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Niche Analysis – Proving You Can Actually Help People Solve Their Problems & Achieve Their Goals!

hey miles here miles Becca calm in this video you’re gonna learn the possibly most important part of choosing your niche and that is figuring out whether you can actually help people accomplish their goals or solve their problems you see as an internet marketer or someone building an online business you actually have to help people get results that is the value that you are bringing to the marketplace and that value that you bring in the marketplace helping people solve their problems achieve their goals that is when you’re able to align with the income so it starts with your ability to actually help people solve their problems and achieve their goals now I learned at the hey house mover and shaker seminar it was a $1,500 seminar that my wife and I went to the big point of this seminar was that first you start by helping yourself second you start by working with others one-on-one to help them solve that problem to prove that what you did for yourself is doable and repeatable for other people and then part three you scale that up to groups small groups in-person groups events and even using YouTube as a mechanism here now I’m gonna share a couple of stories with you how this unfolded for my wife and I in our Maine businesses and you need to be thinking about how you could apply this in your business plus I’m gonna share a few ways that you could actually apply this to your business that you can kind of set up these little test groups we’ll call them for you to get that hands-on experience your case studies your testimonials to prove that a what you did is duplicatable and B to start to really build up your kind of your syllabus if you will or your curriculum or the process your unique process because that’s ultimately what you’re gonna be sharing selling or distributing and disseminating through your content so the little story it starts will start with me here so in the miles vector brand that you’re watching right now I’m on YouTube sharing all of my knowledge of internet marketing with the world but I haven’t always done this it started with me going through a long series of trial and error to figure this out once my wife and I really clicked on our first main niche business that’s still running very successfully today that is still my full-time gig that was step one was proving that I could get over that hump I could get into the multiple multiple six figures I could generate over a million dollars online really learning that I could do that for myself was number one so I accomplished that goal for myself number two was helping others accomplish this same goal now over the years I’ve worked with a number of family members and friends for 100% free this is when I was getting started I was willing and able to talk about marketing and WordPress and SEO and funnels and all that stuff I would sit down with people at any point any moment because I was really so excited about these ideas I was like man can this work for everyone and I began to teach it from there I started doing client service work and I started doing WordPress development marketing kind of services and SEO search engine optimization for local businesses in my local market now this happened kind of as a byproduct of me helping these individuals the word got out that I was helpful I was helping people get results and the local business owners started reaching out to me through friends of friends on Facebook and phone calls and emails saying hey can you help me with my business – I said yes I dug into their businesses again I was able to duplicate this process of using content marketing keyword research growing email lists presenting offers via email to truly revolutionize and scale up businesses so I proved it first for myself second in small small one-on-one instances with other businesses now I worked in that room for about two to three years worked with dozens of different businesses in a wide variety of niches and I did a wide variety of marketing services in this process I got a really good feedback loop of what worked and what didn’t at this point is when I really kind of a I went and tripled that back down on my own business because I felt I was getting distracted from my main business by helping others but that is ultimately the culmination of what you’re now experiencing here on my youtube channel the reason I’m able to bring such coherent value through YouTube quickly and not need to try to pay gate this or charge for every little bit of information I have is because I’ve spent so much time in practical application of that which I’m teaching I started making money online in 2003 I’ve been full-time since 2010 that’s over eight years right now of full-time 60 70 hour weeks some weeks upwards of a hundred hours a week in the trenches doing the work right like I’m not trying to outsource I’m literally doing the work and that’s why I’m able to share with you I prove that it works for me I prove that it works for others and now I’m seeing the results in the comments this is absolutely working at scale that the approach you need to take with your niche let’s look at my wife’s business real quick so my wife took a class a course in Albuquerque New Mexico she learned how to channel she learned actually how to channel angels is the skill that my wife learned and then she began offering free one-on-one readings with people who were interested she went on an online forum a local forum not local it was an online forum that had people who were into spirituality and she gave away the first five to ten readings for free to get the practical experience does this work do people enjoy this hot literally testing that idea for free to see what the response from people was like it was a positive response so what do we do we built out a system where people could click and buy and actually purchase readings and she began then delivering content using content marketing to essentially drive traffic that ultimately booked readings we operated in this sense of my wife selling one-on-one readings for about a year and a half she was doing hundreds and hundreds of one-on-one readings gaining massive experience in the field doing what she was doing but also learning about the big questions that people had she noticed there was a very common series of repeating threads that most people wanted to know one of five or six different things during their readings that’s what I had the aha moment of way if everyone’s asking those same questions can’t we create individual digitally downloadable versions of a reading it’s not actually a one-on-one reading it’s a one-to-many reading and we wanted to test that idea so what we did is we started with and we got kind of mailed out to our audience and we brought some people together and we started doing a free weekly call every Wednesday in order to get that weekly call you had to be on our email list and then people would call in and she would kind of do a one-time message for the group with the kind of thought process or