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12 Homeschooling Tips And Resources For Beginners And Working Parents

It’s natural to worry about overseeing your child’s education, working full-time, and keeping the house clean all at once. That’s why it’s so important to stay realistic about what you can — and honestly can’t — do. Writing a list of things that are crucial to you (and things you can see yourself being a little more lax on) can help.

For instance, if you’re a stickler for having balanced, home-cooked meals and a spotless home all the time, you might have to do a little more takeout than you’d like, or live with a less-than-immaculate living room. At the very least, cut yourself some slack as the school year starts.

But also: Forgive yourself if there are days where you just can’t facilitate your child’s learning. Your kid won’t drastically fall behind just because you were busy with a work assignment for part of the week.

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