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32 Snacks From Walmart You’ll Want To Keep Stocked In Your Kitchen

Running out of one of these definitely counts as a snack emergency.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.


A variety pack of mini Nabisco cookies because sometimes you just need to eat some tiny Oreos. It’s probably in our DNA somewhere.


Promising review: “Hefty collection of all our favorite cookies. Servings are small for healthy snacking. Selection is big for healthy choosing. Great price. Don’t stay home without it!”—the1derf

Price: $6.98


A pack of Pirate’s Booty bags so you can scratch that cheese puff itch in a slightly more natural way.


Promising review: “My son LOVES this snack! It tastes great, has a good crunch, and doesn’t stain like the orange cheese puff products.”—Allyson

Price: $5.98 (for a pack of six mini bags)


A bag of pistachios since they’re just the most satisfying nut to eat: fun to crack open and also delicious.


Promising review: “The pistachios I bought were fresh and delicious. They didn’t stick around long! Currently waiting on another bag to be delivered.”—Patricia

Price: $10.82


A pack of caramel stroopwafels that they used to stock in the snack drawer at the BuzzFeed office in NYC and I miss them every day. Put one on top of your coffee so the inside gets nice and melty!


Promising review: “I hate to tell everyone because I don’t want the stock depleted, but these are by far the BEST stroopwafels on the market. Incredibly full of caramel, soft cookie, yummmmmmmmm!””—CandiKJ

Price: $3.78


A box of white cheddar Cheez-Its, the world’s best snack, in my (correct) opinion. Don’t fight me on this.


Promising review: “Oh my these are so delicious. Like them better then the yellow Cheez-Its. Huge box and great price. Will be ordering again. I would highly recommend these crackers.”—degulady

Price: $4.54


A multi-pack of Frito-Lay chips so you’ll never have that terrible moment when you really want sour cream and onion chips but all you have in the house is barbecue.


Promising review: “Perfect size and amount for kids and adults. The variety satisfies the entire house and friends.”—TShopper

Price: $14.48 (for 42 mini bags of chips)


A pack of classic trail mix perfect for people who want to eat a whole handful at once, and also people who just want to eat lightly salty M&Ms (it’s me, I am this person).


Promising review: “Very good, and it’s perfect for my daughter’s lunch and my husband’s lunch for work. I keep a couple packs in my vehicle just in case I need them.”—CTML2690

Price: $9.98 (for a pack of 30 bags)


A bag of roasted garlic rye chips so you can just have the best part of Chex Mix, no picking around the less-good parts needed. I’m lookin’ at you, round pretzel.


Promising review: “These are hands down my favorite crunchy snack. The thick rye crisps are slightly hard with a distinct dark rye flavor accented with garlic and a touch of salt. These are fabulous alone but would be incredible with your favorite cheese or veggie dip. These are a definite step up from regular chips.”—Veganqueen

Price: $2.98


A box of cinnamon graham crackers because graham crackers are an underrated snack, TBH. They’re delicious on their own, and totally amazing with a huge variety of dips and spreads.


Promising review: “In my opinion these are the best brand. They’re very tasty and convenient to carry around to have for a little snack to hold you over when you’re not in the mood for a bigger meal. I love to break them up and throw milk over them as well. This is the perfect item to have around to enjoy at any time.”—SuzieQ

Price: $3.22


A bag of Smartfood white cheddar popcorn that’s just a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like this stuff.


Promising review: “This is consistently delicious. Light fluffy and cheesy. The perfect flavor. Some of my family members have to be careful buying this as it can be quite addicting.”—Jessica

Price: $3.98


A pack of Pringles snack stacks because I was always jealous of the kids who had these in their lunches, and now you can be that kid. Even (especially) if you are an adult!


Promising review: “The grandtwins are here every afternoon during the pandemic and I wanted snacks on hand they would eat. They get food from school but a lot of stuff they don’t like. They really don’t eat much and are picky on top of that. They love Pringles. This is a good assortment to have on hand for lunches or emergencies like hurricane season. Since they are single packs, they stay fresh even in our humidity. They shipped well and the price was good.”—bojolinda

Price: $9.37 (for a pack of 27 mini stacks)


A tin of Pirouline cookies so you can feel ~fancy~ while you snack. Seriously, cookies have no right to be this elegant.


