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hey miles here miles Becca calm this video is going to help you answer the question what is your marketing strategy plan there is no one key marketing strategy that will work for every business type out there so what I’m gonna do in this video is help you kind of self identify with a few very common and proven marketing strategies for businesses whether you’re a bricks-and-mortar local business a restaurant or a digital business like affiliate marketing or you do some sort of consulting or your coach there’s a lot of different ways that you can grow your business these are all going to reflect online based strategies because that’s what I do and this is an overview again this is designed to help you really focus in on the strategy that you think has the highest likelihood of helping you grow your particular business and then you can leverage the other videos i’ve created on this channel there is over 425 different videos on this channel to get very tactical about how to do all of the things we’re gonna talk about but ultimately i just want to help you figure out which things are worth your time the one big thing that you need to start with doing is to really focus in on what is the goal of my marketing strategy your marketing strategy needs to have a very specific goal and if you’re a physical bricks and mortar business that goals are gonna be very different if then if you’re an affiliate marketer or an information marketer so is the goal to generate leads and if so what do you consider a lead is it an email opt-in is it somebody filling out a long form is it someone giving you their phone number or is it as simple as somebody picking up the phone to call you when they need your services or is it somebody just walking into your shop ready to order right walking into your restaurant ready to order so write down the goal or is the goal for them to click and buy right so there’s the lead level and what that is for you then there’s the actual click and buy this is for information marketers oftentimes for e-commerce businesses if you ultimately want someone to just click a button and purchase something without ever calling with ever taking any other actions then is your goal and note it and let’s work backwards from there the third one is do you offer some sort of a free consultation or a strategy session this is kind of like lead gen but it’s a little bit farther than lead generation a lot of coaches and consultants will offer this type of business model where they’ll give you a free 20 or 30 minute or even an hour strategy session to see if you and they are a good fit if this is how you work your business great note that down as your goal because what we’re gonna want to do is figure out what are all the steps what are all the pieces of content what are all the pages that we need to have that will lead someone to that goal this is often referred to as a marketing funnel or a sales funnel and it doesn’t have to get complicated by any means it’ll work within any WordPress based website and some businesses actually don’t even need them you can survive and thrive without a marketing funnel but if you go through the process of lead gen and you’re working to the point where you want someone to click and buy generally speaking funnels can serve you greatly because they’ll help you really really focus in your energy to optimize that flow so someone who doesn’t know about you you can capture their attention you can then make a series of offers or series of promises and measure the kind of how well each promise or offers working and those will lead the user from the shortest path from where they are to where you want them to be which is accomplishing your goal now I have a ton of material about the different types of marketing funnels here on the channel you could feel free to search so if you’re affiliate marketer look for affiliate marketing funnel if you run a membership site you can get my six-figure membership funnel hacks all that’s been laid out in other videos so just understanding that a funnel is a basic series of pages that essentially help a user go from where they are to where you ultimately want them to be which is taking that action we described earlier now let’s flip over to if you are a bricks-and-mortar only business you’re a restaurant you’re a storefront because there’s something you need to do that the other digital based businesses don’t need to do so we’ve kind of got a hard divide in this line this idea of what is your marketing strategy whether you’re a bricks and mortar business or a digital business and that is something that’s called the Google my business platform now Google has a system where they like to verify business owners to make sure you are actually a real bricks and mortar business if you claim you are and ultimately by going through this process this can get you listed on the Google map results if you’ve ever searched for local services like maybe you’ve searched for a plumber in your area or you’ve searched for a hardware store and you see that on the top of the Google search results there’s a map that shows up and it’s got three red pins dropped in it this is called the map pack to marketers and you ultimately want to get on the map pack and generally there’s hundreds and hundreds of businesses often times at least dozens of businesses but yet Google only shows three of them so if you’re a bricks and mortar business you need to learn how to optimize your Google my business and you need to verify yourself the first step is to go to forward slash business and then verify your business they’re actually going to mail you a postcard that has like a four digit code and then you log back in to use that verification and that’s how Google knows the exact physical address you’re at that is the biggest leap forward you can do to kind of like leapfrog over your competitors then you want to make sure you get your address on every page of your website generally that’s gonna be down in the footer and you want to build a content rich website as a local business owner we’ll talk about more of that soon but the big key here is to realize that you need to verify your business through the Google my business platform if you have a physical bricks and mortar business you want to use good long descriptions of your business make sure the phone number and address that show up on your website or the real phone number and address that you’re working with and they’re the exact same phone number and