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Ryan Deiss’ Keynote From ASW19 – “Affiliate Marketing Is Getting Harder! & The 3 Solutions”

hey miles here miles Becker calm this video is about Ryan dices three solutions to the challenge that affiliate marketing is getting more difficult at day three of the Affiliate Summit West conference in 2019 in Las Vegas Nevada well I’m at right now Ryan Deiss was the keynote speaker and he began by talking about how affiliate marketing is getting harder the conversion rates are dropping and the cost for traffic is increasing it’s an affiliate marketer those are the two real metrics that you follow right what’s my conversion rate and how much is my traffic costing so he came up with three solutions that are going to help you kind of resolve these new challenges that are confronting the affiliate marketing industry and I’m gonna jump right into them number one is to identify your high-value segments by asking a binary question so we’re gonna unpack that so it makes more sense but first of all high-value segments now in his business he has several different segments of his audience right he teaches digital marketing through digital marketer and he has individuals and solopreneurs who are worth about $1,000 per year but then there’s the agency side of the business and agency folks are worth about $10,000 per year per customer so for him the high-value segments within his business are the agency folks and he tested a lot of different ways to figure out how do you tell on the opt-in who’s an agency individual potentially worth $10,000 and who is ultimately just a solopreneur who might only be worth $1,000 now real quick I don’t recommend his product so I want that to be clear I don’t think that you need them I think that the content on this channel is enough but his ideas are solid either way so what he did is he started testing a much longer opt-in form and he actually tanked his conversions a lot and one thing I thought was good was he showed that he went through dozens of iterations to really identify the winning test the the winning combination of factors so the big key note is we don’t nail our tests quickly even really really smart guys like Ryan Deiss it often takes months after months after months and dozens of different tests to dial in what works so what worked this idea of the binary option so let’s binary right that’s what computer language is built on it’s ones and zeros it’s on or off it’s yes or no which means kind of closed questions right not open questions where people could go on for a long time so what they ended up doing that work the winning test was to add a radio button selection which is a yes or no type selection and it simply said are you an agency owner so on their opt-in page it was the normal name email address and then right below it was are you an agency owner yes or no and then the optin that did not lower the conversion rate of the opt-in page but what it did was it helped them identify who deserves to get follow-ups that leave them down the path towards their agency based products which are the higher-end products this brought something to the tune of about a hundred and ten thousand dollars per month of additional revenue by being able to segment and identify the potential high value target target audience at the opt-in moment and then to follow-up them a little bit differently so that’s number one so you need to think about this in your business who are your high-value audience members what is your high-value segments so for Melanie and I in our business individuals who take action and purchase our one-time offer after opting in these often our are our most ambitious individuals so we are building out a new segment a new follow up sequence that’s going to treat them differently than individuals who simply got our free thing and are going down the free path I appreciate both segments just as much but I want to make sure and speak to those who are ready to kind of financially invest and also invest their time into their spiritual development I want to make sure they know about our more advanced classes more quickly whereas the people who come in simply for free I want to make sure they know about our low value and our high kind of impact products that might be in the eleven to seventeen dollar range whereas the other segment might learn about our products that are from forty seven dollars up to four hundred ninety five dollars that’s how we’re doing it so think about how are you going to implement in your business number to answer specific questions now this felt like a page out of my playbook to be perfectly honest honest and he when as far as saying go on Quora look at the questions people are asking and create answers for them which is something I’ve been talking about for multiple years on this channel here but the big idea is that when we grow as marketers when you grow as a kind of you know an individual in your space an expert in your space let’s say we start to take on different challenges right so the challenges I’m taking on my business right now are far greater than the challenges I was taking on in the beginning but as a content marketer as an affiliate marketer it’s important for me to realize where you are and create content for you to meet you where you’re at not to start focusing on content that is where I’m at right so I shouldn’t necessarily be adapting or kind of growing my business in the direction of creating more advanced content at all times because that’s where I’m at I need to make sure I’m continuing to address the early challenges those first big challenges the normal repetitive questions that our audience has this is something you need to pay attention to in your business there’s always going to be more people who are going from complete noob to step one then there are advanced users going from step 8 to step 9 and step 9 to step 10 so continue to focus creating content for those early users within your space Quorra is a great place to go get these questions people will literally type out their exact questions I’ll add one more for you I think and he didn’t talk about this but I think Facebook groups if you get in niche Facebook groups you can go look at the conversations and the questions that are getting lots of engagement those are great questions for you to create content our answers for through content even niche forums and sort the forums