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Testimonials & Stories Of Transformation – Your Key To High Converting Sales Pages & Opt-In Pages!

hey miles here miles Becker calm in this video you’re going to learn about testimonials specifically I want to help you understand why and how to get testimonials that tell stories of transformation because this will absolutely have a huge increase in your conversions everywhere you use these kinds of testimonials so first of all what is the testimonial obviously when you’ve helped someone either solve a problem or achieve a desired result or a goal you want to take the time or build a system to get their experience their words their explanation of how you help them solve their problem this type of content can be some of the most persuasive selling content ever it’s like a third party kind of validation that what you’re saying in your sales material is actually true and there’s a really good way and there’s some really bad ways to get these kinds of testimonials you see people love stories of transformation I know you’ve heard me talk about the power of stories in marketing over and over but when your testimonials follow this story framework that you’re about to learn that’s when they really bring that story of transformation out and those reading your sales content your opt-in pages your messaging when they read about your other clients stories of transformation that’s when they’ll have that aha moment the trust factor goes way way way up and their likelihood of converting and taking that next step into your funnel goes up significantly I do want to preface this that this is not exactly my idea I borrowed this from a book called building a story brand by Donald Miller now this is one little tidbit from that book this book blew me away I listened to it recently on a road trip with my wife again is building a story brand by Donald Miller I highly recommend it it’s got like a picture of a red and white megaphone on the cover I listen to an audio it’s actually relatively short super super powerful ideas this is just one little idea out of it now the way this works is it’s five questions and essentially you want to ask you’re happy satisfied customers these five questions and get their answers and when you stitch it together whether you fly out and you videotape their responses something you would consider doing if you have a very high end product or very high ticket product to get a nice super clean really really high production value kind of testimonial videos or whether you get it in text format you get these five answers and you can piece together some really really powerful testimonials now currently I’m working on a new project and I need testimonials from you if you have actually kind of taken my ideas my videos what you’ve learned and put it into play and you’ve had a good experience so you can see this in action and you can give me your testimonial for my teachings and trainings at miles better comm forward slash transformation miles vector dot-com for slash transformation the link to there directly will pop up above my head if you click that it’ll open in a new tab and you’ll still get to hear the five questions but you can see them in action there and I thank you if you take time to offer me your testimonial so what are the five questions number one what is the product what is the problem you were having before you discovered my product right so here we’re trying to set the stage essentially this is covering the rough plan of Joseph Campbell’s zero to hero story so we want to go back in time with you or with your clients to where were they before they kind of women ate when they knew they have a problem right what is the problem before they found you in your content question number two what did the frustration feel like as you tried to solve the problem now this question is so powerful because it gets to the emotions and I know you’ve heard me say before that emotions actually drive buying decisions we all like to think that logic is running the show but it is absolutely not our hearts are running the show our oceans are actually in control so when you hear a story that talks from an emotional place and you relate to that emotion when they say I was frustrated or I was depressed I was down down say man I feel that too there’s instant rapport between you and the person in the testimonial story so it links you into that story it gets you to buy into that story and you can start to see yourself in their shoes brilliantly powerful question right there number three what was different about our product you’ve probably heard about the USP the unique selling proposition and we all need something that we do to be a bit unique it’s really important to not be another me to product on a shelf we need to stand out and how do we stand out by being unique how do you know what you are unique with well ask your best clients they’ll tell you ways that you’ve been unique compared to your competition that you didn’t even think of and the answer that comes here in this question number three the what was different about your product that question could actually get leveraged for your advertisements and its foot tests for your opt-in pages for your sales copy because these differentiation things of how your best clients see that you’re different in your marketplace is super super powerful content number four take us to the moment when you realize our product was actually solving the problem so now we’ve caught up a little bit from from there’s the problem where they were emotionally how you’re different and then the moment it clicked this is the aha moment you want to get them to share their proverbial aha moments and when they share their proverbial aha moment your readers of your sales copy who are reading or watching the testimonial video on your sales copy they will also be able to see themselves having that aha moment because they’ve already made an emotional connection with the individual through that second question right what was the emotion you’re feeling so they’re already emotionally engaged to the story and when that story paints a picture