address that you put inside of Google my business everything matches makes Google trust that you are who you say you are and when Google trusts that there’s a much higher likelihood of you showing up on that map pack on the top three because those three plumbers that show up when somebody searches for a plumber in their neighborhood they get 90 plus percent of the phone calls so you want to be that person even if you’re not actually a plumber now if you’re a digital only business the key for you to be thinking about is how are you going to best obtain the attention of your prospects with the bricks and mortar business the attention is generally gained from the search engines when a local individual on a local device with a local IP address searches for vegan restaurant and you’ve claimed your listing and you show up on the map as one of the vegan restaurants in their neighborhood you have a very high likelihood of converting that individual but for digital businesses for coaches for consultants for businesses without physical locations or where physical locations are irrelevant it’s a little bit different and we need to really establish a game plan for you for how you are going to effectively capture the attention of your prospects and there’s really two ways that you’re going to be able to do this there’s the paid option and then there’s the earned option both options require content it’s different how it’s built out so the paid option is when you’re willing to either pay for advertising on a search engine so you decide that that plumber comma Tulsa Oklahoma phrase is valuable enough for you to pay for every single click you can get then that’s paid traffic or you decide to pay to have your ads show up on Facebook or another social media platform that’s paid traffic it takes a little bit different effort and I’ve got a lot of videos that teach how to do that then earned traffic what is earned traffic generally it’s content that’s created and published natively either to your website your blog that will get picked up by Google and can rank well on Google or your creating YouTube videos and your publishing YouTube videos about what you do and your teaching or your kind of target market you’re teaching your audience helpful things that are gonna help them kind of get the results that you ultimately will sell them so there’s the content marketing which is earned and you leverage this by publishing lots of great content very very frequently or there’s the paid option and the theory behind splitting it up this way is you have one of two things going for you you either have more time than money or you have more money than time and you’re gonna have to choose one of those two camps and if you have more time than money you can go the Earned route and you can create content if you have more money than time you can go the paid route and you can leverage to pay for every click that you get it can be a quicker opportunity to get traffic showing up to your site but it really requires you to be a little bit more on top of every step of that funnel every step of that customer flow because there is the opportunity to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars a day and get zero results and no one really enjoys that kind of a process I’ve been there I’ve done that it’s not very fun so you make an ultimate decision and now we’re gonna go a little deeper into the paid side so maybe you made the decision of like I’ve got the money for it I’ve got three grand a month I would love to invest in getting more foot traffic into my store etc then the question is what paid traffic source is best for you and your business now there’s a really easy way to kind of distinguish when the search engines work better or when social media works better and is it it’s the question of do people want what you have or do people need what you have right so if you are the plumber example again when someone needs a plumber generally they’re having a problem something’s backed up a sinks not draining there’s some issue that’s relatively urgent and they in that moment they actually need a plumber to show up it’s not really a want it’s a need in that situation think about the user behavior they can probably go to their cell phone they might go to their laptop odds are they’re gonna go to their cell phone and they’re gonna search for a plumber because they need a plumber to show up right now they’re not gonna go to social media and scroll through their timeline and hope that a plumber ad shows up so they can find a plumber that’s very general kind of user behavior but it is an easy way for you to kind of understand which direction could be best for your business so if it’s a want situation luxury goods items that make people feel like they have status symbols things that we don’t necessarily need we’re higher up in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs here but we actually want right there’s some the massage because I want to massage or there’s the I’ve got a little crook in my neck I’m pretty much locked up in this position and I need a massage therapist to come help me out with this so there can be in that example I just gave you a little bit of overlap right there and you would want to look into your client face you would want to look in your business model to really kind of analyze what types of people show up I think that a massage would often be a want right someone’s in a maybe you you live in or you’re a massage therapist in a tourist destination you’re on the north shore of Lake Tahoe and there’s people up snowboarding all weekend and you know that a lot of these tourists who come up snowboarding are interested in having massages whether it’s because they fell and hurt their bum or whether it’s just because that’s a part of what they do on their ski weekend you have the ability to target individuals who are in your area on Facebook while making sure that they’re not from your area let me rephrase that a little bit different it got a little confusing there so I can target individuals who do not live in let’s say the north shore of Lake Tahoe and they live in the San Francisco Bay Area but when they’re in my location then my ad shows which means my advertisement would only show for people who live in the Bay Area and are currently in the north shore of Lake Tahoe where I operate my business there’s a really high likelihood of that individual wanting a massage when they’re on vacation from their life in San Francisco up in the mountains skiing snowboarding hanging out on