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All The Times Taylor Swift Has Mentioned The World “Golden” In Her Music

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It’s golden…. like daylight.

Taylor Swift mentions the word “gold” and “golden” a lot in her songs and in true Taylor fashion, it must mean something!

While I’m all about enjoying the songs because they’re, well, amazing, it can also be fun to point out similar themes. The words gold and golden are a big theme for Swift and it pops up a lot in her later works.

So what does it mean exactly?

Well, that’s up to you to decide but to me, it’s usually in reference to her lover making her feel safe and happy. Let’s take a look through her entire music catalog for all of the ~golden~ references.

The first mention of “gold” or “golden” appeared on Swift’s debut album. According to Swift, the song was dedicated to a friend that was struggling with body image issues.

“Tied Together With A Smile”

Gold background with lyrics from Tied Together With A Smile by Taylor Swift written in white text

Jeremy Woodhouse / Getty Images

Then on her second studio album, Fearless, there’s mention of “golden” in a song dedicated to her mother.

“The Best Day”

Photo of a wheat field with lyrics from The Best Day by Taylor Swift written in text

Suzie Boulianne / Getty Images/EyeEm

That’s really it until her 6th studio album, reputation. It’s a big theme on this album theme on with songs like So It Goes and Dress mentioning gold cages and golden feelings.

“Dancing With Our Hands Tied”

Photo of Blue and gold background with lyrics from Dancing With Our Hands Tied by Taylor Swift in text

Gokcemim / Getty Images


Photo of gold background with lyrics from Dress by Taylor Swift printed on top

Nenov / Getty Images

“End Game”

Photo of yellow flowers with lyrics from End Game by Taylor Swift in text

Nathan Mcdaniel / Getty Images/500px

“So It Goes”

Photo of a brass key with lyrics from So It Goes by Taylor Swift in text

Isabel Pavia / Getty Images

“King Of My Heart”

Photo of Taylor Swift in a black and gold dress performing on the reputation tour.

Jun Sato / Getty Images

While this song doesn’t mention gold or golden but the reputation tour stage setup is bathed in gold!

This idea later explored more on Lover as Swift writes in Lover’s prologue notes, “This album is a love letter to love itself — all the captivating, spellbinding, maddening, devastating, red, blue, gray, golden aspects of it.


Photo of a wheat field with lyrics from Daylight by Taylor Swift on top

Suzie Boulianne / Getty Images/EyeEm

Then, the gold theme continues on folklore and evermore with songs like Invisible String using a gold thread to connect her to her lover.

“Invisible String”

Cherdchanok Treevanchai / Getty Images

“Invisible String” (again)

Photo of gold lights with lyrics from Invisible String by Taylor Swift printed on top

Kseniya Ovchinnikova / Getty Images

“Gold Rush”

Photo of a gold background with lyrics from Gold Rush by Taylor Swift printed on top

Anna Efetova / Getty Images

The gold theme is obviously personal to Swift and definitely seems to mean something important to her.

As for what it means exactly? That is up for interpretation… but I hope you enjoyed this brief deep dive into Taylor’s golden lyrics.

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