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The 3 Types Of Content Required For A Successful Online Business!

miles here miles Becker calm in this video you are going to learn the three types of content counting one two three types of content that you must have in your business in order to succeed online you know I’ve been thinking a lot about content marketing gets thrown around a lot people do a lot of advertising social media marketing and sometimes I believe people get overwhelmed at the volume of content it requires to create a successful business online so I want to simmer it down to it’s kind of basic core components which are three pieces before we get into that you need to understand that there’s essentially two phases in the life cycle of a plant of a human of a business you’re either growing or you’re dying there is no in-between right these three types of content are the only three types of content that will grow the business everything else consuming content all day every day that’s the dying phase right so I went on a little trip recently down in Mexico for almost 20 days looking for a resort event to host my event my bamboo plants when I came back they had shifted from growing to dying and they’re all yellow and it’s really sad and and I think I might have killed my bamboo plants that have been with me for a while pretty much why I don’t have pets or young humans because I can’t even keep plants alive so on that note we want to make sure our businesses are staying in the growing side of things not the dying and there’s three types of content so what are they I’m gonna list them out first so number one is connect content right content to connect number two is convert content which is content to convert and number three is delivery content right these are the deliverables so we break this down the first one is your awareness level of content it’s the content that is designed to help you get in front of people who have never found you before so I’m doing this video live on YouTube I’m also streaming it live on Facebook right now what’s happening on those two platforms is I’m getting a little bump in my reach in my impressions because it’s going live this is the types of content right this video is one example of my awareness level content the one is conversion content and this is so key there’s usually two types of conversion content within most businesses but some only have one the first type is an opt-in right you have to have some sort of content in exchange for their email address to grow your email list so you can follow up with people and essentially grow your list and grow your business as we do right that’s how you grow trust is through that level the second type of conversion content is your sales messaging your sales pages your video sales letters your webinars they could even be right again we’re converting them it’s either from traffic to lead or from traffic to customer and this is a very different type of content right this is the world of copywriting and it’s challenging to do and there is no secret hack to it beyond do it over and over lots of repetition lots of practice you do need to read the books the good old books about copywriting but really truly it’s a lot of practice to get there and then number three is your deliverable level content so on your opt-in page it’s opt-in to get the free report that will teach you blank right so the actual report that you deliver is that third type of content and this really kind of came to life because yesterday I was meaning to do a Facebook live I’m doing a bunch more live so if you’re on YouTube find me on Facebook and follow me on Facebook so I do a lot more lives over there and I didn’t have time because I was wrapping up one a new SEO software that’s in my content and conversion inner circle membership program but – I just finished up a three part training series for those members it’s my advanced SEO training and it’s only inside of my membership so I spent all day and I really wanted to put out a piece of awareness level content but I was working on that delivery level content and there is a hierarchy to these right when someone opts in to your list this is your opportunity to wow them when someone becomes a customer of yours the delivery the actual content that you send them is your opportunity to wow them to make them think wow I am so glad I purchased that product from miles because he really over delivered this software tool this new training boom this is worth 10 times the value I’m paying for his inner circle membership when a member has that kind of a thought when I client of yours has that kind of feeling after they purchase from you this is number one what’s just massively gonna increase the lifetime value of your customer you probably know it’s a lot easier and a lot less expensive to sell more products to your past customers but that only works if you deliver with excellence if your products suck and you fall short on the delivery end then know you’re back to square one you’re gonna have to sell a bunch of new people in on the other side so delivering with excellence is absolutely so key and beyond that lifetime value that’s how people talk about you that’s how customers and clients start to share the businesses they love because they feel like they were delivered to with excellence right so again let’s go back through these we have the awareness level I’m gonna dig in that one a little deeper but then we have the opt-in content in the sales content which is the conversion mechanism so awareness conversion and deliverables that’s it so every day I’m focused on one or more of those three and that’s it right so I’m gonna do I’ve got a new upsell video script that I’ve been working on I’m gonna record an upsell video really soon that’s gonna be a conversion mechanism one just as I said over the weekend I put out a new three-part advanced SEO training for my inner circle members and that’s my tenth training most of them have three to five videos so I’ve got ten hours plus of premium delivered content for my members at content and conversion comm and then there’s the awareness level and I want to be really really clear about awareness level cuz I think that a lot of people believe that Instagram counts and theoretically right at the basic level of what it is sure you might be gaining more awareness but if you look at it from the perspective of how likely or how easy is it for that user in that app in that platform in that environment to actually work their way through to the other levels of content it’s extremely difficult and I use Instagram because of how difficult that is for the visitor to actually go to your website to actually find your opt-in to actually go through your funnel versus for example this video right I can do a call to action right now and say go to Miles Becker calm Ford sighs free – course in order to gain access to my free report where I showed how I from side hustle to seven-figure business now when this video is done I’m gonna make sure that that link is in the description I can put a card up I can put image in my end screen now that all these little mechanisms built into the platform they’re gonna help the user who I found through awareness through the search engine of YouTube get into my conversion based content and maybe one or more of you were like wow content and conversion miles does an inner-circle membership miles has advanced trainings I’m interested in that and the odds are you’re gonna go check out content and conversion com if you are indeed interested so these are the three levels of content and on the awareness level content you need to have at least one core pillar that is partnered up with a search engine so this means you’re writing content