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27 Things That’ll Bring You Relief In One Way Or Another

Let’s say it together, “aaaahhhhhhh.”

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A nifty “wine wand” that can help reduce headache-causing histamines and sulfite from wine so you can enjoy your end-of-day glass without the unfortunate side effects.


Each wand is designed for one glass of wine, but many reviewers say they can get away with using one for two glasses at three minutes per glass.

Promising review: “OMG!!!! This works. I love wine, but have terrible allergies to the histamines, sulfites, and preservatives in wine. I actually use one wand for two glasses of wine. I was very skeptical, but it works like a dream! Thank you PureWine. This is really a breakthrough for me.” —Penny Froh

Get a set of three from Amazon for $11.99.


Or for something more cost-effective in the long run (you know, for all of us regular wine drinkers), a wine purifying carafe that doubles as a filter for removing histamines and sulfite, as well as an aerator.


Comes with glass carafe, wine purifier, travel bag, and six filters. Each filter can be used on an entire bottle of wine.

Promising review: “Great decanter and really works. My girlfriend gets headaches and earaches from red wine and this filter system really does work. She’s now converted from white to red!!! Filtration doesn’t change the taste and the aerator action is an added bonus because it really opens up.” —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $129.99, and additional filters for $29.99.


A natural decongestant you apply on your chest and under your nose for some icky cough and congestion relief. It’s formulated with eucalyptus oil, lavender, and tea tree — you know, all the good stuff known to help soothe stuffy noses.


Promising review: “Living here in the desert there’s a lot of dust that causes lung congestion, bronchitis, etc. I was plagued by a frequent cough for 5 months and my doctor wanted me to take Spiriva, which is hundreds of $ a month and has some nasty side effects. I decided to try this rub instead and was amazed how effective it has been over the past month relieving overnight coughing and congestion. My husband rubs a bit of the rub under his nose when we go to bed and swears the lavender aroma helps him sleep much sounder. On nights when I forget to put some on the cough and congestion come right back. Will definitely reorder this little wonder.” —Carole Converse-Burnes

Get it from Amazon for $21.97.


And! A “headcool” balm that can give ya some dang relief when you feel a headache coming on. Stressful weeks happen and it feels a teensy bit better when you feel prepared for them. /

The brand also has tons of balms for nausea, stress, and congestion!

Promising review: “This product is really effective in reducing headaches and even migraines. I followed the directions (use a cotton pad or something similar to apply so you don’t rub it into your eyes). Just use a small amount on forehead, temples, and back of neck. I am truly amazed how fast it works. Keep applying per instructions and you will find relief!” —Michella1204

Get it from Amazon for $14.99 (available in six salve types).


A three-step nail repair kit for restoring cracked, thin, and damaged nails so you don’t have to spend the day typing with painful, chipped ones. Life is a smidge easier with strong nails, it just is!


Plus, nothing feels better than having a fresh mani! This kit comes with a ridge filler to create a smooth foundation, a straightener to improve weak nails, and an oil to moisturize cuticles.

Promising review: “I only wish I’d known about these polishes earlier. My nails are thin and they split and peel, sometimes halfway down, and they’re super weak once they’ve peeled. The ridge filler goes on smooth and looks beautifully matte. Then the clear top coat seals the nail and helps to prevent further damage. Wearing these products are helping prevent further peeling during the growing out phase; the thinnest parts of my nails must be gently filed off as they grow out but the main benefit is that this stuff stops any further peeling so my nails CAN grow out. The cuticle oil is rich enough to feel wonderful. I would recommend this kit to anyone with thin, weak, splitting, peeling nails because it works.” —Alice Marsupi

Get it from Amazon for $12.95.


A pack of mushroom coffee mix that reviewers say give them the same amount of energy as regular cups of joe, but without any jitters or caffeine headaches. Feel the midday slump comin’ on? Grab this.

Promising review: “I have no idea if there will legitimately be any real benefits to ingesting these ‘super-‘mushrooms in my coffee, but what I do know is this: They taste good, and they leave me less jittery than regular coffee. That could be just the result of drinking slightly less coffee in my coffee, but either way, it satisfies my craving for coffee and it tastes good.” —Kate O’Neill

Get a pack of 10 from Amazon for $11.84 (available in three mushroom blends).

To learn more about this, check out a BuzzFeeder’s full review (it’s #3!).


A set of toe caps for protecting ingrown nails, corns, blisters, and other painful areas and preventing them from rubbing in your shoes. Its latex-free gel material also moisturizes skin and promotes healing.

