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In mold remediation one of the issues that we have deal with is air filtration and we have a number really good pieces of equipment that we use for air filtration. This is a HEPA 2000 it cleans two thousand cubic feet of air per minute, and this is a HEPA 500, which cleans 500 cubic feet of air per per minute; and, depending on the size of the room the size the job we are working on we choose one or the other. This is a charcoal filter I’ll that you can use with this HEPA 500 and it will actually filter out the air; so if you’ve got a moldy musty problem that requires some odor cleaning at the same time this works really really well. This is a – and I don’t really know if you tell the difference in color – this is a used one from a job and this is a new one that hasn’t been used yet so you can tell that this one this has quite a few more hours on it. One of the other things about these HEPA air filtration systems is they’re a little loud and clunky as you might imagine; having this in your home just for everyday use might might not be too too comfortable.

The other thing is they’re little out and the extra volume kinda makes them uncomfortable have to have a house; however, if you go to the back of Lowes or Home Depot, company named Idylis I-D-Y-L-I-S makes a beautiful in home air filtration system HEPA stands for for “high-efficiency particulate air.” In other words it filters out 99.97 percent all the stuff in the air; so, basically takes mostly mold spores out as a little bit smaller What you want to have for that is UV light. They accomplish a couple things. One is they clean the air.

I love that and they also have a UV light so they the killing mold spores that are in the air; on top of that they add some nice white noise. So if you live near a place where there’s a lot of traffic sounds it will ill mask over those sounds. Also, the Idyli unit that I’m a real big fan of, is about two hundred and fifty dollars. Sometimes they are on sale for a little bit less; but the nice thing about those is they also have an auto setting so they speed up and slow down they clean or air lesser depending on how how dirty they detect the air is. I happen have to have a couple of them in my own home and usually whoever sick that day; if somebody’s got a cold or something like that the air filtration system goes in their room and it gives them a little nice white noise plus so gives them a good 6 to 8 hours of good sleeping air so they get good air to sleep with that night and so usually that will make the cold go away.

One of the early detectors of having mold in your home is having somebody in your house having flu-like symptoms that just won’t seem to go away. http://www.mrmoldy.com You’ll notice that in the day you go off to school or go off to work are may start feeling better than you come home in the evening and those symptoms start coming back again. That’s usually a pretty good sign you have got mold in your home; and, a really really good way to tell if that’s exactly what it is is get one of these iIdylis HEPA air filtration system for your home, park it right next to your bed and turn it on and then sleep with it at night and if your symptoms seem to go away. Then, it’s probably dirty air that you’re breathing. Now when my kids go to school they get what I call “kennel cough.” Basically the kids go to school, you’ve got a class with 30 or 40 kids, and one kid sneezes, that sneeze goes into the air and then all the other kids bring that home, they all get sick and they bring it home to me and I pass it on to my wife we pass around the house.

Last last year I took these HEPA air filtration systems and put it in my kids classroom and they didn’t bring a cold home once; so, I highly recommend these systems. Make sure that they say HEPA and that they have a UV light to kill mold spores. Put them in your kids room make sure you’ve got a sizable one; big enough one for the room that you’re putting it in and then put it in one or two places – either put it next to your bed where you’re going to be sleeping or put it next to where you think the mold problem might be. The real problem that mold effects us is that it’s in the air that we breath and if it goes in the air we breathe then it goes in your lungs then it causes the health problems. If you can take it out of the air – in other words the air that you’re breathing is clean and free of mold – then you won’t have the signs and symptoms and then even if you have a house which is kinda little older and had a lotta water damage over the years – it’s not a good a substitute for mediation if you have got mold – get it remediated; but, it’s a way you can make it manageable in the meantime If you’ve gotta live in the house when you got the friends coming over the holidays we’re gonna be outta town and can’t do it, at least put something into the house to clean the air while you’re there.

http://www.mrmoldy.com So that you can have anice clean air until you have the time and money to go ahead and get the mold remediated. .

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