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The #DeleteFacebook Paradox For Digital Marketers – What You Can Do Instead Of Deleting Facebook!


hey miles here miles Becker calm and in this video we’re gonna discuss the delete Facebook paradox now for a while I’ve been concerned with the amount of privacy that Facebook has been encroaching on each and every one of our lives and as a digital marketer I really get a first-hand experience of how deep Facebook goes with kind of the types of data they give us as advertisers access to and there’s a little bit of a paradox when it comes to the delete Facebook idea and the paradox lies within the network Facebook has done a great job at building one of the like the largest network ever created and as someone who’s been a digital nomad for several years I’ve actually made built and forged relationships through digital marketing events and speaking engagements and meeting new friends on five continents in the last four years and really the one place that everyone funnels back to is Facebook on the other side I’m also an advertiser I do use and manage certain groups and pages not to mention advertising accounts which means also Facebook pixels and the custom conversions and everything that goes with that so I still manage all that from a business perspective so deleting Facebook completely from my life was not an option and that’s exactly what you’re gonna learn here is what I chose to do instead because I do think that there is an option available for you if you’re in a similar position that you want to limit the amount of creepy data that Facebook is continuing to build on you while still kind of having access to some of the people you’ve been connected with or some of the business tools that your business is ultimately reliant on for this phase why Facebook is still kind of such a behemoth in the world so I’ve got um three specific steps that I took I’ll give you a bonus fourth one that’s kind of fun and goofy at the end and ultimately you’re gonna learn about a free software tool that was incredibly valuable to me to help me actually accomplish this goal because the process of removing content and deleting Facebook is very very very challenging Facebook does not make it easy so what really hit me recently was that I have literally over the past since about 2014 for years I have published something to the tune of three to five thousand posts not to mention thousands upon thousands of likes of engagements of comments on other people’s items what Facebook is doing with all of this data is number one they’re running me through databases there they’re learning more fake facial recognition they’re learning how to recognize me in other people’s photos in other people’s areas I’m not a huge fan of that I don’t think that’s something that I necessarily need or want in my life so that was one of the things I’m after as well as Facebook is tracking everything that I’ve liked and commented on and Facebook’s trying to build a profile about me to really try to understand Who I am so they can deliver more kind of targeted advertising to me but I’m in a position where I don’t actually want more targeted advertising so one of the first things that I did was I deleted all of Facebook’s apps from my devices so they’re not able to cross track cross-check cross-reference the other data points they might be able to get from my phone for example they’re not able to see my contacts in my phone anymore they’re not able to see the location of my device I don’t trust them if they say that if I said that my location is turned off I have zero trust for Facebook that they’re actually gonna honor that and I expect Facebook if I give them access to my device through the Instagram app through the what is it what’s at the messenger app or through the Facebook app itself I assume Facebook is going to sneakily creep into as much data as they can possibly find even if it’s outside of their Terms of Service am i a little paranoid in this world we live in maybe but I think there’s been enough data points that Facebook is not trustworthy with our app with our data and that Facebook’s going to steal as much data as they can and ultimately leak it breach it or let it out in other ways it’s really kind of creepy in the description of this video I’ve actually linked you to three different news articles about some of the interesting shady stuff that Facebook has been up to for a while these are the kinds of things that really got me to the point of okay I’m deleting all of the apps from my phone from my device but then there was this whole body of kind of my profile my life the things that I had at one I’m givin to Facebook that are out there and there was no real way to get rid of that so before we get into how to delete that the other thing that I’ve done recently is I’ve added the hide the newsfeed plug-in to my browser so now when I log in on Chrome I’ve got it so it might be like kill FB newsfeed might be the actual name or hide FB newsfeed might be the name it’s a Chrome browser extension so anytime I load login to Facebook from Chrome I actually don’t see a timeline so nothing pops up no ads pop up nothing I also run a pop-up blocker in my browser so it’s been fairly good at catching those ads but when I just eliminate completely the timeline completely there’s no distraction for me there’s no possibility of me getting caught in the scroll trap I’m able to get in get to my ads do whatever I needed to do or I just remind myself when I loved it that like there’s nothing here oh yeah that’s because I don’t want to be on here so I leave from there it’s kind of a willpower check in some ways shapes performs a lot of us have kind of habituated the process of just popping into Facebook to see what’s going on and so it’s one