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New Facebook Ads Hack! Free Trick Reveals How To Spy On The Best Facebook Ads For Beginners & Pros!

hey miles here miles Becca calm in this video you’re gonna learn my new Facebook Ads hack for spying on the best Facebook advertisements in your niche this is a great way if you’re an affiliate marketer and you want to start running Facebook ads or if you’ve got a drop shipping business you’re on membership etc for you to go look out and survey the advertising landscape to know number one what kinds of messages are your is your audience currently exposed to this will help you understand their level of awareness number two you can really get an idea of the different hooks and Big Ideas being presented by either the affiliate programs that you’re in that you’re trying to promote or your competitors ultimately the goal here is to help you kind of get the lay of the land in the advertising world so you can find your unique messaging the goal is not to swipe and deploy anything it’s to help you come up with a unique positioning in your marketplace a unique messaging for your advertisements that help you stand out as the best option for your target audience via your Facebook ads on that note we’re gonna actually jump onto the computer now I’m gonna show you exactly how to do it we’re gonna use some non make money online related topics to help show you how broad this kind of Facebook ad method can work for you in a variety of niches so let’s get in here and get started I’m gonna move on to my computer now and let’s go ahead and we’re at facebook.com/ and you’ll see that I’m also here in Clickbank at the time so we want to click on the affiliate marketplace on Clickbank and again I’m approaching this as if I’m an affiliate advertiser looking for what is currently working in the market so I can model that and kind of work within what’s already working now you can see here we’ve got all the categories on the Left the health and fitness is a huge category so I’m gonna start there at the health and fitness and you can see the most popular clickbank affiliate product is organifi which is a green juice and it’s showing up here so I’m just gonna jump over into Facebook and I’m gonna type in organifi here now you can see that there’s 277 thousand likes I’m going to go ahead and click on this here to open there fanpage this has given me access to their Facebook fan page and once this loads you’re gonna notice over here on the Left navigation there’s now a little spot that will allow us to see the info and ads this is a new release from Facebook and the reason they’re putting this out there is because of kind of the backlash from some of the political advertising that happened in the last election cycle here in the US so when you’re on this page you can see it shows you all of the different active ads from organifi so if you’re in the health and fitness space if you’re in the green smoothie space if you’re doing blender review sites and you’re looking to add on a product or if you’re just literally advertising organifi here you are able to see all of the different ads that they’re currently actively running these are actual ads that are currently being displayed and offer so what do you do here well you look at the you look at the hook right like the goal is again not to swipe and deploy but look aging is natural it doesn’t have to hurt but as we get also they’re clearly targeting the aging kind of niche the the world of like anti-aging with this advertisement so are you targeting that if you’re in a health and wellness type of business model so let’s jump in I want to do a few more I want to show you exactly how easy this is to work we’re gonna do a couple more as an affiliate marketer here in Clickbank and then we’re gonna go and work and look into just a couple of other types of ways you can use this all in all we’ll go through about maybe six examples or so so now I’m going to go into another category and you can see I’m just on the advanced search at this point so I want to switch this to home-and-garden there’s one we saw if you saw my how to choose a good excuse me one second maybe some like how to choose a good Clickbank product we covered one of these and I’m gonna go down in here to animal care and pets so let’s search that so we’re now looking at a sub niche not the main niche like we did last time we’re niching down and you can see doggy Dan’s online dog trainer is the number one in the subnet I thought it looked great when I just kind of perused it for anyone who has a niche site in his area so let’s repeat the process let’s go here and look at doggy Dan’s there it is doggy Dan online Pop’s getting Lal shout out there cause he got doggy Dan here and the online dog trainer we’re gonna click on that and again down here on the left in phone ads same stuff so now this is a dog training product and you can see here are the exact ads that doggy Dan is promoting now what you can do and you can do this on the organifi didn’t talk about on that one but you can actually click learn more I’m gonna hold ctrl and click you can see it open it in a new tab and now I get to see exactly what they’re promoting me to write like what actually is the landing page which in theory should be the hook it should convince me to take action on their funnel and here you go they take me into an online dog trainer essentially as an online dog trainer quiz funnel so interesting the note you can go through that you can learn more and you can just see all of the different ideas the whole are you embarrassed by your dog’s thing versus have you tried and failed before he’s clearly trying different messaging and different approaches which is kind of an interesting way to go about it but as I continue to scroll you can see there’s even more ads loading down here to give you a lot of options so this is a really good way for you to understand what’s already working for other people let’s go back into the advanced search here I’m gonna click on this one let’s do the food and wine category cooking food and wine because I know a lot of you have like recipes and you’re in the the fitness and the wellness space I’m not really into a keto thing I think that’s kind of a joke but I’m gonna go down here to the Paleo hacks cookbook that looks interesting someone go up to Facebook and I’m gonna type paleo hacks there it is paleo hacks shows up so I’m gonna click on that you see almost a million likes so that’s the fanpage sometimes you’ll see a lot of the different options with a different name because affiliates try to take over the name look for the one that has the really really large amount of likes click on info and ads and here it is here’s all of their active advertisements right here you can see there visuals that they’re using are these gooey chocolaty kind of like delicious desserts so that’s a part of their bit right so you can now get all of the different kind of ad copy and imagery that they’re using you can go inside of their funnel and see what’s going on in their funnel I think we got at least another one here let’s do um advanced search let’s do one in the new niche that I haven’t been into here let’s see here parenting and families for all the mom bloggers out there let’s just see what comes up in parenting and families so the top one the most popular affiliate product for parenting and families on Clickbank is children learning reading let’s see if that works too so type in children learning reading and kind of looks like this might be it so I’m gonna click here only nine point five thousand likes that’s not a not a problem by