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Where To Hire A Virtual Assistant Who Can Save You Time & Help Scale Your Business

hey miles here miles Becker calm in this video you are going to learn where to hire a great virtual assistant so you can free up more of your time to scale your business it’s important for you to stay focused on the highest valuable tasks in your business which means you need to get good at delegating and handing off those repetitive tasks that others can do this is where bringing on a full time virtual assistant can be a massive boost in your productivity and it really truly has for my wife and I so in this video we’re gonna cover the types of things I outsource to my VA s where in the world I’ve found the best virtual assistants and then where what platform to go find these individuals but Before we jump into those three things I want to know have you already hired your first virtual assistant if you’ve already done hiring and you’re looking to grow your team farther put a yes in the comments below if you’ve never hired a virtual assistant put a know in the comments below because I want to know where you are I want to make more great videos on outsourcing but I need to know where you’re at so yes you’ve already started hiring no you haven’t started hiring yet that’ll let me know where you are give me a thumbs up and hit subscribe on your way down there too back to the curriculum here so the first thing what kind of tasks do we actually hand off to our virtual assistants and I think it’s important to hire full-time because what that does is it forces you to go find those kinds of repetitive tasks or identify those repetitive tasks that you’re doing over and over and over so you could hand them over to your virtual assistant so I got a little tiny list here one of the big things is customer support my VA team runs most of the support on pretty much 100% of the support social media audits looking at social media posts we put on one platform that perform really well so we can go duplicate that out on another platform so scrolling back through the past two three four or five years of our Facebook fan page to pull out those snippets those memes that we can go turn into Pinterest pins etc etc I’m Add Comment management they manage all of the comments inside of my advertisements that run Facebook community moderation they help out inside of my forum to move the different threads that are disorganized or in the wrong place they move those around for us almost 100% of our Pinterest marketing is run by our virtual assistants email audits pulling our open rates from the different subject lines into a spreadsheet so we can quit see how good our our emails are doing so we can go look back through our history to find those subject lines that got great open rates YouTube audits what YouTube videos do I not have content on my website for YouTube to podcast 100% of the process of this video that you’re watching unless you’re on the podcast and you’re listening the whole process once I upload this that’s it I don’t touch it but it still makes it on to my podcast feed with every talking head video that’s 100% 100% managed by them outreach research a YouTube verses blog I mentioned that one chargeback management travel research event research the list goes on and on and a lot of times I find myself in a situation where we had something nearly catastrophic happen our main membership that has over 350 audio files for the members around my wife’s content we had an update that eliminated all of the mp3 files so they’re paying for access to 300 different mp3s and they just disappeared based on update of a plugin so I made a video showing here’s how to fix the problem I sent it over my virtual assistants and by the time I woke up the next morning everything was back working it was in tip-top shape and they stayed on top of the tickets till everybody know who was like hey I can’t find the stuff that hey you have now have access to it again so this is massive because what it allows me and my wife to do is to say focus on things like this this video I can only bring you this video right like I’m mild vector this is the miles back to bran that’s obvious my wife’s audio files are the big thing but then the studying my wife has free time to read the books and to study and to really kind of maintain her her kind of finger on the pulse of of her industry if you will so that’s one of the big keys so those are a variety of tasks and I’m always looking at what am i doing what can I hand off to a teammate what can I turn into a process or a procedure and then make a quick video I just record my screen as I’m doing something and I send it over and say here go do this and then every single day they just go do the work and now it gets done and I can focus on what’s that next most important thing for me to do on my business so let’s talk about where in the world next at this point in my career I started hiring back and I think 2000 and and 11 2012 I hired my first people and I have hired people from Africa from Eastern Europe from the United States of America from Canada from Mexico from the Caribbean islands all over Asia as well so we got the Philippines Indonesia India proper I think I had South America in there somewhere like literally the amount of people I’ve hired has been probably about 50 or 60 people at this point in time and for me I have found that it clicks most from on many levels with teammates in the Philippines I have found that there’s obviously a kind of concurrency conversion that is beneficial and the cost of living in the Philippines compared to here in North America is also much lower so so there’s a value there but it goes way beyond the value one of my last jobs that I actually hired out I did post the job for North American candidates and also Filipino candidates and I requested a simple tasks to be done using Excel and the actual work product I got from the individuals in the Philippines was astounding like it was so much better than what was going on in North America it actually made me feel a little worried for North American workers because the every single applicant almost every single applicant in the Philippines just nailed it with graphs and they actually someone went farther beyond what I even requested which blew me away to see that kind of thoroughness inside of this this first task so other reasons I really really like the the Philippines is English is learned and used widely right – gah lah is the the native language but English is learned at a very young very young age and it’s also used widely in the school system so and their their English is a very Western style of English you also have the BPO industry which is the the business processes outsourcing industry that has been booming for well over a decade and what this is if you’ve ever noticed you call your bank you call PayPal you call up major airline corporation like American Airlines and all sudden you’re speaking with someone in the Philippines right so all these call centers move from North America and many Western countries moved over to the Philippines specifically which means the they have been teaching and learning about kind of what I would call the standard of customer support customer service and a lot of the different types of business practices so culturally it’s normal for I mean there’s just so many Filipinos who work within this industry of customer support and in kind of virtual assistant world and a lot of them have had training at a corporate level which is really really quite valuable trustworthiness is very big loyalty is also very big and these are cultural things right there are some cultural challenges a lot of times your team in the Philippines might not step up and and mention that they see a problem or mention that they see a better way to do things they will follow your word your video you send them almost to the tea but this is where building relationship