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Comment on Links 10/7/2021 by Henry Moon Pie

Well, as I see it, “social services” in America is more of a façade or as one “customer service” agent said to me, your healthcare assistance plan is actually your healthcare prevention plan.

Once your are disabled, you are supposed to use Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, (Submit bitter laughing here.) which is part of Social Security, but that is merely part of the scam. You apply and the pettifactors pretended to process my claim, while really finding any reason, any reason at all, to deny, or at least delay it. IIRC, six offices, five cities, three years, two states, multiple doctors visits to confirm what my voluminous submitted records from at least three doctors of some decades already said.

Each step added three to six months because those were the individual legal deadlines when they had to investigate and get back to you with the inevitable denial and appeal, and they always went to the wire. I finally had to go to their special regional court and judge. Meaning I had to hire my own pettifogger, paying him from some of the back payments, assuming I won. I had to submit yet more written evidence aside from the previous multiple submits.

Fortunately, I was successful with both the judge and the lawyer being surprised that I had to go to court to get approval. If I had not succeeded, I would have had to appeal to some special national court, which can take an actual decade to have your case heard, and then there is the consideration of it, and who knows when they would finish with that?

To make it clear just how cruelly corrupt, even sadistic, the system is, you legally cannot work even one hour or earn by work even one dollar. If you do, it is an automatic disqualification. At best, you would have to start all over again.

I was blessed with family who kept me going emotionally and financially (it only income from work that disqualifies.), multiple doctors, detailed records going years, and a mailing address for the many pieces of mail sent back and forth, and a phone.

This all in the San Francisco Bay Area in the Blue, “liberal” state of California.

If those getting long covid need disability assistance, I would suggest they start yesterday, and if it is in a Southern state, God help them.

What’s that saying on neoliberalism around here?

1) Because Markets.

2) Go Die.

Yes? I would change it or add another saying.

1) Need Help?

2) Malingers. (Or Users/Takers/Disposables, etc.)

3) Go Die.

So yes, what happens with those millions of very ill suffers of Long Covid start sleeping on the streets? Even in California, it can get real cold in the AM.

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