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The 7 Best Affiliate Networks For 2019! Find The Most Profitable Affiliate Offers For Your Audience

hey miles here miles Becker calm this video is about finding affiliate offers specifically we’re gonna look at seven affiliate networks you can use to find millions of products and no I’m not talking Amazon or Walmart here talking actual affiliate networks Before we jump into the seven networks themselves we’re gonna get on the computer you’re gonna see exactly how to get to them I wanted to share a little bit about what an affiliate network is versus an affiliate program so my wife and I run a successful website we have our own shopping cart that allows us to run our own affiliate program if I manage that myself through my own cart you and I could enter into a relationship or an agreement where if you promote my stuff you could earn a kickback or a commission for the sales you generate for me we run this independently of a third party so that’s an affiliate program an affiliate network is when a third party company gets in between the two of us and what they’ll do is they’ll go find hundreds if not thousands of merchants and then they’ll go get thousands tens of thousands of affiliates and they’ll essentially be a middle person in between the two that’s what we’re gonna look at today because when you get accepted to these affiliate networks you get access to thousands and thousands of merchants who have millions of products to sell whether it’s digital physical any sort of niche anything you could ever imagine right so the goal one quick other note before we get going the goal of affiliate marketing is to help your audience obtain the things they want that are gonna help them achieve their goals and solve their problems the goal is not to bombard them with offers it’s to align them with the things they already want to purchase that’s how it works when it does work that’s how it’s worked for my wife and I so let’s jump right in let’s get into some of these actual networks here so the first one we’re gonna start at is Clickbank you’ve probably heard of Clickbank and on the affiliate marketplace up top is where you look this is where you can get access to all of the different Clickbank offers they’ve got that different categories for offers over here on the left side of the screen and you’re able to search for things such as golf and golf’s gonna be kind of the running example I’m gonna use through this just to kind of show something pretty easy and when you do a search for golf you can see there’s a six week to golf fitness the average dollars per sale is seven seventy you notice there are some items that don’t have any average sales the one Junior Golf Training is 31:59 and then you’ll see there’s these different kind of numbers these are the stats for the different kind of the percentages you’ll earn the average dollars per sale that you’ll get essentially and then the gravity gravity is the number of successful affiliates running it if you’re interested in learning more about Clickbank just give me a comment below I can make a full video on how I analyze this cuz I’ve got some third-party tools to essentially analyze the different offers here on Clickbank because their search feature absolutely sucks but you can see here this swing man golf seven point six six percent conversions and it sells about a hundred and eighty nine dollars so if you have an audience of people who want to learn better or whatever this exact swing speed training is right that’s the solution that they’re seeking and you help them get that you could literally make up to a hundred ninety dollars per sale on average so that’s the way the game works you apply with Clickbank and once you’re on Clickbank you get access to every single vendors products you can promote anything you want within Clickbank some of these other ones require you to apply to the program once you’re inside of the network so click banks the first one the second one is ShareASale now ShareASale has more physical products Clickbank is pretty much all digital products there are some physical products coming in in the health and the beauty space in Clickbank share sale you’re gonna find a lot more physical products I mean you could build out a full-on kind of East or all with shop or excuse me with share sale products here so I’ve actually logged in because you can’t see that much they show the popular merchants home a garden fashion green business and more but I’m logged in here and I’ve already searched for golf here and you’re gonna see there’s four hundred and twenty four different merchants available and then it actually searches the different products and you can see here when I click on products give it a quick center a second so we can load it’ll show you all of the products within the different merchant categories that you’re actually able to promote that have the word golf in them right so you can go buy merchants or you can go buy product and this is where you can get really specific on identifying a very specific product so if there’s a a specific type of golf ball like the pinnacle Pro V one you want to promote that as an it you can search pinnacle pro v1 you can find which programs offer that to you you can see the I believe that the cookie the estimated per sale that you’re gonna get and then you could join the program here you gotta kind of apply and get going quick note on joining the programs these affiliate managers are going to look at your website they’re gonna want to see that you have a clean looking website they’re gonna want to see that you have good content they’re gonna make sure you’re a real person you’re a real affiliate marketer that you’re not some hack who’s simply trying to join their program to go off and spam their links because that can hurt their brand so you always want to build out your site build out your content make sure you’ve got a list going get it up and growing you usually have the opportunity to give notes inside of the application process I always add a personal note I’m always about hey you know my wife and I run this sort of product in this niche we have this many people on our list this is our traffic and I’d love to promote your specific product because it solves a problem for my visitors so it’s really important to remember that you’re probably gonna get a manual review from an affiliate manager and you need to make sure your site is on the up-and-up so go through the DIY sales funnel get your web WordPress website going on thrive get lots of content in there before you reach out to these folks but this is how you do it and then a quick note here when you click categories you can see on the left it pops up all these categories business clothing books and media automotive there’s 54 different programs in automotive 321 in computer electronics domain names education family financial food and drink freebies games and toys gaming lotto Green Health Home and Garden Insurance League like it’s