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The #1 Copywriting Trick To Make Selling Your Products & Services Easy!

hey miles here miles Becker calm in this video you are going to learn my number one copywriting trick that is going to help you sell your products your services your courses your membership whatever you’re selling it’s gonna help you sell it easier you’re gonna make more sales and process of selling is going to become a lot easier so first I want to know do you enjoy selling right is selling a part of the business we like alright now that my products done I get to write my sales letter I’m excited or is selling to you like like I gotta sell this like that feels weird that feels creepy so in the comments below let me know yes I love selling or no I’m not a huge fan of selling I want to know if I should be making more of these types of videos so that little kind of survey in the comments is gonna help me no back to the main idea right the there’s a lot of tried-and-true sales teaching and education out there that can go quickly down the road of sleazy pressure based tactics that are kind of maybe sometimes not 100% ethically used to convince people to buy things that they don’t always necessarily want this is gonna increase your refund rate is going to increase your charge back rate and the world of online there are not that many merchants that are willing to work with digital vendors so you really need to kind of safeguard your audience’s experience and you really do need to be kind of selling things I believe in in the right way ethically and things that you believe in that you trust and they you actually use and the first big hack that’s not what we’re talking about is is build an audience and grow a relationship with them get them to trust you right so selling is the third step in the audience growth trust growth then monetize which is everything I talked about in the channel so make sure you realize this is part 3 in the process before we go so then what is number one thing number one copywriting trick that you could do well it’s selling the meaning of the thing not the thing itself and this is a huge distinction and most people focus on how big it is how heavy it is I got some examples we’re gonna go through there on my desk right now I’m gonna pull up here to the shop and we’re gonna kind of go through them to make this super clear but first we start at the theory level right if the theory again is that the meaning of the item the meaning of the service the meaning of the thing is action what people are going to respond to that’s what will meet them on the emotional level but when most people try to write sales copy and try to sell their things they stay on the logical level how big is it how heavy is it how many widgets does it use right like all those features all those tactical things about the actual thing but what the key is for you take away right now is that your audience doesn’t care about the thing your audience cares about what they’re going to get in their life and how great their life is going to be by using the thing that’s the meaning right the meaning of the thing is the result and that kind of like overused example is no one really wants to buy a drill everyone actually wants a hole in the wall and you could go one step further than that and they don’t actually just want a hole in the wall they want to hang their flat-screen TV on the wall or whatever it is for them and this is one of the core keys within this right one of the subsets is you actually need to know your audience you need to know where they are you need to know what they’re excited about what they’re scared of what they want to create their life because the same product or service or course whatever it is the same thing that you sell needs to be positioned differently for different segments of your audience now I want to get out of abstraction because I know sometimes if we stay in abstraction too long it can get kind of confusing so I’ve got a few items here and I don’t know which ones are all gonna do I like five things here but the first thing is a two gigabyte hard drive right so two gigabyte hard drive is solid state it’s blah blah blah USB 3.0 right so those are all the features that’s all the technical data that essentially turns this thing into a commodity when the thing is a commodity what that thing is is well I’m just gonna go sort by price on Amazon and I’m gonna take the cheapest one that’s got decent reviews right because it’s a commodity but when this thing is and and here’s where we’re gonna get into the two different audience segments for this specific item here so when this thing is my business back up for women the inevitable happens when that laptop crashes or disappears or gets coffee spilled on it and it just has its last breath this is my Savior and when the meaning of this is not the two terabytes not that this a Fiat this savior of my business of my data of all of my things that are important to make my life and my business fun and this becomes my Savior you’ve got my attention when this thing syncs up with a cloud so if I lose my laptop and I lose this I still have a copy of it somewhere else now I’ve got a backup of my backup and I have the absolute best peace of mind because I’ve got a hardcopy backup in my hand and then the company will actually mail me out a copy anywhere in the world if for some reason I lose my life and I lose that thing or if they get run over by I try whatever whoo it doesn’t even matter right so for me as a business owner obviously having a backup of the backup of all of my important stuff not just a backup right that’s the backup right this helps me sleep better at night but to sleep even better at night I’m gonna backup of my backup so that’s kind of how it works but then the other side remember I was telling you that there’s kind of different customer avatar for non business owners so for