Promising review: “I like them right out of the can plain or with my coffee. The taste is outstanding.”—Zeke

Price: $4.98


A bag of snap pea crisps for a crunchy plant-based alternative that everybody will love.


Promising review: “Usually ‘special diet’ snacks are awful. These are lower in carbs (I’m diabetic) and salt (my heart!). But the texture is light and crunchy. They taste pretty hearty and earthy, like a veggie taste. But I eat them as a crunchy snack, and for that purpose, they substitute perfectly for potato chips, Fritos or cheesy poofs.”—WalmartCustomer

Price: $1.74


A bag of Flavor Blasted Goldfish because they are just so much cheesier than the original. True story, one time I gave myself a concussion trying to reach a bag of Flavor Blasted Goldfish. That’s just how good they are.


The crackers were on the floor and I was trying to reach them from a very tall dorm bed, if you were wondering about the concussion. I reached too far, lost my balance, and fell directly on my forehead. Yes, I am a very graceful person, thank you for noticing.

Promising review: “When you just need that ‘bit’ of salty, cheesy, this is a great go-to snack! Also great on top of chili!”—Carol

Price: $1.96


A pack of applesauce pouches perfect for on-the-go, no-mess snacking.


Promising review: “My daughter loves these! Perfect for a quick snack, or a side for lunch. Makes less messes, it’s fast, tastes great, and easy to serve. My daughter is too young to feed her self with a spoon, with this she can do herself. Cuts my time feeding her, and gives me more time to do my work at home during the day.”—Smoore

Price: $5.98 (for a pack of 12 pouches)


A Flamin’ Hot variety mix that all the spicy lovers out there will want to keep on hand.


Promising review: “Came quick, and all chips are loved! Finally no leftover unwanted chips.”—Toni

Price: $7.18 (for an 18 pack of chips)


A pack of belVita breakfast bars so you can scratch that chocolate chip cookie itch at basically any time of the day. And it’ll keep you full for longer than the cookie to boot!


Promising review: “These are so good! I like that they are high in protein. When I’m running out the door and don’t have time for breakfast, I bring one of these with me. They are very tasty and keep you full for hours. I love these!!!! I filled up my cookie jar with them.”—Jennifer

Price: $2.88


A box of white chocolate macadamia nut Clif Bars that actually do taste like the cookie. And unlike the cookie, they will keep you going until lunch.


Promising review: “My husband loves these bars. He said he likes that they taste like a dessert yet they are still good for him.”—ally

Price: $16.34 (for a pack of 18 bars)


A pack of microwave popcorn for when you just need to recreate that movie theater experience at home.


Promising review: “This popcorn is sooo good! Its great for an after dinner treat, or for when I am binging Netflix. I grew up on movie popcorn (movie theaters were like childcare for moms who wanted to do their shopping in peace). Having access to a popcorn with that old-fashion movie theater taste is awesome. Oh, and it pops up so light, fluffy, and evenly. There are usually very few un-popped kernels left at the bottom of the bag. If you are craving movie theater flavored butter on your popcorn but cant go out to a theater, this is the one I fully recommend.”—Kat

Price: $4.78 (for a pack of 12 microwave bags)


A tin of Danish butter cookies that may momentarily confuse you — there’ isn’t sewing supplies in there, it’s delicious cookies!


Promising review: “These are yummy cookies, they taste buttery and not too sweet! Great price too, with a lovely tin, I have a few of them that I keep tea bags in and phone chargers.”—Jeet

Price: $3.38


A party size bag of pita chips because that is the correct amount of pita chips when you are having hummus — as close to infinite as possible.