incredible moving and moving supplies Jay Burnham I’m talking to you man if you’re out there so there are these kinds of items where you can promote physical products if you’re teaching how to do it yourself in a blog post you want to promote a specific product a handcart a dolly I bet you can find it through here so that’s ShareASale the next one we’re gonna go to is Avant link now Avant link is a very proud network of Utley prides themselves on denying 80% of affiliates who apply and they’re kind of why they’re so proud of this is they’re trying to make the job of being an affiliate manager that much better so oven link works with some of the best outdoor companies in the world but they’re much broader than outdoor companies I believe they run the REI program they run the backcountry comm so if you’re into anything that’s like sporting camping sporting goods outdoor goods event link is the big one for you be sure you have really good content be sure you have a real actual website I mean everything from kayaking canoeing paddleboarding like anything you could think of sports related these are your guys soccer football tennis like man this is the place to go I actually built and ran and managed it kind of built managed and grew an affiliate program on their system so I got a really inside view in working with them as a merchant and I have worked with them and earned income from them as an affiliate as well they are hands down they’re one of the best in the industry but again they set the bar really high so you got to have a good website for them and then I’m gonna show you real quick we click in the programs we can see theirs without logging in and then I’ll click browse programs and you can see these are the different brands that you’re able to kind of work with I’m not fully noticeable about all of these but like 1-800 Guns & Ammo right like obviously in the Guns & Ammo gun nuts are a great niche because they’re hyper passionate about what they do barbecue box right so we’ve got all kinds let me search for Cabela’s is on their camp gear comm camp saver comm so there’s all kinds of outdoor stuff even a Karen Outdoor subscription box that could have a potentially a good recurring income for you but they do have nutrition things and they do go into like let me see here let me do find and organic so cool tree organics I think they have a lot of organic and even beauty supplies we make Beauty so they have some Beauty Supplies Yeti coolers for example so these guys are real deal Cyclery if you’re in the bike niche anything physical man these guys are great but even all the way to whirlpool right like you if you show how to DIY kitchen remodels and you want to show a specific Whirlpool washing machine that’s a great value like you could potentially partner with Whirlpool directly to sell those kinds of high ticket products again so in the process with oven link build your site get great content kind of get your feet under you so you look like a real business you are a real business treat it like a real business and it will treat you as such then you apply to augment link once you’re in augment link you need to reach out to the different programs within augment link and they all have their own terms with its four percent 10% 12 50% etc you’ll be able to make a higher percentage on digital products so Clickbank is gonna be in the 50% Commission range or higher on physical products margins get really really tight so you can see 4 percent 8 percent 12 percent Commission’s on physical products because there’s a cost of goods sold there’s shipping there’s there’s much more infrastructure involved and the margins are flat-out cheaper on yeah this is this is a great option I I just I can’t say enough about the professionalism of often thing the next one is we used to call this link share they’ve changed their name it’s Rakuten marketing Rakuten marketing comm which is essentially a link share they don’t give you much information from the front end you do need to actually have a good site going you need to apply to them you can see they’ve got affiliate they do display ads and search base ads but you would be operating as an affiliate I am logged in inside of my account here and you can see these are the different basic categories they have so office equipment home office supplies telecommuting sports and fitness clothing collectibles equipment etc health and beauty gifts flowers games toys food drink financial services automotive services department store stuff entertainment family all kinds of stuff literally hardware computer hardware if that’s your niche etc they have an advertiser search where you can search for the advertiser themselves but they don’t have a product search which is a little bit annoying it might be under the advanced search but um I’m not sure here so just just kind of an overview of the different programs you get access to here this has been a long-standing one we’ve got cheques from them for several years a very reputable company that does a really good job with what they do next is CJ comm this is the old Commission Junction um they’re one of the strictest affiliate networks out there if you don’t send them traffic within 30 days they’ll kind of put your account into a suspended moment or in suspended cat suspended category and they really they probably do the most research on you up there with avant link on trying to deny people who don’t actually have real content based businesses they’re really really specific and really picky about who they let in because again as you start to promote as an affiliate you kind of are leveraging that brand and the brand’s value gets tied into how you promote them so they want to really make sure they’re working with people who are on the up-and-up you can see down here I think they have the list of categories so these are the categories construction food beverage technology telecom seasonal stuff recreational leisure it’s a wide variety but they don’t show you what companies they’re actually partnered with they’re up on the front so you would actually have to get in I would not go after a commission junction as my first one if you have a very big content-heavy site you’re getting lots of traffic and you can’t find specific products or you’re maybe already offering some things you’re feeling like you’re getting a low percentage from one of the other networks and you wanna see if you get a higher percentage or a higher quality product that’s when I think I would add on Commission Junction but for some businesses physical goods state space CJ comm it’s not Commission Junction its CJ affiliate now CJ is Issaquah I mean it’s a very very high quality they almost maybe hold themselves on too high of a pedestal for me so I’ve never actually got too much traction with them even though I’ve been a part of their program several times then number six is flex offers on flex offers is probably closest to Commission Junction you’ll find a lot of different wide variety of odd items so one of the terms