of those stop checks we could put in front of ourselves to make sure that when we do go we kind of have this aha moment of like wait a minute I’m not I’m not wanting to be here this isn’t this is a productive time when entrepreneur I need be doing I need to be creating value for others not consuming what other people are doing then third I’ve deleted every single post that I’ve ever put I’ve deleted every single comment that I’ve ever put on to Facebook on other people’s stuff or my own and then I’ve removed all of the likes and hidden everything I can hide from my timeline so if you go back to my account now I added one new image of myself that actually has a big delete privacy bar across my face that’s kind of a way that I want to share maybe a little bit more of the idea of privacy matters for people really that I think it’s something that a lot of people are willing to forgo their personal privacy for access to the network I don’t think we should have to forgo our personal privacy in order to kind of get access to the network so it’s a little way to call attention is maybe a little over the top didn’t need to do it but that’s my quiet little fun version of a protest on there as well and that was kind of the other side of being remaining on the platform is as a somewhat of a public figure have over 3,500 or 4,000 or so people following me on Facebook there’s a possibility if I delete myself from their ecosystem someone could kind of come in and try to make a fake account of me and potentially promote spammy things and the only way that you’re able to report a fake profile on Facebook is if you show them who the real profile is so according to Facebook if you’re not there and someone puts up a fake account about you there’s actually no recourse for you to say that this account is fake it by default becomes the only real account which is actually kind of a really scary situation but it’s a part of goal of Facebook’s goal to be the Internet right they want to be the one and all internet that some people is the only internet that some people use is Facebook and that’s a part of their goal is your Facebook ID is your actual ID online and if you don’t actually have yours claimed someone else might claim it and do some shady things that’s a lot less prevalent or less of a problem for individuals who aren’t building a personal brand but that was a big thing that I had to weigh on my shoulders about like do I really want to delete my entire account does that actually make sense for me or is that potentially giving someone the opportunity to do something shady and that’s really why I wanted to maintain that account itself so at this point if you go search for miles Beckler and you find me you’ll find there’s a big blue bar across my face is my my icon there’s nothing on my timeline at all I’m currently going through the process of removing groups and the plug-in was the social book post manager it’s a free plugin for Chrome and you actually you add it to Chrome and then you just kind of click on it and open and what it does is it’s a little bot that runs within Chrome and you could say choose all year’s choose all months delete all posts and then it has a speed rating it tries to run it at four times speed but sometimes it gets going too quick and it misses things I had to run it overnight at half speed so it went pretty slowly through each and every one but ultimately we went back starting at the most recent posts and went back through 2018 then through 2017 and all the way back to the hip for my whole history on Facebook deleting every single post and then you rerun it for the likes it everything that you’ve ever liked and then you rerun it to hide things from your timeline they’re still showing up on your timeline when people tagged you in things and other types of various things that just when you friend people etc they those are shown on your timeline as well and it took me I would say literally a full day roughly running it in another browser still doing my work still doing my emails still kind of working on my content marketing etc but always check them back into it making sure it’s running I think in total that plugin had to run for me for somewhere around 12 to 14 hours of non-stop running I had to run it multiple times through each of the settings for it to go ahead and actually catch everything and then they’re still on the timeline review some things that I’ve gone and manually updated to remove completely and at this point I have no real profile there there’s no image of me left on Facebook there’s no data points there’s no likes associated with Who I am I’m removing the number of groups and pages that I’m actually associated with and I’m just thinning it out to where there’s nothing left now has date has Facebook excuse me already kind of captured all of the likes and have they already rendered as many pictures of my face as they can for facial recognition of course they have right like I’m not thinking or believing falsely that by deleting all of my content they actually remove it right like I know for a fact they’ve got this stored in a database that’s how they roll I have just kind of set today as the new relationship that I’ve created with Facebook where I’m in more control over what’s going on and I’m gonna maintain a lot more conscious of an approach of what I give Facebook what I use Facebook for because as I travel right if I go down to Central America if I head over to Asia or pop into Europe or even up into Canada there’s there’s certain people I’m gonna want to bump into and the one place I have access in connection to these people is through Facebook so in that sense it serves a purpose for me which is why it still needs to be in my life also I do run as an advertiser ads on Facebook I’m not technically actually