four days free secret blank revealed because you use the cartoons to teach so there’s a lot going on here and my goal here is simplification right the problem is that Chinese is a very complex language and it takes a lot of time and energy to learn your solution is that you can teach me how to learn Chinese in four days for free right that’s this solution I’m getting a four day free thing so the promise is we don’t like free access to the mobile learning Abbott Online Center so this is proof it’s it’s a little off to the side it leaves this big open but like let’s just make them an offer right here free trial learn Chinese in just four days for free get the free trial lesson now click the button below and they click the button and it starts the process so you’re you’re instantly going for the webinar registration you’re gonna get a lower result on the webinar registration than if you just opt in for a free video that’s on demand like is does it really make sense to require me to get that timing are we going to a physical location which I think you might have actually been doing if so it makes sense but let’s get this just reorganized in a way that I can vertically go down the page and I can get the promise like learn Chinese in four days for free I can watch the video I can get your offer sign up for a free accident like why do we have to do this like explain this part to me it doesn’t make sense why we’re going from this video maybe he explains it in the video a lot of people won’t watch the video so you need to just say get free access to the mobile learning app and learning material plus you can come to our free one-day seminar thing just enter your information below solution right so problem promised solution how do you get that simplified because there’s a lot going on and then it looks like you’ve got a lot of content on here I would test short page I would really really really test a super-short page and here’s your proof I think the proof is great to have at the bottom so if if this is required that makes sense go for it if it’s not I would test just getting them access to the first four modules or whatever via email and then promote this after for the email I think that’s a really powerful way to go about it I really think you’ll find ultimately you want to get more people on your list so you can grow your list faster because then you can mail them because not everyone’s gonna be ready to meet with you on Saturday from 2:00 to 4:30 so get their email address first and then help them get into one kind of turn it into a two-step to the registration process and that way you can keep emailing them and every week like hey we got four seats available next Tuesday do you want to show up and that is the opportunity I think before you simplify and ultimately great work it looks good I would try a very short and simple version because I think that could go a long way and Wow I got 72 viewers to the end like you made at the end hashtag bad ass to you that is absolutely fantastic we’ve hit the 2 hour mark I must go because YouTube won’t let me upload or won’t put this video on if it’s longer than two hours so um thank you for joining me I hope you’ve got lots of tidbits if I was able to review yours great if I missed yours sorry about that but that’s what I got for two hours I will be I am working on a solution that we could talk about in the future do you want to pass off the development work and how to put it in place and how to set your your split test go to my funnel dev comm fill out that application form there talk to Dave see if you fit Dave’s not gonna bring you in if you’re not a fit it’s it’s an insanely low price it’s you know you get all of the actual work done for you I’m really focused on a few key tasks because the goal is to keep you moving forward run more split tests drive traffic see what works see what doesn’t work run more split tests see what works see what doesn’t work your email list continues to grow and ultimately that’s how you grow a successful business online thank you very much for your time today thank you for joining me live thank you for joining me on the post recording if that’s how you went about it and until we connect again be well enjoy your weekend keep hustling I got a lot of cool stuff coming out your way got new videos coming up Monday and just really appreciate you so be well and we’ll connect again soon until then

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