of an aha moment your reader of your sales copy can visualize and see and feel themselves having that Loen which is ultimately what they desire super-powerful stuff here number five tell us what your life looks like now that your problem is solved this is the promised land this is the hero side of the zero to hero story what does life look like now that the problem solved and this gives the leaders of your sales coffee and the readers of your testimonials or viewers of your testimonials it gives them that experience of kind of projecting themselves into the future into a new future where they have solved their problem they’ll read these they’ll watch these types of testimonials they’ll be emotionally engaged they’ll see the process the path don’t get what uniquely makes yours work when nothing else worked before they’ll have the aha moment in their own on their own by watching the other story and then they’ll get to project themselves mentally into a place of having solved their problem simply by watching or listening or hearing you’re perfect best clients explain how they solve their problems this five question segment is brilliant it’s absolutely brilliant again huge props to building a story brand by Donald Miller I’ll have a link pop-up for that as well on the video that link will be down in the description because really that book one of those powerful books I’ve read in the last couple of years I continue to read more books and less and less of the books published seem to actually have a big aha moment for me seems to be a lot of regurgitation of similar ideas things seem to be getting watered down in the book world this was some super actionable high high power impact stuff this is just one little piece of that story granite building a story Brent book again if you’ve enjoyed my content if you’ve gotten value and help out of my content and you’d like to leave me a testimonial so I can help reach and positively impact the lives of others like you please go to Myles Becker comm ford slash transformation again I’ll have that link down in the description it just helps me get the word out and I’d love to hear your story I’d love the Lord about your story and it’ll give you the chance to see how I adapted these questions for my platform right because goal is not to just swipe and deploy these the goal is to adapt them to what you’re doing whether it’s a membership whether it’s a services whether it’s just giving away free content like I’ve been doing you got to tweak the wording a little bit but the gist is important we run through these five questions one more time for you super quick number one what is the problem you were having before you found my product number two what did the frustration feel like as you tried to solve the problem number three what was different about my product number four take me to the moment when you realize my product was actually solving your problem and number five tell us what your life looks like now that your problem is solved and that’s it that is a extremely powerful framework for you to use to collect stories of transformation that can act as testimonials this will reinforce anyone’s buying decision these types of testimonials can be that little thing on your sales page that tip over right they get that person over the hump to the readiness to click that button and to commit to themselves because now they have a pure picture from a third-party person they’re not just hearing it from you they’re hearing it from your happy clients and they they followed the story of transformation they can grab onto that they can see themselves getting that transformation in their lives and that increases the likelihood one more thing before we go I’ve got a few friends in the internet marketing world and in this business some of them make four hundred three hundred thousand dollars a month and some of their sales copy has literally gigantic lists or just just it’s just testimonial after testimonial after testimonial after testimonial and I would say the ratio of sales copy words that they wrote on the page to like testimonial copy is literally 20% of that would be their actual sales copy and 80% of the content is just testimonial after testimonial you could scroll down for page after page after page on some of these and it’s really powerful to layer these on feel free to as many as you get that work that fit the model get them on your sales copy run split tests with adding on more testimonials testimonials in different places testimonials on your opt-in pages you’ll be amazed at what happens I hope you’ve enjoyed this video if you have give me a thumbs up here at YouTube I do appreciate it visit myles bechler calm for such transformation if you want to share your story about how my content has helped you create a better business or a better life for you I do appreciate all those stories of reading everyone going through all I’m absolutely astounded by some of the ones I’ve got that for my email list already and subscribe if you haven’t if you have great hit the bell you’ll get notified when I got new videos coming out got another video coming out for you in two days on Wednesday do you know anybody who would get a lot of value from this who’s struggling with conversions and you think oh this is the thing that would help them get more conversions on their sales page grab the URL send it out whether it’s in a Facebook group posted on social Twitter tweet emailing whatever do what you do engage how you engage I thank you for your time if your willingness to follow through and listen go collect testimonials go be helpful get their stories share their stories and you’ll find that helps you get even more people that you can help then you’ll get more testimonials and that will attract more people that you can help and this my friend is the positive upward spiral when you get business right you helping people earning a wonderful income creating financial and life freedom for yourself it’s a magical kind of equation when it works and on that note I have rambled too long I will catch you on the next video until then be well

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