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Evening Reading – May 4, 2021 (Star Wars Day)

The Force is with us at Shacknews, so let’s do some Evening Reading.

Greetings, travelers! It’s the evening time and *I* am your party host for tonight’s Evening Reading. We’re going to look around here at Shacknews and all across the internet on… hey, it’s May the 4th! Yeah, we’re probably going to celebrate some Star Wars stuff today, too. So let’s dive in!

In case you missed it at Shacknews:

And now… Other Stuff From The Internet!!!

Memes from a galaxy far, far away

Category is: helmet head realness. #Maythe4thBeWithYou

— Pedro Pascal he/him (@PedroPascal1) May 4, 2021

This isn’t the costume you’re looking for.#MayThe4th

— INVINCIBLE (@InvincibleHQ) May 4, 2021

Plot twist: I’m naked again #MayThe4th

— Gritty (@GrittyNHL) May 4, 2021

Happy #MayThe4th to only this little girl joining the Dark Side at Disneyland

— Rachel Paige (@rachmeetsworld) May 4, 2021

This is how I roll! May the 4th be with you! @starwars

— WallyTheWelshCorgi (@WallyWelshCorgi) May 4, 2021

Tonight in New Pokemon Snap

Wildlife Photographers Play New Pokemon Snap

— BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed) May 4, 2021

— Out of Context Pokemon (@OoCPokemon) May 4, 2021

— Terrible Tavi aka Ta6 👑 (@TerribleTavi) May 2, 2021

pokemon snap but with david attenborough narration reminding you their ecosystem is collapsing due to human activity

— HANGMAN PAGE (@theAdamPage) May 4, 2021

What, I had to get a wrestling reference in here somewhere. Speaking of which…


— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) May 4, 2021

Come on! Clap! Anthony’s back!

I love you, you love me…

My time on the demo is over, but before i did it hahaha#VILLAGE #MODS #RE8 #barney

— Marcos RC (@MarcosRCRE) May 3, 2021


— Lame Genie – Video Game Music Covers (@LameGenieVGM) May 4, 2021

I mean, is this really any worse than what we’ve heard from DJ Dmitri Vegas?

What kinda Tommy Wiseau ass voice acting is this?

— Raphael 🦇 (@RaphsidentEvil) August 15, 2019

Just watch…

— Dylan Reeve (@DylanReeve) May 3, 2021

A salute to Giant Bomb! Thanks for the memories, fellas!


— Steve Kim (@Fobwashed) May 4, 2021

Tonight in video game music

How are you celebrating May the 4th, Shack? Have you watched The Bad Batch yet? Have you watched the new Maggie Simpson short? Jump in on Chatty and let’s go!

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