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Organic Traffic From Google Is Up Over 85% – Month 31 Content Marketing Update

hey miles here miles Becker calm in this video we are going to look behind the scenes of 31 months of content marketing effort this is my effort analysis I do every month so we’re gonna look in my analytics on the YouTube page the analytics of my blog and the analytics of my podcast feed this is the three pillar content marketing strategy coming at you and I’m gonna show you what the results are now that I’ve done one month beyond two and a half years now just a refresher I record videos first it’s the easiest format for me to create content in so I’m a video producer I’ve got a virtual assistant who takes the audio track puts them onto my podcast feed that’s been going on since about October of 2017 November 2017 and then I’ve got a team that takes the actual words transcribes them with Timmy calm tem i calm or order a IOT te rai and then they copy edit them they turn them into blog posts they optimize them and they publish them to my blog so we’re gonna look behind and see what kind of traffic what kind of results happen from that my email list is right about that 10,000 subscriber mark but a long time coming to get to that point so that’s a pretty big mark for me and with that said let’s jump in we’re gonna start in YouTube and we’re gonna look at the data inside of YouTube first so right here you can see on the left pane at the bottom it says view all 493 which means I have published 493 videos in about 31 months so that I don’t I don’t know what the rough math is all have to be perfectly honest I think it’s something like 13 a month on average give or take I’ll let you bust out a calculator if you’re super interested in that on the view numbers I’m now pushing the 4.5 million view mark which is absolutely astounding that there’s been that many views and I’ve crossed the 90,000 subscriber mark all signs point clearly to the fact that I will be over a hundred thousand subscribers by the time I hit the three year mark actually I should probably be within about to about two and a half three months is when I’ll actually hit that point so let’s jump in the analytics and do a little bit closer look because you can see right here on the watch time my watch time is really really sliding and one thing that’s going on is so for two months I had been running paid ads to my videos I’m not creating separate videos I’m not running call to action videos I’m literally paying to boost my best performing videos to get more reach this idea came from Neil Patel when I got to sit down and chat with him at the Affiliate Summit 2019 in Las Vegas he was just boldly and clearly saying you should run paid ads to your best videos for 60 days and then you should turn it off for 60 days and you should cycle between running it on and off in 6 da increments because the theory is that all of the engagements that I receive from the paid traffic durations will carry over into the organic periods we’re doing the same thing with my wife and I’m literally about a week of not running ads so I can see that my watch time’s dropping down my average view duration is going back up and my view numbers are also dropping down which is okay but what I’m really interested in is watching my numbers as I get to the 30 and 60 day mark I can tell you right now my average 48-hour view time was very consistently between 10 and 12 thousand views per 48 hours and right now it’s sitting closer to the 14 to 16 thousand views for 48 hours so it does appear that it has increased but I’m still collecting data on this right now let’s actually go in real quick I want to run a little comparison so we can see what it was compared this time versus last year at this time so let me set that up real quick and here are my year-over-year numbers and it is so plain to see what the potential growth of running those paid ads did the blue line is this current year and again I was running paid ads in this area but I stopped my paid ads here so even now that I’ve stopped for about a week you can see the blue line is still much higher and we’re looking at that’s a seven thousand plus view per day difference this is upwards of twenty thousand views per day so that’s like almost a 50 percent increase right there my average view duration is spot on similar and you can see that we’re getting closer but there’s still this higher level and that was the big theory really ultimately in running the paid ads um you can see my subscriber numbers are also significantly higher but again I’m not gonna get extremely clean data until we do this next month and then I do the year-over-year next month but I’m analyzing this on the fly as we go so far signs seem that it was worth the fifty to sixty dollars per day that I was spending on this but ultimately time will tell on that let’s jump into the actual blog analytics because I’ve been putting a lot of effort inside of my blog I’ve created a new SEO software that is running up inside of my content and conversion com membership program I’ve created an advanced SEO training that’s also inside of my content and convergent membership program and those are based on what I’ve been doing here in my blog with my kind of SEO team and my content team to optimize my content right now I’m up to 28 29 thousand visits in the last 30 days um I’m really getting up to that I’m bumping into that thousand visits a day average mark which is great from about 20,000 users and you can see 54,000 page views almost two pages per session so here’s where you’re gonna start to see the results from from these efforts that we’ve been putting in to improve this is a month over month and this can show some seasonality so I’ll do another comparison but you can see just month over month I’m thirteen point four eight more visits up from 16% more people and my pageviews are going up so this means not only am I getting more people but the people who are showing up are also engaging more which is really interesting to remove seasonality from the numbers because you know there’s a difference from one months to the next we’re gonna do a year over year view and this is where it gets pretty dramatic and you can see here that I’m 50% up on my traffic year-over-year 42% more page views so they’re sticking around much much longer and 70% more people are actually finding my site this month this year versus this month last year and this is this is the the best part of the content right I think that written content is still the most powerful content mechanism because more people search google for answers to their questions and that’s where my written content gets picked up that’s why I invest heavily in a content team to take my videos and to get them on to my blog post but I want to show you real specifically because this is all my traffic right I email my list sometimes and I tell them to come check out my stuff and I do get traffic from other sources beyond the just the the organic content marketing so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna break down by sources and mediums so you can see