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Ex-SSA boss Fraser, DG Dlomo never vetted for security clearance, Zondo told

Miss K has told the state capture commission that Thulani Dlomo created a parallel structure that he controlled and used to clear people who he appointed.

FILE: Arthur Fraser. Picture:

FILE: Arthur Fraser. Picture:

JOHANNESBURG – A witness identified as ‘Miss K’ has on Friday confirmed that former State Security Agency (SSA) boss Arthur Fraser and deputy director Thulani Dlomo were never vetted for security clearance by recognised evaluators and Fraser’s file had a fraudulent criminal record check.

She has told the state capture commission that Dlomo created a parallel structure that he controlled and used to clear people who he appointed.

Miss K said the intelligence agency also contracted private companies to do highly classified work.

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“It is suspected that he used the unit he controlled to undertake his vetting, thus grating himself a top-secret security clearance.”

That’s what Mr Y’s affidavit said about Dlomo – that he created his own vetting system.

And he ensured that Fraser’s security clearance was conducted by the chief directorate for vetting and security advising, which was mandated to vet external individuals from other government departments.

Miss K said the officials who vetted Fraser said it was done with no regard for SSA prescripts, evaluators were harassed, his file still didn’t have the polygraph required and the evaluation was done in three days.

Mr Y’s affidavit said Fraser’s file had two references and not the three required for the top-secret clearance that he received.

“There was a fraudulent criminal record check presented on file, with SAPS having subsequently confirmed that record checks on Mr Fraser were done in 2010, 2012 and 2014 and that no check was conducted in 2016.”

Examiners said they were instructed to leave out all documents and one said in hindsight, Fraser should be vetted again.

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