by which topics and threads have the most engagement the most questions the most responses then what you do is you pull out a list of 20 questions doesn’t really matter where you get them from and you batch out the answering of those questions if you’re a video person great cut out video after video after video go through them one after another after another batch 10 to 20 answers and we’re talking about five to seven-minute videos here and then leverage those for content obviously upload the videos you could potentially turn them into gasps you could get them written out into blog format as well that content will help you connect and get the attention of more people through the search engines it will also and definitely get this on social as well it will also give you lots of content that people are going to be able to engage with and engagement is becoming more and more of a ranking factor one of the examples he had for this was a SAS tur si ast are two gentlemen who built and SAS is for it’s essentially the software as a solution so he has a community he runs events and that’s how he built his entire brand was answering simple questions that SAS owners software product owners had and he does it socially so if you want to see somebody who’s doing really well at this.look force aster on facebook on kora on LinkedIn follow him around see how he’s approaching it he is someone that Ryan Deiss used as a model who’s implementing this very very well so that’s number two number three is talk to your prospects now he was really big on talking to your prospects and he said that the average person is 57% of the way through the sales cycle before they ever talk to anyone and then he referenced the opportunity at Disney World and Disneyland to pay more to cut to the front of the line and he actually asked the audience he says as anybody anyone here in the audience paid more to be able to cut to the front of the line and a very large number of hands went up in this audience and what that says is there’s a segment of your audience that wants the fast track they want to bypass your funnel they don’t want to go through all the hoops and all the jumps they actually want what you have and they’re trying to figure out how what’s the quickest easiest way to obtain that and you need to facilitate a conversation with those individuals to help them get what they want before they get kind of worn out by going through hoops through your funnel they click back and they never come back again so he’s really bullish on chatbots and his way of describing how chat BOTS are used was very interesting to me because I’ve been very anti chat bots because I see so many people getting it wrong his clear distinction was that the job of a chat bot is to facilitate a communication to facilitate a conversation with a human being right chat BOTS aren’t designed for Phil Turing or sorting individuals whereas humans are designed to close and that’s a brilliant brilliant idea so again he uses the binary question idea inside of the chat BOTS so the first question is generally are you a blank or blank with a button below it so are you an entrepreneur or agency owner and they can click and there was an either so if they click agency owner the conversation goes on to the next question and it asks them more questions about who they are where they are to help identify what they might be looking for before ultimately the conversation gets passed off to a human and the humans that get this conversation passed off to is his customer support department now generally within a larger business a customer support department is a cost right it’s a net cost to the business it’s a required cost but it is actually in the liability side it is a cost on the business he has now turned his customer support department into a revenue generating department being able to close more people in the first month he generated an additional I believe it was 30 or 40 thousand dollars of revenue from simply getting the chat bots to ask the first three questions to help identify who they are and where they’re at I mean then when it got to question number four that was actually a human taking over he already had this kind of call center or not call center but done this this office filled with customer support representatives who were able to field those questions when they got filtered to the right point asking if they have any questions helping speed up the process of getting that ambitious individual who wants what they sell access to a human who can answer any questions who’s more dynamic than the actual static web content and can literally get them directly to the product that they want more quickly and that was a big revenue generating side of the business turn their support team into a profit center it’s pretty smart I don’t know if I’m going to be implementing chatbots personally I think I like the way our business is working we’ve talked about it my wife and I and I don’t think it works for every business I do think it’s that backlight I think for lots of businesses especially if you’ve got a call center if you’ve got a large support and they have free time during the day there are ways to build these out a few of the recommendations he had was don’t go put a chapel on your homepage start small start on the specific landing pages that they come in on start on those specific kind of sales pages find people who are farther down towards the bottom of your funnel who are farther down in your funnel and that’s where you want to meet them with a chat to make sure if they have any questions when they’re on your sales page or if they have any questions when they’re on your checkout page that they have a way to get in touch with you so then they’re able to ask any final questions that might get them over the hump to make that purchase and close that deal I hope you’ve found this video to be intriguing or helpful give me a thumbs up if you have if you have any questions about what we covered here in this video or what Ryan Deiss talked about at his keynote speech get at me in the comments I’m happy to connect with you there and be sure to subscribe I got three videos coming out each and every week so I got a new video coming out in a couple of days so subscribe hit the bell I thank you for your time I appreciate you and I’ll catch you on the next video till then be well

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