exactly where my traffic is coming from and you’re gonna see right here I’m keeping this year-over-year running you see on Google organic I’m actually at 85% that’s right down here in this first call and where’s my mouse there so I’m up eighty five point seven five percent in Google organic year-over-year that’s I mean we’re pushing the hundred percent year-over-year increase which is doubling right my traffic is almost doubled from nineteen thousand to twenty-eight thousand so this is a massive excuse me from eight thousand to fifteen thousand so if it was sixteen thousand just one thousand away from literally doubling and this is the power so my overall site is up 50 percent but the Google organic which is the whole point of putting out content on a blog is to get Google to fall in love with your content to drive traffic that’s up 85 percent let’s look at it month over month to just show kind of the closer range of what’s actually going on and then that’ll be the last one in here before we go into the podcast so right here you can see I’m up twenty percent so the site wide I’m up thirteen point four percent and you can see on Google specifically I’m up twenty percent so the Google is trending greater than the rest of my traffic which means that if I’m losing traffic from social or from any other traffic source or direct if I’m not mailing as much even though that’s up five percent it’s not up as much as the site is Google is really picking up the slack there and again this is all just the optimization that I’m doing it’s inside of content in conversion comm I’ve got that advanced SEO training and the software tool I’m running that software tool on my old content and I’m doing the things I teach in that advanced training on my content and it is just taking my old stuff that I’ve written I’ve paid to have kind of written and optimized over the last year and it is just bumping it up and up and up in the search engines so I’m really excited to see that and then I want to go last here into the podcast so this is the podcast and podcast has been slow and steady growth again I started I believe in October or November of 2017 all time I’m sitting about a hundred and thirteen thousand downloads at this point and you can see so last month I got 290 300 the month before that was 82 81 so ultimately my trend is going up it is right now March 24th we have one week left in March which means were three-quarters of the way through March so using that kind of napkin math if you will that means I could expect somewhere around 225 hundred maybe 26 27 hundred more visits more downloads this month based on the numbers I’ve seen already which would put me over the ten thousand downloads in a month mark and again this is the same content that I’m putting out my virtual assistant in the Philippines who’s been with me for years and years she just automatically goes and looks for my videos and then she pulls out the mp3 and puts them up for me is 100% hands-off and it’s connecting me with more people and just so you don’t think that I’m cannibalizing my audience in one place from the other I’m definitely not and I here’s here’s where podcasting is really really practical parents I’m actually right now I’m staying with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law and they’ve got two kids they have a six month old and they have a he’s just under three years old and they literally can’t spend more than a minute or two away from their kits the the need for attention is real with small children there’s this whole segment this whole demographic of parents who are extremely busy they can’t sit down and watch a YouTube video like this but what can they do well they can pop in their earbuds when they’re at the gym they can listen in their car while they’re commuting they can listen on their earbuds while they’re on the train commuting etc etc whether out taking the walk gone for walks in the afternoons they’re able to listen to content this is why I reformat my content from the video side into the mp3 side because I’m reaching a different demographic I’m reaching a different segment of my audience so my YouTube channel growth is continuing to grow my blog content is just growing at a massive massive rate right now and my podcast is growing as well so I’m just reaching more and more people each and every month all of this filters back to my free course how I went from side hustle to a million dollar business I’ll have a little book popup here there’ll be a card little pop-up in the corner if you haven’t got that go ahead and grab it subscribe you’ll get the whole course you get a password and login it’s a it’s a really in-depth comprehensive course that’s gonna help you choose your niche blah blah blah all that good stuff to build a business right I show you everything that I did to do it to create this business that I’m running right now and people will find it they come back my list grows the relationship grows I continue to do my work of putting out three great videos each and every week I’ve got teammates I’ve got systems I’ve got support in place to help me syndicate that content out as many places as I can and voila things are working it really works when you stick with it and I think it’s important to last note this is again I’m pushing three years of two and a half years in I did nothing but videos for six months then I added on an email my opt-in list and I did that for six months it was over one year and about 200 videos before I ever tried to turn one into a blog post before I ever considered turning one into a podcast episode you are not here you you are not here to keep up with me right if you if you don’t have 15 years of experience making money online and 60 to 70 hours per week to dedicate to your business don’t expect yourself to be able to keep up all you want to do is keep up with you find that one core content pillar that you can go all-in on and dominate 80 percent your efforts should go on one core pillar for me that’s YouTube and the reason is because it’s easy for me to create content like this if it’s easier for you to write out content to do an outline one day to write the first draft the next day to write a great final draft and copy editor final draft that third day do the written content do what’s easiest for you to get going and then stick with it for a year publish 200 plus great pieces of content in a year then you can start to expect to see some momentum and you’ll be so good at the process at that point that you’ll be able to get more time you free up your time it just doesn’t take as long for me to make a video today as it did two years ago so I have a little bit more time and that’s the time I dedicated to testing and really building out those other processes to my teammates now do for me I know you can do this just remember it’s a three to five year plan get the book get to course the free course the book will pop up here on the end screen I thank you if you have any questions get at me in the comments and I look forward to connecting with you on another video till we meet again be well

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