let’s say the the mom who’s been married for six years she’s got three kids ranging between the ages of six months and five years old not sick total hypothetical pulling out of anywhere all of her wedding pictures all of those pictures that show the child’s development through the years and all that emotional hoopla that earns poor on special their little human things are I’m just teasing I’m trying to tease I hope they didn’t come off as ruse but like parents like they will do everything for their child and those memories of the child when this becomes the device that holds all of those memories safe and sound so no matter what happens so excuse you it’s okay you will always have those baby pictures and then when this thing sinks back up with the cloud and it’s gonna back up up it’s back up then you are in a position to be able to sleep and easy no matter what happens your wedding pictures your baby pictures all of that stuff is nice and safe that’s what’s gonna sell the hard drive to the mum right it’s not fact that is to marry rights and it’s USB 3.0 and it’s XYZ megabits per second nobody cares about that okay so I think we’re we’re making it clear here the next one I pull up is totally random Christel there’s a quartz crystal I bought I really like it it’s pretty friggin cool I like crystals I like rocks so this item we’re gonna use again two examples because there’s always multiple audience segments and that’s something even that’s not the main point here I think you should be picking up on it that you need to know what audience segment you’re speaking to so let’s say this quartz now the one way to define it is like okay it’s a half a kilo or something like three quarters a kilo I don’t pound and a half or something like the weight of it right um and the clarity you can see this one’s like this would be graded as an extra clear probably is one of the highest grade qualities you can get of its type but like none of that stuff actually matters what matters not this well now course is maybe not the best example of this in this situation I’ll go on to maybe one that would be a little better I’m looking around some my other stuff I’ve got here for a collector right a collector is one person who likes it and a lot of collectors are already gonna have a quartz specimen which is why it’s not a great example in that but if this was a more rare specimen the fact that it fills a gap in their collection so when their friends come to look at their collection their friends are impressed at the diversity of the quality of specimens that they have now that might mean nothing to you but there are some geological Rock County and geek out there that that means the world to them to have an impressive collection they literally buy display cases and they have their collections displayed in their house and they love it when people come over and ooh and AW over there amazing specimens and honestly I think this is actually a high-quality specimen that a collector would be stoked to have in a display case so that’s one angle of the right it’s literally status and the ability to impress your friends with these larger kind of show pieces of your collection then we could talk about the energy healer to an energy healer who does massage therapy Reiki therapy does other types of healing practices they do readings whatever it is that they do this this means something very different to them right and we would sell it based on the meaning of what this level of clarity of clear quartz would do for them in that situation and then you have other things so this is indigo gabbro which is a bit more rare and a bit more unknown so it would sell much more easily to a collector this is a large piece of indigo gabbro and then to an energy healer it’s a it has some its own unique properties not a game but those are or what that means because that’s beside the point but that’s where the conversation would go because I the person selling these things I know about it I care about it I’ve been doing content on this stuff all day every day because that’s my business right we already know that that’s parts 1 & 2 of the street step process but my audience also they don’t just know about that they care about that right this adaptogenic stone that can transmit energy and and and really has kind of a strong protecting energy would be great for an energy healer to have in a room it’s also great to put by your Wi-Fi router by any EMF and all those types of things so the person might be looking for an EMF protection stone or an any energy transmute transmute transmute transmute I am in over my head ladies and gentlemen so that means it’s time to move on from this example are you getting what we’re talking about here so the last two ideas I’ve got like a cell phone battery backup right this is just a unit this is a battery essentially this battery guarantees me that when I’m traveling and I’m when I’m in an airport I can be on my phone longer than my phone battery it guarantees me the ability to continue to do my work without having to go cord myself in and tie myself to something it also I use this on my live streams when we were on the road trip I had the gimbal plugged into this I had phones plugged into this when we were doing that cuz we were doing so many live streams on the road trip it allowed my business to continue to function when my phone’s battery was dead I don’t care how many uhms or I don’t even know what you measure this by capacity yeah and ahs right I don’t know what it is I don’t know what they are I don’t really care the fact that it’s got to you like I can keep two businesses running while on the road for extended periods of time that’s why I bought this thing right finally the pen now anyone who’s applied for a sales job before has probably had the whole okay well you want to say this position so me this pen right and then the idea from there is and you’re looking at the different