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County School Officials Told No Migrant Students At Temple Dorm To Enroll In County Schools; Aim Is To Reunite Children With Families, Baptiste Group Says

County School officials said in a meeting on Tuesday, a leader of the Baptiste Group said there are no plans for migrant children at a former Tennessee Temple dorm to attend county schools.

School officials said they were told that the program is a short-term placement for children and is focused on reunification of children and families.

The Baptiste Group plans to educate any children in their care through online learning and “will not be enrolling them in HCS schools,” it was stated.

A county school spokesman said, “As HCS would do for any other children experiencing homelessness, the district stands ready to support these children as needed in accordance with federal law.”

Terrance Ware of the Baptiste Group met with Dr.

Jill Levine and Dr. Marsha Drake of Hamilton County Schools.

They were told the name of the agency working with migrant children is Sidney’s Place, which is run by the Baptiste Group.

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