our curiosity being does this work if we scale this out to groups can we do a one-to-many version of what she had been doing the feedback was excellent we ran with that for several months at that point we started to really build out the the microphones the recording devices and learning how to create the downloadable mp3s that are the core of our business today and at that point when she went through the phase of number one earning it and practicing on her and I number two working with people she didn’t know from around the world for free number three being literally in the day to day work doing one-on-one sessions with other people for over a year and a half to really solidify her skills and make sure this works at that point she went and turned it around to a one-to-many kind of business model that has given us the leverage and the scale that we enjoy today to where we’ve got hundreds of thousands of people on our list and that’s how we’re able to kind of really create the leverage to where we’re doing the same things but the rewards that we’re generating are significantly increased through said leverage do you notice the pattern here this is so important I had a gentleman who hit me in the comments and this sparked this idea so thank you for reaching out to me in the comments he went through my list of 55 different niches and in one of them I talked about a potential like disorder or a challenge that some people have he’s like Myles I have that I’ve been through that I did all the research I think this is my niche I think I can help other people but I don’t exactly know how to go about it because all the big businesses are dominating so here’s ultimately what I recommend that you do number one you can create a small group it depends on the niche itself right but you can create a meetup group meetup calm you can create a local meetup group where you can start to go teach what you know to a local meetup group if that’s relevant everything in the digital marketing world works so well in this way if you want to sell digital marketing services go start a local meetup group the digital marketing meetup group the WordPress marketing the internet marketing meetup group look at what meetup groups are around your area find one that’s not being spoken to perfectly go start that run the group every week practice teaching what you know to others and then see are you able to actually help these people improve their businesses what language patterns what things do you teach them that literally turns on that light bulb you’ll see it in their eyes when you’re working with them one-to-one I saw it with my clients when I explained things a certain way they just went whoa I get it now I understand how key words really are that pivotal thing makes perfect sense they bought my keyword research package they bought my SEO package because of the way I communicated that now I use what I’ve learned from that with you and communicating with you so you need to go get that practical experience for free with individuals I think your local market is such a huge opportunity if it makes sense now if it’s some sort of a disorder right like it’s like a type-2 diabetes and that’s what you want to solve maybe it doesn’t make sense to do a local meetup group it could turn into a process group it could be a little bit too much like group therapy I get that so what would you do well I would recommend starting a Facebook group I think starting a Facebook group is a great way for free for you to practice kind of reaching out and connecting with people and sharing the helpful information before you really try to scale up to a website scale up to everything now you also have the opportunity to join other people’s Facebook groups if they’re already out there if there’s already popular Facebook groups in the niche popular Facebook groups around the problem that you seek to solve don’t be worried about that join go read through all the past threads look at the questions people are asking read through the comments read through the threads of questions and answers understand look at what forms of communication actually helped people you’ll get such a broad survey of the landscape through this methodology but then you got to go to the next level you actually have to jump in and you have to be a helpful voice in that group and it doesn’t matter whether this is your group or someone else’s group you simply have to be helpful you need to prove that you can actually help people solve their problems you can help people overcome their challenges and you can help people achieve their goals forums are a great location for this as well going into there’s always there’s forums on every topic in the world right you just go to google type in the keyword niche that you’re looking at , forum you will find a list of website forums join the forum’s go be helpful I recommend that you sort all the different forums by what the most kind of commented topics are right what topics or what threads have the most actual comments and replies this is gonna mean that they’re the most popular and that they have the most engagement that’s a great place to start that’s the most common problems and questions that people usually have read through them every page I don’t care if it’s 65 pages of comments that’s the work that’s the research you need to look at what’s being said what didn’t you know that other people are recommending a whoo I didn’t hear about that that’s kind of cool go research it down that rabbit hole you need to learn everything it is about your niche because your goal and your job is to truly be helpful to other people you need to help them achieve their goals I feel like a broken record but it’s so important because there’s a lot of people in internet marketing trying to get money they’re like well it’s affiliate marketing they want it they offered it I can get 50% all I need to do is run an ad and get in between and all make a slice of the pie you won’t that’s not a real business that’s never going to work you need to be the helpful person that that audience of people look to and trust and when you have that point you can definitely recommend affiliate products that will help solve their problems you can create memberships you can write books you can recommend books you can there’s all kinds of methodologies that you can use to monetize that situation but you have to actually be the helpful person you have to be the attractive character or you can choose another attractive character but you’re actually the content creator behind the scenes making all of that happen there’s no way around it if you want to build a truly successful long-term business online you have to be helpful and when I say you have to be helpful that means you actually have to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are actually able to help people accomplish their goals solve their problems avoid their biggest fears and how do you do that you jump in and you start helping people it’s often for free that you’ll start helping people those first people who get in your group that small inner circle you help them for free if you start