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What Is The Best Membership & Product Launch Strategy? Evergreen Funnel vs. Limited Time Launches

hey miles here miles Becker calm this video is all about evergreen enrollment versus limited time enrollment whether you’re running a membership program or you’ve got a fixed duration course or some other info product you’ve probably pondered the question do I leave this thing open at all times or do I open it for periods of time and then close the doors for periods of time you know on my personal membership which has been limited time enrollment up till today I’ve just opened it up for evergreen enrollment my wife’s membership program which we’ve been running for several years we’ve done both as well and there’s really a time and a place for both which is what this video is all about so I want to help you make the right decision for your membership program for your info product your course etcetera do you leave this as evergreen enrollment or limited time so let’s talk about each option first I’m gonna start with the limited time enrollment and I’m gonna let you know why and how I use that at the beginning of launching my membership program so when I first launched my membership program it was launched at a very very special price for a very limited time and not only did I want to make sure that price was locked in for a short period of time right it’s a $97 per month program and I offered it for $29 per month for that first group of people so there was a 7 day window that I allowed these people to come in at that $29 price and I had committed that I was never gonna offer it at that price again and I have not at this date so what I did is I left it open for 7 days and I closed the doors this was for two reasons number one it helped me get a really solid cutoff point it wasn’t just that your price is gonna go up on next Friday it was that the price goes up and the doors closed so this gives me extra urgency which definitely compels a few more people to purchase right it’s a persuasion tactic so that’s one of the big reasons why you do that but it also gave me time to understand how much time is it going to take for my new group of enrollees and for me to run this membership program my membership program is essentially an inner circle membership where people get access to me via a forum I create advanced video trainings and I also do live stream broadcasts where I’m answering specific questions I’m reviewing funnels we’re doing a keyword research one here very soon so it could be quite topical so I really didn’t know how much of my physical time it was going to take so I used the prod of opening it up for a week and then closing it down I left it closed for about a month and then I opened it again at that next price level and I repeated this process month after month until now when we’re at full price in the last opening and closing I was monitoring how much time and energy does it take from me to keep the group and the membership kind of moving forward right I can’t bog myself down with too much work because each user deserves attention and I don’t want to get to the point where I can’t give daily attention to each user who has a specific question well I just made it through that last cycle and at this point I’m feeling really confident in the process I’m feeling really confident in the fact that I’m able to leave this thing open I’m gonna be able to manage the people who come in as they come in yet I’m gonna be able to manage all of those members that are already there very comfortably so it fits my lifestyle better now this is gonna give me the opportunity and here’s the benefit of going to Evergreen I’m gonna be able to mention it more in my email so you probably know that I sent out about an email every day minimum six days a week I’m sending an email so I’m gonna be able to have more touch points and more recommendations and more mentions to my advanced trainings to some of the advanced software tools that I’ve built that are inside of there through my email list which means I’m gonna bring in more members throughout the course of the month which means my residual income will continue to grow another factor that I love about the Evergreen model is we humans are kind of impatient right we’re used to Amazon Prime 48-hour delivery every once in a while you’ll find a product on Amazon and it’s like a 10-day wait period you’re like 10 days like there’s no way like I’m not waiting that long so forcing my people to wait when they’re in that moment they’re ready to join they’ve got their credit card in hand they’ve read the sales letter they click on the button and instead they get a I’m sorry we’re closed get on the waiting list notification what percentage of those people actually purchased later on well I know that I have a pretty big waiting list and that most of the people who clicked and got onto the waiting list haven’t actually bought so I created an added friction by having these periods when enrollment was open and periods when the enrollment was closed and that that kind of facilitated more people wanting and then having that moment of like what do you mean I have to wait for this like I’m an instant gratification human being like how are you how dare you make me wait that flat-out turns people off and I missed out on a lot of sales so this new model of having an evergreen is going to help more people join up when they are ready right it’s more about when the timings right for you than it is for me in the beginning it was very much about me how much energy does this take how much time does this take because I couldn’t over I couldn’t risk overwhelming myself but now that I feel like I’ve got my process he’s down I feel like I’ve got enough trainings in there when new people come in they get to dive into the trainings are excited about it kind of protects me from getting hundreds of questions per day so the system is built in a way now that fits an evergreen model as is my lifestyle so you need to be thinking about that for your your product one other key if you run a fixed duration course let’s say you have a six-week modulated course where you bring a group of people in and then all together they go through week one and then they got a QA call and they go through the week two module and then they got a QA call and so on and so forth you probably do want to stick with a fixed duration marie forleo’s b-school is a great example of this she opens it one time per year and she’s crushing it she has millions of dollars per year but the whole goal is to bring in a new class of students just like in high school or junior high or whatever it was or even college you bring in this class of students who all grow and learn together they’re all on the same modules together I know that Seth Godin has a course that is I think it’s a hundred day course and he opens enrollment and then he closes it down and then they all start day one together so they’re all on the same path together and this if you’ve got a Facebook group that’s that’s available