Promising review: “I absolutely LOVE these pita chips. The perfect thing to accompany soup, sandwich, or a nice green salad!! I tend to buy them in the party size bags and usually two at a time. They stay crisp and tasty for a long while, even after opening, just fold the top down and secure with a chip clip or even just a clothespin!”—Dollmaker

Price: $5.56


A multipack of Lance sandwich crackers that will take you straight back to summer afternoons drying off after a swim in the pool. This might just be a Me Thing, to be fair, but either way they are darn good crackers.


Promising review: “I opened these about an hour ago, and two are already gone! The kids love them. Adults too! I like the variety pack, because everyone has their favorite. Still, none of these crackers go begging! They are always fresh and crispy. So handy for pockets or backpacks.”—JR

Price: $5.78 (for 20 packs of crackers)


A pack of Zapp’s chips which are just a top-tier chip, IMO, and super crunchy. If you’re a kettle chip enthusiast, these are for you.


Promising review: “These chips are delicious. My family and I enjoyed them. We thought they were hot because of the name but no, they are bbq flavored. Definitely worth trying!!”—melissa

Price: $4.48 (for a pack of eight bags)


A variety pack of Quaker granola bars — the perfect thing to slip into a lunchbox or a purse so you’ll always be prepared in case of a snack emergency.


Promising review: “I never know when I may get stuck in traffic, or waiting somewhere. These are just the right size to keep you in control until you can get home to fix a healthy meal. Great for school lunches and a quick breakfast bite with coffee. The variety pack is cool.”—Heretic2

Price: $6.97 (for a pack of 36 bars)


A set of mixed nuts and cashews because the only problem with mixed nuts is that there are never enough cashews, so this solves that problem beautifully.


Promising review: “No peanuts in these mixed nuts and the cashews are whole or half, not in little pieces. Great bargain. Ordered three times.”—Ktp

Price: $13.58


A pack of circus animal cookies because you either love ’em or hate ’em, but if you love them you REALLY love them.


Promising review: “I hadn’t had these in ages and they brought back some great memories. But watch it! They’re addictive.”—Nolamoxie

Price: $2.70


A box of strawberry cereal bars that go with any meal of the day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, heck these things could even be a pretty satisfying dessert!


Promising review: “Keep these on hand. Great shelf life. Nice to have in weather emergencies such as a hurricane! Quick and easy!”—luddog

Price: $2.84 (for a pack of 16 bars)


A collection of Pepperidge farm cookies because sometimes you’re in a Milano mood and other times you just really need a Chessman.


Promising review: “I send these as gifts for Holidays and YES they are loved and a hit with family and friends! A hidden special gift to yourself when you put them in your refrigerator and forget you hid them away! Always good, always special, always a savored treat!”—jasladie

Price: $5.98


A box of Keebler Coconut Dreams to feed your cravings when you run out of a certain seasonal cookie that rhymes with Ramoa.


Promising review: “If you think these are going to taste like a certain Girl Scout cookie, you are right. They are absolutely delicious and make a great treat if you like coconut cookies.”—Denise

Price: $2.43


A bag of beef jerky for the carnivores among us, or anyone who’s just looking to up their daily protein intake.


Promising review: “Jack Links original beef jerky is very fresh and not hard to chew. It tastes great! The perfect snack for anytime. There were a lot more in the package than I expected. I could eat this with a salad as a meal even. I love it!”—Brenda

Price: $10.94


A pack of Welch’s fruit snacks that have fruit as the first ingredient, so you don’t have to worry as much about all that added sugar.


Promising review: “Bought and reordered these for two of my granddaughters, who love them so much. No matter if one of them is 20 years old.”—Deborah

Price: $7.27 (for a pack of 40 bags)


And a pack of pack of mini KIND bars because the full size ones are shockingly filling — sometimes you just need a little something to hold you over.


Promising review: “I love Kind bars for breakfast or a snack and was super excited when they came out with these minis. They are the perfect smaller size for just a quick snack. Two bites and it satisfies both sweet and salty cravings. Having these on hand definitely keeps me from reaching for unhealthier snacks.”—Roberta

Price: $11.98 (for a pack of 20 bars)

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Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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