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13 Of The Best Cheap Espresso Machines You’ll Love A Latte


A compact DeLonghi machine that’s super easy to clean so you can enjoy making your morning latte without dreading the cleanup afterward.


It features a removable drip tray for easy cleaning, a stainless steel steam wand, a two-level cup holder (so you don’t have to always use the same-sized cup), a portafilter with a single and double filter, and a 15-bar pump to boot. (BTW, “15-bar” refers to the machine’s pump pressure, which is what helps yield delicious, perfectly-extracted espresso shots.)

Promising review: “I’ve tried all types of coffee with this machine: every roast variety, flavored coffees, espresso ground vs. coarse ground. And it’s incredible how much better coffee can taste with this machine over the single-serve. Coffee has also never been smoother. The flavors, even in just regular grounds, have never popped more. And the steamer arm works well with half and half, giving me the perfect cappuccino every time with zero hassle or effort. The machine is easy to clean, including its drip tray, which lifts completely free of the machine for washing. If you want a better at-home cup of coffee, this is what will do it. You haven’t truly had coffee until you’ve had a drink from this machine.” —Jessica

Get it from Target for $99.99.

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