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An Olympian Is Going Viral Because She Looks Exactly Like Lady Gaga

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In 2020 Lady Gaga released her most cohesive album of her career, Chromatica.


She got Ariana Grande to take down her ponytail.


In 2021, Lady Gaga has done everything in her power not to promote that album.

Raymond Hall / GC Images

It’s okay, we still love her for it! There’s a lot of makeup to sell!

Raymond Hall / GC Images

In her absence, a strange phenomenom happened: Lady Gaga doppelgängers started showing up in extremely random places. It was as if Gaga was everywhere.

James Devaney / GC Images

Like, the dentist looked exactly like Lady Gaga:

“Little Molars” everywhere rejoiced.

“Gaga” even had time to put out forest fires.

And now “Gaga” was spotted again, this time at the Tokyo Olympics.

Behrouz Mehri / AFP via Getty Images

Anyway, stream Chromatica, please. Maybe after she finishes at the Olympics she’ll reschedule the tour. One can pray.

Raymond Hall / GC Images

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