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Court justifies UGC deadline for exams | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Friday justified the UGC’s insistence on final examinations for undergraduate and

postgraduate courses

for award of degrees and said this was an

important process

to seek evidence of students’ knowledge and evaluate it.

A bench of Justices Ashok Bhushan, R S Reddy and M R Shah said, “Final year/terminal semester examinations are important because the learning process is a dynamic interaction where the only way to figure out what students know is to seek evidence of their knowledge and to evaluate it. Performance in examination, especially final year/terminal semester examination, are a reflection of competence of the students.”

“Terminal semester/final year examination also provides an opportunity to students to improve upon their overall score/marks which are very crucial for

academic excellence

and opportunities of employment. Final year/terminal semester examination of undergraduate or postgraduate is an opportunity for a student to show his optimum calibre which paves his future career both in academics and employment,” the bench added.


government, drawing support from

West Bengal

and Delhi, had questioned the rationale behind UGC fixing a September 30 deadline for completion of final examinations without taking into account the Covid-19 situation in different states. The bench said, “UGC had rightly fixed a date for completion of terminal semester/final year examination throughout the country to maintain uniformity in the academic calendar.”

The court said UGC fixed a uniform deadline as students, who look forward to admission in higher courses or take employment, require final degree for their career prospects and for this, there has to be to uniformity in dates by which final examinations are over.

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