that you’ll notice in affiliate marketing is something that’s called CPA is cost per acquisition you can also do Cpl which is cost per lead so let’s say an insurance company wants you to promote their insurance product to your audience if someone from your audience goes and fills in an application they’ll pay you $4 $8 20 dollars whatever their value per lead is so that’s kind of cost per lead cost per acquisition is when you drive a new actual customer to them you’ll find a lot of that here so when I hover over affiliate programs up top you’ll see these are the main categories they have the full program directory here that I just clicked on so we’re gonna see what this list looks like and in the categories automotive 269 different businesses in the business there’s 419 clothing and accessories there’s literally 3,200 different programs on everything from scotch and sodas to like I don’t know what any of these are I don’t need to know what these are if they’re in your niche you would know what our here’s the digital products as I was saying this is the stuffer you can get to the the digital downloadable stuff usually you’re gonna see a higher kind of Commission and potentially a higher average order value but when people are ordering physical things versus intangible and digital things they’re usually a little bit more confident to order something for example if I’m gonna go buy a paddle board next week and I know I’m buying a paddle board and I’m reading your review site about paddle boards to find the best one and you not only help me focus on the best one but you list the prices on Amazon REI and back-end and you help me find the best price on the best one I’m gonna happily click through because I’m already gonna buy the paddle board right versus a paddle board Fitness Coast course that I don’t know I’m actually gonna buy right there’s a big difference in the physical products versus the intangible and the digital products so there’s a lot going on here tons and tons and tons of programs and if you want to see just the real quick three different categories you can see the different categories here and I mentioned at the beginning there’s a bonus so I said it was seven it’s actually six and a bonus this is the last affiliate network and there’s way more affiliate networks than this but if you go to something called offer vault com you can actually search different networks for the same product or searched different networks for a variety of products so they’ve got this search bar here if I type in golf it brings back so many different kind of random offers and random networks that it didn’t make sense to show that to you but you can see up top there’s the join networks or the select buy networks so this is what I’m getting at and what I wanted to show you here is these are all different affiliate networks and you’re able to look through these you can see it’s got Clickbank on here so when you search through this platform here it’s kind of like a search engine for affiliate networks and it’s designed to help you look within the different networks to find the programs and the merchants you can promote in one place I’ve never personally found this to be extremely valuable because I’m looking for super specific products that match my niche that match my audience what I know they already want so it’s fairly easy for me to find those programs and those products specifically but if you’re curious about all of the options within your space this is a great place to go on their search engine here and that wraps it up those are the seven will call six-and-a-half different affiliate networks there if you enjoyed this video give me a thumbs up if you want more of this tactical where to find offers type affiliate marketing stuff leave me a comment let me know let me know what kinds of videos you would like in the affiliate marketing world my wife and I have been super affiliates for several years yes we do sell our own products we don’t run our own affiliate program but we sell a lot of other people’s products too that’s the benefit of having a very big niche Authority site and also a big email list of people who know like and trust you is that not everyone wants to buy our products and we’re happy to connect them with the products that they already want using these types of networks here I highly recommend that you really stay focused on building a great content site a great niche Authority site if you don’t have a plan that you’re following I do recommend the authority site system you can learn about that at miles Beckler com4 / ta SS they show a lot about how to build out programs using affiliate programs from like Amazon using of Amazon affiliates but if you take those ideas build it out the way they say and you cross-reference the Amazon program with the often link with the re is with all of the different programs I showed here you very well could find more money in the deal for you you can find more options more offers and more value for your audience and that can be a total win-win situation for you because that’s what your users are looking for they want you to show them all the options they want you to help them rate them help you find the top 10 blenders or whatever it is that you’re helping them with that’s the way the game works so the more information you can sort through to bring to one kick-butt post that really details all of their options it really focuses them in the best one that’s how you’re gonna increase the likelihood of number one ranking on Google because that’s a such a helpful valuable post and number two getting the click and ultimately the sale which makes you money because again it’s that super valuable post when they can read your post and realize you spent days write several several several hours really combing through all the data to come up with that list of really really helping them understand from their perspective what’s best for them in their personal situation they like to click on your recommendations and buy through your lane this is the way the affiliate marketing game works again leave me in a comment what kinds of other questions you have about affiliate marketing I’m happy to answer those in future videos give me a thumbs up if you like this and if you have not yet subscribed be sure to subscribe because I got a lot of great videos coming your way in the future next one’s coming up in two or three days probably going live this weekend so if you’re not on my list get on my list miles Beckler calm for life free – course I’m I’ll have like a little book show up here on the end screen click that it’ll take you get on my list that way you’ll hear about the live stream when it comes out and until we connect again on the next video be well and remember give value to your audience because value is the ultimate exchange that you create the income you desire with so the more value you give the better you do till we connect again thanks for time be well

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