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Ulcerative Colitis | Psychotherapy For Ulcerative Colitis

Psychotherapy for ulcerative colitis? Can psychotherapy cure or at least help control ulcerative colitis? This is a grave and very incapacitating disorder. The symptoms of ulcerative colitis are abdominal pain and loose stools which frequently have blood in them. In some cases, the condition is so relentless that you may require hospital treatment for your ulcerative colitis.

As no therapeutic cure is known and the treatments of ulcerative colitis can be so wide-ranging and random, it is not likely that we can make any definite declaration as to whether psychotherapy does or does not help in the treatments and cure of ulcerative colitis. A number of sufferers seem to gain from psychology therapy, while others do not.

If you have emotional problems that are affecting your health and ability to cope with the symptoms and the treatments of ulcerative colitis or any other problem is disturbing your life, then psychotherapy should be considered. If you are doing well in psychotherapy, then the path of the ulcerative colitis will often inadvertently improve as well. Receiving psychotherapy for ulcerative colitis will not deprive you of medical care.

An optimistic outlook can add to anyone’s good health. Then again, that sort of stance can be hard to keep up when you are faced with ulcerative colitis. Ulcerative colitis symptoms produce disturbing reactions such as sadness, frustration, anger, and particularly fear. These added to the pain and suffering may, in reality, make the physical effects worse. At times people are embarrassed by the symptoms of ulcerative colitis and of these feelings. They do not know how to convey them.

A lot of people do not understand that depression is a strategy we have developed in order to help us cope. This is a response to many demanding life situations, including chronic illness such as ulcerative colitis.

Treatment for ulcerative colitis will include the best possible up to date treatments for the physical effects to help cure ulcerative colitis, but what about the psychological consequences? Psychotherapy may help with the painful feelings and the consequential depression which time and again, are ignored and left untreated.

This is unfortunate because apt treatment can pay large dividends and besides the last thing you need is to feel depressed on top of the difficulties created by the effects of ulcerative colitis. Depression damages the immune system, maybe causing a decline in the ulcerative colitis and predisposing you to new illnesses. Four scientific investigations in patients’ health with serious illnesses, such as ulcerative colitis, have shown that psychotherapy treatment prolongs life.

In recent times a teaching hospital has been investigating the use of hypnotherapy (a form of psychotherapy) in the treatment of Ulcerative Colitis. The initial findings advocate that hypnotherapy not only has the desired effects in reducing the bleeding but also there is marked evidence of healing in the affected parts of the colon.

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