the North Shore of Tahoe and that’s where leveraging the social media paid traffic opportunity and route can really help use a business owner if you have a want specific business model so that makes sense so we’re looking at the needs our Google all the way when somebody needs a service when somebody needs a DUI lawyer because they just got out of the Wow that was a terrible example but you get what I’m saying right somebody just got a DUI they’ve got a court date coming up there they need someone in that moment they’re gonna be on google looking for that individual but when somebody’s got them on vacation they’re having a good time they’re in a different place they’re just looking for ways to spend their money and you want to make sure your ad shows up for that individual Facebook can be a great paid advertising opportunity I’ve got videos that are gonna help you a lot with that Facebook advertising program just search my channel for that so that’s really the paid side then there’s the earn side now the earn side there’s really the search engines and there’s social media I’ve got a video that talks about the difference but I think for most business owners you want to focus on search engines because you get longer shelf life from the content that you publish so you will publish helpful blog posts and help or and/or helpful videos that your target audience is going to be searching for when they encounter what you’re doing right so this situation let’s use the massage therapy example you could create a blog post that’s about the 10 best day trips from the San Francisco Bay Area or the 10 best things to do in the North Tahoe region and on that list of things to do could obviously be getting a massage or a spa day you could do a roundup post of the best way to treat yourself to a spa day on the north shore of Lake Tahoe and you could say step 1 step 2 step 3 step 4 and essentially publish an itinerary for them so people who are at their desk jobs on Thursday thinking about their trip up there Saturday and they’re there acting like they’re working but they’re really actually planning their vacation they what phrases and what things is that individual gonna search in that moment and then if you create the types of content that will show up you have a highly liked high likelihood of engaging that user through the search engines now the process of how this works is called keyword research and search engine optimization I have videos that explain exactly how to do that but the goal is to find those exact phrases that that target market that individual is searching and then you create great content that simply answers their question or helps them understand more about whatever that was they just searched you use content to answer their questions you use content to help them achieve what they’re looking for and that’s how you engage them and that how you kind of connect with them once they’re on your site this is where the idea of a funnel can come into play and this is the same whether they’re coming from a paid ad or they clicked on your blog post in a search in your results you can have pop-ups that offer discounts you can have package specials there’s a lot of different ways that you can move someone who’s just reading a post about the best day spas on North Tahoe to taking a step in your direction if I may be giving you their email address in exchange for a buy one get one free couples massage coupon and that you have just generated your lead you have the ability to followup with them you’ve given them something of value they can come redeem with you and you have effectively created a marketing strategy in that exact moment so ultimately I think the best way for you to look at your business model is is it a want or is it a need do I have more time than money or do I have more money than time and if I’m going to go in the content marketing direction which is a better option for me is it videos or is it written blog posts you’re going to get the most value in the search engines and the most potential traffic if you focus on written blog posts as long as they’re targeting keyword phrases that people are searching for and you ultimately do a bit of search engine optimization I’ve got a free one-hour learn SEO class I’ve also got a one-hour how to do keyword research like a boss video it will show you the the nuts and bolts of how to do that but really I think this is the kind of big broad overview for you to really try to help you understand if your business operates in this method you have a physical local business that’s based on something people need in that moment you know Google my business and content marketing is your path to success if you really want to amp things up quickly add on Google advertising on top and that right there is a kick-ass marketing strategy for a local business if you’re an online coach then creating YouTube videos that help people take positive actions in their life could be a great way to meet them you recommend or free course as the opt-in that’s gonna get them into your funnel once they opt-in for your free seven day video course at the end of that you can have a call to action that will offer them your free 30-minute kind of consultation or your free 30 minute strategy session so you can see if you guys are a fit and they’re you have a marketing funnel that will take a user who’s searching for how to improve their life on YouTube to find them encounter them give them value offer them something move them into a funnel and ultimately get them on the phone with you all based on effort no paid advertising required it just takes energy and there’s probably three or four other little paths that you could take from the information that was shared here in this video but I really wanted to lay out a baseline video that’s kind of the the kind of biggest broadest overview of all of the different strategies to help you identify what your best potential marketing strategy or your best strategy plan would be for marketing online if you have any questions get at me in the comments I’m happy to help as best I can in the comments if you enjoyed this video give me a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe I got a new video coming out in a couple of days I put out three new videos a week and I’m happy to share everything I know about the world of digital entrepreneurship digital marketing with you until we connect again be well thanks for your time and I’ll see you on the next video


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