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Beamforming Optimization for IRS-Aided Communications with Transceiver Hardware Impairments. (arXiv:2010.11074v1 [cs.IT])

[Submitted on 21 Oct 2020]

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Abstract: In this paper, we focus on intelligent reflecting surface (IRS) assisted
multi-antenna communications with transceiver hardware impairments encountered
in practice. In particular, we aim to maximize the received signal-to-noise
ratio (SNR) taking into account the impact of hardware impairments, where the
source transmit beamforming and the IRS reflect beamforming are jointly
designed under the proposed optimization framework. To circumvent the
non-convexity of the formulated design problem, we first derive a closed-form
optimal solution to the source transmit beamforming. Then, for the optimization
of IRS reflect beamforming, we obtain an upper bound to the optimal objective
value via solving a single convex problem. A low-complexity
minorization-maximization (MM) algorithm was developed to approach the upper
bound. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed beamforming design is
more robust to the hardware impairments than that of the conventional SNR
maximized scheme. Moreover, compared to the scenario without deploying an IRS,
the performance gain brought by incorporating the hardware impairments is more
evident for the IRS-aided communications.

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From: Hong Shen [view email]

Wed, 21 Oct 2020 15:29:59 UTC (671 KB)

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