These are waterproof and reusable!

Promising review: “This is an unbelievable product! I work 12 hour shifts in the hospital and need protection for the corn on my left great toe. I purchased the size large and it fit well. I completely forgot I was wearing it underneath my socks and athletic shoes — bonus! The silicone is very soft, flexible, cleans easily. Would absolutely recommend this since it has held up quite well for the 17 hours I have it on (from the time I wake up until I am back from my shift). Cleans and dries easily and has maintained its shape.” —LJ

Get a six-pack from Amazon for $10.99 (available in two sizes and colors).


Bra strap extenders to give you room to breathe (like, literally breathe). It won’t be quite as great as the feeling of whipping your bra off at the end of a long day, but it’ll come veeeery close.

Promising review: “Great! Not to long like others I was finding! These are great if you need to go up like one to three clips, instead of two inches like others! These were just what I needed and I love you get three sizes and three colors. Totally awesome!” —Steff

Get a nine-piece variety set from Amazon for $8.99 (available in six set sizes).


A pollen-, dust mite-, mold-, and pet dander-busting upholstery spray that might make all the difference if your regular allergy medicine just isn’t cutting it. *Wipes nose,* ahh yes, spring is just around the corner. Oh wait, I always have allergies.


You can use this on carpeting, upholstery, curtains, vehicle interiors, and pet bedding.

Promising review: “My daughter-in-law has severe asthma and allergies. When she visits, the air and the furniture have to be free of allergens. This product has helped tremendously when she has come. She brings an air purifier along, and I clean, but she says that this product has definitely made a difference from other homes she has visited. When she came before, she ended up in the ER. No problem this time.” —Ann Remsberg

Get it from Amazon for $24.95.


A jewelry fastener so you can take one big sigh of relief when you alone put a bracelet on. Delicately resting your hand on the counter while you gently try to attach the clasp with one hand in complete frustration is so last year.


Promising review: “Wonderful helper! I don’t know how I fastened a bracelet before ordering this. Each time I use it, it seems to be easier to use.” —LuAnne B.

Get it from Amazon for $5.99+ (available in four colors).


Oil blotting sheets if you’re prone to oily skin but don’t feel like washing your face four times a day. Take that (!!!), humidity!

Promising review: “I’ve had oily skin my whole life and have used countless types of oils blotting sheets because they’re life savers. THESE ARE AMAZING. Great deal, big sheets, and they pull out one at a time so easily. I used to use Clean & Clear sheets or knock offs of the same thing but I’ll never go back. Give these a try — completely worth it. They work well and are easy to use. No negative things to say at all.” —Kelsey

Get 100 sheets from Amazon for $6.95.


A discreet little password book that’ll serve ya a friendly reminder when you can’t remember what your favorite pizza topping was in 2007.,

Promising review: “I LOVE this little book! What an awesome idea someone had when they came up with this! I have always had to write my passwords in some sort of notebook/journal since I have so many accounts and can never remember any of them, but this just made it SO much easier! It’s in alphabetical order which is super convenient and it’s discreet yet not boring enough to get shuffled away with other paperwork and notebooks.” —Erika Gustafson

Get it from Amazon for $7.99+ (available in three sizes).


Grocery bag handles because who on earth wants to make more than one trip to the car to get the rest of the groceries or smush their fingers carrying heavy bags on each one? Spoiler: NOBODY!!!, Amazon

Promising review: “If I could give these 10 stars I would. We live on the 3rd floor and these have saved our wrists, hands, arms from bag carrying. These are a must have!” —Caterina Allen

Get a set of two from Amazon for $14.99.


LED-dimming stickers so you can sleep in complete peace (and darkness!) and not be bothered by obnoxiously flashing router and console lights.

They dim 50-80% of the light, so you can still tell that your devices are still actually *on* and functioning. You can always double them up to completely block out the light source if you’d like (many reviewers do this) or buy the stronger full black-out edition!

Promising review: “This is the best thing you never knew you needed. I own a digital clock with the numbers displayed in red LED light, and every night I’ve blocked the light with a cover so it doesn’t shine in my eyes as I sleep. Silly I know, but I like my room pitch black and cave-like. On a whim I bought this product. OH MY GOD! Game changer!! For the first night EVER I didn’t have to cover the clock display before I went to bed!! I had no idea how big a difference this little dimmer could make, but I’m more than pleased with the result. I can still see the time display just fine, but now my room is a happy cave! The product is easy to remove and doesn’t leave a sticky residue at all, which can’t be said for most tapes. I did notice a slight lag in response when I covered my TV LED sensor, so if you’re trying to block something that actually senses inputs I would maybe not suggest this. Other than that, excellent product!” —Amazon Customer

Get a sheet of over 100 dimming stickers (in multiple sizes and shapes) from Amazon for $5.99.