through blogging right through WordPress blog you’re putting out videos on YouTube through the youtube search engine the number two search engine in the world or number three you’re putting up podcast content spoken content over time you can grow this to where you can have your content going out on multiple platforms but you are gonna want to stay focused on one type of content that is the easiest for you to produce these videos are the easiest content that I have that I know of for me to produce so that’s what I put out over and over and over and over and I built systems and I built teammates and processes in that are helping me or that work to get my content I put out on these videos on the written posts on my blog I really don’t touch it once it goes from here my content team does everything all the way down into the layout and then on the other side to the podcast my virtual assistant picks up these videos she checks to make sure I’m not doing any screen shares on just these Talking Heads style videos she pulls out the mp3 she does a little fanciness adding on my intro my outro boom up that goes to my podcast feed and then it some pots from there for that point on so you need to have at least one core content method one core content channel that’s based on one of those three search engines then and only then do I give you permission to go into the world of social media and social bookmarking right you need to be when you’re running social media content you’re running social bookmarking type content reddit Pinterest would be on the social bookmark side social media being snapchat or Facebook or Instagram you need to have somewhere to ultimately point people to you need to have longer form content that they’re able to go tune into that they’re able to go consume and what we’re really doing with this three-part structure is we’re growing the relationship right so the first one is the handshake you’re meeting someone new that’s done through the search engines or potentially discovery through hashtags or social media-based algorithm then they start to know like and trust you once they get the trust to the certain point and you have an offer that interests them they move down into the conversion level of content at this point they have either subscribed your opt-in list or they’re looking at your sales page looking considering in your shopping cart buying that thing that you sell and then once they have purchased you have your delivery level content and it is so important to deliver with excellence you know the phrase I think it gets overused of over deliver right under-promise and over-deliver um just deliver with excellence really truly a know and prove that you have created the result that you’re teaching other people to have first one of the big problems in the world of internet marketing and making money online is a lot of people who haven’t created full time online income are teaching and selling courses on how to create full time income because Gary Vee told them to go document don’t create and I think this is a problem because you have people who haven’t produced a result teaching others for $500,000 or more how to get a result that they haven’t you yet got do you see the problem with that so make sure you actually can help people transform their lives before you start selling products that are promising to help people transform their lives so go create the transformation yourself go create the transformation for individuals one on one in small group settings whether it’s for free as an apprentice whatever you have to do go prove that you can help others great opportunity to collect testimonials and then from there you’re ready to truly put together your your course your kind of system if you will whatever that is your your thing that you get known in the world for that’s when you can kind of bring that out to the world you know that it works because you’ve tested it on yourself you’ve tested it with other people you’ve proven over and over and over you can help people transform their lives then it’s just about these three pieces of content over and over and over again I do awareness level content three videos per week at least five blog posts per week my opt-in and my sales page are sitting there working for me every single day i link to them from all kinds of videos and my emails I’m sending out a daily email each and every day that’s kind of between the connect and convert right I’m connecting with them to build the relationship but every once in a while there is a call to action and then I would say 3 to 4 times 3 3 to 4 times per month I’m putting out the kind of deliverable level content which is where I’m creating live one-on-ones or live group sessions with my with my inner circle members where we’re kind of going over landing page review sales page reviews etc I’m doing live question-and-answer sessions with them or I’m publishing out new content in the form of advanced trainings and advanced strategies that only go out to them and that’s it those 3 types of content so if you feel like you’re spinning your wheels get out a piece of paper put two lines in the middle so you got three columns and break it down right connect convert and then deliver and then write down everything that you’re doing make sure it all fits in there and if you got something that doesn’t really fit in eliminate it and stay focused on these things you’ll be amazed at what you create when you apply action over long periods of time I implore you to get started to get going and really just start publishing you’ll be amazed at what you can create it takes a lot of time but it’s well worth it focus on the attention and awareness level first that connecting content first grow your audience then grow the relationship with them by offering them something for free to opt into which is gonna allow them to opt in they trust you they gave you a piece of information they got something from you at deliverable it was great they liked you even more at this point they’re more willing to take your recommendations as an affiliate or to look at your sales page honestly and think hmm maybe they can help me get that result that I’ve wanted for a very long time I found them I followed them I’ve opted in I’ve read their content I trust them they might be the people to help me and in that moment selling gets really really easy and a problem one of the big problems there’s a lot of people are running a Facebook ad to a sales page and there’s really nothing in beach there’s really no warming up there’s really no relationship-building going on the great marketers in the world are able to build the relationship and build the trust with cold traffic through their marketing content but this is the point oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh 1% I’m not there I’ve been doing this internet marketing stuff for almost 20 years at this point I rely a lot more on influence through great content and being helpful because it makes the sales side of things easy because that is really difficult getting a human being to pull out their wallet pull out their credit card enter their credit card to buy your thing is one of the most challenging things in the world and that’s why I think building the relationship giving value first allowing them to trust you by going through those levels of content with you is one of the keys to your long-term success I hope you’ve enjoyed this video if you have to give it a thumbs up feel free to grab the URL share it out if you want I’ll catch you on the next video I do three per week so subscribe hit the bell if you haven’t subscribed already I look forward to connecting with you on the next video until we meet again be well Cheers

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