qualities of pens and I want to use an example of a high-end pen which those are the opposite of high-end pens but like why would someone want to buy a hundred two hundred three hundred seven hundred thousand dollar pen because they’re out there and they sell and they become the people make missions I make great Commission’s on why would someone want to buy that pen well if you ink deals that are hundred million dollar real estate deals if you’re selling essentially you’re selling on to people and they have billions of dollars to invest and you find the the fire department from San Francisco and you’re gonna get them to invest their retirement fund with your hedge fund and that’s a six point two billion dollar deal don’t you want a pen that stands up that holds the energy how valuable that moment is don’t you want a pen that’s a ritual that pen that when you pull that thing out to ink those deals that’s the big deal pen coming out and you feel like a boss you look like a boss and when they go to sign that deal they know that you are the right person for the job because if you’re going into ink at six billion dollar deal with this twelve cent piece of rubbish what kind of experience is that gonna be right so it’s those are the reasons why people buy the things it’s the status it’s the the big watch gives me meaning look how cool my Instagram is with the big watch I just kind of flash my I wear a few bracelets right copper bracelet this last example I promise so this is a copper bracelet with magnets on the back do I know how many magnets there are do I care do I know how strong these magnets are do I care no copper whatever like there’s a chance this helps my wrist which it’s usually on my wrist except when I’m like dancing on screen I don’t like the sound on the mic it helps me use a kind of natural energy from this earth to protect potentially and help my wrist through all of the work that I do in positions that can potentially cause repetitive stress get it so the meaning is not what it looks like it’s not how much copper who cares it’s like the value of this thing is minimal right it’s not the strength of Magnus it’s the idea that wearing this can help me protect my wrists because I set spend an exorbitant amount of time and I work on my organ onyx as best I can and yet I want to do additional things that I can do to try and support my body in being comfortable and healthy through the extreme amounts of time I spend on my computer is it a placebo I don’t know do I care because I bought it for the meaning and the meaning is every time I put this on I think to myself I’m doing something good for myself right now I’m doing something to balance out all of that time that I spend in that relatively unnatural position that’s what it means to me and that’s why I bought the darned thing right if someone tried to sell me this based on facts and numbers and blah blah blah you they would totally miss me because that’s not the conversation that’s going on in my head that’s not the emotional story that I’m telling myself that’s not the part that I actually care about so what I want you to do right now is to think about your products and think about your people the people who buy your products your best customers not all everyone in the world your absolute best customers who love you who rave about you who want to share you with their best friends who want to literally obtain everything that you have what are the actual emotional reasons they’re buying from you and you get there through discerning what is the meaning of that thing that you are selling when you get down to that point you now have the big idea for your sales letter you know now have the core idea that for the lead for the headline for the hook everything stems off of that one idea which is what is the meaning my content and conversion membership the meaning of that when people join content and conversion com I become your secret weapon I become your unfair advantage in your marketplace every mint has a lot of competition today do they have a miles better in their back pocket yes or no because those who do have an advantage over those who don’t that’s my bit that’s the whole point of my sales letter I’m always refining it I’m always testing it but that’s the meaning of money it’s not that you get 11 advanced trainings it’s not that I do live reviews and questions and answers every single month month in and month out it’s not that you could post a question at just about any time and I’ll answer you usually within 48 hours I’ll get right back to you to answer your specific question it’s not about those things it’s about the fact that you’ve got someone who’s built two successful businesses and generate millions of dollars online in your back pocket to help you out strategize it out maneuver out work and really be smarter and more effective than any of your competition and when you stick with it for six months a year two years three years you will become the dumb when it force because together we will make you into that kind of best competitor within your niche I hope this all makes sense I thank you very much for your time if you enjoyed this look no again let me know if you want more copywriting type videos in the bottom what other questions you have about copywriting if you made it to the end hashtag badass – you hit it in the comments type that out so I know that you have actually watched the end you’re not one of those chumps who works for 60 seconds clicks likes and then leaves I like to know who actually sticks around watches I appreciate you I look forward to connecting with you on the next video until we meet again be well and remember it’s all about the meaning of what you’re selling it’s not the thing itself once you get that hurdle and you get that relined everything will start to work way easier for you Cheers okay John the next video boom bah

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