Expanding (and very cute) file folders to keep your important documents safe and sound so when you actually need to find that one tax return form from 2014, you know exactly where to go.,

Promising review: “I am on the road all the time for work, and these have made my life so much easier! I have almost every color of these and use one for my personal (bills to pay, checks to cash, to-do lists, forms to sign, etc.), another for anything that pertains to a specific day, and one for each of my clients. I could easily see these being great for high school or college classes. These go from the floor of my car, to my bottomless purse, to the kitchen counter — they go everywhere and they have held up great! I absolutely love these!” —Jenna Smith

Get it from Amazon for $8.99 each (available in 10 colors).

For more on these folders, check out “You Can Fit Your Whole Damn Life Into These Adorable File Folders.”


And a suuuuuuuper duper small spatula made to get into the nooks and crannies of your best beauty products and remove every last drop so when you run out last minute (it always happens on the busiest days!!!), you’re still ~covered~.

Promising review: “Fantastic product. I’m able to get every drop out of my very expensive face cream. It works on bottles, jars, etc. I only wish I would have bought this product years ago. Oh, the money I could have saved. Just clean with soap and water after use and store in an upright position (rubber end up) and I think you will get your money’s worth out it. Already bought more as gifts.” —HMSK

Get it from Amazon for $5.49.

*And! Get a 10-pack of tiny jars ($6.99) for any leftover makeup you scraped out of the original bottle.


A compact case of hydrocolloid bandages with a gel guard designed to treat blisters while you wear them. Plus, they’re super sticky and cushy so they’ll stay on and give you extra support.


Promising review: “These things are amazing. Whether you’re trying to prevent a blister, or keep one that’s already formed from causing you pain, these are what you need. The different sizes help to customize your needs. These are like wrapping your feet in a cloud! Also, on a totally unrelated note, the packaging for these is adorable. The plastic case makes carrying these things around fun and easy. Get these. No more foot pain slowing you down!” —Nolan6ⁿ

Get a 12-pack from Amazon for $12.99.


A life-changing shoe powder that kills odor-causing bacteria and keeps your best shoes from smelling like death. Hot summer days are approaching fast — now you and your feet can get through them stink-free. /

Promising review: “This has restored my belief in Santa, the Easter bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and all magic again. We search and searched for a foot powder, or treatment, or even reasonably priced hazmat suits for when our teenage son took off his shoes. Nothing we tried worked apart from making him stay outside. Until we tried this powder. It’s a very mild scent when you sprinkle it in the shoe itself, instead of a heavy perfumed mask scent like all other foot powders, sprays, little scent balls etc. I honestly didn’t think there was anyway it could actually stop the hazardous stench that dwelled within our teen’s footwear. It was so natural-smelling, by day two of using it in said stinky teen’s boots there was nothing. It’s like this product neutralized the odor. It was sweet sweet freedom.” —Kelli Gebauer

Get it from Amazon for $9.88.


A clarifying shampoo you can use once a week in place of your usual shampoo to remove the residue left behind from heavy hair products. Your scalp is about to take one big, “ahhhhh.”

Promising review: “I absolutely love this shampoo. I have thick but fine, curly hair. I get a lot of build up because of the products I use to define my curls and control frizz. Curly hair is very dry so shampooing daily is a no-no. This shampoo is perfect because I can use it on my roots once (sometimes twice) a week to cut down any build up. I highly recommend for anyone who uses a lot of products but isn’t able to shampoo often.” —Mary C

Get it from Amazon for $5.19.


A scratch remover system to rid your car of dreaded paint marks, because someone had the NERVE to swipe your ride and leave…or because you accidentally hit your garage (but we can stick with the first story 😉).

Keep in mind this helps to remove paint left behind, but not to completely buff out the scratch itself. Kit includes removal polish and buffer pad.

Promising review: “With a lot of elbow grease and persistence, this product helped take off the paint left on my car when I scraped the side of my garage pulling out. Total time was about 30 minutes, but the scratch was larger than what you see in the first picture (I decided to take a before shot once I had already buffed out a huge patch). I highly recommend this for paint but the description is correct when it states that it won’t buff out scratches, you can feel with your fingernail.” —Kimberly Turner

Get it from Amazon for $17.97.


