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Covid-19: Amid 3rd wave, door-to-door survey in Delhi finds just 13,500 of 57 lakh symptomatic | Delhi News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: A massive five-day survey involving 57.3 lakh Delhiites living in Covid hotspots, aimed at identifying and isolating symptomatic or infected people, concluded on Wednesday. Interestingly, the exercise found only 13,516 symptomatic people with the positivity rate of those who were tested at 6.4%.

Apart from the 13,516 people who were found to be symptomatic by the 9,000 threemember teams that fanned out across Delhi’s 11 districts, 8,413 contacts of the symptomatic people were also traced. A total of 18,336 individuals, including 11,790 symptomatic people and 6,546 contacts, underwent RT-PCR tests between November 20 and 24, of whom 1,178 returned positive results.

“This shows that positivity in Delhi is declining. Today (November 25), the positivity was 8.5% whereas on November 7, it was 15.e%,” a Delhi government statement said on Wednesday. District officials said that while the door-to-door survey has concluded, surveys in containment zones would continue.

Among the symptomatic people identified, the highest number of them, 3,796, was in South-West district, followed by East (2,744), North-West (1,957) and West (1,330). Of the 1,178 who tested positive, 288 were from Central district, followed 275 in New Delhi, 197 in West, 196 in South-West and 118 in South-East.

“The survey was conducted very smoothly across all districts but the number of people found symptomatic during the survey is not as high as we had initially expected,” a government official said. “Though the findings are not really along expected lines, it is too early to interpret or analyse the data. The serological surveys we carried out earlier had also revealed figures that were not along expected lines at all.”

The official said that the aim behind this exercise was to find the maximum symptomatic cases, get them tested and trace their contacts. “Though we may not have found a high number of symptomatic people, the exercise did serve IEC (Information, Education and Communication) purposes. Many people have come forward for testing and with our teams reaching hotspots, awareness has also increased,” the official said.

“Though our teams asked detailed questions about symptoms, they initially faced resistance in many localities and it is possible that many people would have avoided answering all questions completely too,” the government official said. “Though the teams checked people with thermal guns and oximeters, these don’t always help in detecting Covid cases as many infected persons didn’t have high temperature or low oxygen saturation levels.”

The survey was carried out not only in the 4,456 containment zones with active cases but also areas neighbouring these zones and other busy places. There are 23,915 active cases in the containment zones, of which 4,719 are in West district, followed by South-East (4,421), East (3,911), South-West (2,389) and North (2,347) districts. Shahdara district has just 12 active cases in containment zones.

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