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Ulcerative Colitis | Natural Cures For Ulcerative Colitis

There are many natural cures for ulcerative colitis. Manuka Honey has been researched for over twenty years. This honey is shown to naturally destroy the bacteria which causes stomach ulcers.

It is one of the natural home remedies which have proven to be an effective alternative treatment. It relieves the symptoms of ulcerative colitis and other gastrointestinal symptoms.

Effective Manuka honey may well be the natural cure for ulcerative colitis which many people have been waiting for. It relieves the symptoms without any unwanted side effects. When taken before a meal it provides for intestinal health by coating and protecting the intestinal tract and naturally protects it from food irritants. This ulcerative colitis cure may be taken throughout the day to aid in the healing of the ulcers and to reduce inflammation.

Natural cures for ulcerative colitis also include the natural herbal healing of Aloe Vera. A clinical trial using Aloe Vera as a treatment for ulcerative colitis announced positive results. The trial involved forty-four people who suffered from the symptoms of ulcerative colitis. Those partaking in the trial were unaware as to whether they were taking Aloe Vera or a placebo.

Over four weeks the Aloe Vera produced a clinical response more often than the placebo and biopsy examinations underneath the microscope also showed improvements. There was a noticeable clinical improvement in an average of thirty-eight percent of those given the Aloe Vera compared to eight percent in those given the placebo.

Natural cures for ulcerative colitis should also include coconut oil. Ulcerative colitis hinders the intestine’s ability to absorb food which can lead to nutritional deficiencies. Researchers have demonstrated the benefits of this natural remedy since the 1980s. Coconut oil as a natural health therapy has antimicrobial properties that kill troublesome microorganisms that may cause chronic inflammation as in the symptoms of ulcerative colitis. Adding coconut oil to the diet naturally gives an anti-inflammatory and healing effect that plays a role in soothing and healing the inflammation and injury in the digestive tract that is characteristic of ulcerative colitis.

Natural herbal healing and another of the natural cures for ulcerative colitis is herbal Boswellia. This decreases the severity and supports remission in ulcerative colitis. Boswellic acid, which is the main active part in Boswellia, applies a potent anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory activity. The research proposes that the anti-arthritic action of this natural herbal healing drug is even more powerful than phenylbutazone (a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug).

Research has shown that Boswellia acids have an anti-inflammatory action similar to the standard nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Contrasting to NSAIDs, continued use of Boswellia does not seem to cause inflammation or ulceration of the stomach. One minor, controlled, double-blind trial concluded that Boswellia extract might be supportive for intestinal health and ulcerative colitis.

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