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Actress Sheren Tang says she did not break the law on public gatherings

HONG KONG • Hong Kong has banned public gatherings of more than four people as part of its social distancing measures during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, Hong Kong actress Sheren Tang seemed to have broken the rule, as seen from the photos she posted on social media over the weekend.

The 54-year-old actress wrote on her Instagram and Weibo accounts that she went hiking last Saturday and posted several photos of the trip with the caption, “Enjoying the sight of Hong Kong in the evening together”.

One of the photos showed her with four unidentified friends who wore face masks and caps.

Some netizens asked if Tang had broken the law and she clarified rapidly on social media that they split into two groups after taking the photo.

“This is an interesting photo as it captured a moment in Hong Kong’s fight against the pandemic,” she said. “Let’s use humour to face this difficult time.”

Tang, who starred in shows such as TVB series War And Beauty (2004) and appeared in Singapore movie Liang Po Po: The Movie (1999), joked that her friends were dressed like kidnappers and that this was the best outfit for couples in secret relationships.

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