and keeping communications open is so key and I’ve really worked with my teammates to invite them like to invite their feedback because I want that feedback when they’re hands-on on a task day in and day out you know if you notice some a better way to do this let me know keep that communication open and really it’s all about relationship building I love the ability to be able to pay my teammates again who outperformed their North American counterparts in some of these tasks that I used to kind of test if they were going to be my teammates or not so not only did they outperform but they’re a better value which allows me to pay them very very well right I pay them monthly on a salary whether they have 40 hours a week or not and I pay them well so they’ll be there each and every month I don’t want them ever looking for other help because now they’re part of the team right my business needs their help and I’m always trying to think of new things to pass off to them to keep working from there so that’s why I chose the Philippines the final component in this video is the third part which is what platform is best to hire now I really think it’s important for you to get yourself and your business to a point where you can actually outsource full time when you have somebody there forty hours a week a hundred and 60 hours per month it forces you to find more ways to leverage their help syndication is big right so I put up this video and then I’m done with it for this video goes out and gets worked on and turned into the podcast and goes out to my podcast feed etc etc there’s a lot of different ways you can leverage it and when you’re paying somebody you know full time even if it’s $250 a month or 300 dollars per month for a hundred and sixty hours of work it forces you to start to think like okay what’s that next thing I’m going to hand over to them build up a queue of work in the evening before you’re done that’s works for us in North American hours and then send it over and by the time you wake up that work product gets done it’s really extremely powerful so fiber is one place that a lot of people think about so fiber has changed a ton over the years for a while it was five bucks plus a dollar fee and then you’ll get back something relatively quickly fiber is now a lot of 10 20 30 40 dollar tasks available if you ever want something turned around in 24 or 48 hours that’s gonna cost you an extra 10 20 dollars right there because nothing’s done quickly on Fiverr anymore and they have increased their fee on Fiverr for the platform by over by a hundred percent at this point in time so I don’t jive with that website I’ve found very poor work product and it’s never building a relationship with someone who I can rely on long term I’ve had a few good experiences but I’ve had a lot of bad experiences on there and I’d prefer to have someone on my team who I can really rely on being there knowing they’re there each and every day up work is another one that a lot of people use and talk about regularly so up work about a year and a half maybe two years ago increase their fee they completely doubled it again a hundred percent increase in their fee up to 20 percent so up work takes 20% of the outsourcers pay just to be the platform which i find to be an exorbitant fee but you also have a couple other challenges on up work number one people are actually buying fake reviews and buying fake star ratings and this means that you don’t actually know you can’t really trust the reviews you got to spend a lot of time reading through those reviews etc etc that’s more on the how to hire stuff but that’s just one of the challenges also there’s inflation going on on up work the prices that that outsourcers even even in the Philippines are charging is significantly inflated versus working directly with the individuals themselves so that’s why I prefer online jobs dot pH now I am an affiliate so if you go to Myles Beckler comm /va you’ll go to their website and if you do sign up to use the platform it’s a monthly thing I do get a kickback that’s not why I’m making this video it just gives you an opportunity to help support the channel in these types of teachings so online jobs dot pH is the largest job board in the Philippines where people from Western countries Australia Europe nicest America Canada etc are able to go work and find Filipino and Filipino outsourcers and teammates through a variety of different tasks right you find designers developers coders virtual assistants customer support content creation individuals all kinds of different jobs so that is a platform that I personally prefer and they have two levels of membership so for 67 dollars a month you get access to the whole job board you sign up for a month you turn it on you go post up your job listings you go email and do your hiring and then you can turn it off when you’re done and that’s it you can pay your individuals yourself through like Payoneer or through zoom and that pretty much is the game right so you can use it on demand they have a higher priced option that’s $97 per month and on this option you actually get access to a full course and the full course is how to find how to hire how to train your virtual assistants which is a really powerful course and so that’s $97 miles Becker com4 / outsourcing is a URL that’ll take you to that course and when you sign up for that course you actually get access to the full platform for a month as well so that’s really the best value because you get that training as well so I’ve had by far the best success I’ve got multiple teammates who I’ve had with me for several years now that came from that job board and they’re like an extension of our family in a major way right like we one of our teammates just had a baby and and we hired a backup for her because she’s got a baby now and we want to make sure she had the ability to you know have sick days as needed and care for the baby days etc my designer my developer we use an audio guy who does all of our audio work he’s in the Philippines so really truly that’s kind of the it right I really think that online jobs up pH is that direct route that allows you to connect directly with the teammate directly with the individual who’s going to do the work so they don’t really take a fee from you for like the the other ones do so on Fiverr every time you do a job there’s a fee for the platform on up work every time you pay there’s a fee from the platform there’s an all jobs you pay to get access to the job board you’re able to do your hiring then you turn it off and six months later if you want to hire another teammate you just go sign up for another month turn it on and so on and so forth you don’t have to pay so I’ve now been paying some my teammates you know tens of thousands of dollars over the course of several years and they’re not taking a percent off of all of that right they’re not taking twenty percent of that which is absolutely ridiculous in the long term so that’s why I prefer it if you have other questions right if you have something if there’s some aspect about outsourcing that you’re just you’re you’re stuck on you really need to know the answer to give me those questions inside of the comments so I know what kind of videos to make for you if you enjoyed this video give me a thumbs up all of the links will be down below in the description I do appreciate any support but whether you use my affiliate link or not the online jobs up pH is what I use right so that’s why I’m sharing it with you it is because it’s the platform that I use but if you go to Myles Becker comm for size VA I do obviously appreciate it be sure to subscribe I got three videos a week coming out any questions getting me in the comments thumbs up share it like it grab the URL spread it out all around the internet do what you do I appreciate you and I look forward to connecting with you on the next video until we meet again be well

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