to build a core group of people who love what you’re doing you’re being helpful to them you could eventually charge that could be a part of a membership program that can be a bonus on top of your membership program it could be a bonus to your core product it could even be a bonus to an affiliate product that you recommend that solves the problem and then you can continue to help that group but you turn it to a closed or a secret group in the future if you’re just involved in other people’s group that’s great too because that means there’s a group of people already there you don’t have to build the group from the ground up you can plug into an existing group there’s people around and you can just start to go help them just like my wife did when she first started doing readings for people one on one readings she went in and did her first ones for free she went to the forum where they were already congregating the conversations were already happening she popped into reality and said hey here’s some she published one channeling that she wrote it was a written channeling she was like here’s something I channeled I want to give away five free channellings anybody want one people lit up her inbox for those free channellings me when I started teaching locally in my local my local market about how did you internet marketing those groups that meetup group filled itself I ran a couple of meetup groups and I was able to ask hey does anybody want to learn the basics of this people said yes I was like I don’t know I don’t have a venue does anybody know of a venue you can do this upstairs in my office you can do this I actually got a yoga studio some girl knew somebody and they open they got the keys to a yoga studio and they were allowing me to use this yoga studio for free to teach what I knew it wasn’t the best situation right there were desks and chairs but it didn’t matter right I had an opportunity to start teaching people what I knew so what did I do I jumped in I started teaching and sure enough I was able to help people accomplish their goals I was able to answer their questions clearly and it brought a lot of business to me and then once I got through that one-on-one that’s when I started this one-to-many that you’re seeing today and so many people want this what I’ve got right that one-to-many well my wife has that hundred thousand plus subscriber list and the ability to send out these products and literally kind of turn on cash flow on-demand through the email list but the problem or the challenge in just wanting this is not honoring the fact that you have to start by solving your own problem helping individuals often times for free to get your start then you help small groups and help other people for paid 101 and it’s just a process to get to this point and that’s my goal here is to help help you commit to the process when you commit to being the most helpful person in your niche and you really commit to putting out the most helpful content and you create this little core inner group of people who you can ask them questions you can work with them to help them get the results then you can build testimonials you can build case studies you can get that positive feedback loop going to where you can learn if I teach it this way how did that work what if I say it this way how did that work you’ll notice what language patterns work best with people help people get the results that they want and at that point you’re able to take that to the next level and really broadcast that out I just think this is a really powerful idea and I don’t think enough people are realizing that the goal of a successful internet marketer or the thing that a successful internet marketer does over and over and over again is help people write in all these expensive courses that are trying to teach you funnel hacks and Facebook had hacks none of those are teaching you how to help people and there’s a lot of want to be entrepreneurs who are going through those courses they’re learning all the tactics and the techniques they know how to run an ad they know how to build a funnel but they’re not making any money because they’re not helping anyone you have to help people achieve their goals avoid their problems solve their problems avoid their fears and when you do that and you’re able to help people starts out really small starts by helping yourself right you gotta fill your cup before you overflow to others then you could start to help people around and then you can begin to scale up to this leveraged approach to really truly being helpful to people at that point you have yourself a successful business and that’s why it takes time that’s why I say it’s a three to five year process to build a business online because it takes a long time to solve your own problems took me 10 years to be able to quote-unquote make money online to a point where I could quit a job and pay off my loans and pay off my debt and actually pay for my life sell took me over 10 years to get to that point not to mention to learn how to even teach this to others that’s a whole nother challenge to teach what I know to others versus simply sitting in a you know in my office implementing all day every day and you have to go through that process and that’s why it’s important to choose a niche of something you’re already familiar with something you’re already an expert in something you have a problem you have an itch you must scratch you’re gonna do it anyways you might as well share what you’ve learned along the way or what you just feel like you’re so excited about that you’re gonna be open and excited and stoked to create content on for three to five years to come something you love that much whether it’s horses like my friends in New Zealand who have the fitness for dressage they love fitness they love dressage they’re living their dream and they’re able to really smash down that learning curve and that smash down that kind of curve to really being helpful at scale to generate a very massive business because it’s something they love she had been a personal trainer for 10 plus years he was a professional athlete they’re two of the fittest people I know on this earth right like literally they got it all dialed for 10 plus years and boom they hit that ignition point of combining their interests of something love something they’re good at and they are having massive success so stick with it till you find that point I hope this is helpful you have any questions for me get at me in the comments below I’m happy to when I have time kind of answer those comments as best I can give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed it man have you made it to the end this one got a little longer than expected but hashtag badass to you for making it to the end be sure to subscribe if you haven’t hit the little gray bell if you have subscribed so you get notifications when my next videos come out and I got another video coming out for you they got some really cool stuff coming out next week so be sure to subscribe and I look forward to connecting with you on the next video

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