any means not a big thing it’s got really good reviews as an affiliate marketer I like seeing that children learning reading calm I do believe this is it so let’s scroll down here click on the info and ads here it is these are the advertisements that they’re running exactly the ads that the vendor themselves are running they got a coupon ten percent off the whole learning to read in early age has amazing advantages learn more you can click on these you know is there are they taking people to a piece of content are they taking people to a landing page what kind of giveaways are they giving these are the types of things as an affiliate you want to look into um that’s enough from clickfunnels maybe you are following someone in the personal brand world maybe you’re building a personal brand similar to another kind of guru out there in the world and you want to reverse engineer what they’re doing um so let’s just use Brendon Burchard as an example here one second so we’ll look at Brendon Burchard I know Brendon does a lot of Facebook advertising that’s kind of why I’m you choosing him he’s got 5.2 million likes so we’re just gonna click on his fanpage in here you want to make sure you’re on the pages tab which I hovering over it might show you people instead of pages so it only works for Facebook fan pages then down here in Bowen ads it’s on every single fan page that’s running ABS you’d get a little note if it’s not if they’re not running ads it would just say this person is not running any ads but here so we have Brendon Burchard he’s got many different products he’s aggressively advertising and he’s kind of in the Tony Robbins type space and you can see what he his hook is what I’m looking at here right change your habits change your life change your habits change your life change your habits change your life so so that’s his big idea right is that you want to change your life that’s the goal his audience once so in order to get that his method is to change your habits and here is the high-performance habits book that is on a free plus shipping offer right so if I wanted to go compete with him I would then create my version of that same approach if I was one of his affiliates and trying to promote this same offer I would figure out how to put my tweak on his content right like how I changed my habits and I changed my life thanks to Brandon Bouchard check out this book type things so you can incorporate the messaging so it reflects if you’re a direct affiliate for them or if you’re trying to create a product enter the space learn was working in the space then you just reverse engineer the why behind what they’re doing and one more for our friends in the Gulf niche revolution Gulf is one second here revolution Gulf is an amazing program when I say amazing program I don’t mean from a user’s perspective I mean from a marketers perspective what they’ve done in the information product world is pretty astounding it’s a very very successful Gulf based business so it’s one to keep an eye on as what are they doing they sell a membership program so we go to revolution Gulf and we come down here let me just scroll down a little bit click on info and ads again I hope you’re getting how easy it is is to actually pull up the ads that are running and you can see here are all of the different advertisements that they’re running so most golf lessons tend to work on the driving range this is the trick to make the golf swing feel effortless and breakable every time I would personally if I was in the golf niche I would watch these videos notice the big call to action on the top right this is the big problem that they’re seeking to solve so whether you’re running Facebook ads or not there’s a lot you can learn from this tool about what’s working in your niche and that kind of information can really arm you and help you do even if you’re doing local golf kind of services right you’re you’re a golf coach you’re a golf instructor at a local golf course these are the kinds of phrasings these are the kinds of problems that your audience wants to solve so when your local advertising reflects these kinds of messages there’s a high likelihood it’s going to work for you how do we know because they have some extremely high value high dollar copywriters working with their content and you can see as we scroll down there are lots and lots of different ads here right and this one kind of keeps coming up there they’re talking about why they can’t hit the 200 plus yards so that seems to be a big problem that they’re consistently going after and you notice as it loaded more we’ve got even more and this is how you learn what’s working in your niche and really that was the whole goal of this video is to show you how to find Facebook Ads as an affiliate marketer that will give you a really good idea of what’s working for different affiliate programs but even more than that if you’re a content creator if you’re a local service provider if you’re someone who’s building out your own membership or you’re entering into a new niche and you want to really understand what’s working for the big players in your area well that is how you now get to do the research on Facebook advertising to find the different Facebook ads that are running for your competitors and here’s the thing if they’re running these ABS over and over day-in day-out month-in month-out you know they’re probably making money on them a good advertiser who runs a very successful business like Brendon Burchard or like revolution’ golf they’re not going to keep running an ad that doesn’t bring them a positive ROI so it’s an absolute shortcut to find out what the big idea is what the hook is what types of offers you can then go into their landing pages you can didn’t for their free things to get an idea of the lead magnets they’re creating you can enter their funnels you can buy their products you can buy their upsells at that point your funnel hacking and you can literally reverse-engineer every step that a multi-million dollar per year business is taking to turn cold traffic from Facebook into paying customers all based on reverse engineering starting with the ads that they’re running and Facebook now gives you that information right on their fan page really has never been easier than this I hope you’ve enjoyed this video if you have give me a thumbs up here and make sure help me get the word out so if you know other Facebook advertisers if you’re in any Facebook ad groups grab the URL above right here and go copy and paste this send this out to Reddit or a Facebook group or anywhere any forums you think people would really get value from this information let’s help get the word out if you haven’t subscribed be sure to subscribe at this point any questions for me at all hit me in the comments that’s what they’re there for and I look forward to connecting with you on the next video until then remember do your research learn what those hooks are those big ideas what’s moving the needle in your marketplace don’t swipe and deploy take time to analyze what’s working think questions like why did this work for them why are they targeting this type of person why is the messages saying that because these types of aha moments you’ll get from reverse engineering why they’re doing what they’re doing can literally help you become a better marketer and they can serve you for years and decades to come again I hope this has been helpful I really enjoyed sharing this little Facebook advertising hack with you and I look forward to connecting with you on the next video until then be well my friend

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