in the process of running the ads I’ve got a guy who does that for me full-time at this point so I really actually haven’t had to log into my Facebook account to look at my ads for a couple of months now which is actually a huge blessing it’s giving me a bunch of free time to work on my content conversion calm membership program which is out and doing really well right now but ultimately I need to have access to that obviously if anything happens to that relationship with him if I need to log in to debug anything I still need to have access to my advertising account there so that’s the reasons why I kept it going so if you’re interested in kind of analyzing your relationship with Facebook I think the first thing to think about is do you still have Facebook Instagram and the messenger app installed on your device if so just be aware that they’re collecting as much information as they possibly can I wouldn’t expect them to stay within their Terms of Service and then they’re constantly breaching that data right there they’re constantly accidentally giving that up to whether it’s for voting manipulation whether it’s just random hacks that happen like this last one thirty million people got hacked I was one of the few that got hacked on that that was kind of a straw that broke the camel’s back not only are they consciously giving away our information but they’re letting it slip out of their holes in their security as well which is quite annoying so delete all of their apps is really one of the first things you can do the second thing I recommend you do is removing the time line and removing and adding an ad blocker to your kind of system in general I think it’s good to run ad blockers I use the you block origin and blocker on both Chrome and Firefox it works really really well but ultimately the hide your newsfeed or it’s kill your newsfeed or hide your news if HB FB newsfeed plugin for chrome works really really well you log in and there’s just no no feed there um if you want to see what someone’s up to or go find someone to send a message you just type their name in the search bar you can still see what they’re doing but it just eliminates their algorithmic based here’s something to draw you into the Facebook Timeline scroll suck and then obviously their advertisements which happen to show up really really high up on the scroll feed now and then third if you really want to go all in and delete all of your content from there the social book post manager plug-in is free he’s got like a little donation request that pops up I’m gonna send him like a $20 donation because that tool did actually save me an insane amount of time and it helped me get a result that I wanted again you’ll probably need to run it multiple times over set it up to run in a chrome window and then don’t fiddle with the window let it just run I had to you know set it up and then I wouldn’t watched a movie and set it up and went to bed and let it run through the night and that was how I was able to get through it a couple of runs through on that you can delete all the posts you’ve created you can delete all the likes that you’ve put out which is a big data collection point for Facebook right there and then you can kind of remove anything from your timeline that’s been added by other people or just kind of added by default from Facebook that you don’t necessarily want on your timeline and what you end up with is a squeaky-clean timeline I manually went in and deleted all of my pictures I manually deleted all of my videos that I’ve added if you have photos in an album it’s actually really quick to delete the album from the photo like the entire album but if it’s one of your core whether it’s your profile account or your main pictures account you have to delete those one at a time and at this point I’m really kind of happy with my newfound relationship with Facebook that’s just the way I wanted to go about it and I felt like there were more digital marketers and entrepreneurs who feel like they need to access Facebook for aspects of their business or their network but yet don’t want Facebook to have all of this data and to have all of our content there I’ve given a lot of content to Facebook over the years haven’t been as privacy minded back in 2014 and 2015 as I have been over the last six months to year here so this is my new approach and I thought that would be helpful for you if you enjoyed this video give me a thumbs up here I definitely hope this has been helpful in some way it’s kind of a random thing but that’s what I do here on the channel be sure to subscribe I’ve got new videos coming out three times a week Monday Wednesday Friday sometimes Saturday but every week I get three new videos out a lot about digital marketing and a lot of tips on that and if you have subscribed hit the bell to get the updates as they come out any questions about this hit me in the comments not the chat I’m gonna eliminate the chat here because this is done live I’m testing out the idea of broadcasting my daily videos live for you so I’m ignoring the chat today but get at me in the comments below the video if you have a question or if you need a link or anything like that and again there’s links in the description of the video the link to the actual browser plug-in that will delete all your content and links to some of those articles about Facebook of things I think are worthy of understanding what’s going on in the world of Facebook it’s creepier than I realized as I went down the rabbit and that was kind of what really got me to the point where I was ready to take some sort of action so thank you very much for your time if you enjoyed this give me thumbs up and look forward to catching you on the next video until then be well


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