A roll of super durable, machine washable, and reusable bamboo towels that’ll replace up to six months of paper towels. Imagine living in a world (that you’re helping by reducing plastic use!) where you’re not constantly running out! Amazing.


Promising review: “I clean for a living so using these on the job as well as my home makes life much easier and I can feel better about not being so wasteful. I use them for drying my hands, cleaning the countertops, and as a reusable Swiffer pad for floors. What I do is mark each one with a Sharpie. My first initial for hands and face at home, ‘C’ for cleaning counters and ‘F’ for floor. What I love about these the most is they dry a lot quicker than regular towels and washing them is super easy. Dirt and grime tends to just rinse right out. Even on the mop pads. It’s incredible. Now I don’t have to waste money buying the Swiffer refills. These are different to use but it’s worth figuring out what works for you!! A must buy for eco-friendly cleaning!” —Joyce

Get a roll of 20 sheets from Amazon for $8.99.


Travel-friendly, full body wipes to get ya to dinner after working out smelling fresh, help you survive camping trips, and give you a refresh when you need it — even when there’s not a shower in sight.


Promising review: “So fresh and so clean! I was amazed at how big the sheets are considering how small the package is. They clean very well and hold up during the process. Not as thick as other brands but does the job very well and has a mild sent which is good. Top notch product I will be buying more soon.” —spawn

Get a pack of 10 single wipes from Amazon for $14.95 (available in mint and unscented).


An antiperspirant formulated for your hands to give you some relief from sweaty palms and the frustration that comes with it.

Promising review: “I’ve struggled with a severe case of hyperhidrosis since I was born. I’ve tried pretty much everything out there, and besides surgery, this is the only product I’ve found that WORKS. I cannot say how much I LOVE this product. Other products give you this awful tingling sensation that burns. This doesn’t! Once you apply it at night, you can’t feel it the next morning. It worked for me after one application, and I just can’t say enough great things about this. I NEVER review products, but if my review can help this company get more clients who are struggling with hyperhidrosis to try it, then it’s worth it. You will not be sorry you tried this!” —Rachel Alvarez

Get it from Amazon for $14.95 (also available in a foot and underarm formula).


A pair of blue light glasses that’ll help you get through all those emails without getting a headache from blue light. They minimize ~digital eye strain~ to prevent midday crashes caused by your glaring screen, so you actually stay in the zone. /

Promising review: “I work in front of a screen all day and had recently been getting headaches due to blue light exposure. You can clearly see the change of color when you put these on, and they’ve made a world of difference for me. And you can’t beat the price! I highly recommend!!” —kwatson

Get them from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in 12 colors).


Arch support compression bands for some sweet relief from pain caused by plantar fasciitis, flat arches, and other feet issues. Give your footsies the TLC they deserve so they can get *you* through the week.


Promising review: “The first day I wore these was amazing I felt an immediate difference! Before I got my bands I would be in constant paint from plantar fasciitis and poor arches! I feel the lift and support in these bands more than my special arch supports from my podiatrist. Hopefully I won’t need anymore cortisone shots as long as I have these on my feet.” —mlenz

Get a pair from Amazon for $13.95.


And! Adhesive foot pads designed to cushion the ball of your feet and give you some extra support., Amazon

Promising review: “I suffer from chronic foot pain. Unbearable! My aunt is a big fan of these specific foot pads, she had tried a couple others she found on Amazon, but said the others dont stick too well when her feet get sweaty. She mentioned that these stick all day. Tried them myself, I am a HUGE fan. Not only do they stick to my often moist feet without problems, they relieve so much pain! Will buy several more.” —Roy Rosell

Get a 12-pack from Amazon for $16.62.


A bug bite suction tool here to save the day when sitting outside on a cool evening leads to a swarm of mosquito bites. Rude. This can remove some of the insect saliva and other irritants left under the skin, so you’re not spending the entire week scratching apart your skin.

Promising review: “I cannot stress to you enough how much better this simple little tool has made my quality of life during summer in Ohio. It rains a lot. There are a lot of mosquitoes. I have horrific allergic reactions to mosquito bites. We’re talking bumps swelling to the width of softballs within minutes of the bite. This tool doesn’t make those bumps go away, but it stops the itch IMMEDIATELY. I was a huge skeptic; how could a little suction cure this agonizingly itchy allergic reaction? I’ll be honest. I still really don’t know how it does, but it provides instant relief that no pill, cream, or injection ever has ever achieved for me. If you live anywhere where insect bites are common, you need to own one of these.” —Customer

Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

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