for your members to talk about the different discussions or you’ve built a forum or discussion board inside of the delivery kind of mechanism inside of your membership program this can really help people feel like they’re not alone like they’re they’re a part of a large group going through a curriculum together and that actually can help your stick rate it makes them feel like they’re a part of a community which can last a lot longer for my approach and really for the people I help it’s all over the place I’ve got dropship people I’ve got affiliate marketers I’ve got people running agencies I’ve got coach I’ve got pay-per-click advertisers so I’ve got all these different people so mine is built more on a kind of join when you’re ready choose the pieces and the modules and the courses that are available and helpful for you and then ask me questions for your feedback as you need help kind of optimizing things and and overcoming challenges that you are personally facing so again it’s a mechanism of how I’ve built and what I’ve built is why I think that the Evergreen model is going to be something I’m more excited about but here’s the caveat right I have the full right and permission to change I may very well turn this thing back to a limited time enrollment if I get myself to a point where I feel like I’m getting overwhelmed I am NOT enjoying the process of new people coming in trickling in at different points in time or if I’ve got a bunch of travel coming up I’ve got a speaking gig in Mexico got a speaking gig in Bali I’m gonna be doing a bunch of travelling through North America to events I’ve got another speaking gig in Santa Monica I got to go to Austin this is oh I’ve got a ton of travel already booked out and that’s another option I have so know that you have the flexibility to change you have the flexibility to test different things don’t feel like you have to make one decision and then that’s it forever you are ultimately in control but it’s best to look at what have you created how is that solution going to be offered to people if you’re planning on running an evergreen funnel where you’re running Facebook pay-per-click ads and you want the ability the ability to scale that right you’re testing landing page copy you’re testing ad copy and you’re looking for that combination of ad landing page offer message checkout process that’s scalable you don’t want to do fixed duration because you’re always going when you get those things working right you want to be able to turn up the heat and really drive as much traffic as you possibly can last note is you can kind of go deeper on this idea of evergreen versus on-demand even looking at a webinar functionality you know I do look at a few webinars from time to time just to see what people are up to and I’m always amazed when I go look for your sales material which is a webinar and that individual says ok you have to wait an hour why I’m ready right now like you’re gonna head fake me with this fake hour wait to make me think that you doing a live webinar that’s not live it’s pre-recorded BAU hype it up like it’s live to me that’s an instant no-go that is a an ethics situation where I look at these people who use this kind of methodology and I’m out I got better things to do with my time I’m not sitting around and waiting for an hour for you I don’t sit around wait for an hour for anyone else and I think a lot of people think this way so if you are also looking just at your sales material is your sales material evergreen or are you for some strange reason forcing me to wait now you might say it increases conversion on the other end but it also leaves people with a bad taste in your mouth and you need to realize that there are kind of long term effects of everything that we do so either choice or both choices whichever one you make it will have some sort of lasting effect on both sets of people I really like to as often as possible make my content make my membership my inner circle my wife’s as well runs evergreen make it available to our customers when the timing is right for our customers that really is the ultimate key I want to make it easy for them I think this is one of the reasons why Amazon has become such a behemoth of a business and such a valuable business is they honor that kind of expectation of getting things quickly so monitor what you’re doing all the way down to that sales messaging right do you have a video sales letter or a written sales letter that’s available on to me on-demand 24/7 if not why and are you potentially hindering your growth by forcing an hour or a two hour or even a fifteen minute delay when you force me for five minutes or 15 minutes away I’m out I’m moving on to something else I’m not gonna wait around to consume your sales messaging then with your product itself if you have a group of people you want to bring in and you want to move them forward together having limited open and closed enrollment makes very good sense if you’re going to be adjusting your prices if you’re launching brand-new and you’re gonna incrementally age your price up week after week or month after month it could make really good use of the limited time enrollment to open it close it raise the price when you open it again and then do another enrollment period and another enrollment period if you’re brand new with your course and you’re brand new with your membership and you don’t know how much time and energy it’s going to take from you use the limited enrollments so you can kind of manage the flow of new customers and you can manage your energy expenditure because you don’t want to overwhelm yourself as your of delivering upon that which you created those are the reasons why I think the limited enrollment makes the most sense but if you’ve got systems in place people are able to access it all on demand they go through the modules whenever works for them they join into your private community or Facebook group whatever works for them and you’re just comfortable with this pure automation approach might as well go evergreen this gives you more time to run more split tests to more run more advertisements to really dial in a scalable system I do believe that an evergreen system is going to be a more scalable system most of the information product owners and online business owners that I know of that make three four five seven plus million dollars per year they generally have it evergreen open I think Marie Forleo is really truly one of the outliers in that situation but again she brings a group of people through curriculum together so there’s a specific reason why she has that limited time enrollment and these are the big ideas you want to think about if you have questions about this get at me in the comments I think you give me a thumbs up I appreciate you whatever you got any sharing engagement I do appreciate that I really do appreciate you and I’m happy to answer your questions when I have time I look forward to connecting with you on the next video until then be well Cheers

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