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NEW! Facebook Ads vs Instagram Ads – Which Is Better For You? My Advertising Test Results Revealed!

miles here miles Becker calm and this video is Facebook Ads vs. Instagram ads which advertising platform is better as of the fourth quarter of 2018 is at Facebook advertising or is it Instagram advertising now I’ve just run a big test to really kind of pin these two advertising platforms against each other to see which one delivers me the best cost per lead and I also monitor the cost per click and the cost per new customer those are my kpi’s my key performance indicators that tell me whether I’m gonna keep running money into these advertising platforms or not and I’ve got some data that you’re gonna learn here but first we need to throw a little disclaimer out every niche is different every audience is different and ultimately your test your results are gonna be different than mine I’m simply sharing what has worked for me in my business where we’re promoting my wife’s angel meditations and our free offers that I’ve been running for a long time on Facebook we kind of duplicated that out to the same audiences to the same interests on Instagram now when you move forward running Instagram ads compared to Facebook ads you do want to set up a completely separate campaign and you want to set up a completely new advertisement that is designed for the Facebook kind of interface right it’s a different shaped image you need to just take into account that it’s a little bit different and you want to build an ad that is specifically designed for Instagram you don’t want to simply add on Instagram to your Facebook ad with all of that said let’s jump into the data so the data says very it paints a very clear picture and the first number we’re gonna look at is cost per click no I run conversion based campaigns but a lot of people track that CPC number it’s not a big number for me I don’t mind if I have higher cost per clicks as long as my cost per lead is good that’s the number I really do monitor but the cost per click difference was massive so on Facebook my all level cost per click not the link click but also this means I got some engagement clicks totaled in this was 12 cents each so I’m paying currently and this campaign still running 12 cents per click on Facebook ads now my cost per lead on facebook ads is right about 40 cents per lead right now so this means that about every 40 cents I spend I’m getting a new lead on my email list and they go into a proper funnel they see a one-time offer afterwards and I’m generating enough customers to kind of validate me to continue to put dollars into this advertising campaign right so I put in a certain amount of money I get enough sales to where I’m able to kind of recoup my investment on that ad spend relatively quickly therefore I’m leaving this on so Facebook as right now in November is giving me 12 cent clicks and it’s giving me about 40 cent leads I think it’s actually 38 or 39 cents but we round that up to 40 Instagram which I just launched out again to really retest my prior assumptions because I’ve never got Instagram ads to work for me in my niche before Instagram started me off at about 75 cents per click and it really kind of went up a bit from there into the 80 cent realm so my cost per click on Instagram was about 80 cents which is approximately six to seven times more expensive the cost per lead is $2 per lead from Instagram this means I’m paying five times as much money for a lead from the Instagram advertising platform than I am from the Facebook advertising platform for my business in my numbers the way my business works I cannot continue to put money into an advertising platform that doesn’t bring me leads for under about 75 or 80 cents so at 40 cents per lead on Facebook I’m about half of my key performance indicator I’ve tracked for many years I’ve got videos about this dating back literally a couple of years at this point so that is about half of my KPI which means I’m very very comfortable spending thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars per month on the Facebook Ads platform because I’m getting leads at a value that works within my business’s metrics on Instagram at $2 per lead I’m not able to afford those leads long term now I ran this Instagram ad campaign for several days and I spent hundreds if not a thousand dollars to really give it time to see if those number came within the KPI its to see ultimately did that $2 lead number excuse me that $2 cost per lead number did that drop down to a point where it made it viable for my business to continue to run ads in that direction it did not it really held solid I had a couple of different ab sets on instagram doing a little bit better but some were doing absolutely terrible and the average again was about $2 per lead so I turned those off and now I know as of right now in early November of 2018 q4 holiday season I am going to be continuing to flow my entire advertising budget into the Facebook Ads platform that’s not exactly true I have a little bit of my ad budget going up to Pinterest ads right now we’re testing and we’re also testing Google Ads and we’re running Google Ads in a little bit different manner so it is split up a bit I would say off the top of my head ninety to ninety-five percent of my advertising budget is going to Facebook that’s really the bulk of my paid advertising but I’m still testing different approaches on different platforms to see if I can mirror that and find yet another source of leads where I can start getting leads for seventy-five cents 50 cents per lead figures I’ll happily collect leads from multiple platforms as long as I’m with in my kpi’s if you’re new to the world of Facebook advertising be sure you check out my playlist that’s on the $5 Facebook Ads strategy I’ll have a link pop up it’ll pop up above my head right now and if you click on that link it’ll open this playlist the first one is just me kind of explaining it from an overview level the second video in that series we actually get on the computer and you will follow along kind of step by step on my screen you’ll see exactly how I set up and run my Facebook advertising these conversion campaigns that are getting me the the 12 cent clicks and the kind of sub 40 cent leads if you want to kind of mirror that process then I have I think four videos that follows that on how to analyze the data because that’s the key right it’s easy to go set up an ad it’s easy to go launch these out and and Facebook makes it very easy for you to spend your money because they have investors that they have to impress with their revenue numbers so they make the process of you spending money really really easy but is that money making you that’s the ultimate question you need to be answering for yourself as a business owner an entrepreneur and ultimately as a paid advertiser and those videos in that series the kind of how to analyze your Facebook Ads data it tracks one of my campaigns that’s built in this manner I’m still running today over the course of four weeks I believe I’m in the woods camping as I do so you’ll see some trees behind me it’s kind of goofy but that’s just part of being a nomad in this life I hope this has been helpful for you and again I do want to reiterate that for certain niches and certain audiences Instagram may very well work well for you this is why I personally go back to the platform at least once per year and test it even though I haven’t had success yet I’m still gonna go back next year and give it a test I might try a different season I might test it in the summertime but really until those KPIs those key performance indicators get down within my working range I get my leads for under 75 cents each I’m not gonna be spending any of my money on the Instagram platform and I figured you may enjoy learning about this data point that I just got through my ad team and myself kind of going in this direction if you enjoyed this video give me a thumbs up here in YouTube I do appreciate it if you are interested in my free course where I show how I went from side hustle to a full-time business online you’re gonna see a little book pop up here on the in screen you can click that you can get the free course it’s about a seven or eight step course that I give away I built it out all for free for you have some great reviews and ultimately I hope that you are continuing to test your different advertising platforms you’re testing and running split tests on your funnels so you can find those kind of platforms where you’re able to drive lots of valuable traffic you’re able to grow your list you’re able to make some oto sales so you’re not going out of pocket that is what we’re all shooting for with our paid ads and it is possible for you with enough testing and tweaking if you have any questions for me get at me in the comments on that note I’m gonna call it so thank you very much for your time and I look forward to connecting with you on the next video till we connect again be well

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